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Capricorn Press in L.A. has three beautiful vintage constellation prints to give away to subscribers!

To be in the running to have one sent to you, please just share your star moments, fave star in the sky or thoughts on constellations and planet you keep a visual eye on (as opposed to tracking them on your computer/device) in the Comments.

My faves – and the ones i always tend to have my gaze drawn to – are Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, Vega and Arcturus. I can’t always find them but if i grok a star and it comes with some pulse of insight, then check my Night Sky App, it’s usually one of those four.

But share your star-gazy thoughts & i will come back in Monday to pick the most poignant/informative to be sent a fantastic print!


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95 thoughts on “Rad Subscriber Giveaway From Capricorn Press

  1. I use Skyguide, and sometimes I just open it up at random during the day when I get a specific thought or want to get my bearings on where everything is positioned – above, or below me. When driving, I’ll turn it on in my little GPS holder on my phone and have that going (instead of maps).

    When I look into the sky, I always unintentionally zone in on Ursa minor and Ursa major. Not sure of its significance but something in my psyche is drawn to it. Stargazing lifts me from the world and sets my mind higher, it keeps things in perspective <3

    • I have a very personal connection to Ursa Minor, specifically the North Star at the tip of the tail. I learned some time ago this star was active in my nativity but the connection didn’t become truly personal until just a few years back when a black bear literally showed up on my doorstep one autumn night. It was up on its hind legs and coming down to all fours when I saw it. I was mere feet away – about a half inch of glass separated us and I quietly prayed with a mixture of awe, reverence, and a healthy bit of fear that the bear didn’t decide to test the strength of that glass by leaning up against my sliding door . It was positively wild to have such a close encounter, as my area is not particularly known for bear sightings so this was a rare event!

      Fast forward to last summer: I had a healing session with a shaman girlfriend, during the course of which she was “journeying” and Black Bear showed itself to her as one of my power animals – in her vision, it was standing on its hind legs and put its front paws upon my shoulders; its head towering over my own as it protectively enveloped me like a living bear skin cape. She also saw various scenes that indicated to her this Bear Spirit had been with me throughout many lifetimes – in one scene, I was standing on a green and rocky cliffside that she took to be somewhere in Scotland or Ireland with the bear by my side. She did not know that I am Celtic by ancestry, nor that the bear was sacred to the ancient Celts…!

      Needless to say, it was definitely freaky to have the pieces of the puzzle align like this. It prompted me to do some hardcore digging on Bear Medicine/symbolism and let’s just say the shoe fits. So I feel you BIG TIME on re: a connection to The Bears! If I were you, I would absolutely consider researching whether or not there might be key stars in either constellation active in your nativity.

      • Oh wow, what a fascinating and precious story! Thank you for sharing that with me. It’s a bit chilling too, to see those signs creep up in our life. I am absolutely going to take a look at those key stars in either one and see how it impacts my natal chart 🙂

      • This is so beautiful! I have a friend who is connected to Ursa Minor, reading this reminded me exactly of the similar vision of her bear spirit protecting her.

  2. I have very tall windows and only the lower half of them have curtains, so I can do some sky-watching from my bed. I spend long nights with Dubhe (the back of the Great Bear)- this is the second brightest star in the constellation Ursa Major, but it is not part of the moving cluster. In my natal chart I have Vesta and BML conjunct Dubhe (in Leo). Last year, when I found out the name of my “companion”, I did a search and found one of Mystic´s posts about it: https://mysticmedusa.com/2013/05/big-bear-astrology/ Thanks, Mystic!

  3. The moon wakes me
    Pulls at me
    Asks me where I’ve been

    ‘To the moon and back’
    would be a silly answer.
    ‘To count constellations
    in the countryside’ —
    But she’d know
    That I’d lied;
    She looks down on me

    She knows
    I haven’t seen the stars in ages
    I haven’t lain in grass
    For years
    But long ago, with boots
    and hood, I sang
    to moons like Her.
    On pitch dark nights
    I sat on grassy hillsides
    to watch faint clouds against
    a starry sky
    I gazed at the glittering dome
    And some subtle body in me
    Ached so much, and
    too many times, until I vowed
    To keep my head down

    Until my spine was bent that way
    Until the stars were off my mind
    Until the moon ceased to stir my dreams
    Until one waxing, one generation later,
    She has decided to wake me—

    ‘Where have you been?’ She wants to know

  4. Years ago, when the star seed concept first wandered into my awareness, the Pleiades became a thing for me–they always stand out to me in the sky. Right around that time, like, to the point where it was WEIRD–I was with my dad, and as we got out of the car, he casually looked up and commented “you know, I always notice the Pleiades there–ever since I can remember.”–something like that.

    Understand–my father is in no respect into anything really new age spirituality related–except maybe the drugs and tie dye of the 60s/70s (he is an og old hippie). I never really talk about anything like “that” with him. And although we did used to drag the sofa out onto the yard to watch meteor showers–it is not a common thing to comment on the stars as we get out of the car, lol.

    So yeah, that was pretty weird. My father is a Pisces musician with an affinity with the color purple though, so…

  5. I was given a telescope as a kid. Not a powerful one, but it would bring the moon’s face into sharp focus so I could see individual craters and marvel at how cold it must be up there. Finding stars was harder, because just a tiny nudge would send me millions of light years off track! Once I focused on a tiny bright blur (to the naked eye) and saw it come into focus as a cluster of stars (a galaxy?) so distant it made me feel lonely.

    Years later I stood on the side of a country road and saw the Milky Way for the first time without light pollution. It blew my mind. Did you know that if you are at the bottom of a well you can see the stars in the daytime because it eliminates light pollution? I helped some artist/scientists who had turned this idea into a giant upright-standing tunnel with a wasp waist. You lay on the ground inside it with your head to the centre and it made the tiny window of daylight at the top glimmer with stars. It was very calming lying there head to head with strangers trying to see the stars.

  6. One time I was camping and was having trouble sleeping (was pregnant at the time and kept having to pee). We had the rain guard off so we could stargaze from the tent. Anyway, long story short, I ended up focusing on this one star and meditating on/with it for a long time. It was incredible. It had such a cool energy coming off it, it was almost like getting a download or something. A very peaceful feeling, i felt so connected with that star, the universe…(this then led to me pondering the star, what planets it may have in its orbit, and what those beings might be like). I think this was during Neptune conjunct my Jupiter. I think it may have been Vega? Part of or near the summer triangle if I remember correctly…

  7. Orion is low to the north in the early evening at the moment, it always tickles me to notice Betelgeuse (an eighties gal at heart), a bright red star and I’ve only just learned that the middle star in the three star line up that hangs from orion’s belt (it “hangs” above the belt in the southern hemisphere), is not a star at all but the orion nebula, birthplace of stars. And then there is something called the Zodiacal light, a large pyramid of light that can be seen on the western horizon after last light in the Northern Hemisphere and before dawn down here in the South in February, March and April, especially from lower latitudes, it becomes more difficult to see the further you are from the equator. I have a mountain range to my west but others of you may be able to get to somewhere with low light pollution to see it. http://earthsky.org/tonight/zodiacal-light-is-glowing-pyramid-in-west-after-dark

  8. my favorite moment was going to the grand canyon star party last summer … looking at the clear night sky and seeing saturn and the moon and mars were aligned. It was a life changing moment to be in that purity. since then I have used the powerful moon phases to do manifestations. 🙂

  9. The Pleiades – I first learned about the seven sisters when my grandmother (a strong female presence in my life) pointed them out to me one night. I was seven and we lived in the country. ABC radio had been doing a special on the night sky and we were standing in the laneway, using our fingers to measure distances as the announcer called the stars for us. Since then, I always look for them. For me they signify the power of the feminine. I love how they are always more distinct from your peripheral vision than if you look at them straight. There’s something mysterious and magical about that.

    • Hi Kale. You might like to check out some really fantastic aboriginal art that depicts these stars. If you google seven sisters and milky way dreaming you’ll find some glorious paintings. You’ll also find lots of interesting links to aboriginal stories about the seven sisters and aboriginal constellations. I have one of these paintings on my wall and it’s just beautiful.

    • Hi Kale, mine is the Pleiades too. I can’t see them where I live but I saw them in Hawaii and they just stunned me. Next time I’m somewhere I can see them, I’ll try looking at them peripherally! How magical!

  10. I grew up in Northern Ontario here in the middle of Canada. There isn’t much around, but the one thing I miss about it having moved to the largest city here full of light pollution is the ability to gaze up at the stars.

    There’s a feeling that overwhelms you when you’re so far removed from civilization that gazing up at the sky leaves you in awe. You feel insignificant yet whole, as if the universe is about to collapse onto you. When you can see the sky with that level of clarity the whole experience overwhelms you. No star or planet is a fixation point because they are so visible and beautiful in and of themselves.

    If I had to choose a particular moment I would be reminded of the time I drove across the Canadian prairies with my family as a 12 year old. In the middle of nowhere late at night we had a perfect view of the northern lights dancing around in the sky. If only I had a sunroof at that time. I held my head out the window, hair windswept by the velocity of my parents’ vehicle in deep appreciation of such natural beauty.

  11. There is one star that appears green to the naked eye. Zubeneschemali is one of the scales in the constellation Libra. The star in the other scale is Zubenelganubi and it’s a Red giant.
    The Greeks thought the scales were the claws coming out of Scorpius.
    To the Romans, Libra represented the scales of justice being held by the goddess Virgo or Astraea.
    The association with balance comes from the Babylonians who believed Libra represented the balance between seasons, of day and night and light and dark.
    Just love the sound of those names of stars that hold the balance so well.

    I have a cosmic Scorpio healer friend who changed his name to Rigel. The brightest blue star and one of the first stars to seduce in Orion early in the evening as the sun sets right now in the south. Glad to say, my friend lives up to the name.

  12. I’m not eligible but I always have a good story so here goes. I will tell you the only time I ever cheated in college. I took a class called Physics for Artists, which kind of irritated me for several reasons. It was sort of a Rocks for Jocks for us stupid Art Majors who were too dumb to take real math and science. It was an insult to artists, and besides, I already took calculus and chemistry and astronomy so I didn’t need the credits. But the class gave you access to the hologram lab, and you could make your own holograms. Count me in.
    So on day 1, we were all given a star chart and an assignment. At least once a week, we had to observe the position of the Moon and plot it on the star chart. I think it was something like 20 points. Oh this is too easy, I can ace this. So of course I slacked off.
    As finals week was approaching, I realized I was short about 4 observations. Well I can do this the hard way. I went to the library and looked up a few points in the ephemeris and just plotted them in where they made sense, so it appeared I had taken this assignment seriously all semester long.
    So the day after I turned it in, the teaching assistant called me to her office. She was furious and accused me of cheating. I denied it, of course I didn’t cheat, I’m your best student. Then she unfolded the chart and pointed right at one of my faked points. She asked, “Did you REALLY observe the Moon that night?” Well, um, that was a couple of months ago, but yeah of course I did. She said that was impossible, it was cloudy and raining that night. Busted.

  13. I don’t know whether this disqualifies me for this competition, but my star doesn’t actually exist. Stars like it do exist, such as the southern pole star Octantis, which the Southern Cross points to. Which I guess makes the Southern Cross a bit like a pole star in its own right.

    But anyway, I have a dreamscape. It’s like the land that I go to when I dream at night. I always recognise it, and I know my way around it. Parts of it are steep cliffs, parts are rolling hills, parts are dark city backstreets, parts are tracks through the bush and parts are craggy rocks by the sea. There are many more paths through this landscape that I go to regularly in my dreams.

    I’m always safe there, and when a dream is getting a bit ugly and nasty, I always try to make my way there. Part of that landscape are the stars, or more accurately star singular. There are other stars, but they seem to be flying through the air much quicker than they do in real life. In one dream that I had, I was lying back on the soft rolling hills of my dream land and I could almost reach out and catch the stars as they flew past. But there is always one star that is still. It is like my ‘pole star’. I always know the instant I arrive in my dream land because this star appears in the sky. I don’t have to think it to make it appear, it’s just always there.

    So the pole star in my dream land is like a navigation device for my subconscious. I have the Southern Cross; the morning star or venus and the Saucepan (more elegantly known as Orion) to navigate by in my waking life. And I have my inner pole star that keeps me safe when I enter my dream land. I have no idea what to call it; I’m just happy to have it there.

  14. I have my whole life been drawn to the belt of Orion. The version of the myth of Artemis and Orion’s love that I grew up with has been an enduring reminder that respect, joy, and admiration are all components of a truly fulfilling love. When I’m feeling lost or confused in a relationship, I find myself looking both literally and figuratively to Orion to remember what values need to be cultivated and present for the relationship to work for me.

    I recently learned that in Chinese mythology the belt is also called the Weighing Beam. This feels even more apt because it is a constant reminder for me to weigh my values against what I’m getting. Orion’s Belt guides me back to what matters: that respect and authenticity will lead me to meaningful love, both for myself and with others.

    • Funny I never thought to do this before, but the three stars in Orion’s Belt (Alniltam, Alnitak, and Mintaka) are all in my 5th House and trine my Mars with no other major aspects. No wonder I always thought of Orion as something of an ideal male archetype!

    • I have a passion for Orion too, I get these flashes of this really fierce, martial, clannish, protective but honourable and loving vibes from there. I used to think it was because it was so obvious to a child to recognise that I liked it, but as time goes on I realise I just really enjoy the constellation. Nice tip re the stars of the belt!
      In the Egyptian Astro Osiris’s soul is meant to reside there. I think of Osiris like Pluto-Jesus-Saturn – if you take away all the morbid bits, it’s a similar story line of being a Lord of Time & Agriculture like Saturn, Lord of the Underworld & silence like Pluto and Lord of Resurrection & Love like Jesus. Potent!

    • I love Orion too. As a child I used to love the belt especially – as it was such an obvious marker in the sky. In Latin countries the three stars are known as The Three Marys or the Three Magi. When i was a teen and devouring astronomy books, and learned their real names, i named my three cats after them. Mintaka became Mint; Anilam was Animal (he was ferocious) and Alnitak became Taki (later aka Tank – due to his habit of ramming neighbourhood dogs).

  15. New Years Eve 2014 I landed in Kona, Hawaii 2 hrs before midnight after 14 hours of cars, ferries, buses, trains, planes, another bus and another car ride. Finally at the hotel, bleary-eyed I got out of the rental car with about 20 mins before the clock struck and I glanced up, startled by the shear number of stars in the sky – I’m a lifetime city dweller, don’t see the stars very well in my day to day. Among the millions I had to choose from my gaze zeroed in on a beautiful, blue-glowing cluster – the Pleiades – I looked it up later that night. I dropped my suitcase and reached out for them involuntarily. My friends understandably asked what I was doing and I replied – those stars, I want to put them in my mouth.

  16. My eyes go to the Pleiades, partly because clusters are easy to find and partly because when I was at a planetarium last winter, I learned that they will be torn apart as the universe expands, which is something I could have guessed, but which I’d never thought about. I’d never *realized.*

    So millions of years from now, they’ll be scattered apart, no longer dancing together, but e-mailing or texting or blinking at each other to tell how the dance is going. And that’s stayed with me – seeing the impermanence in the permanence, emptiness is form and form is emptiness.

    Can they sense the dance floor widening?

  17. I have just come back from Kona – see kriblack above – there is only one other place as magikal on earth as Hawaii and as important in the connection between earth and the constellations – Mt Warning – inland from Byron Bay. Here is where the dreaming of the Seven Sisters resides as they are the Pleiades – they guard the resting place of the 8th sister and the stone buried deep within the volcano that has its pair under the ocean that is now being brought back up to the surface in an island formed by the Hawaiian goddess Pele and her Volcano under the ocean near Kona. When my husband left me with three little girls and no money and i had nothing to hold me up I travelled the thousand miles to Mt Warning and climbed the mountain alone in the dark and as I reached the top just as the sun rose I saw the Morning star – it was then that I knew I would have the courage to face all that was to come and that behind me, beside me and in front of me there are sisters to guard and protect me.

  18. When I was little, my mum and I would go out to the backyard at night with a picnic blanket and look at the sky. I still remember her showing me where the Pleiades were and how to find them from Orion’s Belt. We would lie there together, looking at the constellations and when I slipped out of my body to float up towards them I could feel her hand holding mine, anchoring me to the earth. Sky sisters, earth mother.

  19. When I was in high school, I was in the science Olympiad for astronomy. As part of our prep work a teacher took me and my team mate out into the countryside with a telescope. He aimed it and led me look. I saw Saturn–rings and all–through the telescope, but then it started to move out of view. As I shifted the telescope, I came home to me, in a really visceral way, that the stars and planets were not static points on a graph, but beautiful, colorful entities moving in a complex dance. And that the Earth and everything on it (even me, with my slow, clumsy feet), was dancing right there with them.

    My astronomy team took silver in the Nationals. And whenever I’m feeling dull and weighed down by my own stodgy self, if I can just remember that feeling in the dark countryside, I feel better.

  20. I’ve been a nanny for a pair of kids since they were babies and I was in high school. Now that they’re 8 and 12 years old and I have a career, I still try and babysit them whenever I can. The 8 year old boy is extremely impatient, fidgety, and would always rather be playing video games than doing anything else. This winter season I had the thought for us to lie on the hood of my car and stargaze… It was like magic for the kids! I had never seen the boy so peaceful and introspective. He started asking questions about the universe that I did my best to answer. I pointed out constellations and told their mythological stories.

    Now they want to go stargazing (with hot cocoa!) every time I come over, and it makes me so happy that I may have started a fire in their hearts for this amazing field of study. 🙂

  21. When I came to live in the northern hemisphere, I was missing seeing the Southern Cross, so I stuck those loose glow-in-the-dark plastic stars on the ceiling above the bed, in the form of The Southern Cross (and pointers). Also have them in the spare room so that our visiting antipodean friends feel more at home. I forget that i’ve done it – so it always brings a smile to my face when i hear an “aaaaah” of recognition when they’ve gone to bed and turned out the lights.

    • I’d like to add that there is more to the Southern Cross (the smallest of the constellations) or Crux (it’s Latin name) than it being the signature constellation of the Southern Hemisphere.
      Crux was actually visible as far north as Britain around 4000 BC; and Ptolemy, 2000 yrs ago regarded it as part of the constellation Centaurus.
      However, the precession of the equinoxes gradually lowered its stars below the European horizon, and it was eventually forgotten by the people of the northern latitudes.
      BUT – it has had an impact: to the ancient Egyptians, Crux was the place where the Sun God Horus was crucified.
      It was also last seen on the horizon of Jerusalem around the time that Christ was crucified.
      It also marked the Ancient Egyptian’s passage of their winter season as it reached it’s highest point in May.
      Here in Spain too, there is the festival called Cruz de Mayo (May Cross), held on the 3rd of May. I like to think that it stems from when the Southern Cross was hanging out here – rather than from a Christian story about a Byzantine Princess looking for the true cross of Christ.

  22. My mum taught me a few constellations as a kid, starting with Orion the Hunter, and pointed out a few on my body where the freckles kinda made the same shapes. She died before she could teach me them all, but 30 years later I can still find Orion within a couple of seconds of looking up at the night sky. It’s like a reference point around which the rest of my universe spins. If I ever get over the tiredness of having my first two kids, I want a son that I can name Hunter (also for HST). Or, you know, get a dog 🙂

  23. I always look out for lucifer. Especially as a morning star. But I realise Venus doesn’t count this time.
    As a child the first stars I was really aware of where those that make up the Plough. What a revelation to find that shape and realise it is there every night. To go wandering on the planet and still find it. Albeit in a different area of the sky. In its time it has given me an anchor in the sky. When you think about the speed at which we pass through space and time. It’s always there. Keeping me grounded in the most astral of ways.
    So for me it is the group that make up the plough and now having given it thought. It’s my astral anchor.

    • An after thought. I always painted my daughter’s ceiling deep midnight blue and we used to stencil stars onto it. A child who had trouble sleeping was aided by a sky full of stars.

  24. I don’t know all the constellations, can pick the southern cross always pointing north, but am lucky to step out my back door and see a sky full of stars most evenings. I can stand there for hours just watching them move across the sky. The flickering colours, the shapes and patterns I can see. The morning star just before dawn. It lights up my evenings and I forget the angst off the day and night dream of the day the Vulcans come to visit so I can go visit the lights in the sky.

  25. My star relationships are watching the sunrise often, and sunsets, but sunrises with the light shifting across the landscape waking it into color just doesn’t get old. And my first love, while staring at the moon from his porch looking out across the ocean, said I was Venus and he Mars and we could watch how we danced in the sky being closer or further a part but still together in the same sky. This is decades before the psychology book. Even today, I look at the crescent moon, or any moon really, spotting Venus and Mars knowing that at anytime throughout his life and mine, we would be standing on his porch, listening to the braking waves, and see ourselves in the stars. I also follow Orion’s belt since he looks like a flying man and again a vision began in Hawaii this time, not California, but I watch for him from where ever I am. He brings me joy and mystery. The big dipper although I don’t track as much but I think of the big gift of creation. And even though I can’t see them, I feel that beyond all the visible stars I see, stars behind them that pulsate like a heart beat. Lastly, when I was in Bali and looked at the moon, it was upside down from my familiar perspective of California and this meant to me that those that lived in that part of the globe lived and entirely different life than mine because their world view was similar but not the same. Can you tell, I love space and stars and planets and all that is out there………….

  26. I often imaging I’m an officer on a Starfleet ship exploring the different stars of each constellations and charting and mapping the universe. Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover new plants and systems?

    My favorite way to view the sky is at night on the Oregon Coast. I always make sure to find Polaris whenever I’m star gazing.

    • I’ve have dreamt of Star Wars / Star Trek parodies. I reckon my first command would be to say;

      “Engage Warp Q15, the Felstedian Quadrant, to the Zircon encrusted planet of Pylchra”

      “Galaxy Quest” is my fav space film.

  27. the evening sky presents me with a good vista of the elliptic from a very comfortable place on my balcony and I am becoming a stargazer. I am a newly curious watcher of stars and have adored all of your stories of special connections and wonder. because I don’t yet have my special story that can compete with them, I’m going to tell you one that was told to me.

    one evening I was sitting out there with a friend looking at the stars and talking about occult topics. he’s an unusual guy in a very good way, with the most diverse range of friends of anyone I know of extremely varying ages. Much younger than I, several times he’s told me about his friend Paulette who is much older than I, who introduced him to esoteric matters from the age of 12. Apparently at that young age he was already a gifted tarot reader. We were spying the stars and he told me a story about his old friend.

    when he goes to visit Paulette, they often sit outside and spy the stars like we were. in fact, even when alone she sits on her balcony most nights and meditates on a particular star whenever it is visible. she didn’t know what star it was, just that she was drawn to it and that it brought her peace. she had, he told me, since the time that he’d known her, always told him she was from Arcturus. being of a much younger generation, one night as he was sitting there with her while she watched her divine star he pulled out his mobile phone and pointed a sky map app up at it. You already know what star it was, don’t you 😉

  28. When I first met my wife we went for a getaway to the south coast of nsw. On the first night we sat on the porch of our cabin and in the dark of the bush night we sat in awe of the Milky Way as it stretched over our heads. Millions of jewels in a rainbow of color. That night the constellation of Pleiades was the brightest I’d ever seen it. Low in the north western sky. The seven sisters were clear and bright and we lay back and wondered and watched and took it all in for hours. The connection was made.
    Since then, marriage, 4 kids and it is an important part of our yearly ritual to go back to that place and find the seven sisters. We haven’t missed a year for nearly 20 years and have introduced our 4 children one by one to the sisters from that spot. I’m a great believer in the power of a yearly return to a place that gives peace. Lifes thread always winds back and that’s where ours goes each year before the next one is faced. The children are young adults now and all of them remember the first time they were introduced to the seven sisters of the Pleiades. They all continue to have a strong interest in all this astronomical, (though they tend to leave the astrological to me 😉 ) Next year may be the first year in 20 that some of them will not get to our place in the bush to find the sisters. They are beginning their own journeys, finding there places of power and peace. I must admit I’m a little unsure of what the next 20 years will bring, though I do know that I will still make my yearly visit to that spot and fill in the missing colors of the time in between.

    • That’s such a beautiful family experience! I feel I need to start a star viewing ritual with my little boys now 🙂 . Lovely connection to share.

  29. I was so excited to move into our new house when I was eleven – my own room and it has this wall paper with pink roses on it that I loved! I had been saving this fluro sticker star kit for The New House, that shone at night like a real night sky. On the day we moved in I pulled out the star map and created the constellations that were in the instructions so I could have my very own northern hemisphere sky map in my southern hemisohere bedroom! I had to climb up on furniture and plan, stretch and risk life and lib to get those constellations right – I remember one was Leo which I now know to be apt because I worked my little heart out and natal Saturn is in Leo. I was so proud! I couldn’t wait for night time so I could lie in bed and look up! I went to show Capricorn mum so she could be proud of me – she sort of huffed as she looked up and said ‘well they can all come down now – your ceiling is going to be painted during the week’. My poor little heart was broken as I took the stars down, one at a time, and I just put them any old where after the painting because my bubble was burst. It’s never too late though, right?

    • NO – it’s never too late, Methinky! Think of the dreams it could induce as the last thing you’ll see at night before dozing off, are your favourite stars.
      (I’m plotting to put Canis Major up – so that Sirius, which is conjunct my Sun – can accompany me in my dreams.) 😉

      • That sounds really cool – we should all do this coolness. I have super high cathedral ceilings in this house but there must be a way to weave our faves back into our world – spark joy etc etc

    • You musta felt like your universe had come down. How much can an Ursa bear? It was major dog act, wasn’t it? Your musta felt like the big dipper. I woulda been southn X.

      So many puns. Better stop b4 l upset someone- anyone.

      • Ha! I love your puns!

        I usually can match them but every time I think about this I remember thinking – the ceilings already white and you are just going to make it white! What’s the fun in that?! Stupid adults! And I get all thingy.

        I was the fallen star that day.

    • You must do it again! This is so adorable – I am sending hugs to your little inner star gazer – you can nurture her and affirm her by recreating her work! Don’t let her go.

  30. The gorgeous combination of stars, astrology, and the Isis vibration lead me the star system of Sirius. Lately have done Sirius study (thanks V!) so I condensed it here.

    The Egyptians based their daily calendar on the rising of Sirius in late July, in the constellation of Leo (then later, it rose in Virgo). It is called the Sothic Calendar for the star they called Sothis.
    The rising of Sothis meant the overflowing of the Nile to the fields, it meant greenery and fertility and it marked the New Year.

    Sirius is a binary star system: there is A and small white dwarf, B. They orbit a common centre of gravity.
    B, sometimes called Digitaria, is tiny, but super heavy, a Mighty Mouse that spins 23 times a minute.
    Sirius is twice the size of our Sun & 25 times more luminous. The star system is only 8.5 light years from Earth and was apparently the Central Sun to the Egyptian solar system.

    My favourite fact about Sirius is that the two stars orbit like dancers holding hands. They come closer and closer together, creating massive electromagnetic storms between each other as they spin faster and faster. Then every 49.9 years this momentum reaches a peak and they actually swap orbits!

    The Egyptians said that Isis’ soul resides in the star, that it is the seat of her Ba – called Sopdet.

    From the Dogon of Mali – who knew of Digitaria/B sans telescopes – to the Hopi who knew Sirius as the Blue Star Kachina, this brightest star system has consistently featured in myths. Some Aboriginal people say their ancestors came from Sirius.

    For me Sirius sends truth, love, simplicity in essence, purity and the spirit of adoration. As we adore that light, it adores us back, in the same way that Sirius and B exchange energy, they exchange energy with us. Sirius energy rejuvenates and strengthens!

    Thanks for this post, I loved reading all yr stories & found them so inspiring.

    • Ha. I just saw stuff on the Dogon on a dvd or tv or some such the other day. About how their script is tied up to the Egypchans.

      • Hah – yeah! Western scientists claim that they – the Dogon (who claim direct descendancy from the Ancient Egyptians) – must of heard about the Sirius binary system from them in the 19th century, when they (the scientists) discovered it through telescopes – then incorporated it into their myths!?

          • I have read a lot on them.. Did you see Jupiter Ascending? Riffs on the theme. I haven’t come across them in any trance sessions with clients, but have come across all manner of reptilian etc. entities some of which aren’t bad at all surprisingly.

        • They are so creative those scientists – it’s a wonder it doesn’t get in the way of their research… The Dogon posited there’s a 3rd player to the star system, which science can’t prove but suggest it is possible. Dogon Tribe are very interesting, yes.

          • Ah! thank for unpacking the Sirian info, Sphinx

            Egyptian cosmology doesn’t resonate strongly for me as much as others do, for some reason. Except Isis.

            Many years ago had a past- life therapist tell me that Sirius was where i originated 🙂

  31. Not sure if this will count but I’d like to share the lyrics to a beautiful, favorite song about a constellation — old enough now that some of you may not know it — Orion in the Sky, by Shawn Colvin.

    Maybe somewhere in the southern hemisphere
    There could be room for all this love
    Where they’ve saved a place for innocence
    And what is still mysterious
    And their dreaming time
    They’re dreaming time

    Because we’ve broken down the wilderness
    And we’ve blackened up the skies
    And we cry ’cause we’ve got no vision left
    While the smoke gets in our eyes
    And there’s no more time
    And the dream is dying

    But I love you baby
    And I know you and I
    Can find a way to heaven
    Just like Orion in the sky
    He’s the long lost hero
    He’s the guardian of your son
    But can he protect us baby
    From all the sad things we’ve done

    Now I know there’s no sense in hiding
    And we can’t escape this war
    And I have made my peace with dying
    Down here on this killing floor
    In a world gone blind
    Where there’s no more time

    But I love you baby
    And I know by and by
    We gonna find a way to heaven
    Just like Orion in the sky
    He can walk upon the water
    He can shine for everyone
    But can he protect us baby
    From all the sad things we’ve done

    Is it too much to ask in a lifetime
    For just one shot at happiness
    Do you just have to laugh at the right lines
    Until you come face to face
    With the looking glass
    To be reckoned with the sins of our time

    I love you baby
    I can see you and I
    As we fly away together
    Up to Orion in the sky
    He’s the last of the fallen angels
    He’s the light of the Southern Cross
    Maybe he can take us baby
    Back to the paradise we’ve lost

    So I’ll see you darlin’
    Now fly baby, fly
    Down across the Fiji Islands
    To where the Seven Sisters cry
    Gather all your dreams and take them
    Somewhere so far out of reach
    Follow the sword of the hunter, baby
    And meet me on the beach
    We are forever tied
    Still on the run
    To the medicine man
    For all the sad, sad things we’ve done

  32. Swear to Hecate, i have the most witty, learned and eloquent commenters – this is one of my hardest ever to choose from!!!! But there only three beautiful prints to give away SO the winners this time are:

    Seawitch Mermaid

    People, please email me with your best physical mailing address xx

  33. Congrats guys! Lucky dogs – the prints look great. I really enjoyed this post – very inspiring and got me poring over star maps again.

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