She Had Me At “Schumann Resonance”


So one of my clients – Sagittarius – emails to say – among other things – that she is moving to my city to work at a new yoga studio – “A luxe studio with a constant vibration sound engineered through the building” 

And I’m like “oh okay, a new yoga fad, great” and I love how Sagittarians are always on it first. But then she mentioned Schumann Resonance and I am suddenly WOWED out. And this with Mercury square Uranus.

To explain, i am obsessed with Schumann Resonance and have it droning (yes, it drones) in the background far too much. I don’t even know if – as it is probably classified as an auditory narcotic – if this is over-dosing.

About the only reason i have not posted on it before now is that i do not really know what it is. I came across it via synchronicity years ago, speed-read Tesla, Lightning, Planetary Pulse, Life Rhythm and immediately whacked it on my iPod at the time.

But now that it has made into a form of Yoga – genius – it is clear that other folk are also vibrating with it, right?

It is apparently good for us to be attuned to it & it helps to blot out all the less desirable electro magnetic frequencies zapping about our atmosphere. I mean, what public space – let alone private – is not wi-fi these days? I am not a tin foil hat wearer (though someone could make a funky one and turn it cult – why not?) but i love the idea and the feel of the Schumann Resonance.  It is caused by lightning discharges. It is the Earth’s vibe and our brain wants to sync with it. This is my take on it.

The Wiki link above has heaps of info and this is from a more woo-woo site

Since the inherent frequency of the earth is 7.8Hz (7-13 Hz) a person’s brain waves resonate with that frequency and it has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. Since there are so many extraneous ELF (extremely low frequency) frequencies in the earth’s atmosphere at this time, these frequencies can cause a drowning out of the natural Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance™ CD facilitates the natural resonance of the Schumann Resonance in the body and helps to recover autonomic nerve balance, remove stress, and intensify concentration .

Unfortunately, very little is publicly known about the Biological Frequency, although NASA has been aware of it for many years and is using this knowledge to protect Astronauts in Outer Space. In 1952 the German Scientist W.O.Schumann, discovered the presence of a natural radio signal resonating as a standing wave around our planet within the Earth/Ionosphere cavity and beating with a sharp pulse of 7.83 Hz. Thereafter, this signal has been referred to as the “Schumann Resonance”. It is no coincidence, that the brainwave frequency of most vertebrates is around that value, although that of industrial man/woman is often higher. However, the dominant brainwave frequency of sensitives, such as Shamans and Healers comes close to 7.83 Hz and may, at times, beat in phase with the Earth’s signal, thereby causing Harmonic Resonance.
The physical condition of early Astronauts deteriorated severely whilst in Outer Space, away from the Schumann Resonance. The problem was solved by introducing the “Schumann Simulator” into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator mimicking the Earth’s frequency. This demonstrates the simple fact that we cannot be healthy if disconnected from the “natural biological frequency”

The Schumann Resonance is named after one Winfried Otto Schumann – a physicist, electrical engineer and high voltage laboratory manager in Germany.  He was Taurus – Sun conjunct Neptune and had Mars conjunct Uranus in Libra.

And for balance, here is the Skeptics take – they say that there are no therapeutic benefits whatsoever to it or any other frequency.

So presumably, by this logic, i am just brilliant at the placebo effect. I could just set my television to static and get off on it.  But then why does the Schumann Frequency feel so good?  And when i am at my desk, i use the [email protected] Tracks like Drums & Hums, that have the Isochronic/Binaural hums and Gamma brainwave enhancers.

What do you think people? Yes/No to the Schumann Resonance? Would you go to Yoga with brainwave enhancing humming in the background?  Anyone with acoustic expertise care to comment?


Image: Planet Fall – The Monolith

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Wow. I JUST wrote a blog post on something similar. The effect of minerals (calcium, iron, iodine, etc.) in our bodies CONDUCT ELECTRICITY, or what Eastern medicine refers to as Qi.


awesome. yes. yesssss

Mark Dunemann

Have you read any books by Phil Callahan?
He chronicles the mysterious round towers of Ireland and the notion they may be antennas to radiate this natural frequency.

Crystallised future

I haven’t heard of these!


I live literally right beside this yoga studio. I’ve been thinking about going there but always made some excuse, or just haven’t. now this is synchronicity!


Thanks to this post, I visited this yoga studio for the first time today.

I did their slow relaxing class. I am kind of lost for words but I’ve been in a zen bubble ever for the past hour. The instructor really speaks to you. And the vibrations are so powerful I have never reached such a deep level of meditation, or held it for so long.
The staff are so kind and the venue is beautiful.

Highly recommended.


Started with the Schumann Resonance and through the youtube rabbithole ended at this lovely soundwork that “reverses the aging process”:

Crystallised future

It is beautiful isn’t it……and primal somehow

Crystallised future

Omg. I wish general media would include this or other possibilities to consider in its screaming headlines about climate change. The climate has been changing since before we landed here so there has to be something more than simply coal and cars causing such weather extremes. I’m so impressed at reading about this. It’s such a different take on what is spoon fed to us as ‘news’ for the past 10 years or so (even if this is actually old news!) I’ve sometimes wondered what variations have happened in our orbit that may be having effects too. I’ve particularly wondered… Read more »


The explanation that always made sense to me is to accept that earth is the ‘being’, the citizen of the galaxy, the ‘whole’. While we are the sex spores (bisexual pentacled radiozoa) that populate and develop on this beautiful beings amazing body. Like some guests we are wearing our welcome a bit thin but I’m sure earth has strategies to keep us under control if we get too far out of line.

Crystallised future

So agree with you there. A bit like we are merely dust mites on something that is tiny itself in amongst the scope and quantity of bodies in the universe milling around in orbits of their own – if that makes sense.


Have you ever had the thought (REAL q, not rhetorical) that the changes we humans wreak on planet and further out, are actually in tune with shifts in those planetary frequencies and their ‘ache for change’ , effected through the life form that can actually make those changes? It’s just a thought. Then, if our experience and limited (though expanding and amazing) science tells us that the combined effects are deleterious, it puts me in mind of my grandmother when she had just had enough and was ready to finish. Long before it actually happened, of course, but i was… Read more »


I’ve been reading quite a bit about the Van Allen belts. These belts have a type of intelligence that both protects and imprisons us here on Earth. Would you believe there is a school of thought that we should attempt to degrade these belts so that space travel becomes cheaper ? Easier ? WTF are they thinking ?

Crystallised future

That was fascinating Davidl. Thank you. I wonder what transits were happening in that short period of September to 1 October? I think I’ll have to look at my epheremis!

Crystallised future

Hmm. I couldn’t see anything. I think I’ll continue to keep an eye on this though. Quite fascinating.


That is a perfectly horrible idea. The US did experiments with high altitude nuclear weapons tests, with similar goals. They decided to stop because it could have permanently made the Van Allen Belts impenetrably radioactive.


I just got into bed to read Mystic before retiring and what’s on the iPod? Schumann resonance! I listen every night and during the day keep it on for the pup when I’m not home. He digs it too.


When your old TV (before HDTV) picked up over-the-air static, it was picking up the cosmic microwave background. That is a visual representation of the energy of the Big Bang.


Ooh I love that


I don’t know if I have put you onto Nassim Haremein before. If I haven’t, Google him. He is the quantum physicist du jour. The Schumann frequency is fact…7.5 Hz??? I was thinking of it while listening to the Cicadas kick off between storms. You may also be interested in the Solfeggio scale (but I’m sure you have already heard of that…) I am trying to get people interested in using frequency for healing, both matter and mind. My workmates see me as the intelligent nutcase, but they do ask questions…..

Wish Upon a Star

Oh Cicadas. When I was a kid laying on my bed at dusk listening to them I knew it was healing. I would go into an altered state.

As that young girl I thought there are other realities beside mainstream life. I realise now I was very open to magic…..

…… returning to magic.


Toning has been in practice for thousands of years. To take any meditation for healing purposes to a higher level look into both Hebrew and Tibetan toning chants. Meditation is not just stilling the mind, that’s just the beginning. Meditation is also about communication and toning is how you perfect your signal and harmonies it with incoming signals. Sound adds dimension. Happy to send you or anyone a diagram and instructions for an ancient Hebrew toning sequence. When you’re ready x

Wish Upon a Star

Yes please send the diagram and instructions for the ancient Hebrew toning sequence to my email address.

Mystic you have permission to give David my email address. I will have to wait till I go to the library next week to get the email as I can’t get it ony phone. But that’s OK.

This resonates strongly with me as I have a strong connection to Hebrew.

Thanks davidl.


Email me
zuvuyu at gmail dot com


Honey, I LOVE this. I’ve been all over this thingo after being enthralled with the Resonance Beings of Frequency video a la youtube: Despite the somewhat redundant imagery, it’s worth spending the almost 1.5 hours to view this doco on the devastating effects of radio frequencies from mobile towers on our own human and animal frequencies. It takes off of the Schumann Resonance and further explores the effects when we’re cut off from this. In a nutshell (for those of you who can’t be bothered): – Scientific findings have established that human frequencies and the earth’s are the same,… Read more »


Sorry meant that we DON’T need to be in environments that interrupt our connection to it..


I was into once. But l was only 19.


What’s the difference between playing this and playing music while practicing yoga? In essence, you are escaping/covering – dare I say “marketizing” – what yoga is all about.

Yoga is essentially about discovering who you are, why you are here. That is done best by listening in silence.

And really, yoga is about preparing for death. But nobody wants to talk about that…


I don’t think we have any silence on earth really even the earth herself resonates
Of course we are all dying all the time. To become dark matter


Yes I would agree with this idea too :-))


Actually I think there is a whole shift towards what it is to die, the nature of death; particularly with shamanic work. This is beautiful, to be a part in our own death. I think you are right in what you say about yoga, but it is to me even more than that. The taoist way encompasses to me similar philosophy; we are not really separate to our space, all that we are immersed, being in. I have pisces mars at 24 degrees 7th conjunct chiron at 27 degrees, so my chiron return is sort of happening, it is opposite… Read more »


I am in total agreement too, except about yoga being best practiced in silence. Ironically, I feel I can hear myself, connect to my body better if my brain is engaged/occupied with music. I can let go then. The meditation class I take weekly with someone I think is very spiritually in tune, experienced and educated always features specially selected music, usually chanting (following the long Buddhist tradition) or binaural beats.


OMG gold stars for this post!

I’m a fan of music and healing frequencies but just don’t see adding Schumann resonance in a yoga studio as as earth shaking.


I don’t know – I try to make it a point to keep an open mind and try things before making any sort of hard-and-fast determination about whether or not something is for me. But I will say that I could foresee it possibly fuqing with my shavasana.

Then again, I *am* fond of white noise when sleeping – I can’t sleep in a dead-quiet room as I am a very light sleeper.

Gah, I guess my Libra side is alive and well today, LOL! 😛


Awesome, I just pulled some up on youtube. Re: neptunian nights above, one of the vents outside my house sounds like the swooshing in that beat… love it.


Neptunian bianural beats play all night every night and sometimes Jupiterian one in the day. Friends who visit seem to like them at first but after 20 minutes find them disturbing. Why can’t I play “normal” music.
Yes, googling it now, sounds epic.

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