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Txema Yeste Numero

Venus is now in Capricorn, until February 18/19.  Not only is the Goddess of Love, Art & Beauty now zooming toward a rendezvous with Pluto (the first since December 2014), there will also be connection with Mars, Uranus, Vesta, Eris-Persephone, Lilith, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. This is one of the busiest Venusian vibes in a while.

Thankfully, this is a placement that actually augments the intent of the longer-playing Saturn Neptune square. See your Horoscopes for more but in general, this Venusian voodoo will raise awareness of boundaries and that you are entitled to make judgements that benefit you and yours, free of misusing your Venus energies to placate fuqwits or appease false deities.

Rusty old structures swaying on cracked foundations? Forget it. Venus in Capricorn in sync with Mars + Pluto with Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) in space-loving Sagittarius would rather tear the whole thing down, scorch some earth and start over.

But there is more. Venus in Capricorn with all the above also means…

Bacchus.Richard Taddel

  • it is easier to withstand the temptations of getting out of it, whether via Blue Devil Hoochie Juice or confusing hot people with ‘it must be karmic’.  Remember, if the best you can say about a relationship is “it’s karmic”, you’re possibly exercising some poor judgement.


Mariano Peccinetti

  • You will be more inclined to seek out cool, yogic or shamanic ways to relax and access deeper neural genius. This comes in place of a social life where you might have got into a “whine and dine’ rut or remaining ‘in character’ on a story line you actually don’t even want to play a part in any more. Venus in Capricorn in sync to Jupiter/the North Node does not just grow any which way. It is measured, sustainable and directed growth.

Paloma Wool

  • This probably goes without saying but Venus in Capricorn being augmented by all the planetary forces mentioned above pretty much screws any unrealistic expectations, zombie crushes and fixation on unavailable people. If not socially active or in a relationship, Venus in Capricorn prefers a history crush that at least motivates great deeds.

UG Sato

  • Venus in Capricorn square Uranus sees straight through Qi Vampires. Yes, they are usually “nice.” All the better to have you off your guard and somehow mysteriously feeling like you owe them your time, money and rapt attention. This is not an agenda that would fly if the Q.V. just strutted up to you and said it outright. Venus in Capricorn is not afraid to assess the standard time/money ratio and act accordingly. For example; 85% of conversations are 3% the affairs of one person and 97% about the Qi Vampire? Not sustainable. Lilith in Libra – aggravated by Venus in Capricorn – needs equality.


Salvador Dali

And, pragmatic approaches to personal demons, melancholia or paranoia. Venus In Capricorn is competent & worldly, only a relationship/friendship/biz collaboration/scheme/enterprise of this ilk is able to function under this vibe.




Txema Yeste
Richard Taddei
Mariano Peccinetti
Paloma Wool
U.G. Sato
Salvador Dali

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58 thoughts on “When Venus Is In Capricorn…

  1. Great post. It all feels fab to me with Cap on my 6th, my work, self-care, daily organizational world, and health regimes are all getting spruced up, shined up, rust removed. I think we can be Qi Vamps to ourselves and I’m not having that part of me currently. Love the clarity and like-it-isness of this moment.

  2. Ha, my father-in-law has Saturn transiting his Venus atm and he just found out the house he has put on the market has his ex-wife on the title..

    Oi vey.
    Some Mercury direct, have had to pull the house off the market till sorted.

    Transiting Venus exactly moved from his 8th – 9th House.
    Hopefully this beneficial to him being a Saggi Sun?

  3. Just want to say thanks Mystic, read today’s email and just grateful for all the wise words and insider astro knowledge which has been a rudder throughout the torrid ZZ years and Sat/Nep squares….. Cheers!

  4. My general grumpy demeanor lately just got focused into a ball of rage seeing Eris and Persephone hyphenated. I wanted to go off about how Persephone is her own asteroid, 399, and the two are not even remotely related, yada yada. Then I looked it up and she’s currently at 18 Aries, so will indeed get hit by Venus in Cap. Whew. Backing down from my soapbox. Carry on!

  5. LOL I’m always grumpy ! Mars partile conjunction with pluto in leo. But I am noticing this thing I saw on craigslist , that I don’t really need, and was looking for a friend, now I’m obsessed with and have to have it and the fuqwit selling it hasn’t answered my emails! I’ve already done the Pluto thing, thankyou very much, as it has been riding roughshod over my chiron in the fifth house now for years. That story goes down in zombie history.

  6. I just want to encase myself in concrete until my birthday. I wish I’d done this on Dec 26 before all the things. Dragging myself through the tasks that may or may not be the right set-up for 2016. Expecting flatulent Jupiter and whiney Chiron to add anything except more mistakes is a bad idea: expectations in general, of course, and especially in astrology is a terrible idea. Keeping the blinkers on and nose to the grindstone. Some art progress though, if I don’t Pisces out on the whole idea. Is this Venus in Capricorn enough for ya?

    • Wait. I read the haute Pisces thing (just haute Pisces not low) and instagram-stalked happy people. Might be back out of that little hole just there. Sorry. Call off the vodka.

  7. Awesome, amazing post. Every word so relevant to my current circumstances, it’s like having a personal consultation. I feel like I have been tunneling toward the surface for about 44 of my 48 years and the jupiter/ node has just let me see the first chink of light, it feels like “create your own fate” astro, or like some ancestral karmic debt is almost repaid.

      • Do you also have mega pluto stuff going on at the moment supakali? Pluto’s been mucking out my 12th house, which is exactly the bit that has really needed mucking out. It’s like all my eighth house natal placements have resulted in, well, lots of plutonic early childhood stuff, but now Pluto comes with the resolution, the release and the reformation.

        • Hi Syrynx,

          Pluto’s transiting my 8th House, so it’s effecting deep transformation and is finishing up a square to Venus during which transit I have done loads of healing. I have Pluto natally in Virgo 4th. In my lifetime it’s run over my Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Merc, Sun and Neptune. Now it’s approaching my 8H Mars which plugs into a grand trine with natal Pluto and my Moon rising. When it gets there it will also make positive aspects to Neptune and my nodal axis and will oppose Lilith. I think that will be big and the transit to Mars (which is in an intercepted sign) will be about waking up that Grand trine for self-empowerment rather than survival. Right now I seem to be clearing the way, ditching old blocks and serving the needs of others, even where they compromise my own wellbeing.

          Ta ta to all that 🙂

          I don;t guess I’ll get to experience Pluto in the 12th this lifetime, but I imagine it would also be amazing for mining and rebirthing the subconscious.

          • Whoah, 8th house mars gr trine pluto and rising moon – you really are SuperKali! That is one powerful engine under your bonnet, an engine of regeneration, for sure. No one can say an eighth house placement is “nice”, but working with pluto transits seems to be one of the pluses.

            • haha, that’s funny because this name was really born in wordplay here but I later found out that I have Kali conjunct the 8H Mars 🙂

              after reading Mystic’s DM wondering if this feeling we’re experiencing might not be about Pluto at all but about Jupes opposing Chiron? They are quite close to my nodal axis!

  8. Besides feeling grumpy (which I was yesterday for sure!) has anyone else experienced a huge influx of energy? I haven’t felt this energised for I don’t know how long!

    • yeh 🙂 after feeling uncharacteristically grotty and slothy for the end of 2015, suddenly I have not only the will but also the energy to get things moving again…yay!

  9. My crankiness finally abated yesterday. There was much art-poeming going on to help me deal with it.

    Today I woke up to two emails from different people within my UK publisher telling me that my little novella they published in 2013 had suddenly gone nuts on the Australian Amazon charts. And… would I be interested in talking about any gothic horror projects I might have in development.

    It’s like my art has just been given the structure it’s been missing for a very long time (read since Neptune-sq-Neptune transit began at least 2 years ago and my life literally disappeared in the space of a few short weeks – Pluto crossed my midheaven the week my novella was published and was listed for a major award at the same time my son was asked to leave his school and enroll in distance education! The rest has been an awful downhill slide.)

    This news arrived on the morning of the first day of high school for my son and the beginning of the transition period that takes him from homeschool back into mainstream school… giving me opportunities I have not had since the beginning of 2013.

    I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is no missive coming from the Libran (ex) Lover and even if there was, what would be the bloody point? He’s totally unavailable even though he set himself up to be available when we first met. I risked everything to be with him (gratefully I didn’t end up in a shitty one bedroom flat as a single Mum with an aggro ex). I didn’t risk everything to become poly. I’m pretty bloody clear about that, why my psych and other assorted friends suggesting that I just get out there and start dating again – I’m just not interested.

    Love/relationships/men – I’m not interested in them. I’m content with what I have with my long term partner and investing heavily in getting myself strong and motivated… and getting my writing happening again. It looks like the universe absolutely rained down opportunities to make this happen.

    I feel as though I have finally caught a break.

  10. This feels spot on, especially to my boundary-infringed cranky mood tonight. But I feel more capable than ever before to nip it in the bud, perhaps thanks to the Venusian extravaganza you describe. This Saggo is also loving the Saturn run. Enough bullshit already.

    I’m guilty, I’m afraid, of using that line about karma for otherwise lame relationships (with, yes, particularly hot characters – the latest looks quite a bit like the hunky statue there….). So I’ll need to look at that stuff in the mirror.

    I just wish I could get some clear thinking about rather urgent job/career shifts, and figure out where my awesome will be happiest. I’ve been very murky in the head about this topic, but maybe that will clear with Mercury direct? I was thinking retro would be good for such internal inventory, but really it just helped me clean out some boxes (though I’m grateful there, dont get me wrong). Guidance?

  11. My livelihood got “torn down” today. I have been selling this one product (not ponchos lol but close) for years now and I made a labeling mistake and customers got upset and I felt so traumatized that I deleted the whole sales platform and now I cannot get it back. The thing is that the product is so fucking awesome. $8k in monthly sales revenue gone. And I did it to myself. Is this the kind of thing we’re talking about? I feel hyper traumatized by the exposure and the no going back, and the potential assumptions by customers that I possibly misled them (which I did, but not intentionally, and it had been fixed months ago). And I feel I may awake tomorrow and regret regret regret. I’m sure hoping that “when one door closes, another door opens” is true because I am a PMS, 10-days-in-on-a-cleanse, traumatized scorionic mess. Oh yeah: 7 planets in scorp I have. Pray for me, please. Is it possible that this is still zz shizzle? I have felt little relief since Saturn’s departure. Stuck taking life so dang personally. Ow. Beachward bound tomorrow. Probably will have a “sharing” hangover from writing all of this tomorrow. Def will have a crying headache. Please send warm fuzzies. xo SEPTuple scorpio (thot it was just 6 planets in scorp but now it’s 7).

    • Oh I’ve done that sort of thing and immediately regretted it, but often I realised later I’d had enough of the whole thing anyway and it was way past time to move on. Maybe you can restart from scratch again for the website? I don’t know much about websites but who was the platform provider? Mind you, getting in touch and actually having a response from an organisation that doesn’t have a phone number can be incredibly frustrating. Anyway, I wish lightness of being to you and energy to see a new way of working. Just kill the remorse switch and see what pops up. You might have a genius idea in there that’s been frustrated in its attempts to surface because of the same old same old. ??

      • Thanks, Moved On. Appreciate the reply. I am seeing that I was pretty sick of all of the logistics of it and I was bored as hell and in zombie mode. Stepping into what’s next is going to take some faith, but I think that’s why I was born? I destroy everything I create. I wish I could just move on prior to the burning up into ashes part of the cycle. Probably good I don’t have kids!! Thanks again- kind words, yours. Soothing. Asking for an insightful dream….

        • Scorpio, I see the phoenix lifting her head from that pile of ashes, saying “Again???!” But maybe the phoenix is getting better with each incarnation?
          Of course it’s still frustrating as fuq, but maybe you’ve got some Uranus need-for-change going on in your chart?
          I have it in the 6th, which means jobs just up and evaporate … or if I’m entrenched, the company has to go out of business to get rid of me. (Seriously, only one place on my resume still exists.)
          Also have some scorched earth (Jupiter in Scorp, 11th) experience with groups:
          “Bring dynamite, and a crane — blow it up, start all over again.”
          Whatever your new construction, Scorpio, you know it’s going to be built on a stronger foundation. This is an exciting time!

  12. Emotional self-sufficiency seems to be my key issue right now. Am becoming super pragmatic about getting my needs met and looking after myself rather than relying too much on people who either didn’t ask to be involved or aren’t appropriate or are major Qi vamps whose “help” drains me more than the actual problem. This follows a major slash-and-burn of my social circle. Strangely I feel more comfortable about all this than I’ve ever done before.
    Hoping it stands me in good stead for being pickier when new opportunities present themselves.

  13. I lookn forward to it. My Mars Pluto Venus trijunct in Virgo feels good about all the Earth Moving. Bring on the Astro D11s.

  14. Ah yes….this all means bury myself in heavy workload. not that my crush has budged an inch at all since last year so that nixes any temptations. I guess i may get taxes done on time at least. Trying to think positively.

  15. WTF. The last week has been like an out of body experience. Yah, I’m Cap Sun, so having my face rubbed in Saturn dust feels good?? But does anyone else feel angry this week? Like w/o reason “wanna effing kill u” angry?? OK – I have landlord issues but… Have not felt this angry since (now) ex walked thru the back gate behind precious younger child so drunk he could not walk…

    • I’m also a Cap Sun (totally feel you on that Saturn dust), and I’ve been unusually angry since September/October. There have been a number of factors, mainly I feel crushed by the weight of capitalism, lol. I’ve been working for a company that values profits above anything else: efficiency, ethics, employees, quality, common sense… Another factor, I guess, is how stuck I feel. Frustration. Still, I’ll take anger over my Old Era response- despair. Anger is energy you can use; despair is a nasty, qi-sucking vortex. And yes, I do have an escape plan (and Plan B, C, D, etc.) in the works.

      But last night I had a dream that made me so angry that I woke up myself up sleep-yelling at my dream’s antagonist. In the dream, I had just won a mountain biking race, but I was disqualified and denied my win because of a paperwork error made by the race organizers. Nobody wanted to take responsibility for the error and award me my well-deserved win, and I got SO mad. Lots of symbolism in there to unpack, heh.

    • I have had a shorter temper lately. I have noticed people are far more aggressive than they usually are.

      In the daily horoscopes, it says that Mars in Scorpio is moving into a square with sun in Aquarius and I think that’s it.

      • Well I wish it was just hormonal.

        I hate dealing with ineptitude and fuqwits. And for the first time in my whole life I’m in debt and have a debt collecting agency after me ’cause someone else fuqed up. So of course I’m angry.
        Its such an insult to my Cap Asc.

    • yeah i got short at my partner a lot since he isn’t feeling the air was choking around me since he’s not an air sign in the slightest.

    • Ha ha, yes! Not so much the entire week but here and there a LOT more often than usual. And I’m in a snit right now with a Qi Vamp (roommate/whining leech) who’s outdoing himself in his vamping. I’m tempted to wake him up and yell at him, lol. And he’s just one of my victims of wrath. Rest assured, though, they all have it coming to them, and I’m delighted to feel this smoky rage if it helps me clear the decks and get on with my own self. Be gone, fuqwits!!

    • I sure have. We had a lot of unusually wintery weather and I found myself thoroughly pissed at people who didn’t deal with it properly–shoving out parking lots, clearing handicapped spaces, etc. I’m also unreasonably annoyed with people not responding to emails/phone calls, even though I know this is how they operate and I’m usually chill about it. My neighbors are furious with a mailman who keeps not bringing packages to the right places (something he’s been doing for years, but somehow it’s all boiled up for them this past week). I kinda hope I get over it soon, because it’s not productive anger. I can’t use it to work out new and better ways of interacting and doing things. On the other hand, the neighbors are planning to talk to the post man’s supervisor, so at least I might get my magazines in the month they were sent. For whatever that’s worth.

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