David Bowie Was The Ultimate Uranian


David Bowie Astrology Notes. David Bowie going is SO sad. In a world where words like “iconic” get tossed around, he really was. Many artists can endure and many are stunningly original. To manage both is extremely rare. Bowie was niche and mainstream, always ahead of the Zeitgeist. Maybe he WAS the Zeitgeist.

This list of his (according to one source) 24 best songs illustrates the crazy extent of his reach.  Bowie was Sun-Mars in Capricorn, Aquarius Rising (with the ruler of his chart, Uranus, being on the North Node in Gemini) and Moon-Saturn-Pluto in Leo.


There are so many Promethean Bowie looks, i could go mad posting them all but THIS is how i have always thought of him: The Magician. You can also see the David Bowie Astrology in his Grand Air Trine – Neptune in Libra trine his Aquarius Ascendant and the North Node/Uranus in Gemini. An Outer Planet frequency involving his ruling planet, destiny (the Nodes) and which had to be expressed via his Ascendant? He channeled it brilliantly.


Thoughts? Or should i say…Feelings?

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You can checkout anytime you want but you can never leave.
Maybe hell has frozen over….


Is it just me? Bowie’s passing seems to have prompted a wave of Saturnine status anxiety, ‘omg look what Bowie did/why haven’t I achieved my potential/how do I achieve my potential’ type reflection among my wider networks. Perhaps it’s just my circle or the generational thing, i.e. he’s ours and one of us so it feels personal. I dunno.


I do know what you mean, in a way. Especially reinforced after reading about Alan Rickman’s achievements also… Seems to me that I have been spending the past 15 years or so just sorting my own shit out, after a more brilliant public trajectory in my field in my late 20’s early 30’s. And my non arty contemporaries have nearly grown up kids, paid off mortgages and are travelling regularly. Not that i need to be a huge mover and shaker in the public eye for my ego’s sake, more about connecting with large ideas, institutions, being around super creative… Read more »


Actually bizarre you bring this up as this is exactly what I was experiencing a week before his passing. I had looked up what he was doing at the age I am now and freaking out at the universe of difference.
I am also in the throes of my saturn return so the freak out was heavy as hell : /


Bowie gets his own constellation! Does this mean you can now be born in the sign of Bowie? I’m jealous.


That is sweet! I wonder what it would signify to be born under the sign of Bowie? Elegance, alchemy, drugs, creativity, brilliance, serenity, longevity.. Like a blend of Saturn, Uranus and starry yearning.


Yes, and individuality, transformation and grace under pressure. It was recorded as coming into existence at the exact time of his death.


Watching the Rage special. So glad that they’re including interviews with Bowie. The Space Oddity clip is über Uranian especially the end. In one of his interviews, he talked about how much he loved travelling and in another being an observer of social interactions in order to be a good writer. In another interview he referred to himself as a quiet Capricorn boy. Ah, love him. So lucky to have seen him play in Melbourne in 2004.


Oops posted twice. Phone in retrograde mode.


Watching the Rage special. Glad they’re including interviews with Bowie. The Space Oddity film clip really is super Uranian. Especially towards the end. David Bowie was just talking about how much he loved travelling and I was amused to see a clip on the 7.30 report where he referred to himself as a quiet Capricorn boy. Hmmm.


The girl in the “Sorrow” clip had brown eyes.


I know! That’s always distracted me. *virgo rising*


I gotta a bevvy of “Why did you get it wrong?” astro. 6 1st Decan placements in Kat Virg Scorp & Cap. I can’t watch a film that gets history wrong.

On the Rage thing, l can’t abide Molly. I thought Bowie was courteous to a tee. Check out his treatment of Kate Bush. He raves on about some no name and has got an outrageously talented person sitting there who he tacitly disdains.


You’re right on the interviews. It’s embarrassing to watch but worth it for Bowie’s eloquence.


Me too 🙂 just loving it.


Am I the only one who can’t stop crying over this death? The last 36 hours have been surreal. I can’t even articulate what’s wrong with me; I’ve tried.


The Magus, the Uranian, he was it, man/woman/human/alien/BEING. PURE LOVE


Also, I’ve been around suicidal people lately, so void consciousness trigger warning (I myself am just fine and bound to this conscious plane for many years to come, no worries)
It would be a good time to be in the Bardo. I predict that in death, as in life, he is the zeitgeist, and that intentional death spikes. What greater honor than to be in the Bardo with him.


Mostly I’ll only repeat what’s been said, but as much as I cried on and off all day yesterday I’ve also been thinking about the way he magically pulled off the public side of his death (transition if you prefer) – both mysterious and otherworldly to the end, such a shock, accompanied by more amazing and heroically brave art in his recent record – and yet also discreet, kind, thoughtful and private. Generous, he gave us another record to work through. He was both old school *and* from the future, properly timeless – cappie uranian indeed. On a boring personal… Read more »


Every year my birthday comes to a close with ‘that’s enough now, it’s David Bowie’s birthday now’. This year we ended up at karaoke and sang Let’s Dance through midnight for him. Who knew it was a farewell and the end of a treasured tradition for me. So sad, but also…
“I’m Happy, I Hope You’re Happy Too.”


Where to begin? I knew as a teenager, hooked on everything Bowie (at that stage would’ve missed quite a few of his incarnations) that he was simply an immortal; he knew everything, had a clairvoyant eye for approaching trends, and understood the peculiar machinations of old father time. So, Aqua rising, like me. Saturn and Uranus as figureheads – foot in past, head in future, eyes in clouds. Didn’t know that – the eyes, the translucent skin, the cheekbones, as able to carry off a one-legged knitted, rainbow-coloured jumpsuit as a cool Armani suit… total Aqua rooted by the steady… Read more »


I grew up listening to Bowie, my mother was always a huge Bowie fan! We throw around the words “unique” and “original” so easily, but he was one of the rare artists that lived up to those phrases. What I’d heard of the album that was just released was brilliant, and apparently, knowing he was ill, it was a sort of love letter/goodbye to his fans. How incredibly touching and humble. RIP, Mr. Bowie, there will never be another like you.


I didn’t know this – one of the obits says he played Tesla in a film!


It was in The Prestige with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman . I watched it recently, it’s very good. Great story, very metaphysical. I thought he was the perfect Tesla. Small but key part.


I forgot about that!


I was surprised to learn he lived in Oz for around 10 years, in the 80s… Elizabeth Bay

catfish moon

I was blessed enough to see him perform a small accoustic set once. Wish I had seen a hundred.

I see that same eccentric, comfortable with it, and showing the world, in my multi Aquarius sun plus son with his multiple Capicorn rising plus.


The first video I remember seeing was “Let’s Dance” and I just loved it. Bowie was one who always made you think and feel, how could he not? But in death, the incredible legacy he created seems to pulse. Lazarus. Feels extra poignant with the Saturn Neptune square – he truly mastered joining the heavens and earth.


Yes, he WAS Zeitgeist. Nice tribute Mystic and great reading the posts on this thread. xxx

Sally Ashton

Wow David Bowie passed and in doing so, truly broke the internet. How Uranian. I was reading a few astro articles about his chart and found this to be interesting. When he died, ‘Saturn conjoined his South Node. This is called Ketu in Indian astrology and it brings the cycle of birth and death to a close.’ Ref The Oxford Astrologer. A true spaceman in both life and death. Vale.


The more I read, the more incredible his Mars Capricorn achievement of organizing his own death becomes. There is a show he wrote currently playing off Broadway starring Michael C Hall, the music video as goodbye, writing his own death via lyrics instead of having everyone else do it, letting us know exactly the end of the story, that he’s in heaven looking down, the album being released 3 days before passing, I think there is even a t-shirt he designed? To have also kept the press away and everyone clueless though 6 heart attacks, 2 strokes, and liver cancer… Read more »


I don’t even know how to feel anymore. Saturated, overwhelmed, grieving. He was astonishing & his loss even more so, the extent to which I realise he has always been there, I’ve been fortunate enough to always live in a world which included David Bowie. It feels like I’ve lost a mentor & muse, who was also as close as an uncle. I would not be the person I am today without David Bowie. ‘Space Oddity’ was the first piece of music I felt lyrically connected to as a child who wanted to be an alien, an astronaut or a… Read more »


And now they have found Spiders from Mars. Images of spider like creations due to atmospheric whatever, put your raygun to my head.


I’ve come home via Brixton. Windrush Square is rammed; videos are being projected on the library facade; everyone is singing along.

Triple Air Gem


Triple Air Gem

Oh, that wasn’t meant to be question marks, but emojis: …
Heart, love, party, tears, hands up xxxx

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Smart guy to keep his illness private. Avoided a media circus. So talented. So unique.


Feels like someone very familiar to me has passed…pictures of him were all over my teen walls and i painted a mural of him and Grace Jones and Marilyn Monroe on the wall as a *surprise * for my new stepmother (a few years before she kicked me out 🙂 )

Now on his passing, I recognise the immensity of his contribution. Apparently there are street parties being held all over London in his honour. One of the good ones is gone.


David Bowie was out of this world. On Sunday I was thinking how sad that he was about to die. Love ya Bowie


Truly feels like the end of an era.
He got his cancer diagnosis 18 month ago supposedly. Saturn in Scorpio. ;(


Yes, but it is more than that – he is also late-era Zap Zone Central with that 17 degree Capricorn Sun. As we speak, Uranus & Pluto grind against it – talk about a shocking (Uranus) death (Pluto) – I don’t know that many even knew he was sick. Certainly seemed to hit from left field, didn’t it?


not for me. I’ve been looking at photos of his face of the past 4 years and something profound happened about 2-3 years ago…before the 18 month estimate. I think his family and he knew he wasn’t well but was hiding from the public because public pictures were getting harder and harder to find.


My comment will not add not subtract. I guess I can say I understand everyone’s sadness here. I’m going to look for my worn-out Bowie t-shirt and sing his songs at karaoke tomorrow (which I always do anyway, just last week I sang “”Starman” and “Let’s Dance”). I think a *lot* of people are going to have the same motivations tomorrow. It migt turn into an unoficial Bowie tribute.


So, very sad…. I don’t want to believe it.

My intro to David Bowie was from early MTV … I was in high school.
This is one of the first videos I remember. I was so struck by his beautiful weirdness… the tone of his voice… He opened my eyes to true art.

I love that we shared a Capricorn Sun…



I know a fellow Cap!


This is the first time I cried at the loss of a famous person. He brought heaven to earth. He made magic real.

I actually am finding a deep inspiration in his loss. A sense of responsibility towards art.

I remember him saying once that he seemed like this larger than life party animal but he actually couldn’t party because he had to work on music. Capricorn.


I agree with you. He couldn’t have accomplished all he did without an incredible work ethic. Discovering Bowie for oneself is like an ethereal sigh of relief, isn’t it?


So grateful to be here on planet Earth with Bowie. Oh how he enriched our lives.


Beautiful Starman!

We were blessed to have you with us even a minute… You shared so much and we are such slow learners. I understand why you had to go, but yeah, dont be a stranger. I will look for you in heaven, indeed.

You made it okay to be ourselves, for this I am ever grateful.


Maxene schreck

Bowie finally decided to return to his home planet.


A new galaxy discovered today. Serendipitous


They should name it after Bowie

Triple Air Gem

Geez, shivers. Yes xx


Asteroid David Bowie transiting 25º Sag. Rocking on the Galactic Center!


What do you mean? Is there an asteroid named after our Starman? My rising is the Galactic Center… I’m feeling this.


Yes, asteroid number 342843.


natally conjunct my Sun!


Of course he is! Thanks for that.

Triple Air Gem

Shivers! Just perfect x


So sad. What a parting gift he left us.


He was just 6 weeks older than me, and I always felt good knowing we “fell to Earth” around the same time …
Will be looking for you in the sky tonight, dear Starman …


I always appreciate a Capricorn unafraid to let the Freak Flag fly…perhaps a bit more challenging for this sign to do than the others due this sign’s fondness for “respectability”, but David became *the* definition “the weird turning pro”. Sun/Uranus inconjuncts sometimes play a bit of hide-and-seek with their Inner Weirdo, but once they do decide let it out to play it can be quite profound and they have the ability to be real creative innovators – he was never afraid to experiment, that’s for sure! From one slightly offbeat Sun/Uranus to another, my hat’s off to him…he had talent… Read more »


Just the best Capricorn / Pan EVER!

His Aquarian / Uranian energy with the Capricorn grounding shows the highest blend of energies. I’m adoring Mystic’s I Magician image. He drew from Source with a lightness and finesse and danced it down mountain-goat-footed to earth.

Was Wild in a supremely channelled way, without disgrace or scandal, but with awed accolades. Such an inspiration! And forever a sexy man 🙂


so so true. An absolute haute Capricorn!! Inspirational!


He was magical and we seem to be losing the magic in this world at an alarming rate.


I can barely put words to my feelings about Bowie, he was immense. His art unbounded. Moving through artistic dimensions, evolving, blurring, pioneer.

His music, the visuals, from video to costume and of course his insane photographic magentism that almost transcends the lens.

Forever grateful for the music and visuals that inspired and ignited imaginations everywhere.


Don’t know how to put songs on here, bit of a techno dud. Listen to Blackstar, his voice is always so beautiful I will always have tears in my eyes when I sing his songs now.


God Speed, David. Don’t be a stranger x


I, I can remember (I remember)
Standing, by the wall (by the wall)
And the guns, shot above our heads (over our heads)
And we kissed, as though nothing could fall (nothing could fall)
And the shame, was on the other side
Oh we can beat them, forever and ever
Then we could be heroes, just for one day



My favourite Bowie song, German version equally great! ‘Helden’


Always admired Bowie’s daring to different even as a young girl. Could write pages on events in my life where his music evokes emotion. Black Tie White Noise will always remind me of my first to post natal depression in the 90’s. But this song will always be my ex’s & my song. They were playing this on Double J last night & realised how much I do love the ex, not in a want him back way but he’s just significant as family. He’s the father of our beautiful lads, we’ve been through many highs & lows. Said to… Read more »


who is gonna replace people like bowie and lemmy? there isn’t anyone!


Ground control to Major Tom….


I was at work when one of my customers informed me of his passing. My FB post after the initial shock: I grew up listening to David Bowie. Or rather, hearing him on the rock stations I had on constantly. He was part of the pantheon of rock gods that were presented for my veneration. I “liked” his music, just the same way I liked much of what I heard. But with age, you start to hear music differently. You start to appreciate. You hear the predecessors of the Stones in the blues. You start to see the long line… Read more »




awesome bowie track

Calli G

So sad. Bowie created the soundtrack for my undergrad years. I’ve loved watching him recreate himself ever since.


He was part of the soundtrack to the most meaningful couple of years in my teenage years.
Ultimate respect to his authenticity as an artist that he said farewell by giving us a new album. I’ve just watched the video of Lazarus and it’s very hard not to cry at the end frame.



Redlipstick Virgo

I only watched Labyrinth a few weeks ago. I loved
Bowie in all his guises. Listening to Black Star his new album – love the song Lazarus. Fly blue bird.

Virgo Ellie

So sad! I didn’t know he was ill. So, young too! We lost a legend! 🙁


He gave himself over to his muse, which is rare. Hence why there’s such beautiful innocence and unabashed vibes from pretty much every era Bowie photo/performance I have ever seen. I think his early dance/mime training served him well for this.

Blackstar didn’t resonate with me (especially the video), but it’s weight makes sense now within the context. RIP Starman. Thank you for the music.


“He gave himself over to his muse” — yes, this exactly. And was unwavering in that commitment. Pinnacle Cap stuff, IMO.

Taurus Vixen

This makes me sad.

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