Thank You, Mercury In Capricorn

Francesco Hayez

Thank you, Mercury in Capricorn, that will be all.

No, no absolutely we don’t need any more Gothic level insights into power dynamics, sex energies, status anxiety, futility, money, commerce, finance, lucre and self-worth.

But it’s been great, thank you. No, honestly December 11 till just now was plenty of time, we’re killing it now. Great work. You’re right about, well, everything and the realization flow was just right.

We’ll take it from here, the armory is well stocked now and thanks to you, we know just what do with any leeches, parasites, vampires or stagnant thinking.

“Truth is accuracy. Without accuracy, you can’t expect to manifest large, specific changes in your life.”
Augusten Burroughs


Image: Francesco Hayez

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63 thoughts on “Thank You, Mercury In Capricorn

  1. Birthday was Dec 11, natal merc in Cap.

    Quit yet another pathogen job, had full breakthrough regarding father-dynamics, got threatened and then kicked out of our house (illegally, I might add, but we’re tucking tail cause dude’s wack), entering month five of waiting for the new place to be ready (people there are moving into a hoarder’s house who is at death’s door yet still wants to be there to go through it all), took in an unclaimed stray that waltzed up to our doorstep on Jan 1; my first dog and the best insurance against the PTSD that has been dancing like Kali in me since the 10 year anni of the ultimate loss of my innocence and subsequent suicide attempt which led to my abuser’s arrest, all over January to Feb 14.

    So really, CapMerc has just felt like me figuring out/crystalising all the stuff i would’ve years ago if my merc was in a lighter sign and/or not having its nose rubbed against the carpet by Pluto over the past… 4 years? Oh well, at least I’ve still got Neptune, Saturn, and NN for it to transit over! The Saturn return of course including not only Pluto, but Prog Sun and Jupiter conjunct them as well. Viva La Revolucion!

  2. Wow the stuff I am reading in this thread is just tragic. I noticed that this Merc Rx zone started at 14 Cap on Pluto. I sort of imagined it as Mercury (the God of short trips) took a little hop over the River Styx and back. But now Merc is clear of the Rx zone and taking another path. We sure need to get off the old path.

  3. Mother’s attempt at suicide, delays in selling the property that ensures our future, getting two little ones below seven kicking and screaming every day to two new schools (so three sets of p/t interviews as one is at two schools). Just tears, more tears and mayhem.
    I don’t know what just happened but I didn’t like it.

  4. Breakup of a long term relationship, depression, sickness, a move, a job change, my entire life upside down and inside out. Then again I’m Saturn returning at the mo, everything is zero-g carnival ride status. Weirdly, I’ve never loved my life more.

  5. (First time commenter, long time lurker)

    But seriously I don’t even know who the person I was on 12.11 is anymore.

    Since then I have cut off “friends” who weren’t, quit a job that was dimmed my light, lost my beloved fur angel of 14 years, stopped people pleasing and started doing ME – it’s been intense but so cleansing.

    Tomorrow I begin a training with a teacher that I’ve been following for years and feel like I’m being prepped for something totally and completely amazing. I can’t see it but I know it’s there!

    • thank you! I was really hoping someone would compliment me on that or notice. I go NUTS trying to find appropriate pix for things & when i saw this one, i gasped. I think it works as it looks like she is seeing someone exit, weary but also wiser.

      • Loved the pic. I feel like I’ve had that look, too. Took me a second look to see her face as I was focused on the masks- I feel like I’ve been wearing a mask jus to get thru his transit w/o pissing everyone off. Such depression and rage alternating. Crying self to sleep to get up at 5:30 am and start all over again. 8 hours of sleep? Hahahaha.

      • I often wonder about the supporting artwork. I particularly like the variation in themes, genres and subtleties. The art adds a whole new layer to the blog, it takes the emotions and spirit on a journey before you even begin to read the editorial insight. Definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you x

      • Mystic, your images are pure magical grok transports. As an artist and graphic designer i absolutely appreciate every one, and always linger over them. I can always imagine for you hunting for each one, looking for that visual holy grail of synchronicity….a fun but laborious quest. Thank you!

  6. I feel like I’m going to be unpacking why this transit was so insane for a really long time and it’s clear we are not alone — this was nuts. But I also just want to say #bye.

    I asked my cards what it was for me and I got 8 of Cups. Moving AWAY from what was.

  7. Yes, please. The revelations, the shedding of layers, all of that…it’s been good stuff. But now I’d like to act on all that and not continue mucking around here in the murk. So thanks and byyyeeeee!!!

  8. Hmm, I figured something was up.

    I know every astrologer says ‘Oh, there are good parts of every transit/aspect, Mercury retrograde is a good time for reflection and dealing with your past, etc’ But to be honest, every Mercury retrograde has resulted in an extreme, unexpected ordeal for me.

    Maybe it’s because my natal Mercury is at 29 degrees and conjunct Pluto? Or maybe because Mercury is the ruler of my North Node? But it’s always resulted in big relationship problems- familial and otherwise, or huge setbacks in my career (e.g. informed I was going to receive a promotion, then suddenly offer was retracted due to limited resources, car accidents or weird shite with tax returns).

    Ugh. Several months ago. I met one man, complete stranger, that I had to sit next to on a plane. He was rude, obnoxious, misogynistic, bossed around flight attendants and when they didn’t give him exactly what he wanted- he demanded to be moved up to first class. (In what world?)

    I ended up telling him to knock it off, which turned into a full blown argument. I happened to see him again today, and the bad memories it brought up was just revolting.

  9. Yes, yes. Good Bye. I’ve had enough, please. Saturn on my Rising until it went to Sag was exhausting. Big evolution was good. But, followed by continued Pluto AND Merc on my moon? I know Pluto will be with me until 2023. I get Pluto. I accept Pluto, but damn. the start of 2016 has NOT been fun. I want off of the hampster wheel of, well, everything. Hope I’ve done the work to be able to move forward.

  10. Merc and Pluto passing through my 7th house, crossing my natal sun and Mars. My former boyfriend and I experienced several breakdowns in communication, leading to a breakup. Our hearts are in pieces. Yes, Mercury in Capricorn was torture for me.

  11. WE MADE IT!

    I am so done with the midnight insights and breakdown-breakthroughs. This has been quite the trip. All about the self-worth part.

  12. ” No, honestly December 11 till just now was plenty of time, we’re killing it now.”


    and now mars is setting up camp in Scorpio so yeah
    is not over
    as far as i can tell?
    well, THAT part is.
    where to from here?
    reviewing my findings from january in the increasingly well-worked notebook
    phwoah. need a few more weeks (months) for that to populate the database…

    [thanks for the lodestone meditation mystic, is good xx]

  13. Yes, for fuqs sake enough is enough with Merc in Capricorn and that black hole/black swan of a retro was practically an instrument of torture. But yah, I get it, it’s boot kickin’ time to see if your structures, ideas, etc. hold up. Just like ANYTHING Capricorn, it sure did take its damn sweet time.

    Seven weeks into the new year and I feel like it’s just starting. Hopefully this is that glorious pull back to launch phenom propelling us full speed into life. I just read a bit of precious Rilke today that sums it all up:

    “Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

    • yes! I read that line recently too… it’s a relief for ppl like me who can tend to dwell and get a bit stuck. anything movement or release- or breath-oriented helps..
      thank you for the reminder

  14. Winter’s always great for me, Cap stellium turns into a pinball machine.

    Venus is in my 12th the rest of the month…charm offensive?

  15. Maybe the rest of Mercury, thru my 33° 7th, wont be so missunderstood by me….or others. But my Merc/Uran cjunct sq my Jup can get me into trouble. But my 1H Sun/Uran goes, “so fuqn what, l just gotta be me”

    So my appraisal on “Big German Car ReVersing” (in Cap)- like a root canal, it was a pain, but it had to be done.

    And maybe Venus will get some air time.

  16. Holy wow. I thought Merc retro in libra was tough. This was a straight doozy. December 11 seems like a lifetime ago. Can’t wait to move forward again instead of treading ice cold water.

    • Right? Lifetime ago. Most change I’ve ever experienced in 2 months and that’s saying a lot. So long it became the new normal and now I realize how non-norm this all was lol thank goodness ..

  17. Well yep,. In the last 9 weeks I’ve sperated after 23 years with the same partner, been passed over for a promotion (right when Jubiter was on my North Node in Virgo), and set up new boundary protocols both within and out. Phew! Im ready to mogul on now though!

  18. Is it over? I feel as though I have the weight of the world on my shoulders still and have felt stuck, so I’ve been culling things and attitudes. Just watched three former bosses receive incredible promotions at work, even though they were each incompetent and mean in their own special way. The reward for me is obviously going to be spectacular, considering the amount of energy I have expended on keeping upright. Bring on whatever is next, Universe.

    • That’s the attitude. Forget them. It’s probably some warped version of the Peter Principle at work. As Goethe said, boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

  19. Thanks Mercury, you have done your job. My old man has sun and Mercury in Pisces like I do, and is having Neptune on his Mars right now (on my Venus) Also has the grand air trine and my mum (natal merc in cap) was telling me his synapses clicked into something a couple of weeks ago and he has transformed himself somehow, and is doing amazing things around the place. Well, the old so and so hasn’t spoken to me in months and I have been wondering wtf, and then this morning he couldn’t wait – champing at the bit- to get on the phone to tell me about his new fishing rod and his gardening project, and his trip through Asia And blah blah….. I thought ‘what has shifted here?’ Of course – Mercury into Aqua – Where he has his Venus. The old magician has bounced back. And so has his daughter (me). Thanks multiverse.

  20. Worst ever.

    My niece completed suicide. I feel dead.

    Pluto in my 5th house opposite my natal sun……

    Not mercury, but happened during the change.

  21. Thanks for the lovely walk through the shadowy depths. It was quite light-filled, nowhere near as intense as September.

    Damn the Tarot though – it promised great ‘tings when Merc was in Sagg and nada come to pass. Next season perhaps.

  22. This prompted an insight, which is perhaps having had Mercury and Pluto transit my 7th house at the same time (of course Pluto is still there), is the reason why I’ve had the urge/necessity/compulsion to ‘zero-out’ my relationships/friendships, just get everyone out of my life and start over. Also feeling the same about my business and business partnerships, just feeling done. Want to slash and burn and begin anew.. It’s been a feeling of trying to get blood from a stone on all fronts and I’m tired.

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