The Moon Is Waxing To Be Full And…

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Gervasio Troche

Maybe the wolf was in love with the moon
and each month they cried out for a love it would never touch.
Amy Steele, The Wolves


The Moon, la Luna, is in Gemini and waxing to be Full next week. The next big Moon after that is an Eclipse. Plus the one after. Venus spends early March in thrall to Saturn + Uranus AND Mars is now entering the It Zone of it’s primal cycle that peaks in August.  This is all being hit on in the Horoscopes and my special Mars Vibe edition of the Daily Mystic* – out Weds – of course. but if you want more, see the Sublime Eclipse Mini Consult.

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Image: Gervasio Troche

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15 thoughts on “The Moon Is Waxing To Be Full And…

  1. Had an annoyingly super real dream where I was dating Tom Hardy and decided we weren’t really on the same page. We met at a cafe and I explained we should at least have some kind of ‘spark’ between us that connected us.

    He wasn’t sad about it, but just annoyed that I would dump a star like him.
    And I was sad because it would be nice to date a superstar you actually liked.
    I woke thinking, “Can’t wait to tell my friends I was dating Tom Har.. Wtf? I dumped him?! Oh, wait this is a dream..”.

    (Pluto opposing my Mercury, I am feeling muffled, so this is my comment. 😉 )

  2. I am on such a rollercoaster of uncertainty at the moment as my son transitions into mainstream schooling. After doing my Neptune Square transit and feeling like I’ve finally got a handle on who I am, what I want and where I am going, I am frustrated that things are not settling down faster. That I’m not able to just quietly show up to the page every day to write.

    I’m interested in how Mars plays out. In the composite chart with The Leo Lover it runs over a road crash of planets in the massive stellium we have in the 6th house Scorpio/Sagittarius. And it kisses my Neptune-Mercury conjunction which I hope delivers the oomph I need to write.

    • It’s been a rollercoaster this last week here too. 1/2 mainstream, 1/2 special school for Cap (6yrs), 1 new school for Cancer (7yrs). Hope it goes ok for you both – I feel like time and oomph are sorely lacking, but then I have Saturn transit to my NN atm. Neptune/Merc conj. a wonderful blessing! Do you write poetry?

  3. Had the most horrendous 24 hours. The level of meanness, dishonesty and cruelty I witnessed let alone experienced first-hand was epic. Followed by insane dreams to boot.

    I’m looking forward to March. I think Aries season and June/July will be offering some powerful gifts into my life and I am so grateful to the divine Beloved for the sublime generosity.

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