Zen Hippy Full Moon In Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer is like the high tide of the emotions. Think a la Luna, at her most intense point of the monthly cycle, in the sign that she rules.

What To Do During The Full Moon in Cancer

* New appreciation of the daffier, more niche (to me, anyway) herbal teas, such as the dandelion & burdock combo.

* Hippy insights gleaned from watering garden & feeling sense of communion with all botanical life. Especially the parsely. eg; how plants thrive depending on the quality of the soil & the nurturing, the heat, the light…

* The desire to cook something ‘properly’ and musing upon lentils + the genius of sprouting.

* Lecture-nurturing peeps re vitamins/water etc.

* Pondering making a patchwork quilt for five seconds.

* Patchouli oil as (temporary) signature scent.

* Thinking that the cats are resonating at a higher viber than usual & buying them extravagant fish to thank them for being so feline.

* Doing laundry as mystical ritual,

*  Trying to have ‘deep’ conversations re feelings with children, whom sensing sentiment immediately attempt to alchemize the moment into retail purchases, to ensure their sense of security remains intact.

Which is also tres Full Moon in Cancer. The comforting new nightgown, the freshly washed pillowcases, a fridge full of actual food as opposed to the latest Aquarian vitamins/supplements regime. Maybe they technically have everything in them as listed on the label but they’re most likely Qi deficient. 

During such a benevolently aspected Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of Gaia, it’s easier to feel deep emotions & sit comfortably with them. 

Live it up with the Zen-Noire-Hippy awareness vibe guys.

Image: Jamie Hawkesworth

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12 thoughts on “Zen Hippy Full Moon In Cancer

  1. For a very sociable Capricorn trying to create a learning centre for equality. that is tending to feel all alone, with people every where. Your words are a lot of relief. Thank you.

  2. hey, so that explains the mellow and loving vibe through my house last night. My normally shy roof possum came down for a hand feed of banana while my flatmate’s (cancerian) hippy boyfriend cooked us all a delicious vegan dinner and we sat in a circle and enjoyed communally…mmm

  3. Mystic. Your description of the Zen Hippy Full Moon in Cancer was me2aT over the weekend and last night especially…….and being Aquarian and all. I was wondering why I was suddenly so domesticated and feeding birds in my back garden and getting such a buzz from it…..Hmm. A good prep for the next few weeks methinks.

    New site is gorgeous too.

  4. Can someone explain to me why my mobile, my TV have stopped working and my alarm clock decided to change its time to an hour and a half earlier that it should’ve been whilst I slept?
    I feel like my life in on the fritz

  5. At exact Full Moon time, i was on a near deserted beach with not much in the way
    of shells or coral BUT found a perfect large top of a crab shell.
    A thing of beauty with the shape & colour that now sits in my ‘nature’ bathroom.
    What validation from the cosmos to have found that lucky omen on a Cancer Moonie.

  6. “when the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro.” (thanks hunter s. thompson.)
    looking back urgh. *shudder* i think i’ve done enough of that for about the next 50 years. forwards!

    might a raging hangover from what i though was ‘just enough’ champagne tend to occur with full moons? same full moon aided recovery (once i could eat again) with popcorn, toast, rice?!, mangoes and other items. carbophilia oh yes. before the champagne incident however, the cancerian full-moon-ness struck without even my even intending to: mucking around with a four y.o. , rockpool walking, vineyards, beaches, relaxing at home with friends…

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