Sudden Light

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Hi Mystic.

Just wanted to let you know how on pointe you’ve been in my life, despite your migration hassles.

Talk about “Liberating wow moments” from today’s Daily Mystic. After 10 years of frustration not honoring my gifts I finally hand crafted a beautiful little short and submitted it late notice at an experimental film festival in NY.

Yesterday I found out its a finalist and and I’m on the way to the airport to catch a flight at 11am.

Last week, on the eve of Australia Day and the Vesta Uranus conjunction I was caught in a house fire ( not mine) and watched everything burn to the ground.

Hence my, ‘you only live once’ response to the film showing.

Thank you so much for your amazing guidance And insight.

You are fabulous

Okay so this is a validating email, from someone who has been a subscriber of mine for a very long time…so i am boasting, obviously.
But i am also posting this because of the amazing Vesta-Uranus synergy.  Uranus aspects often manifest as w.t.f weirdness. And Vesta-Uranus (see Horoscopes, as i a am a big fan of this conjunction) is around all Feb but it is also the prelude to the longer, more rare and intense Eris-Uranus conjunction from May.

And, this missive is a timely reminder to not surrender your Awesome, no matter what. Ten years is a long time to be battling away with futility but what a beautiful moment!  It is also Saturn-Neptune – you know, Neptune is the film-maker, the visionary, the story teller and Saturn is like ‘hey you, put down this glass of Lilac Juice, stop pontificating about Jung or serotonin or whatever the fuq you’re on about and honor that bliss already…Make it.”


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22 thoughts on “Sudden Light

  1. That is so cool! I love how you were so detached at the end, it even went in late. Best of luck, I hope the Uranus Vesta vibe starts a little grass fire of creativity that keeps on spreading, you sound so happy.

  2. So rad.

    also just realized that vesta must be conjunct my mars because uranus is bang on it, or will be exact on Feb 12th according to my astro app. Eeek.

  3. That is so beautiful, Jane!!
    I’ve had a series of miracles and weirdnesses too (and some similarly shocking yuck), and i’m loving this vesta/uranus energy!!
    Hope your film wins!! Enjoy the ride regardless… 😉

  4. At the end of May, Eris and Uranus conjunct my natal Venus in the 10th. I can’t even think what might happen but I am considering keeping a journal of the phenomena. It could get interesting I think. Oddly enough it is also my birthday although who knows with Uranus there how it will all play out. Have the planet sextiling my ascendant right now and to say that I feel electrified is an understatement, could probably run the grid right about now with this energy.

  5. Congratulations Jane x I’ve seen the huge difference a little bit of recognition can make in an artists life. My kataka finally bit the bullet and had her first solo exhibition last year and the relief of its success has been a great blessing for all of us.
    I have Eris and Uranus conjuncting my Aries sun right now with Saturn trine my natal Uranus in Leo, Mars on my Neptune in scorp for months. I feel strangely calm while I wait for the storm.

  6. Am very interested in Vesta/Uranus, because in 2 days I have a Vesta return … I hope it manifests as a boost of energy instead of a house fire …

    Whoa … I just glanced at the “current planets” on the right and noticed that today the Sun is conj my Mars and the Moon/Chiron are conjunct my Moon … and, as I’ve known for awhile, Pluto is conjunct my Venus in Cap (Venus return was on the 6th) …

    Any advice?

  7. beautiful and empowering, thanks for sharing, as an artist this is the type of inspirirational wisdom that unblocks my (despite some thinking it’s non-existent) mental block) x

  8. Hmm.. I am missing some essential ingredient here. Let me tell you a vaguely similar yet opposite story.
    I did a series of short videos and posted them on my blog over a couple of years. It was kind of a political stunt, just for my own amusement. A few months later, I discovered someone saw my videos, copied my concept, made an identical video on his own, submitted it to a short film contest and WON. Grrr…

  9. House fires are very purging…devastating, yes, if you have ever lived through one, but also liberating once we become able to make peace with the loss and start to see past it – it is a process. They can be very disencumbering; the ultimate way of cutting ties with the past and all it symbolizes and learning to focus instead on the future/moving forward/creating space for the New. Any stale qi associated with the place or objects contained therein literally goes up in smoke…they are also an exercise regarding non-attachment to the more transient, material aspects of life. I see the Vesta/Uranus, but it’s also very Mars in Scorpio as well, IMO.

    • Yes! I have also experienced a house fire in which I lost everything but the clothes on my back – and the process was the making of me. Completely changed my views on what you need in life to be happy and my relationship with material things. At the time, I was also in a toxic relationship, was battling depression and was in a bad place all round – and the fire brought all of that to a head. I sought help and a diagnosis, I saw the relationship for what I was. It levelled everything, and strangely after the initial shock, there was a kind of freedom that came out of the ashes of that fire. Very, very slowly I started again on my own terms. Now, I see it the fire as a a form of extreme purification – and if I could go back and stop it from happening, I wouldn’t.

  10. As an “artist” who returned “home” to herself 3 years ago after years of telling myself I was not an “artist” I just wanna hug, squeeze and applaud the HECK out of her. And not just because our paths intersect. So, so happy and proud for you, lovely. Go, and keep going #VERYYES <3 <3 <3

    • I am experiencing something similar myself – I just recently started drawing again after a five year dry spell. I wasn’t sure if it was due to my Saturn return or other current energies, but I am grateful to say the least and feeling fulfillment once again.

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