Saturnine Substances For Better Living

Victor Solomon

What are Saturnine Substances? They’re supplements and natural highs that augment rather than deplete. They’re ultra potent with Pluto in Capricorn. They are quite different from Neptunian Substances: Alcohol, Space Dust, Dream Weed.  I was talking to someone the other day who was raving about D.M.T. – the so-called Spirit Molecule, for when you want a ten-minute trip.

Me? I’m out. I already get hypnogogic hallucinations and see ghosts.  But I could see how the ten minute trip for when you haven’t got time to go to Chile and do ayahuasca would appeal.

But the problem with any high (even the Love Zombie high) is that you download heaps of dopamine/serotonin/happy hormones in one big go. It is then harder to manufacture your own on a normal, everyday basis. It’s like you’re always over-drawn in your hormone bank.

Saturnine Substances Work Brilliantly

Anyway, I am currently more into Saturnine substances. Something that works. Something that augments and does not deplete. These are my latest discoveries – you probably know most of these but if not, I hope they are useful.

Important; I am not a doctor nor a naturopath – see your own medical professional and take your own circumstances into account before doing, well, anything.  This post is for discussion purposes.

# Organic High Altitude Single Origin Coffee – this is not just a wank. There are major reasons why it is better for you. For example, the lower the altitude of your coffee beans, the more likely they apparently are to contain mycotoxins and mold. Pesticides are obviously best avoided where possible. Fifteen hundred meters above sea level or higher is ideal.

# L-Glutamine – this perfectly banal looking white powder is apparently great for the gut (where we manufacture a lot of our happy hormones) and kills sweet cravings in their tracks.  I do not know if this is a good or a bad indicator but i feel euphoric from this stuff.

You Can Smell Like A Mistake In An Indian Restaurant

# Boob firming with Fenugreek – this is one of those ancient tips that work. You can grind the seeds up and make it into a lotion with shea butter/coconut oil OR just guzzle fenugreek tablets/tea & it zujus up the breasts. In magic, it is considered a herb of Mercury & in Voodoo it is a standard “house money herb.”  Is there a catch? YES. It’s smelly.  You can smell like a mistake in an Indian restaurant.

# Gotu Kola – Herb of Saturn. This is also called pennywort and is meant to be the pre-eminent Ancient Chinese longevity/collagen boosting herb. Testimonies abound as to people religiously drinking their Gotu Kola tea with absolutely nothing obvious occurring until – one day – they wake up looking fuq-off amazing. It apparently works on the inside to nourish all the connective tissue (firming skin, eating cellulite, easing joint issues) and then voila, the rad results are blatant all of a sudden.


Image: Victor Solomon

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Oh also same here for NAC
and daily milk thistle (amazing for your liver, clears your eyes/complexion right up)
and charcoal, 2 after drinking and 2 upon waking, no hangover


Oh I have been out of orbit.. is this a thing that is happening all year? Because I have been drinking and 420-ing way too much already this year.. I recommend: chicken broth green smoothies (made with green leaves, fruit and water. Make at night an put in fridge and then they’re cold for breakfast) daily 5htp if you tend to the depressive side but don’t want to take prozac eating less than you think you need, use appetite suppressants if you must And walking an hour a day Not very revolutionary but that’s what I can bring myself to… Read more »


what’s 5htp?


5-hydroxytrptophan.. an amino acid, serotonin and melatonin precursor and builder. Sold as a natural anti-d in some countries.. and some places you just have to ship it in from iherb (can’t buy in Aus)..Thorne is the best brand. I take 50g/morning on an empty stomach and away from protein


I’m kind of fond of NAC, Black Seed, CBD, Magnesium Water at the moment. I’ve also been steeping fresh Thyme and orange rind in water for an antimicrobial/cleansing/refreshing drink. They are all about the brain and gentle purging, keeping the flow in this kind of crazy x


ADAPTOGENS!! Are amazing. They tonify/don’t deplete and have happy side effects. My favorite is Rhodiola Rosea, a hardy bush from Siberia that is like an herbal Adderall. It focuses the mind, increases physical stamina, lifts your mood and generally makes it easier to deal with shit. The Russian army takes it before war and Buddhist monks drink the tea (in Chinese it’s called Hong Jing Tian) to aid in meditation. Go figure.


I think someone up above mentioned water. I’ve always struggled drinking loads of water, partly out of habit. Before the advent of bottled water, drinking soda/teas/coffee was the best way to ensure you were drinking something safe outside the home if you grew up in a third world country. And also partly because I find water itself a bit hard. But after doing some research into alkaline foods, I started adding lemon slices to water and voila, total increase in intake. I think Saturnine substances are foundational: Sleep, Whole Foods sans sugar and dairy if you can hack it, regular… Read more »


Not sure exactly why, but that photo of the stained glass / crystal basketball hoop made my nipples hard. Maybe mars in Capricorn?


Bone broth to me is the ultimate one. And it’s catching on–I get my coddled organic French lineage chickens off the back of a truck from a lovely farm and lately they’ve been out of the chicken feet I usually go out of my way get as an extra (secret to a really gelatinous, collagen rich broth) Apologies to vegetarians, I would be one if I still could but my long term health requires otherwise. (These are well loved chickens with a good life) We have a bone broth bar here, and in recent years the LA Lakers have implemented… Read more »


Agreed about the bone broth, that stuff is magic. I do eat vegetarian and vegan meals but I’m also a meat eater. I’m fortunate to live in a area with local farms and kick-ass CSAs, and those are where I get my food. Nutrient rich food is everything.


‘just a wank’ is also good. but not v saturnine. Venusian?


Lol. Trust a Scorp to say that.

Agree!!. I have a heathy Mars in Virgo (8th house), so one mustn’t leave orgasms off the “to-do” list 😀


heh heh : )


sauerkraut is saturnine for me-don’t especially enjoy it, but know its sooo good for my energy and auto immune state / gut


Also Jun is the new kombucha, just sayin’!


My Saturnine ‘substance’ is Kundalini Yoga. Gives you the Neptune buzz but with Saturn’s goodness.


Agreed! Powerful stuff!


These are the the substances (though whether they are saturnine I’m not sure) I am using at the moment: Miso (for menopause and upping hyaluronic acid production – google Yuzurihara) Rooibos – it’s lovely, no caffeine, antioxidant rich Red cabbage, QG plums – anthocyanins particularly good antioxidants, help with insulin balance. My tip is never share food or drink with people who dislike you or wish you harm, it isn’t just an affectation by magic realist writers, the bad vibes really do get into the food and can mess with your health. The first time I tasted rooibos it was… Read more »


Wow. Never thought about that but now I’ll have to be more conscious about that.


This sounds amazing. With Saturn currently traveling through my 6th, maybe the calling is to start my daily dose of Gotu Kola tea. I love coffee, but otherwise could use some herbalism and vitamins…and to stop eating ice cream. That’s where I’m at.

If the planets and/or sign of the 6th house indicate what we should do with our health, then maybe Uranus in Sag means I should go find a bunch of zany Uranian herbs from foreign countries and incorporate them into my diet. Looking forward to a possible Uranian substances post, if this turns into a series.


This is an awesome post – everyone sharing their Saturn-themed health tips! You have such a lovely, thoughtful, helpful, crowd MM! <3 From my personal “Fun With Saturn” files, here are some of my own additions in case anyone has need of more ideas: Eating beets. They are first and foremost a plant of Saturn and what could possibly be more grounding than a root vegetable grown in the dirt? They are also loaded with all kinds of good nutrients, have anti-oxidant, detoxing, and anti-cancer properties, and are even reputedly a natural “male performance enhancer” (hello Mars in Scorpio, LOL!).… Read more »


Clematis is awesome, and Wood Betony and Kava saved my arse recently. Sag Moon conjunct Neptune. Hematite around my wrists, heavy combat boots on my feet. Gotta stomp the earth and stay grounded. Neptune is going to Saturn school.


I never thought of my (very heavy!) combat boots as a grounding force. I bought them in the middle of my Neptune transit. Makes so much sense now.


Excellent post! Thanks


I have Pisces Rising & MC conjunct Neptune in opp to Gem Sun, Moon & Venus, I tend to steer clear of Neptunian like substances. Since my Saturn return a few years ago I have moved even further away from anything that’s suppose to be ‘enhancing this’ or making me feel ‘awesome’. I’ve stopped taking multi v’s and magnesium, stopped going to the acupuncturist and kinesiologists, chiros and physios etc. It’s been really good to have a break from all of that and just focus on the basics of eating well, exercising, swimming in the ocean, instant relief to sore… Read more »


Its funny you consider these Saturnine…My stance has always been doing what builds long term without dependency. Real, lasting change. While others around me have smoked weed and other substances, gone for the quick glimpses of joy that do not really transform their psyche, I have gone the longer route. Studying QiGong for years, spending hours a day, just to gain some little improvement. But…That improvement is real. it is mine. It does not fade. I earned it. I have never smoked or done any altering substances outside of a long stint under the psychopharma system. That was plenty for… Read more »


fwiw I found that taking a dietary chromium supplement for a short while helped with utterly off-planet sugar cravings, like devour a bag of jellybeans or jelly snakes in one sitting. on a regular basis. I was training pretty hard at the time, lots of running and outdoors work. must not have been balancing the nutrition properly even though i thought i was doing well.


Here is my asteroid Gary-esque contribution. MAGNESIUM. Magnesium glycinate 400 mg w dinner. Seems super obvious but most people are deficient.

Year of the Phoenix

I am hitting the Mags and believe it is having an effect …. VERY peri menopausal! Aching knuckles! The heat attacks! Summer in Brisbane arrrr! Seems to be helping ha!


Summer in Brisbane is enough to undo us all. And the heat and humidity continue.


Love health related posts 🙂 Tried L-glutamine powder and felt extremely dizzy, faint, fast heartbeats – was a terrifying experience. I reduced the quantity significantly – like a few dust specks – and the same symptoms. So super powerful stuff (a big waste of money for me). Probiotics give me diarrhea – which is such a shame as I think I need them in the billions. Lately been feeling ok for a few days and then intense acute fatigue – not normal for my age. So went to doc and she is testing me for Vit D deficiency. Will need… Read more »


I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency two years ago and now take 2,000 units every day. One thing to consider: the Vit D that’s prescribed by doctors is D2, which doesn’t appear to be as effective as D3, the kind that more effectively mimics the action of the sun on our skin. I didn’t discover this until I had taken the full prescription of D2 and was wondering why I still felt sluggish to a certain degree. I didn’t feel a huge difference right away with the D3, I think it must take a while to build up… Read more »


L-glutamine can stimulate too much glutamate in some people. Also if you take too much it can be harmful to kidneys. I was taking 5 grams daily because i was rebuilding my gut lining and after a month i cut way back due to the symptoms you mentioned above. I also was very thirsty and had insomnia. 1 gram per day seems more my speed now.

Crystallised future

I was preacribed L-Glutamine for energy so yeah, your post makes sense.

Eclipse Tripper

Random exhaustion could be ‘adrenal fatigue’ esp. (It is not recognised in biomedicine, but your stress hormone levels can be checked) esp. If a prolonged history of stress/nervous tension … Also check iron.


lately i have been feeling as though *I* am a saturnine substance, in the form of a wet blanket. and an inner nark that says you can’t do this, or that, or be happy doing that… ugh
I think maybe it’s time for some joseph campbell yes?
what are the Key Suspects in astro if someone else (a …’competitor’, say) triggers Every Single One of your insecurities? I was thinking something conjunct my very shaky and still-(always)-messed-up saturn. Is the tarot any good for elucidating clues and insights re such things?

sorry…a bit o/t 🙂


Ha! Just re-reading J C’s Pathways to Bliss. 🙂

Just curious, Pi – apart from your Saturnitis – have you got a Grand Cross?

(i’ve found that people whose Mars or Lillith conjunct my snitty Lilith or tender Chiron really set me off….. Both form part of a Grand Cardinal Cross – which when aspected can be paralysing with insecurities sometimes)


hey skarab, thank you 🙂 I do have a very close (1 degree) natal t-square between my Gem-sadge ascendant / descendant, and my pisces sun-mercury. Jupiter in Virgo will be crossing back to complete that grand cross (for the third time) soon. So.. a mutable cross. Crisis = Opportunity… for change? How would a grand cross send me into an insecurity tailspin though? hmm Maybe because this person is (apparently) manifesting many of the things that I was really getting good at – and other things I still had on my list to become good at – until the Great… Read more »


ah, but you also say chiron and lilith

just realised something

chiron in my 10th, with venus and SN all square my moon
i should probably read up on 10h chiron more

lilith in toro conjunct jupiter
There are so many ways i can read this (plain old bitches in the world errywhere tryna mess with me lol, vigilante against sexual prejudice, shaming and body-politics, )
Lilith is our shadow though
maybe something to do with how this person expresses themself, triggers something in me that makes me feel small or less-than

thanks again skarab, thinking out loud here… X


Now your comments to me have context. Your laugh-a-minute ones lve alwaya understood. But your jump-down-my-throat ones have gone into ‘huh’ basket…till now.


Ah you mean the sexual politics thing?


Yeah. Ive felt you didn’t get the gist. Your reaction was like to a different statement.

I feel my Merc in Leo gets me into trubs because l can come across bellicose; esp in a post. Yours in Aries?

Anyway Moon goes void soon and l gotta shut up


Omg, Pi. I am going through a similar ‘competitor’ issue so we should totes have tea and air our grievances. In short, my person is a longtime friend who I did not have appropriate boundaries with and now she is dating my alcoholic brother in law and skeeving up on my in-laws, whom are quite eccentric and introverted and it took me years to authentically build relationships with them. She gets familiar quickly and tries to establish alpha dominance. This never bothered me about her until it happened in my own home. I’m getting better. It was shock, then anger,… Read more »


The only way through it is to own your own shit. EXACTLY. I have actually experienced moments of major gratitude towards this person, while in the throes of this crazy-making January, for shaking me out of this torpor of self-defeating sludge. Ok so at the same time as I am dying of inadequacy, ugh. She has the verve and joie de vivre that somehow has leached out of my life in the past 3-4 years. Admittedly I am living in a city which has Pluto on my IC line so omfg it is no surprise that I constantly feel like… Read more »


Or if not insecurity then a sort of blindness to existing things.
But yes if we see these people as embodying the traits or skills we disown (or feel alientated from) in some way…it gets interesting


Indeed. Love thine enemies might actually make sense. They slash and burn for your new growth. And who doesn’t love that? Welllll maybe non Plutonians, but it is better in the long run.


OMG, what a GREAT list – we should have one of these for every planet!

I have lots of “alternative” Saturn remedies I like to play with – would be happy to share later when I get a chance to condense them all into a coherent list!

Virgo Ellie

# Boob firming with Fenugreek – this is one of those ancient tips that work. You can grind the seeds up and make it into a lotion with shea butter/coconut oil OR just guzzle fenugreek tablets/tea & it zujus up the breasts. In magic, it is considered a herb of Mercury & in Voodoo it is a standard “house money herb.” Is there a catch? YES. It’s smelly. You can smell like a mistake in an Indian restaurant. Love this! Interested in trying this! “You can smell like a mistake in an Indian restaurant”.. HA!! LOL! But I wonder if… Read more »


Vitamin A serum.


Bio oil

Virgo Ellie

Thank you!


Rose hip oil

aqua kat

silicon strips for the healing scar. cut and place over the scar and leave it on 24/7. some you can shower with, some you take off when showering, wash it separately, and place back on. for internal scar tissue, exercises that target the specific area and get the blood flowing, or meditation where you focus your consciousness internally at the location and use it to internally massage the scar tissue. good luck! (I have a huge 5 inch scar so I’m invested in these.)


It just makes your armpits smell like maple syrup, the fenugreek,


If it is a dark scar apply vitamin c topically to lighten scar first.

Virgo Ellie

Thank you everyone! Very helpful!


The cell salts mentioned on the Saturn post sometime back. I have taken CaF since then and feel more elastic now. Im now thinkn of taken the ones for Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn & Leo (my other planets)


My current Saturnian drug: prescription strength 5000ppm fluoride toothpaste. Brush for two minutes, spit out excess, do not rinse. No food or drink for 30 minutes, don’t swallow at all for 30 min if you can help it.


and you’re doing this for… stronger teeth?


Well of course, this is not something I would do voluntarily. I drink bottled water (tap water here is awful) so my water isn’t fluoridated. So my teeth are going to hell. My dentist says my teeth are starting to decalcify so I need more fluoride. Saturn would not approve of teeth and bones losing calcium. My dentist is a total genius but I just don’t understand him sometimes. For years, he has been harping on me about two things. First I should be careful never to swallow the least bit of toothpaste because it is full of oxidants. And… Read more »


My .02 is also to think about kicking coffee (and any other substances known to leech calcium out of the body) to the curb if you know calcium absorption is an issue for you. Whenever I see Saturn affecting a health significator in the chart, I ask if calcium and D3 levels have been checked recently, so you’re definitely on the right track there. The two work in concert with one another; calcium to remineralize and the D3 for absorption – D3 is also good for those who get seasonal gloom and it’s not unusual to take in therapeutic quantities… Read more »


Not quite true about the vit D everywhere, maybe in the higher latitudes I guess but e.G. around Australia, one can just take a 30 min walk in the sun most mornings and you’re done.


Obvs I don’t know anything about therapeutic vs nutrition though


The Tropic of Capricorn goes right through Australia, but the US, Europe, and most of Asia is above the Tropic of Cancer. So you guys get a free D ticket.

The last time I was out in the sun for 30 minutes, I got sunburned so badly I had to go see my dermatologist. Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.


L glutamine is amazing. Completely cured my cystic acne which I had for ten years. I had tried everything.


I was taking fenugreek regularly and a year and a half later found myself unexpectedly diagnosed hypothyroid. Best to use this moderately or avoid altogether if you are hyper or hypo or have beginning symptoms of either. I love herbs, but they often have more effects than we’re aware of. If you love something use it moderately and do be on the lookout for some of the less known effects that may accompany long-term use.


I too had hypothyroidism post first baby kboyle. Curef

it with naturopathics combined with the drugs until I was given the all clear.


It’s good to hear from someone who’s reversed it. Intuitively I can’t help but feel it’s possible despite what my MD says. Thanks for the hopeful message–


I tried L-glutamine last year and it makes me crave sugar. Sugar is quite a natural habit for me and I have tried to break it repeatedly. Both my parents have the same issue although I did not inherit their thin genetics. When needed, I had great success with probiotics and recommended them to others with stomach issues.


I love these posts, always learn so much from them and from comments. Gotu Kola is Centella asiatica and native to the east coast of NSW, it grows happily in my wildish garden alongside Viola hederacea and Dichondra repens and the basket grasses, Ottochloas, glycines, wombat berries, geitonoplesiums and all of the other plants that have come here courtesy of the wind and the kangaroos which apparently are very good at spreading the seeds of native grasses – the scrapes they make to rest in are like preparing the soil for seed, the seeds fall off their coats and then… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

dream garden!


Water .
Re introducing adequate amounts of water.

Suddenly Leo

I love that you bullet-pointed a post about Saturnine substances. I would have been like, “vitamins and coffee.” Also, I think a few squares of dark chocolate for breakfast is the secret to everything.

I like your point about organic and high altitude and have added Gotu Kola to my Amazon Cart because even a vegan diet doesn’t fix the cellulite.


dark chocolate in the morning with coffee was my secret, didn’t realise it could be the secret to everything.


i am also a chocolate in the morning person! not for ages but i went through a phase. yes just one square or two. it’s incredibly satisfying and i am never really that hungry in the morning. that way too, you burn off the concentrated energy before too long 🙂


Thank you for the fenugreek…I could.use a little firm up…everywhere. My Saturn square Neptune. Neptune conjunct Saturn and Saturn square Saturn if you will (all three happening this year…so I’m dealing with it with: Eliminate the Overwhelm…one paper, one email, one crap food at a time. I literally started a detox of my life in January eliminating the old everything. Stuff, food, clothing, appointments, emails, mailing lists, toxic relationships, and toxic critic self talk. Eliminate the guilt of bad old choices. Started to listen to positive affirmations whilst walking the treadmill. Listening to binaural beats about abundance jupiter frequency. Much… Read more »


Was already loving your post when I read about your son. My son has autism also. Great post, keep going!


Love this!!


Love “Eliminate the Overwhelm”.


One thing at a time. thank you. X

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love it when you do these post MM.

Bring on the Saturnian substances!


Ashwaganda powder with nut milk and cinnamon at night. I just recently started drinking Jiao gulan (also known as gynostemma) tea, which is calming and adaptogenic. Solomon’s Seal tincture has been assisting with muscularskeletal issues. Must be an herb of Saturn?

Maxene Schreck

I love herbal remedies, I’ve always wanted to learn more and ultimately be some kind of master herbalist but I always get so overwhelmed with all of the information and what is considered legit and what isn’t.

Seeing as I’ve always taken another Saturn approach to my body – “toughening it up through harsh living” – I think it’s time to start giving it some proper care. Especially since I am approaching thirty and everyone’s got me scared about my body falling to shit mid-thirties. I am hellbent on maintaining my appearance to a certain degree.


I wouldn’t say “falling to shit” … but I will say, that @ 35, I notice that various substances (alcohol, caffeine, sugar) affect me in a far more noticeable way than they did even four years ago. Red meat sits in my gut, carbs make me feel more sluggish and it’s harder to get the slight tummy I can sometimes see to stay gone when I don’t do some kind of ab work every other day. Still love my body (and am in AWE of what I must have looked like in my 20s), but definitely notice that what I… Read more »

The Venus Fly

Darlin’ I’m mid 30’s and look better than ever – and I’m not even a health freak.

The good ones get better with time – believe. Plus the confidence adds crazy grown n sexy glow ;D <3


Saturn Return and Hidden Neptune Substance- So- are you ready for a laugh- cheerfully I offer this: My savvy, awesome nieces all rave about kombucha and quaff it frequently. Resolved to choose wisely, I grabbed some ginger flavored kombucha-displayed in veggie and fruit juice section At 8:20 AM I arrived home, unloaded bags and poured about 1.5 oz into a glass. Knocked it back in one go- as I assumed it was medicinal. Welll- it was medicinal- like the Vitamina Vegamine I Love Lucy episode. I had missed the fine print – saying that there was a mere 0.5 percent… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I guess all brands are different! That sounds like a pretty high percentage! I’ve had some and it didn’t seem alcoholic at all…


I know- I have to respect the brew spirits- and their 12th H connection focusing on Haute Neptune per Daily MM.


there’s a popular brand of kombucha sold here in any grocery store that i quite enjoy. when i was in america, it was also sold in a few stores (most prominently in northern cali, i found), and it had alcohol content on its label, and could only be sold to adults! same stuff as up here in canada where it’s just sold in the fridges alongside pop.


I had a similar experience the first time I took Valerian root. I felt like I took something like percocets and it would have been great if I didn’t have to go to work.

I drink kombucha all the time and never had that effect! Maybe it had been sitting on the shelf too long or fermented too quickly due to a measurement mistake with sugar or something. Who knows!


I bought some kombucha a few years ago when I was changing my son’s diet and I took 1 swallow and felt weird. I’m a recovering alcoholic and have been alcohol free for years so when I took the drink I knew something was immediately wrong. It had to be fermented alcohol. I, too, bought it in a grocery store. What’s up with that?

And speaking of Saturnine substances…beat kept secret aphrodisiac? No alcohol….like for a year+…all my senses became more..let’s say sensitive…particularly tactile. Yes discipline and sobriety can be mind blowing. Heh heh heh.


Like for me to be stoned is to walk up some huge enscarpment.
But l got rocks in my head.




Just a note for anyone taking herbs, and specifically Gotu Kola, that always adhere to the recommended dosage limits in terms of cups per day and review any contra-indications on the labels of a reputable supplier. Many herbs are therapeutic at the right doses and toxic at higher ones – just like coffee! Goru Kola is reputedly fabulous and probably rightfully so but has high levels of alkaloids which are not good for you in large quantities. And don’t confuse it with european pennywort which is related but not quite the same.

Crystallised future

Thanks Kelly. Contra-indications. Are you a nurse? I only understand that term now because I’m currently working in a hospital.


So one herb/thing I got into during the Saturn in Scorp thing is Kava — mellowing, sacred, mega earthy, kind of bitter ceremonial root used in places like Vanatu. In Hawaii, instead of going to a bar or coffee shop people will go to kava bars and drink the stuff out of coconut shells — mellowing but not inebriating, a very civilized way to chill — a kava bar recently opened in NYC. I find it very relaxing and centering if I’m frazzled or sleep deprived. The strong strains can be great for insomnia but there’s also a more diluted… Read more »


I love it!


As a Neptunian whose substances run to caffeine, sugar, gluten and various other things my gut is severely intolerant to, I love the idea of Saturinine substances so thanks for this. I will say my natural health practitioner has recommended L-Glutamine to me for healing my gut but with the caveat that taking it for more than three months could lead to elevated liver enzymes. I can vouch for it’s effectiveness but I do not take it for extended periods.

Gotu kola sounds fascinating I will add this to my Saturnine substances to try list.


I read recently that people have to be careful with over the counter pro biotics. They are a bit of a fad at the mo in Australia due to recently released data showing that basically good gut flora is a key factor in immunity against all sorts of bugs/ flu/ colds etc. they even claim that even when you have a flu virus reeking havoc in your body, pro biotics may be a more effective treatment than the current crop of speed balls marketed as flu relief. (Yeah but do I get the high, wellllla … ) So the new… Read more »


Thinking of my stomach as my “disco inferno” is quite possible going to change my life! Thank you!


Yep , life changing! You can’t help but strut when this is your internal soundtrack : )


can’t stop dancing! is disco pisces or aquarian? so kitsch but the bad dress sense is aquarian…


Some Sag in there, too, maybe?


I work at a health food store and can attest that most probiotics are not shelf stable (some brands do claim to be but I don’t know how they do it). Probiotics should be kept refrigerated even in store, if yours are off the shelf and do not specifically say shelf stable I would assume that they are all dead and you are wasting your money.

I have personally had varying success with them and had to try various formulations but when they work they work well, when they don’t they make very little difference.


Probiotic and prebiotic are different. Probiotic is/are the bacteria that colonise the gut or are found in foods like yoghurt. Yes: everyone’s gut flora is different so requirements would also be different. But tests to ascertain one’s gut flora are expensive and not Medicare rebatable, even if ordered by doctors. Alhough naturopaths can request them, too, many people are reluctant to spend the money on the test. Prebiotic is a universal nutrient necessary for general gut health. An example of one is L glutamine. Its requirements differ between people according to their health but it’s more about what dose to… Read more »


I can’t rave highly enough about pro-biotics…after 3 years of steadily deteriorating health following emergency surgery that included massive doses of anti-biotics (and by deteriorating I mean bed ridden, looking at wheel chairs, being told it was probably early on set Parkinsons, dealing with a whole slew of bizarre and disabling symptoms). I literally went bankrupt trying every mainstream and alternative treatment I could find. Somewhere along the line I came across the work of a russian pediatrician who had noticed a link between poor gut health and autism. She then went on to make the link between gut and… Read more »

Lady L

Amazing. So glad for you that probiotics had such a fantastic health impact. What kind of probiotic do you use?


BioKult. I also have to avoid a load of foods but that list is slowly getting shorter. I have gradually been able to reintroduce quite a few foods that used to produce all sorts of unpleasant autoimmune type symptoms.


good news about your recovery!

Lady L

Thank you!

Your recovery is wonderful. So happy for you!

Looking into Biokult now. Have been taking Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus, but Biokult has more strains.

Happy healthy guts for all!


Make your own Kefir at home friends. Way way heaps more beneficial amount of probiotics and you know that it’s good stuff 🙂


Vesta in Virgo dropping in 3, 2, 1…here goes – wind up the Sun conjunct Hygiea and watch her go, LOL…! Yes, as kriblack stated, most probiotics sold commercially are NOT shelf-stable so are quite the scam. The good stuff is 1) Refrigerated 2) Has CFUs (colony forming units) in the BILLIONS 3) Should be broad-spectrum and contain MANY different strains of bacteria unless you specifically know the kind of strain(s) you need – read the label to ID the strains contained in your probiotic and look for a bare MINIMUM of 12 different types, otherwise you may not get… Read more »

The Venus Fly


My LZ crush continues to niggle. I keep ignoring it, but it niggles. It will eff off eventually – that ish can’t last forever.

I have fantastic boobs, so, no need to smell like an Indian restaurant. In fact my oldest friend and I who is 5 months older and I were talking about how awesome our boobs keep getting as we get older.

Is that Mariah Carey’s basketball net, lol? ;P <3


LZ crushes can go eff off. 🙂 Wish they’d listen. LOL!


you can control your crushes. You can turn it on or off.
It can be done.

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