Aqua Void Moon Psychic Glitching


Chloe Sevigny Peter Lindbergh

Aqua Void Moon Psychic Glitching And How To Fix It.

Void Moons in Aquarius – like now and for the next 15 hours* – can be a bitch.  Do not watch too much television with this shizz. You will wake up inside the TV, like the girl in The Ring or Poltergeist or something. Or your third eye will lock on too firmly.

So it’s stressful – Bowie leaving the planet, Global Financial Fuqery (for when the economy is a zombie), Istanbul/ Cologne & other flashpoints, Saturn in Sagittarius wondering what infuriating crap it can stir up the truth about next.

However, there is some solace in going WITH the Void Moon in Aquarius – not against it.  You could try some of these Uranian fast fixes.

Tesla Ankh

  • Perspective Via Science – Noticing that Mars One is due to begin when Neptune gets into Aries – Sampling the best Transhumanist Kindle books – The Invisibility Cloaks Lab  – Perusing the more intellectual end of conspiracy media or even the Daily Grail.

Agnes Slott MOoller

  • Listening to Neuroscience Music Service Focus@Will’s Drums & Hums Turbo Beat (includes Isochronic + Binaural Beats) – this is incredible, the whole thing.
  • Before you hit your automatic go-to soothe food or substance, cram your blender full of elements to “activate the genius of your immune system.” This fantastic list includes the epic chlorella AND my fave when I remember it’s there, Reishi, the Supernatural Mushroom of oriental legend.

* The Void Moon times for all the time zones are in the Moon Calendar


Images: Peter Lindbergh

Agnes Slott Moller


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Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Gee I wish I found this post before the Aquarius void moon. I was that poor girl in the pic yesterday.

Fuq it was intense.

All good now. A long, warm shower with geranium washed it all down the plug hole.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

Sagittarius’ wednesday scope. Amazing.

Also, are we sure? I mean in terms of the damage, what could go wrong? If it’s not that dense would blowing it up cause a …Oh right *a girl can dream*


Got so much to do and have to get my shit together tomorrow and be in hustle mode through the end of the month but I’m still fighting a nasty cold today and am gonna void moon out in bed for just ONE MORE DAY (I swear!) with some fiction like I did yesterday… Yesterday I read “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino and it was the most amazing Neptune experience. I don’t know how to describe the book but I am in love with the author’s mind now, printed out a dissertation on the mathematics behind the fiction and will… Read more »

MsMinaMM Member

Calvino is magical realism at its finest! Read ‘If on a winter’s night a traveller’.


Okay, IF YOU INSIST. ^__^
*skips over to Amazon, to buy second Calvino book of the day* (first one was Cosmicomics)

Ahh, I love the buzz of finding a new favorite author


oops i keep reaching for the liquid comfort food way too much. been heavily submerged in house renovation and end of day drinks are becoming a bad habit. despite merc retro I have to sign many contracts in the next week to take up new job but urgh no one is retuning my calls to find out if I have the job or not. i’m going to the big boss today as minion contact is useless. sorry about whinge Just frustrated. May go bush tomorrow to cool down amongst the greenery. A big construction is noisily going ahead about 50… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Been reading “The Brain that Changes Itself” and wowing out. Oh wow, that Tesla / Anhk pic!

Damn the Daily Mystic was bang-on. Bring on the honesty and the healing!

Year of the PhoenixMM Member
Year of the Phoenix

Back to deep water running yesterday and it’s like a tonic – the cool water, the trees and birds all make it the best kind of cardio class for my Scorp Moon and general Virgoan earthiness Started going to yoga classes run by Buddhist in an old church last year and plan on joining them for meditation in their beautiful golden room when they start back, the VIBES are so pure I downloaded the 2016 Virgo and just want to say thanks heaps Mystic! Reading through with my twin the dates and turning points are undeniable… If nothing else it… Read more »


That’s exactly why I don’t watch tv and rarely watch movies, they mess with my dreams. I don’t like dreaming other people’s thoughts.

I popped an extra Reishi this morning before reading this post. 😉


“you will wake up inside the television” lol! So true. Carol Anne, stay away from that man– do you hear Mommy?!

Genius antidotes, Mystic 🙂

The void moon in Aqua has allowed me to see the folly in trekking across this Plutonic Hoth-like countryside to keep an EMG appt under a Mercury retrograde. An EMG during a Merc rx? Hilarious! Rescheduled for well beyond the shadow zone. I heart Aquarian objectivity.


Omg Mystic you are always so spot on! I just made a special tonic last night with the amazing Reishi!!! Love you and thanks again for the brilliant insight in your last daily email… There IS sooo much going on.


I have self-reiki’d, ridden bikes, eaten salads, gone booze free and yoga-d and yet my solar plexus is still so tense and gluggy. It feels yucky.

I have had a series of weird synchronistic event telling me to move cities. Is this me smothering my gut or feeling it? I just do not know any more.

milleunanotteMM Member

Yes i had a strong as hell urge to sell my home. Like within a week, right? Fortunately, the first piece of real estate i viewed was such a toad that i am now happy with my place. Doesn’t mean i won’t keep looking…but i know i was getting the message to slow down and let the decision take its own time. We’re still in Merc Retro with this other astro-buzz-spark, so good luck holding your horses, Methinky 🙂

AlouettaMM Member

Thanks for reminding me about Reishi. I think I’ll use it to chase my white wine and peanut butter ice-cream dinner. Uh oh!

ChrysalisMM Member

lol are you having a Neptune transit??? 🙂

AlouettaMM Member

No, I don’t have that excuse!


Was just getting comfy in bed,
about to search some isochronic beats, and
your link.
Thank you!!

InvictaMM Member

This is amazing, thank you so so much! Even tho I slept about an hour last night, I was in yoga class (with freshly washed hair:) by 7am. It energised me. I came home, sorted out a few logistical issues, or tried to around my new job. I signed the contracts the day before Mercury went retro so ….I figure there are bound to be SOME glitches as set things up. I’m about to leave for another yoga class now but I realised while I was brushing my teeth (living libations rocks:) that I’m pretty much 100% anti inflammatory food… Read more »

aqualolaMM Member

*like* ?

aqualolaMM Member

? = happy face


It is those questionable emojis making their mark

milleunanotteMM Member

Well, if your grav is anything to go by, you look hot 😉

(Seriously, WHO is that man??)

And i need to be doing this, too. Thanks for the inspiration x


I cleaned the boudoir the way I always do: wipe down and spray all surfaces, wipe down books and artifacts thoroughly with a cloth, polish glass/mirrors/windows, picture frames, washed floors with ylang-ylang, anointed the bed with aforementioned oil, washed/dried/ironed sheets in eco style with added lavendar, saged and prayed and fanned out old era vibes than dehumidified it come evening. Planted plants. Ate berries, nectarine, grilled salmon. Cleaned bathroom and toilet. Now am freshly showered, loving my room after its monthly cleanse. And noticing how Taurean the day was. Chose to align with Jupiter North Node from the email, MM.… Read more »

LexieMM Member

Perfect! 😀 I wanna see that room, it sounds awesome!

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