Mercury Retro Weirding At Work


Mercury Retrograde can always spring a few surprises, right?  And this week, it is in sync to the Moon’s Nodes – the points of past & future that are of huge import in karmic astrology, but not always so easy to interpret practically.

So here is an example. This morning, I got a morsel of information that filled in some gaps in my personal database & i also had a micro but useful financial admin idea. This is pretty baseline Mercury Retrograde stuff. And then i was upstairs in my study, wondering if Sean Penn’s drug lord interview for Rolling Stone and the subsequent bust was worth a post – what sort of of drug-lord would trust the discretion arrangements of a Sun-Uranus in Leo Hollywood star with Sagittarius Rising? – and was Penn irritated that Bowie had bumped him off the front line media?

Then there was a ring at the door, nobody expected and it was a couple, aged approximately 2nd Saturn Return. Jehovah’s Witnesses, i thought, infuriated and vowing to up the Feng Shui to fend them off. But no, they were from New York visiting and she burst into tears as she last saw this house, when she was aged 11. It had been a tailors for three generations or something.  She’d had the urge to come back – Taurus. Her partner is an Aquarius and a journalist – they are doing a documentary and – this is to summarize – i have been able to incorporate my accountant who is Gemini and Greek.

Weirder, i have been trying to find out the history of the place i am in, to no avail, for months. Suddenly this real live trove of information, documents and photographs walks into the house, with everything i need and this fabulous vibe. The Taurus got the Aquarius to knock.  It’s like a whole level of synchronicity beyond the standard. AND, if you are an astro-fiend – Jupiter in Virgo is literally this week in trine to my natal Jupiter…in the 4th. Mercury links them both, a Grand Earth Trine.

So i would not have predicted this – how could i? – but the astrology is all so synced! So now it is going to be a Greek and kind of history themed social gathering, spontaneous and casual but with profound undercurrents. Saturn is in my 11th house. And it is hard to explain this precisely, but when the Taurus walked into the house, it was like the house had an electricity surge – everything stilled for a moment. Turns out it had been embezzled off her by an Uncle. That feels Saturn too.

Turns out, when Mercury is Retro in Capricorn, it’s hard to get away from Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.

Is anyone else doing Mercury Retro in such weird but actually quite explicable (when you think about it) ways?

Image; Moebius


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102 thoughts on “Mercury Retro Weirding At Work

  1. That Is Truly Amazing.
    More so because you are as astro clued up as you are and were able to link everything together.
    It wonderful How cool!

  2. In the mercury retro lite dept. I recently sold what i thought was a pretty new, and very pretty shower curtain on Ebay from the time I lived in an apt. in 2007-2009. The landlady was a complete nightmare and it was a coop and the neighbors seemed to hate her too. Fast forward to Ebay buyer who writes upset and says there is yellow paint dripped all over this. I had never checked because I barely used and couldn’t fathom yellow paint. Then it dawned on me it was the nightmare lady’s sloppy painters that had painted the bathroom before my lease ran out. Brought me back to the bad mojo of living in that place with such bad vibes. Other than that it’s weird out there for this Aquarian and others I talk to.

  3. Yesterday, all of our clocks (computer and cell phones) were out of synch. We were five of people, only three of us worked close to each other.

  4. Wow what you said about not getting away from Saturn hit home….past few weeks I’ve been flying at high speed with developing a business. But gettin de-focused with things I shouldn’t be doing in this venture. Mind you, I was slowed down alright….yesterday, riding my bike to work, hit by a car, thankfully walking away with a fractured ankle and nothing more. But for sure SLOWED WAY DOWN!

  5. I interviewed my parents for my magazine’s love issue on how they met (penpals) and we looked through all the old letters and photos to get images. Like woah…this is how they met and how I came to be.

    Yes, there is no air at the moment. I am upset everyday. I thought the new moon would help, but no.

    Though hearing my parents’ love story has cheered me up lots.

  6. Kudos to you and the amazing magic – love it.

    For me, it’s been about replenishing the space – both inward and outward.

    The Aries I liked? I gave up on that a week ago. It was confusing because I kept getting King of Wands in the Tarot and it stating a message was incoming/offer of lust etc but nada. He said he called, I didn’t expect him to – he didn’t. But what I’ve come to notice is that men from my past (all platonic) whom I haven’t spoken to in years are reaching out to me – and all of them are Aries. Each and every single one. So, all year when I got ‘hot Aries incoming’ from Tarot/Oracle I was like what? Than I liked someone but all my messages are platonic fire. The Oracle has also been screaming King of Pentacles vibes which has been confirmed in Tarot readings in real-time, so, I guess the next lover is Earth!

    All is quiet while I replenish the home. Old people reaching out but staying in the past – like they should. A phonecall here and there for 5 minutes is okay, I’ll accept that, but no more “time” for old era peeps. By old era I mean if there is no sincere, genuine, mutually nourishing vibes it has to be gone. I said I wanted sincerity – I’m insisting on it. Invited peeps over for dinner – as I suspected the ‘old era’ folks all didn’t come through and the new era folks confirmed ASAP. So, for me this cycle is confirming I was right a year ago – I know when ish is dead and unproductive. Don’t be confused when a random ‘nice’ thing happens – know what it is long-term. Remain open, but also committed to trusting the inner truth. You know.

    I do have to say the Archangel Raphael vibes are pouring into my life. Ditto for the 11:11 vibes. I have been doing Twin Souls vibes heavy since September and the synchronicity has been crazy. It’s quiet but when everything starts – boom, it’s gonna flow hard, fast and abundant. So, I’m ready to flow and receive with it all.

    Power to you all in this new era <3

  7. Ok.i think I got this…it’s lillith squaring pluto in Cap on my Ascendant. My fuse is short. Just left the library in a big huff because someone called me rude when I whispered to my autistic son about taking a break from his homework. A quiet room is not the same thing as a vow of silence room. Apparently some people think they own the place and like to run people out. I complained to the staff…wanting to clarify if the quiet room has to be completely silent *I mean…two sentences…how are u doing and take a five minute break is not a conversation please…***and being told I was rude was The End. Apparently the ADA isn’t enforced there. End of rant. Need something to get me into perspective.

    • Some people are fucked up and entitled. Don’t take assholes personally. If you know it was a few words and not a monologue that came from your lip, don’t trip 🙂

  8. Trying to tie up loose ends…but I am noting that driving around doing the mom stuff….half the drivers have their heads up their arse and the other half are driving like maniacs. Applying focused purging, life detoxing, $ dealing with reality head on crap. But his is part one of a lengthy mercury rx…who knows what stuff happens as the nodes get the Jupiter treatment.

    • I get the feeling that a lot of drivers are unaware of the fact that their car
      1) is moving and
      2) the car engine is running.

      It’s like, “Dang, l didn’t know this was happening!”, or, “What does this do”.

      A road awareness issue brought to you by the “Mars/Pluto Conjunction Bureau in association with SatCap Trine – A Responsibility Enforcement Initiative.

    • Used to love driving, the movement, the engine, the model,
      all of it but NOW my joy has turned to annoyance and it’s no pleasure driving anymore due to so many stoopid drivers who have no idea of courteous handling of such a heavy piece of equipment and seem to be totally unaware of other cars on the road.
      Strangely if someone IS courteous, allows you in, gives way, it’s a woman.

  9. A funny mercury retro event happened to me recently. I took a long hot lavender scented bath, smoked a little dream weed, and got ready to listen to a self hypnosis video called “Clearing subconscious negativity”, also trying out my new bluetooth headphones. As I pressed play, I was surprised to hear a woman’s voice, ranting about people on welfare. After the shock, I recognized my mother in law’s voice. The headphones were synced up to my partner’s phone.

  10. Hmmm.. trying to identify some synchronicity. It is very weird how all signs are bringing back to the downtown area of my town. I hadn’t been going back that much but since the New Year everything I have been doing brings me back to that area. Volunteering, going to school. and who knows what else is going to be brought to my plate. I feel alive and inspired. I started taking college classes again after a hiatus since 2004. Yes, 12 years. Initiated the thought in October 2014 but got things actually moving this month. I am excited. Now it will base me to stay focused on my awesomeness, healthy initiative, managing my money better and meeting new people. Is there real love in my future? I feel SO much stronger right now. I feel more comfortable around people and let me do a shout out to: Taurus Vixen who commented on my post under 2016 Self-Help Books and the clarity it provided for me moving forward. I am taking care of my little girl and she is going to grown up so strong. Thanks again!


  11. Hey there is NO AIR in the current astro. Not a breath of the stuff. No wonder the Gemini friend felt like life-support. *inhale exhale repeat*

    • Funny as. I read this and my multi Gem mate rang just after l thought, Poor dear, you must be suffocating. I hadnt spoke to him fir a week. Now for cyclones.

      • you know what though. after realising this, and the implications, I kind of relaxed. This eve, a bath with 3 sprigs of rosemary and 6 rose geranium leaves from the garden thrown in, glass of wine, phone to hand as i realised i could voice-record my current art ideas (LOVING my phone mic, so much faster than writing), then cooked a delicious dinner …
        ran tarot asking about N Euro Cap, completely amazing, wtf? i might print this one and laminate it <3 hahahahaha oh pi

  12. Hey love that exercise in the daily email! So ok: this would be the bit where I win that $1.5B lotto jackpot, create my percheron & circus elephant sanctuaries, & do a lot of other cool shit, happily ever after. The end.

  13. Merc retro doesn’t normally affect me, I buy stuff, travel, sign stuff during these times with never a problem. However this one is interesting so far. It’s happening on my moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conjunction in Cap which is currently under Pluto and pinging my Mars / Uranus /Pluto in Virgo.
    A tentative opening up of lines of communication w Weatherbeaten Virgo went from zero to totally tits-up/Cuban missile crisis in 24 hours. It felt like I was being beaten up emotionally and psychically, so much so I had to stay in bed for a day. I am only just recovering – if only I had a bath in my tiny bathroom I would have been soaking in epsom salts for the past 48 hours.
    One of the recent dailies said something along the lines of ‘you’ll know what the message is by now’ and holy fuq yes, I’ve got the message 🙂
    As a result of this abuse from WBV I am upgrading all my tech so I can completely block him. I’ve been practically analogue until now. I also had a good think about how I handled the sitch – not great – and how not-great I am at asserting myself/boundaries.
    So it seems this Merc retro has shown me the shortcomings/limitations of my communications technology and my own communications style in relationships. Both of which I’m doing something about – as well as buying new computer and phone I’ve booked myself in with a professional to learn some better strategies for assertiveness.

    • I call my Cap line-up the Nolan Sisters 🙂 My Lilith just goes off her head sometimes. Everything’s a fight to the death with her.
      I constantly give my power away by giving in or going completely ballistic, which sounds weak not strong.
      After the most recent combat with WBV, I never want to have another relationship where the differences of opinion always end up in grand, brutal drama. It’s so exhausting. I want to know how the grown-ups do it.

      • DIrectness is cool, PF
        It has taken my Venus sq Neptune opp Jupe a very long time to learn that despite the potential, he’s an arse.
        The weight of my loneliness over the festive season prompted the contact.

          • It’s a loose T square, 8 degrees or so, but I guess it counts.
            I’m a 7th house Pisces sun, Gem NN. I need connection. This festive season highlighted where all the wobbly bits and fretted mortar are in my foundations/networks.

    • There seems to be a theme with the Saturn Neptune square of a)being aware finally that boundaries have been violated…continuously for some for many years and b) getting down to business and building that wall that says “no more pooping on me all the time and calling it perfume!”

      For me the realization hit me during November…and I stood my ground and I’m now sure that those who violated and took advantage of me for years (nice girl syndrome) are shocked to find I simply in and giving a fuq.

      The abuse ends now. It’s time to forgive and heal yourself. I am myself thinking of 2016 and leaving my abusive family of origin as “That time when I started saving my life.”

      • I want to clarify..forgive yourself. When I finally realized just to what extent my boundaries were violated I blamed myself for being foolish. I realize now that earnest sincerity in having faith in another is not a weakness on my part. Some people are just abusive assholes ( in the case of my family of origin).

      • Well done for standing your ground. It is particularly difficult with family of origin, even more so at the ‘festive’ time of year. With natal Neptune on my IC I understand this only too well.
        I like your theme of 2016 “that’s when I started living my life.” It is so laden with guilt to ‘leave’ the family yet sometimes so necessary. The decision will set you free. I can take a leaf out of your book on this subject, as mine caused me so much pain over Christmas.

      • I havn’t asked what the abuse you have suffered.

        But l think the ‘boundary issues’ are rife. My niece contacted me when she heard l was on the Capricorn line. She revealed to me how her dad was doing the same to her and her siblings that his father did to us when we were kids; ostensibly our stepfather. So l have some idea on how ppl wbo don’t know what a boundary is can affect you.

        I gotta SunMoon Opp TSqrd by Nep= child abuse. So l got fired up by this and took her to an agency to get help, DVO orders and police protection. Yep its that bad. He has attacked my mother’ 66yo partner from behind. And has attacked my niece’s partner for sticking up for her in a verbal tirade

        But being in another state l didnt see em much. But l gotta sis n 2 bros who didn’t know much. Or didn’t think it was right to interfere.

        I had to act. In aint ‘interferring’ when it is abuse.

        • It’s also mandatory reporters too. If not you to “blame” they can blame the school counselor, a teacher…or other people who are required by law to report.

          Anyway 2015 is the year that the people who go out of their way to do the right thing and help are rewarded with accusations, slander, financial and emotional ruin, and crap. At least in my year.

          My Neptune is square to my ascendant and 3 degrees from my MC in Scorpio. Nessus is within 3 degrees of my NN in the 5th house opposing my Natal Venus. Sexual abuse in my life. I saved myself then too…I was the one who reported. I declined to press charges but the game was up. Still lived with the perps until I could escape after college but the actual abuse stopped…but their micromanagement of me continued for years until I physically left 1500 miles away.

  14. Sun is square NN today- all that Jupiter/NN is in 11th. Resonating with social justice groups- but seeing irony and humor in power imbalance. LOL! Otherwise I’d weep. Bucking group think discreetly- or I’d lose my job.

    Being super transparent, simple, kind, clear in words and deeds- Merc retro can cast shade on Scorp Rising- 1st impressions can be dodgy.

    Waiting for that blast of synchro that Mystic described- meantime driving in winter- restored faith in miracles.

  15. I’m on my phone so too hard to go into heavy details but my planned quiet day of sewing, beach walking and writing was broken by a woman screaming as I stepped out of the shower. Raced trying to get dressed so I could see what was happening and there on the road at the back of my house is an altercation between 3 cars, 2 blokes a woman and a child. By the time I raced downstairs the cops were here and statements were being taken whilst I doled out cold water to those who were left of the crowd involved. Plans for this weekend as being by myself was interrupted by a call from the ex to say he has to go to Sydney tomorrow so have a big drive ahead on the weekend to pick up the kids instead of partying and dinner with friends, sigh. Resident Gardner knocks on the door and tells me how his Christmas was, which was – you know, interesting, but not sure why I had to be told. Abandoned plans of simply pottering around at 3pm, because I had to arrange a bus ticket for my son who I can’t pick up this weekend after all. Yeah. Bizarre day for me too. But interesting!

  16. Um, I don’t know how this quite fits into merc retro-weirdness,
    except weirdness but…

    Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch getting engaged ???

    • Her 2nd Saturn Return.

      She has Jupiter-Pluto in Leo – she likes Big Brand powerful iconic guys – say what you want – she has remained single for years between official husbands – when she decides to commit, it’s iconic, newsworthy and epoch defining – Jagger – Murdoch – i mean it’s not like you’re going to say ‘Who?”

      She’s the over six foot tall mother of five kids, she grew up in Texas with an (apparently) difficult truck driver dad – she flew straight to the hottest places she could think of (Paris, St Moritz) as a teenager, to leverage her extreme good looks – i think one of the issues she bonded with Murdoch on would have been being singular, a parent of multiple complex adult children, divorce and being in the public eye with all that you do.

      And…Rupert is also Jupiter Pluto – one way or another Jupiter Pluto people find their lives woven into collective subconscious, be it via their control and power a la Murdoch, or their pervasive influence and image a la Jerry.

      I am always hugely supportive of people falling in love and going big about it when people think they “should not” – i mean why not?

      • All I can say about this union is that they look rather giddy together non? Admittedly I did have to google stalk younger pics of Rupe as I’ve no idea what he USED to look like, but I suppose who cares with him being moneybags and having an aversion to being single. I’m only glad Jer Jer’s over the whole Jagger thing as I cannot imagine any Cancer, no matter how progressive to be in any way pleased with his rampant ladyizing.

        It does seem to be a weird juxtaposition that she is now to be married and Jaggs is (I’d imagine) still reeling from L’wren’s death.

      • Well it makes sense if you unpack it that way, MM

        I’ve been a long time JH admirer since the first time I saw her in ‘Let’s Stick Together’ film clip. slinking and catcalling across the set, she was mesmerising. Loved her style, laconic humour etc and I know she has been a great mother to her own children as well as Mick’s extras

        So the way I looked at it was Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger…Rupert Murdoch?… not a big fan of his.
        But I wish them well indeed 🙂 why not?

      • She stayed single because she got the multi million dollar house in London UNTIL she married.
        Cynical i know but who else can top that free house?
        Murdoch can.

    • First time I bleached my hair was after I read an interview with Jerry Hall. It went something along the lines of, ‘I bleached my hair, got on a plane and landed at the intersection of Fame and Hotness.’ I was 16 years old and (I thought) terminally plain, my hair had been butchered by my mother for years. Practically child abuse for a Leo rising to suffer the perms and cuts she put me through. Anyway, at the first taste of my own freedom living away from home I went to the chemist for a box of Born Blonde or whatever it was called. Splashed it on willy-nilly and waited. Oh my god. Tiger stripes. I completely freaked. Called the nearest hair dresser and spent hours and major $ getting it transformed into the then signature cut / colour of the day, the Lady Di. His words to me: “never bleach your own hair.” Never have since.

      • Ha
        Got that T-shirt too:)
        More than once!
        When I was post divorce and at my lowest ebb ever, on every level, I obviously couldn’t afford to pay a hairdresser. That was worse than living in an industrial storage unit (Venus in Leo) so I got “free” hair colour “treatments from apprentice hairdressers. They bleached it so much and so many times, over bleaching the same areas, rather than just the regrowth with pure peroxide bleach (Hello Goldilocks, not in a just right way, in a just so wrong way.)
        Eventually, a hairdresser who was a sort of girlfriend at the time (I say sort of because she was a sweet looking but seriously toxic, manipulative Qi vampire who always made me feel terrible about myself and sabotaged me in so many other ways besides just the hair thing. ) Anyway, I’d decided to go for a darker, more sustainable colour, still blonde but just toned down. I still don’t understand how applying toner to my hair could make it all fall out but it did. She took no responsibility at all, looked horrified but didn’t even say sorry. Then she insisted we go down the pub for a drink. Hello, I’m kind of bald except for a few red, feathery tufts that break and fall out if I touch them. In those day I was such a mug, I actually did go “down the pub” with her, in a 50p thrift store dress with my new um hairstyle.
        About 20 minutes later her utterly perfect looking Swedish fashion designer girlfriend turned up making me wish a hole in the pavement ould miraculously appear. I was sitting in the broad daylight, in a busy, trendy outdoor pub in Central London with two immaculate blondes (not natural but you’d never guess). I think the hair can only take so much peroxide before it gives out.
        Not the first time I’ve been a skinhead but it was at a time when that was the very LAST thing I wanted or needed. Some things are just worth spending money on and for me, a good hairdresser, someone, ethical, who listens to me and even argues or refuses to do something if they know I’ll regret it, is just invaluable.

  17. pluto on the natal sun of Kim Jong Un and then David Bowie so i was wondering what it meant for me. i was a bit worried. my Scorpio boyfriend of 19 years ago phoned, out of the blue. there it was. and phew.

  18. Sadly, nothing quite so amazing but can relate totally to Tuesday’s Gemini Rising scope – “Mercury Retrograde is not deliberately sent to wreck your hair, clutter up your To Do list with crap or make your friends even weirder than usual. If there is a deeper purpose to it, it has to do with rousing your powers and forcing you to focus harder than usual, on what counts.”

    Wrecked hair tick, ridiculous To Do list tick, all put in its proper perspective by the prospect of losing a dear friend after a long illness. That other stuff just doesn’t really matter.

  19. HrORRID day.

    At end of void aqua moon my Pisces son got terribly Ill and required medical care. AGAIN! At least it passed in a few hours.

    I also found out horrible news AGAIN! Thought it was behind us. Nope.

    Mercury retro in my 5th house.

    So tired and so frail.

  20. Ok, first of all, it is making me crazy to try to be halfway on this site. I force myself to not check it for days, then do and it’s everything relevant that I want to talk about, with the full understanding that I will drop the everything again immediately. Love you all; this community is an anchor, a beacon, an example of human potential and depth. This retro has indeed been odd and significant and psychobabble as possible, with Saturn overseeing it all. Fixed. Solid. This web, originally the “Web,” created, mature. Not mature, but taking form. The goo of the ZZ coalescing, beginning to take form. Ancestral stuff surfacing, all kinds of it. Everything wants to take form, we are giving it all form. I’m legit freaked out a bit, but we’re doing this. Or this is what I’m telling myself to get through this retro. With my 12th house mercury, I’m a big fan of Rx. This one is kicking me into awareness.

    • yep, i feel you, my 12th pluto in virgo has slipped into snyc with trans cap in 4th, being literally at home with myself (well, with 3 dogs…i love the illustration from today’s dailies), don’t want to eat much, deep cleaning out old, large furniture- sized chunks of clutter and then swimming in the ocean.

      Getting back to core -self and awareness, and wondering how I can keep this awareness when i get really externally busy again. This feels like me, but the world ends up getting in the way…

      Coincidentally I was just re- reading a 2013 post ‘The Transit Lounge- Saturn on the Line’, and reading your post there (hows that for a bit of merc Rx 🙂 ) you’re in a Very diff space – you’re doing this!

  21. Merc is retro in my Cap 5th and was just meeting a brand new Meet Up group (Things in Places : ) ..) pretty geek heavy cause it was Star Wars and next to me appears a gay friend I had fallen out with years ago squealing my name, instant bygones gone! We had lived AND worked together in a mad fashion house and I had been his first stage Mum and now he plays the Adelaide Fringe! Told him how proud etc plans to catch up etc

    He does a quick sweep of the group ( Gem Manchild) and is all sooooo what are you doing?? Only two words needed to explain the change in my social scene- Star Wars

    I am werking this Saturn Nep Square by going along to these more structured events where I meet people who are quite different to my circle. More so the men – less blokey less trying to be cool

  22. Seeing or sensing “ghosts of myself” for the past few days. I’m in San Francisco for a week with a new client. Getting to know various executives — all while working on a website redesign. #killmenow

    I spent lots of time in SF from 2009 – 2013 or so, and hadn’t really been back since. But now that I am, I keep having these deja vu moments of having been here, and being really excited / drunk / partying with friends and now none of that resonates. Kinda just like, I’m here to get my work done, but I want to get back home.

    I was in awe of this city at one time, now it just feels kinda cold and soulless. (And let’s not even talk about the joys of working with a “team” to “collaborate” on redesigning a very nerdy and jargon-centric corporate website during Mercury retrograde).

    At least there’s an astrological reason it all feels so strange.

    Right on time as always, Mystic. And congrats on discovering your new home’s history.

  23. Yes. Haven’t dreamt about my passed brother in months and then suddenly two dreams in one week after an intense cleansing ritual that happened last week re: our relationship foibles. It was crazy. He was MIA in my dreamscape forever and then he pops up: TWICE. This last time was amazing as it implicated my Capricorn mother as part of our troublesome architecture. Something I had NEVER EVER looked at. We were both literally saying “We were fine until you did this XYZ.” Anyways, I love my mom and she did her best. But after blasting through the first layer I feel like the SECOND one is coming out. Wow. What next?

    • Sounds awesome though, Jenn. You can have a better relationship with him now (perhaps in your dreams / heart / spiritual world) and you can also now do some additional healing.

      Sounds like a combo of Neptune (dreams / deep emotions & feelings), Saturn (patterns / re-setting of foundations / releasing of old angst) combined with Mercury (communication).

  24. that’s cool Mystic. I kind of forget to ‘take note’ in relation to planet things but it’s interesting to learn how the pro’s do it….

    Think i am doing my pluto square MC-IC pretty hard. Jupiter and the nodes aspecting everything except outer planets in my chart, Saturn and Uranus are aspecting everything else. so there is that too (?!).
    I think mercury retrograde back over my moon in my 7th house Capricorn isn’t getting much elbow room at this point.
    *wistful sigh etc*

    BUT I have been following tarot advice, get out and spend time with the sisterhood. If there’s one thing that jupiter conjunct lilith in the 11th house does, it’s good sisterhood, lol

  25. Nothing mercury related in my life.
    I’m doing serious hardcore love zombie-ing as only a Scorp with a packed 8th house and venus in Libra can do, over a multi-Sagg (Venus/Saturn in Scorp smack bang on my Sun and his Mars on my venus) who is flying back to Europe today and I never got to say goodbye properly.

    Maybe it’s just as well as I’m already a mess and can barely function. I’m like William Hurt in Altered States banging a metaphorical wall, trying to come back to reality and get a grip. Doesn’t help that at 51 my PMT is getting worse and more intense. Hurry up and flow you red river!

    Damn my incurable romantic Venus in Libra *shakes fist*
    Or maybe it’s my Uranus/Pluto/Mars conjunction n the 8h house. I feel like i’ll spend the rest of my life having deep but short-lived transformational experiences but end up alone **sob**

    • Scorpinator, i’m experiencing some depth-weirding crap that’s Zombie-ing me out, too. I would share but the situ is taboo. And of course, it involves (or does it???) an Aqua, Mercury being Retro in Aqua, and me being Venus in Aqua, with the IC and NN there, and Nodes being a key feature of the astro, while i’m prepping for upgraded work realities.

      I’m coping (???) by banging the Oracle buttons and Tarot button every time i need to stop myself from acting out. And also just Doing. I have to Do. It’s Saturn transiting my Ascendant and 12th house Rising conjunctions.

      I’m also using this to open my long shut down heart, but it’s a fine balance. Thankfully, it’s Saturn’s prep and polish time for me so there’s plenty to do and i finally have a little time to sleep in (but i wake at 4am). Psychic connections seem like they could be delusional (Mars in Scorpio is firing up my 0 degree Scorp cusped 12th House) but somehow i’m learning to trust those same 12th house things that i try to rationalise away.

      Don’t damn your beautiful 8th House/Love Stuff!!! Scorpionic gifts are the blessing that curses, i’m sure, but they are rare. You WILL find a way. And i wish you rays of light in the meantime, if they might help you break through. You need both to feel it all, and to get on and do it all. Take your time with that last bit. My empathies xx

      • hey Mille long time no words. So nice to hear from you 🙂
        I think I’ll be ok. I’m just slowly feeling my way through it. I can’t afford the subscription and Oracle was never my friend so I’ve just been reading up on astro online to make sense of it all.
        And as painful as it is it’s kinda nice to see a little bit of progress from myself. I haven’t burnt any bridges (Uranus square moon inclination), retaliated or shut down. And my heart is still open and I don’t want to close it. I only just felt it when you said that yours had been shut for a long time. But yes, you’re right. It is a very fine balance

        Wow, 0 degree Scorp eh. Intense. I def think the depth-weirding is Mars in Scorp. and Jupes stomping through my 8th!

        I actually felt Mars Scorp station. Was sitting on the sofa and Saggo dude popped into my head out of the blue and suddenly I was hit by tidal waves of longing and thought “WTF is going on!!??” Had a look at the ephemeris app on my phone and ahhhhh. “hello Mars! LOL.

        Sleep ins help big time. It’s my cure for everything! And doing too. I will DO very soon… baby steps of course as being a Mars in Virgo and Cap asc when i start doing i can’t stop.

        Thanks for the kind words and right back at ya xx

      • Dear god, that is it.

        Kahlil Gibran is a blast from the past who always captures the moment. Thank you!

        Jupiter is going to open it all up, for sure. I’m sorry…he’s not a kind master though he does have largesse. If anything, though, your endless capacity for depth-loving is a good reason for hope for the future. I don’t even know why i say this because i feel like you do about these encounters without lasting.

        It’s just that somehow there is beauty in the grief of you feeling that shift from Mars and witch-like looking up the ephemeris.

        My Mars is also square Mercury, so i do get the same muting of the usual blast-off from the mouths of babes, that is happening right now. When i did mouth off at another Aqua recently, funnily enough the sky broke and there was thunder. But mostly i am keeping counsel on the outside, which doesn’t feel so hemmed in, just more thoughtful and working out of patterns. Those patterns break. I know you’re a fixed sign, so it’s going to be different, and i send godspeed healing, however i can, Scorpinator. Thanks again for the Kahlil. I will take that to bed tonight because goddess only knows what has seeped into dreamscapes of late. Truly, 12th house thanks to you xxx

    • Oh my dear that’s awful 🙁 So sorry you’re feeling this way.

      That conjunction serves you well. Loyal, deep and capable of huge phoenix-like transformations with the mere bat of an eyelid. xx

      • Scorpinator, did you have your Chiron return yet? Reading the Daily Mystic I couldn´t help but wonder , because when it hurts so much you find Chiron trying to heal anything. Not sure whether or not you read the daily Mystic, so I´ll quote:” Some wounds hurt when you clean them. Some scar tissue is painful when the wind blows a weird way. Sometimes things itch or ache more as they are being fixed.” xx

        • OMFG!!!! Yes. Chiron transit smack bang on my natal Pisces. I thought I was done with Chiron. It’s retrograded back. UGH!!!!

          Thanks for posting that. I don’t read the daily Mystic.

          “Some wounds hurt when you clean them”

          Truth!! I do hope something is being fixed. Don’t really understand Chiron. I thought it was the wound that never heals.

  26. Work is being very weird since last Friday. The uber Saturn HR lady (sun early aqua but I sense the dark side of the force in her) has gone off the deep end and is auditing multiple peeps time sheets and work records, all in an effort to make herself appear valuable and The Best HR Lady Evar and it’s really becoming annoying. We are all adults here. I also found myself in a three hour conversation with a colleague (I’m thinking he is Kataka but not pos) who went through a similar hellish divorce as me, though 15 years ago and mine is still in the tidying up phase. Throw in David Bowie going back to space and I’m bouncing around like an OPP pinball. Hard to believe it’s not even Wednesday yet.

  27. My eyes fixated on the Jehovah’s Witness part of this post. My mom and step dad are die hard JWs who turned my husband’s funeral in my home into a JW bible lecture and prayer meeting, much to my surprise, 18 months ago. They just crawled out of the woodwork again with this retrograde so let me know when you figure out the right Feng Shui to send them off again for good this time.

    • Oh my, that is an awful invasion of boundaries. Just terrible. My own father has overstepped some boundaries in a similar fashion, but your husband’s funeral in your own home? I am so sorry.

      Some friends of mine like to do this thing with rocks/crystals and you ask them to protect your house and put them in each corner of each room in your house. They swear it works but I have not tried it only because I have small children and a dog that like to play with rocks. So I’d have to get a lot of heavy ones. Good luck.

  28. That’s amazing and awesome Mystic! Can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds. I was thinking the same thing about Sean Penn and secretly grateful for Mr. Bowie’s classy departure as I had spent way too much time down the El Chapo rabbit hole. Binge watching Bowie videos, reading all the tributes and remembering a million good times with Bowie as the soundtrack made for a much more fulfilling retrograde experience!

  29. Agreed, everything is so weird this week. Retro Mercury sextile natal Mercury/Uranus + Retro Jupiter (in my soul sector) also sextile natal Mercury/Uranus, square natal Neptune. All very weird, standing still but floating along. Feel so deeply that nothing bubbles to the surface. Tied-down and spaced-out all at the same time. Mercury chart ruler, and Jupiter Sun ruler… extra slowed down and sunken in, like knee deep in a cozy kind of sludge just observing but feeling. Alert, aware, processing, but no time to sit on the surface it just gets sucked right under, and keeps going.

  30. Nothing weird or cosmic has happened . The only thing that has started since the before the New Moon in Cap and Merc Retro is a deepening realization that I have no vision nor sense of purpose. That I have done nothing and am going nowhere. (pluto recently exact conjunct natal neptune in 10th house capricorn is a big key player that just got activated)The toughest part is that I see no way forward. All the doors were closed by my hand and the fates. Also a deep exhaustion has come upon me..Not surprising when feeling such emotions.

    • You’re not embroiled in the Neptune square Neptune transit of your natal chart as well. Though Pluto sounds like it’s doing the same thing. That no vision or sense of purpose has been my default for the past two and a bit years and only now with Neptune doing its final kiss of my natal Neptune do I feel the fog lifting and my sense of purpose returning.

      I went through periods of thinking suburbia was eating me and I was going to disappear and no one would realise I was gone. My business, my passion, my writing, my everything disappeared into perpetual ennui and my life contracted to the size of my house, and sometimes just to a bedroom or the couch. I stopped sleeping, I couldn’t dream, my imagination dried up. I was basically the walking dead version of myself (with more tissue integrity).

      Hang in there… and if possible, be gentle with yourself.

      • @Sleepless- It speaks to the same purpose, no? Neptune – Vision with a capital V. My spirit feel dry. I am glad to know your process of similar dryness is coming to an end. Do you feel like you have grown into your true spiritual needs more?

    • What you’re going through sounds pretty major and Saturnian/Capricornian to me. Deep questions of status, achievements, roads not taken, consequence of actions etc.
      It may help to sit with it a while, then decide what you’re going to do. I wonder why you say ‘all the doors’ are closed?Where is your natal Mars? What do you have in Cap? This may help you in deciding what to do.

      • @Chrysalis- Agreed. It is very Saturnian. With Saturn exact conjunct my NN in Capricorn also loosely conjunct my Sun in Aquarius, its a heavy influence.

        Oh, all I am doing is sitting and contemplating. Its what part of my way..Saturn has been my teacher since I was a kid, harsh obstacles, sometimes seemingly impossible ones challenging my will and true intent. Chronic issues, never really leaving. limitations shaping the choices I can make. I know Saturn well…Saturn is just in my nature. Inborn.

        As to the door statement, a series of events brought me to a place where not much that I require for my path exists. Its a pretty dead area economically, I happened to get the best job here without being a engineer. So, as of now, no way out is open. The things I love I can barely be involved in, if at all.

        Mars in Gemini 1st degree 2nd house(square Venus Aqua 12th). In Capricorn- Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, NN, Saturn, all in 10th or 11th. Hence the focus on career and future building. How high is the mountain? Too damn high. Lol

    • Hang in there, Pax! It sounds like a tough preparation for your first Saturn return.
      Some points:
      * Your planets and points in Cap are being conjoined by Pluto and squared by Uranus.
      * Anything in Gemini is being opposed by Saturn and squared by Neptune.
      * Your Cardinal and Fixed energies are being challenged by all this mutability.
      * Being ultra Saturnian may aggravate the feelings of “getting nowhere”.
      *Your Mars might be depleted too.
      * Rest and “do your Moon” to nurture yourself.

      • Thanks ICPluto!

        How have you been, btw?

        It is a tough one, for sure. Isnt it always, though? The maturation process…

        Ah, I forgot about the square to Uranus. Ahh, Uranus square Uranus with a Aqua Sun…Chaos and Madness in a bottle? Maybe a little Scorpio would help that mix.

        My Mars has been depleted for a long time and being quite attuned to Saturn does create a long drawn out feeling of achieving nothing. Saturn has long acted through my body and mind. Chronic health issues that never go away and require constant effort to maintain what little ground has been gained.

        Doing my moon is tough when I dont have what my Moon wants. Moon in Cancer in the 4th (exact conjunct IC). Home life? Not stable or quiet. So, I trudge on.

        No worries, yall! A sense of melancholy is a constant companion and depressive bouts ( realizations of saturn/plutonic natures?) are something I am familiar with.

        It just hurts and burns then something new comes out.

        Thank you for the good will.

  31. Really strange dreams last nite, then today this annoying ad kept staring me in the face while I was surfing the web pretending to work while at work. So I finally went to this site where I looked up my exbf’s high school yearbook, saw him as a freshman ( met him age 44) and felt really sad for this sweet innocent face who turned into such a fuqtard. Then later at home, I started watching this TV series on netflix, and first ten minutes some guy gets bumped off, they look at his ID and his first and middle names are the exact same as said fuqtards’. I almost felt like sending him an email or even a snail mail to see if he’s ok…ALMOST. We’ll see what happens the rest of the week.
    Oh I did a Celtic cross tarot for myself last nite too. Card in number 1 position was Death ! I guess its goodbye to the old codependant me!

  32. All I know is I am torn because my car finally decided to die on me and I need transportation to get to work but I know it is not advised to make big purchases during Mercury Retrograde. I was approved for a substantial loan a couple days prior to my car crapping out and I have plans to go car shopping tomorrow.

    But I wonder if I should hold off? Am I able to hold off?

    I am stressed.

    • Courage! I think when you *have* to get something you do it even if Merc Rx, and just do the fine print and try to draw on long-term needs and observations you’ve had about the thing rather than loopy gut instincts/salesmanship.

      I need to get a new smart phone and have reconciled myself to doing it in the next week or so as my current phone is getting quite buggy and the next ten days will be less hectic than the end of the month / Feb for this sort of thing . . .

      Depends on how good your options for getting around are without it tho.

      Wishing you luck, sure-footedness, and few glitches.


    • We bought our home during Mercury Rx. It was the second house we looked at and we were casually looking around and bang – there it was. So we made sure that all the folks who helped us (mortgage broker, lawyers etc) were either people we who personally and trusted or where recommended by someone we trusted.

      So there is the issue of something pretty nasty happening here (our next door neighbour is a retired exorcist – because this casually comes up between neighbours while chatting (whole other story!) – and told my partner the story (and I have declined from knowing the details) and offered to come and exorcise the house for us (we politely declined). Perhaps – depending on how long ago the incident happened – the real estate agent wasn’t totally upfront about the entire history of the house. But we have been happy here and the odd energy I’ve been able to work/live with.

      Apparently every couple who have every lived here have sold because they were getting a divorced. We joke that we’re not married so we are safe and our former housemate broke up with his girlfriend while living here so the energy for relationship break ups has been feed.

      Even if you check all the details that you think of checking for – sometimes something slips through – but perhaps it’s something that doesn’t really matter in the greater scheme of things.

      • ooh that is interesting about the history of your house Sleepless, ours has had one or two unhappy couples/people that i know of, and we have certainly had a roller coaster 3 years alternating between blistering nasty altercations and idyllic peace, but that may be due to how very small and hot this place is.

        Have been doing regular energy clearing with a tibetan bell recently, and steadily decluttering. i have been conscious of thinking the house will not constrict us, we are going to continue to open it up and let the good vibes flow in!

    • Well, i have bought a chariot during this Merc Retro.

      I know, i know but what the heck, better now when i have the time and the funds. Plus the salesman’s name was Moon.

      I mean, i could end up crying but that thought in itself is making me laugh, because i backtracked on my original car-model-desire, and what i thought was the perfect loan got fully trumped by a better deal.

      I’m doing a few risky things in between my building and revising time, just for kicks. I know my transport is not for kicks but .. i just get this feeling that my true gamble right now is with something far deeper, so these other things…well my trusty Merc in Aries opposed Uranus can assist if someone dicks me around. This is me saying to you, if the car is the only thing centre-stage in your changing life at the mo, then yeh just triple and quadruple check arrangements and be open to changes. Otherwise, you KNOW where the Retro vibe could really cause damage.

      Good LUCK (from a Jupiter in Sagittarius 🙂 )

  33. wow.

    all that’s happened to me is that i had my student card in my partners wallet still so i had to pay double to sit in first class daysitter cabin. a reward . for sticking it out camping with muggles for 10 days.

    partners now found it. but it made me think about whether or not to return to advanced dip vis arts or leap into something a lot more physical.

    what says you?

    19 oct 1987 4:45pm brisbane qld Australia is my deets.

    how do we get an individual reading from you Mystic? something to fund the new app?

    • Ah yes well if i said yes to all the requests i get for those, there would be no time to sleep, let alone write the horoscopes etc! That is one of my resolutions for 2016 – take weekends off!

  34. Lol at the Taurus got the Aquarius to knock!

    I am experiencing the grand earth trine with Jupiter in 4th as well as j trine merc and mars. No stories re synchronicity. yet. But energy is expansive and oozing with possibility.

  35. Ha ha, WOW! I looooove it!

    Can’t say I’ve had anything quite so amazeballs happen, but the astro has beeen crazily apt (so damn apt I am terrified to write about it here, lest I jinx myself and all my dreams come crashing down–Jewish mother gene)…..

    • Let’s just say the astro that has been wowing me out has been to do with Jupiter. Everything I’ve been reading in the scopes has been bang-on. Also, big props to Alchemy Works’ products.

    • Yes, i really want to post about some synchronous happenings that are so Wow they’re almost natural, but that Jupiterian Gambler-thing won’t let me jinx myself! Especially not on Merc Retro!!!

      Look forward to sharing stories once the Retro is over, or the path has been already travelled, Lux!

      oh there are quite a few exclamation marks there…promise i’m not a teen texter 🙂

      Would you mind reminding me of your Sun, Moon, Rising? I’m curious to read your horoscopes. Anyway, blowing a lucky kiss and rolling yellow dice for you (i found a yellow pair recently – all mine are usually black and red).

    • Hi! I have Venus in Virgo and a Virgo rising. How would Jupiter affect me. I also have a Sag moon with Jupiter and Uranus in Sag? Am I both lucky and fuq’d? I’m superbly confused. Help me. 🙂

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