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Angela Villon illustrates a number of astrological points. She is Sun in Capricorn conjunct Lilith – the Anti-Eve, mythological first wife (she ran away) of Adam and general biblical badass. She is associated with the demi-monde, the female rebel and outsider. Lilith definitely lurks at the Whore end of the Madonna-Whore spectrum and quite happily so.

So Villon is Sun-Lilith and she also has Mars, Uranus + Pluto in Virgo, all being amplified by Jupiter at the moment. And, Uranus – often a planetary energy aligned with popular uprisings, spikes in the Zeitgeist and rebel movements is currently opposite Lilith.

The core vibe of the times meets her powerhouse Mars stellium and WHAM. On a deeper level, it’s also Pluto in Capricorn, grinding on, relentlessly exposing hypocrisy and rot in our power structures, economy and banks. I saw The Big Short last night, it is a fantastically Pluto in Capricorn movie. It manages to achieve insane cut-through while also being really watchable.

I would like to think that various governments would pull their finger out and support the populace over just Wall St, the one percenters, big corporations, whatever but suspect it won’t start happening until Uranus into Taurus (2018) or even more likely the amazing Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn line-up from 2019.

Your thoughts?

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33 thoughts on “Super Lilith

  1. Regulus’s movement into Virgo is helping Lilith quite nicely, a little protection from the royal stars is always lovely, especially in those first degrees. The clarity and spontaneity of her wrath or wisdom can be quite articulate…especially when the over-cultures version of her is falling desperately apart, as we write her new look, and open up her ancient wisdom…Lilith rising in Pisces exact conjunct…she that tells her secrets amidst the debris and chaos, fine tuning magic for the masses….;)

  2. ….Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn line-up from 2019 … Yikes that’s all in my 7th and my second Saturn return. La la la la .. I’ll pretend I didn’t read that.

  3. I find it incredible that Berlusconi could be as flagrantly misogynistic and continue unhindered, or that so many male politicians and established pillars of the establishment are protected by the boys club and yet a woman as brave as she is not only has a slim chance of winning an election but even has to fear for her life. I’m googling her, finding her twitter handle and getting behind her. Because I need to. Watching those images I started to shake. The goosebumps are beginning to subside, but this is exactly what I believe the world need now. If nothing else to create a sense of balance in what is essentially a world full of bullshit. People with neurodiversity or circumstances that prevent them from entering the VIP room of academia are marginalised because it’s convenient for those within the room. The establishment protects it’s inhabitants and endangers those on the periphery. It’s time to throw some petrol bombs and shatter that walls. Not with actual bombs but with actions.
    There’s a guy I found on Periscope, by accident, a neuroscientist who translates the jargon into layman’s terms without sounding condescending and talks about neuroplasticity, addiction and is not afraid to say “I don’t know but I’m sure I know someone who does. Let me get back to you.”
    That was three hours ago.
    Now I’m watching another conference on periscope with a room of young scientists talking about everything from Marine Biology to Sex. Obviously, they’re not getting paid, and the sex scientist is having insults hurled at her in a way that makes me want to cry at how gracious she is. She happens to be very attractive and young, people assume things you wouldn’t imagine about her. She can’t even say her real first name because of the phone calls, hate mails and impact these scopes are having on how the establishment views her. I love these Mavericks. It’s so fuqin Lilith.

  4. She’s cynical but still wants to make a difference. I like her.
    Bless her, the powers that be have quite a reach and she seems too
    street smart to be ignored.

    I am not into Lilith. Where is the purity of Lilith?
    Is she like a daikini?? I love them.
    They are wild and free and amoral as the wind and rain.

    Lilith seems to be the concentration of humanity’s uglier qualities.

    Lilith opposition Sun, πŸ˜‰ .

  5. I seem to also recall a porn star by the name of Cicciolina also ran for office somewhere and won a long time ago. I wonder if lilith or Capricorn placements played a role in that as well?

  6. I did my thesis on sex workers and how they’re the perfect intersection/bridge-builder between Radical and Socialist feminism. You would not have believed how difficult it was to get in touch with the US sex-workers union people, formerly called COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tires Ethics–YES!!).

    I have Lillith ON my AC/moon/and conjunct Uranus in the first house, so I’m down as shit with this stuff.

        • I really don’t get why someone who bet on the whole system collapsing – correctly – to benefit himself and his clients – is a hero.
          It’s like saying that someone who buys a shit-load of oil before peak oil/massive geopolitical conflagration that spikes the oil price hits when no one else predicted the timing right (and I use this as a hypothetical) and then makes a massive personal profit for himself/his investors is a fucking hero.

          Why wasn’t he warning those who were going to lose their houses to sell them on morning TV BEFORE the crisis? He probably would have made shitloads for the TV appearances and done more good that way.

          • The governments and media were in the pockets of the banksters – so real air-time for people like him was impossible.

            “It is ludicrous to believe that asset bubbles can only be recognised in hindsight” – his words. Anybody with a minimal amount of common sense could see that what was happening with the housing market and the finance world was ridiculous and bound for a crash. Also, no-one wanted to listen to warnings while the supposed gravy train was running through – people are like sheep and easily manipulated.

            One good account of all this is in Naomi Klein’s book and documentary “The Shock Doctrine” and whose warnings of the consequences of all this seems to be playing out beautifully with all the instability and “war on terror” crap – all added chaos for governments/banksters to further manipulate people into more debt slavery – to further benefit the 1%.

            Michael J Burry’s success is an example of someone who was wide awake, saw it coming, asked questions, was wilfully ignored, and then played them at their own game.
            Not exactly my personal hero – but at least he questioned and acted independently – not followed blindly.
            It’s a shame we don’t even have a date of birth so that we can study his horoscope.

  7. My view goes something like this…You have to know your own evil to know whether you can manage…yourself before implicating others, leading people on…By that I mean hypocrisy.

    I have no problem with sex workers…but I did say to a particular relative in law who was terribly ethically concerned that it could be a very good thing to work for the “other side”, but it didn’t happen…it didn’t need to – instead, a shift occurred at the non for profit government affiliated institution, as it became more corporatised…a cycle of redundancies, justified…

    So as far as I see it sex work is mostly about men’s wants, needs, power…so who is her real concern; the kudos comes from where, what her self preservation is based on – is that women and children? Or is that a different style of a clothed corporate entity I am looking at? Survival as art when in motion does not have to have a conscience, forgive my cynicism, it appears as a spectre of something seeking fame, glory in the most ironic form, but it doesn’t necessarily nurtue anybody…not that that is any specific gender’s sole duty…

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a few ambitious male “whores” got into a bit of tender loving nurturing? Sorry but that could be truly revolutionary…

  8. Oh my!!!!
    What a force. vote her in.. She would walk over them….
    Cannot wait for 2018/2019 to see the “mighty powerful” cowards exposed and dropped like the yuck they are….yes.

  9. Good on her. in the unlikely event she should become elected, I hope she doesn’t get shot within hours of her election like Gisela Moto of Mexico, or Maria Salazar before her. They were also idealistic women who stood up for a better life for their community.

    Its so sad that there are many places where living true to your lilith can cost you your life πŸ™

  10. I’ve sun, Venus, merc conj Lilith in Aries whuch are all being pinged by Uranus right now. It feels itchy, urgent and empowering.
    I also share the same Mars Pluto Uranus stellium in Virgo. It’s a heavy placement , I can vouch for that.
    My own personal rebellion is in full flow. I left my career of 35 years today with no intention to go back. Everything is falling away to reveal new truths.

    • Hey, I hear you about the itchy part. Perhaps you are growing horns? I have Uranus conjunct my SN right now, exact. Lilith is right in between my NN and Pluto. I’m Uranus in Scorpio rising, so the connections to my two most important planets feels huge. I also have Lilith conjunct Mars natally in the 8th πŸ˜‰ Dang, I guess I have been too focused on Saturn these days.

  11. This is too cool! Id vote for her if I could! Having Sun/Lilith in Capricorn (the sign representing the patriarchy) is an interesting juxtaposition. But I think it fits her situation and what she’s doing right now.

  12. Awesome! can’t even begin to pull together something more eloquent on the cultural/astro/political appropriateness of this.

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