Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Bugs Bunny dressed as woman seducing Elmer Fudd

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility? Sure, they’re not the most obviously compatible Sun Signs in astrology but this dating profile seems to be going too far.

Hi Mystic,

I enjoy your blog and Weekend Australian column.

Thought you might enjoy this bit of astro-prejudice.

Off and on I do internet dating on a well-known site. A while ago i checked out the profile of a chap. He was a serious outdoorsy looking Sagittarian in a flak jacket, set against a river.  However, at the bottom of his profile, it said: ‘No Cancerians’, invoking images of those old signs that used to prohibit certain types of people and dogs.  How could my co-Moon girls’ magic not work? And could they have caused him so much grief?!

Confused Crab

The Secret Of Sagittarius And Cancer Compatibility Is To Recall That They Have Different Styles Of Showing Affection

Dear Confused Crab,

How hilarious. Can you e-mail him, pretending to be another outdoorsy Saggo?  Go on a date – something like the pair of you mountain biking along a river or climbing K2 or something else suitably Sagittarian? And then you FLUSH HIM OUT…Say, “so why do you say you don’t like Cancerians?” You could maybe wait until he was unbearably into you before confessing?  There are some general tips and anecdotes on dating Sagittarius people here.

Or, put in your own ad and alter it to say NO SAGITTARIAN MEN IN FLAK JACKETS & see if he bites?  Did you quite like the look of him, apart from him having banned your sign? Also, is a flak jacket like what you wear in a war zone? Is he a foreign correspondent? Or is the flak jacket just to protect against Cancerian females?

More seriously, Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility is helped when you recognize one vital fact. They’ve got different styles of showing affection. Cancers tend toward being nurturing and establishing emotional intimacy. Sagittarians display love by lightening your vibe and giving you space or adventure.

People always give or transmit what they’d like to have themselves. It’s so simple but leads to so many misunderstandings.


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cheshire cap

eew. synthetic sheets!! Poor you TLS…did you also sleep between these horrors to please strange person. Some of your list of characteristics could fit an aries, speed reading, short stories…….

Leonine Librarian

The Leo Socialite I’ve just realised it all could apply to a Gemini…espec the finger fricking quote ala fidelity and ethics. (not to say Gems are incapable…just often see it all as a bit twee for the common folk)

Leonine Librarian

With the clue of well known site, I looked at the search parameters and you can search via astro sign…including, or excluding merrily. In terms of analysis The Leo Socialite, if people are truly honest with themselves there are many reasons why people erect barriers, some of them seemingly shallow, (as in my Virgo sister who ditched a guy over his shoes…but she also held it up as an example of flaws in his decisionmaking process), and some of them built on experience (fear/caution/selfknowledge).. I’m rather hopeless at guessing…can not get my head around someone preferring synthetic sheets. Can only… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

The Sagg is probably on a trek someplace. I think there should be more ‘analysis’ like this, is there an ‘ethical’ reason why we cannot just trawl RSVP for people ruling out or trying to pull certain sun signs and then enter into a dialogue with them? I got the habit of using ‘ethical’ in inverted commas from my husband, who is guess which profession and guess which sign? When he says words like ‘ethical’ or ‘fidelity’ he wiggles his fingers and i once upon a time found this so adorable. Sigh. Other habits as clue to his sign; speed-reads… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

I’d hate to have to divorce a lawyer. Good luck with that, Socialite.

Er, Gemini?

scorpalicious robot

My pick would be Gemini or Sag. Can’t imagine a Taurus liking anything synthetic nor are they know for anything speedy.

scorpalicious robot

I would rule out Leos. They’ve never held any fascination for me or appeal to me whatsoever and I have never even dated any.

Leonine Librarian

Straight after my divorce with the Leo ex, I backed away from anything but friendships with fellow leo male folk…just burnt out about anything that even looked leo…it’s all long enough ago now not to be an issue.

As a lot of people in this comment stream have indicated depends on how raw you feel…to how welcoming you are.

Confused Crab

well, the Sagg in flak has disappeared from the site – maybe he found what he was looking for! if i’d thought of it in time, i would have posted a message on my profile saying, ‘Trust me, I’m a Cancerian’ with a Lady Di-ish photo.


Thanks for the update Confused Crab. Maybe he has run off to ‘conquer’ something else a la his Saggo style?! Best of luck to you.

scorpalicious robot

yes, thank your lucky stars i say!

Ãœber Virgo

He probably reads this site!

scorpalicious robot

i’m pretty compassionate but find it hard to feel sorry for a Flak Jacket wearing judgmental Sag. I doubt he’s sitting at home nursing a broken heart… pfft.
More likely to be out there breaking a few.


Lets thing of his potential better qualities, if that would make you feel better….uummm..He’d be a great assistant at a cub camp ?

Pisces Goat

Am starting to feel sorry for Flak Jacket…he’s clearly just broken up with his Cancerian ex-girlfriend, put himself on a dating site trying to re-boot his life again hence the overdoing it with the jacket and climbing gear, and made a comment out of hurt ‘NO CANCERS’ and we have written a blog desecrating his entire personality! Please go out with him. Just at least to find out if he is a real dickhead or not.


Dont feel too ‘bad’ we haven’t desecrated his entire personality..just most of it…

Leonine Librarian

Meh, he’s only putting himself out there for some conditional love…not eating babies.


from my experience saggis and cancers have strong attractions, almost pulling in their opposite energy. its very appealing. but unless the saggi has some water , or cancer some fire/air somewhere it does get to a laborious phase. its funny too, because they almost start acting like extreme versions of themselves in reaction. hence the flak jacket perhaps?! and cancerian woman in particular are not all stay at home bakers, its just they have an old school femininity.but yes, all the saggi men are go getting, tennis playing, never settle down stereotypes.


Eh, I don’t really think a Sag (wants to be OUT) and a cancer (wants to be HOME) would work together in a relationship anyway. I think that’s why he’s emphasizing the outdoorsy in this ad. The two sides have entirely different priorities, and he’s learned that the hard way already.

Signed, Sag moon for whom home and family are kryptonite.


As a Saggo male who had a disastrous relationship with a Cancer I can understand his no Cancer rule. In fact I would go so far as to add “no Scorpios” too!!!!

Ãœber Virgo

Wait til you get to my age, you’ll be wanting to widen your field, not narrow it.

Nice name saggaboobius. Do you have an inflatable vest?

Leonine Librarian

Although I live by the never say never, there is a very large wary part of me that regards gemini’s with a forty foot pole approach. Up to this point there is not one I can say that I’ve met that I don’t find charming…and then sometimes moments lately ruthlessly scary rigid in their own rightness. I find the whole polarity within one person at lightening speed disconcerting. It’s all a bit like watching too much tennis. Just my personal observation…and must add disclaimer that I know Leo women are an acquired taste too. Thank goodness there are so many… Read more »


harrumph……. a flak jacket, if it is so, seems to murmur I’M AN OUTDOORS MAN!!! I CATCH FISH! I CLIMB CLIFFS!! I CAN SURVIVE A BOMB RAID!! SO NO SOFT GOO-EY CANCERIANS WHO WANT TO STAY HOME AND SHARE CHOCOLATE AND STROKE MY HAIR!! ( nb. cancerians: not my opinion but interpreting his comment) and….I SHOP AT DISPOSAL STORES COS LEE JEANS ARE FOR CITY BOYS!! lastly…I COULDN’T GET INTO THE ARMY!! etc.

(question: flak jacket or fishing vest? was there ammo attached? or just sparkly lures ;.. ? )

scorpalicious robot


Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

rotflmao!!! I would really like to see his pic now!


we need the profile, I agree..

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

I fell asleep at the flak jacket………reeks of trying too hard

scorp scorp

Oh, but it’s so silly to ban certain signs because usually it’s the ones you’d get along with best (if it weren’t for that one/two occasions on which it didn’t work out). I had a serious Virgo ban (two big heartbreakers) and now fell madly in love with a Virgo who seems to feel the same way. Don’t give up easily… and don’t be discouraged. 🙂

scorpalicious robot

A Virgo broke my heart but that never stopped me loving Virgos.


hmmm Nat, have known 5 Saggo men thro the years & i must say each one
was selfish & self absorbed….me me me & me.
Yeah, let them eat Campbells soup & Macs.

Pisces Goat

This is HILARIOUS!! What sign is he apart from looking Sagittarius? Is he actually a sag? There is actually one good aspect to this…he believes in astrology as some guys just completely diss it. My gut vibe is that he’s had a couple of Cancerian gf’s and is actually deeply attracted to them for whatever reason, but these relationships haven’t worked. I don’t think it’s any cliche of ‘they won’t climb mountains with me or fish for trout’. And it’s not because they were ‘stay at home, smothering cooks’…it’s just that these girlfriends didn’t last. Could be completely wrong, but… Read more »


I think you hit the nail on the head PG, are you saying, he got dumped by a couple of cancerians who couldn’t handle it ?


Exactly David, heal like with like. Agree with all of the above being familiar with Saggo men over the years. A little knowledge can be dangerous in his NO CANCERS PERMITTED. Read what i said about my ex in my response to Lillith. Yes, i absolutely took your advice re Butch, regained my freedom, power & self respect he was stealing. I know i’m 50% responsible…cringe. There is a history of my attracting wounded men. ‘ I don’t care if you are Christ, stop bleeding on me’ was what i thought as they were all around 33 yo.’ mea culpa… Read more »


I think its a mother thing. I wonder if he would include in his ban a cancerian rising or cancerian moon. They would have much more obvious cancerian traits ?
Anyway now that he has ‘affirmed’ his fear, I’d say another cancerian is just around the corner, (as we can see by the letter above). Fear attracts, non.


Loved your reply Mystic! As an Unconfused Crab I reckon this up-himself-Saggo can go climb every mountain, ford every stream… all without a morsel of home cooking, anyone to put betadine on his cuts or to mend his flak jacket. He sounds like a selfish twit.


i understand an all out ban….mine extends to all Librans. They bring out an unbelieveable rage in my normal placid being… is an ex thing. maybe he’s been burnt once too many….or he’s too busy being outdoorsy, stocking his flak jacket with fishing baits to care about the sensitivities of a cancerian….


Oh it’ll be an ex thing… or maybe his sister wrote the ad for him!

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