Why Isn’t Anyone Awake?

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“Closing your eyes isn’t going to change anything. Nothing’s going to disappear just because you can’t see what’s going on. In fact, things will even be worse the next time you open your eyes…Keep your eyes wide open. Only a coward closes his eyes. Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won’t make time stand still.” (Kafka on the Shore)

Haruki Murakami


Why Isn’t Anyone Awake?

Outer Planet Transits – the heavy-hitters Pluto, Uranus and Neptune – can feel like this.

Nights lying awake, mind buzzing, alive, processing your Everything at 2 to 4 a.m. are usually the Outer Planet Transits.  Obviously, someone you know is awake, somewhere, but are they they AWAKE-awake?

When you’re doing Pluto, barely anyone seems awake enough for you. Uranus? You only SEE the other people operating at a Uranian frequency.  You don’t hold conversations. It’s all neuro-transmission.  On Neptune most of the action is astral. Whiffs of information float into the wind along with some deja-vu evoking scent you can’t quite recall.

And then there are the people who are permanently on this stuff, the Outer Planet People.  Ever wonder why you’re ‘weird’ – look to an outer planet ON one your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus.  You most likely only really get along with other Outer Planet People.


Image: Glenn Barr

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142 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Anyone Awake?

  1. Ohhhh… so THAT’s what’s going on! Uranus hanging out with my Moon and Pluto with my Sun. I always put it down to my two-speed Moon sign confusing peeps, but I suppose the outer planets add a bit of undertow?

  2. Why am I not awake anymore? Mars-Pluto-Mercury. Venus square Neptune.

    North Node and Jupiter are transiting my AC – Sun. I feel awful. :-/

    • I could say expansion isn’t always necessarily easy or painless (having given birth in my lounge room I can attest to the pain of expansion!!) … but expansion brings opportunity and new horizons as well, when the growing pains settle.

      Hope there is more of the Jupiter goodness soon.

  3. Outer planet person all the way. Pluto and Neptune neck and neck as the strongest planets in my chart.

    It took me a long time to realize how off-putting I can be. Deadly wallflower. Rose with thorns!

    I also make no sense half the time, even to myself.

    Not surprised to see that nearly everyone on this forum is OPP, too.


    Do you think a boy with Pluto in Scorp in his 7th house would like a girl who is made almost entirely of Pluto and Scorp? Or am I just bad karma ?

    These are questions…

    • I watched a movie the other day – I forget the name – it was animated. Anyway, but the female lead sprouts thorns whenever she feels uncomfortable. My daughter said “That’s like you!” lol

  4. The Libran Lover is Pluto-Sun and I’ve been hankering to work it out. Two weekends ago he said: I’m weird. And I said: so? And he said: no I’m really really weird. And I said: I don’t see that as a problem.

    Friday just gone he said, not for the first time, how hard he finds people. That he doesn’t get them and he often just makes a hash of it and ends up disappointing and hurting people. That it would be better off to withdraw and stay there.

    I’ll admit, he’s not easy. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But he’s fascinating and magnetic and I would prefer weird to normal. And I keep telling he creates self defeating scenarios to enable his personal myth of being a terrible person to play out over and over again. I don’t buy the terrible person bullshit.

    As for me – Mercury-Neptune (wide expansive imagination and thoughts that wander like a traveller in a foreign land – excellent toolbox for a writer!) Mars-opp-Uranus (Mystic tells me this a super charged battery) and Pluto is right on my ASC/DEC. I can’t abide normal/suburban/mainstream pap and the people who sprout it. I’m blessed to have a community of free-thinking, slightly insane artistic types to spend my time with. I seem to perplex muggles.

    • One piece of advice i learned from another older gal that i find totes rings true for me when i look back on failed relationships is that when a guy tells you to your face he sucks/is awful/crappy/isnt relationship-material/etc… BELIEVE him and act accordingly. Do not try to save or change his mind. Maybe that is true for this guy too? I don’t know.

      A pluto-sun isnt that weird. gwenneth paltrow has that config and seems quite normcore to me, but of course i also have that config too. I would say it gives one a love of intensity and more passion than ordinary but weird?

      • I think it depends on who you have as compare and contrast too – as to how your conceive your weirdness. For me, all my friends are creatives. The women I used to deal with when my son was at school were all suburban wage slaves with uber clean houses and I was totally weird and strange and confronting to them. Had I measured myself against them – yes, I would have felt weird in a bad way. When others embrace our eccentricities we have a chance to feel comfortable in our skin.

        And yes. Listen and take warning. But it also takes time to work out what you don’t want or do want I relationships. A person who doesn’t want a house/marriage/children isn’t necessarily a hopeless individual. They can be a mismatched individual. Unless partners have the same core values about relationships, what they mean and what they ultimately want from them, then there is the possibility of being doomed to failure.

        Sagg optimism says that all people have the right to find their niche/their tribe/the relationships that allow them to grow and flourish. And thus everyone deserves a fair go rather than being defined by fatalistic definitions of who they were (and will always be!)

        But yes. Listen. Don’t wander in with rose coloured glasses. If everything was meant to be easy life would be boring (though I could do with a few boring weeks!!!)

  5. So if I’m not an ‘outer planet’ person according to that post (ie uranus and pluto conjunct in 5th house virgo, Neptune in 7th Scorp but not with any ‘inner planet’, why have I’ve always identified as an outsider and a weirdo — despite seeming pretty ‘straight’ and normal on the surface — I actually feel pretty uranian

  6. I’ve had outer planet transits continually over my inner planets for a very long time. First it was Uranus, then Neptune, and now Pluto… I’ve got Aqua Sun, Pisces Moon, Pisces Mars and Cap Venus. Pluto is off my Venus now, but on my Desc just a few degrees inside my 7th.
    I guess if I live long enough, I’ll have Pluto go over my Sun at some point. I’d be in my 60s by then, so hopefully by then I won’t give a damn..

    So, that will be, over my lifetime, transits of ALL outer planets over my Sun. I have always felt like I’ve been being worked over by the universe and stretched and transformed and changed and challenged during this lifetime. I hope I will have evolved enough through all that so I won’t have to reincarnate back on planet Earth again. That would be nice.
    I’d miss the trees, but otherwise I’m done with this shit….

    Right now, I’ve got Neptune bang on my Moon at 7 Pisces. Heavily dealing with issues of being a daughter of an alcoholic mother, and drinking more, myself, and having a lowered alcohol tolerance at the same time, having weird effects. I don’t usually drink much, so I need to go back to that…it would be best.

  7. yayyy can def resonate here.
    I got a pluto transit going on…can’t b bothered with pubs anymore, wanna swim n sauna instead at the weekend. boyfriend still wants to get drunk and im so over it. not sure if it’ll b the ending of us.
    I got Neptune sextile pluto, venus conj pluto, 3 planets in 8th hse, sun scorp, jupit opp pluto, jup trine Neptune, moon opp pluto….do I qualify?
    sometimes I’ve been feeling soo amped up, and no I haven’t taken anything! maybe a small cup of tea, but sthings up….wicked post!
    oh yeah….and no I don’t have many friends….sob….but sometimes I don’t really mind….

  8. I arrive at many intuitive answers at 2:30am at least twice a week. I got Mars Pluto cjunct, Merc Uran cjunct and my Asc (Moon ruled) trines my Nep. I have always been a bit out there.

    But Sun n Uran, in 1H, wants to be special by not being by being special by not being special by being special by not being special by being special by not being special

    • I write custom software and if I’m really stuck on something and can’t see the solution ( seriously this can go on for weeks sometimes ) I plan an all night work session. Often at between 2-4 in the morning when all is quiet, no distractions the solution just appears, staring me right in the face. I’ll then keep that groove going for 2 or 3 days and complete the job. I always quote at least a 3 month period to complete a job. I stew and stew for weeks and then whammo 2 or 3 days non stop and it’s done.

      • Like your conscious brain gets tired and another portion can suddenly elbow its way through the throng. “Here, I have it hey over here”

      • Do you know an astro link to it? I put it down to my Aqua Moon (chart ruler trining my Nep and being the handle of the bucket shaped chart).

      • Writing is totally like that for me too. I will stew (percolate I like to call it!) and then wham – the pieces will come together and it will be like: der, why didn’t I see that all along.

    • Edgar Cayce and Seth – via Jane Roberts – both wrote/spoke about 2-3am being the optimal time for “meditation”. Putting that in quotes because not sure what to call the inspiration hour/moment. Went through a phase where I woke up every 3 hours and always at that time. It was Pluto transiting my IC.

  9. This is literally my current mode of operation (lying awake obsessing, usually about an upcoming performance OR astrology). I am a confirmed outer planet peep with moon sq neptune, Mercury opp Saturn AND Uranus, Mars trine Pluto & opp Neptune, Venus opp Pluto (which is conjunct the IC). Currently have Uranus squatting on my Moon where it’s been for ages. Just want Saturn to get OUT of my 4th house so I can stop being ‘itinerant’ (aka homeless) & sigh, begin my Saturn return – which is already opposing my Gemini sun. To say I identify with all this is an understatement.

  10. It’s funny, but I don’t have any out planets conjoining my inner planets at all.
    I always feel I am a bit normcore (saturn conjunct venus=normcore in my mind).
    Still… whenever I open my mouth all kinds Pluto/Uranus/Neptune falls out..
    Maybe I have had to consciously bring their influence to the fore?

    • Pluto Uranus Neptune falls out ? Ha x So you must come across as intense, electric and mystical ?…. Or dangerous unpredictable and drug addled ? Either way your always welcome to join us inner planet people at our next massive party. You’ll liven things up without a doubt 🙂

      • Kind of y’know? Intense scorp moon, mystical crystal leanings and well, electric, maybe or not, but I can’t tell, but I asked my husband this line all week, “why isn’t anyone awake?”. Right now, it seems quite normal that Mystic’s blog oozes my personal thoughts.
        Thanks, I will happily join the inner planet floozie party and vomit rainbow drivel alll.night.long. 😉

    • Saturn conjunct Venus is so far from normcore, I don’t even know where to start.

      I picture normcore more like Venus in Linra trine Jupiter.

      But then again, is there really such a thing as normcore in this world of special snowflakes? (and I really don’t mean that as snarky as it sounds- we are all a unique bundle of aspects)

      (Full disclosure: I have Venus-Saturn conjunct straddling my MC)

    • Word! Painting your flowers on your face, smoking bongs and not shaving your armpits isn’t going to do jack in terms changing the global consciousness. Us inner planet people have the challenging job of keeping it real. Or am I just being one of those harry highpants-no-fun Pluto in Virgo’s? 😉

  11. All my planets are spread with one in each house. Chiron in Aqua 8th house by itself also. So no major conjunctions. Though I do have Saturn in cap in my 7th house. And Pluto in Virgo my 3rd house.
    So I can come across as a bit austere and serious to those that don’t know me. Which fools those outer planet people no end. As we sit to discuss serious intense matters, little do they know that soon my gem moon and Gem Asc will strike out with a display of shallowness that totally confounds their sensibilities. Just confirming to them that mixing with inner planet floozies never ends well. 🙂

  12. where’s Sleepless? lol

    my 2 besties were born a week apart, with Pluto conjunct Uranus, Jupiter conjunct Mars/Venus and Neptune on their South Nodes. Leos – bright shiny outer planet people 🙂

  13. So this is no attempt to join the outer planet club as the innies and outies are firmly segregated in my chart, but Pluto sq Pluto on my IC which has been happening for …ages… Is yielding results thanks to the first of many sessions with a bona fide trained professional psych person. It’s made easier by the fact that the past 5 years I have been making an effort to take apart various ugh nebulous things that were affecting my life. so there has been a lot of groundwork. But like one of those little automated vacuum cleaner things, I got myself stuck behind a cupboard lol and needed outside help to continue. We’ll see.

  14. Pluto conjunct my midheaven in Leo aspecting trining squaring everything! Mars conjunct mercury gemini in 8th, Jupiter conjunct uranus in cancer in the 9th and Neptne conjunct ascendant in twelfth house, ascendant being Scorpio with Saturn there too,,,Chiron conjunct descendant conjunct hekate. Taurus sun conjunct Algol..well life has been very interesting and quite challenging, having to learn to tune out the psychic radar and stop reading people’s minds on buses…like a radio receiving every station at once. Luckily Taurus sun quite grounding, writing and researching magic helps focus the shamanic vibe. Always up at 4 and love it, write tip 7 go back to bed n get up again about 8. Nap at 5 p m. I think outer planets get easier as you get older, especially if you have a focus and outlet for them.
    Funny though my daughter has Pluto on her asc and we clash like mad. Power struggles!
    Really enjoy Mystic’s take on all this but all you guys are amazing too..maybe we should all conference on the internet one morning at 4 am. Wouldn’t be lonely then! The 4 a m club! But then we’re ll so rebellious/individualistic we wouldn’t want to do it lol

  15. Yep Outer Plantery!

    Sun conj SN conj PLUTO Virgoan 1st H!!
    Nep conj Moon Scorp 3rd H
    Merc conj Jupes AND Uranus Lib 1st

    Have a lovely big Kite which includes the above plus my Cancerian Lillith which is all being pinged by Jupiter atm – it all points to the tail in my 7th House Piscine NN (soulmate need apply)

    Am consciously more collaborative and feeding my artistic soul and crafting the kind of life I want with integrity and beauty!

  16. To misquote Leonard: “It’s four in the morning, the middle of December.” I got up because I’ve been awake for ages and can’t get back to sleep. How bizarre to find this post!
    Outer planet, yeah. Pluto-Uranus conj in 1st house, opp Sun/Saturn/Chiron in 7th house. Have I missed any? Oh yeah, Neptune conj IC opp Jupiter. That’s what I was born with. Right now I have Pluto on my moon-Lilith conj and Neptune on my Sun-Saturn-Merc. Surely I get a prize.
    It’s pretty crap in Chrysalisworld right now, actually. I missed out on a major career thing, and have spent the whole weekend hidden away, carb-loading, crying and seriously questioning the viability of keeping going. I am so fuquing lonely. That is the crux of it. I seem to have become part of a group of other sad middle aged single women who see themselves as on the scrapheap. I don’t really feel that but maybe it’s true. I am sure sick of listening to it. My family is dysfunctional and toxic so I avoid them, and the only man I’ve managed to attract in three years has alcohol issues.
    I’m sick to death of trying so hard and not getting anywhere. Mainly trying hard to put on a brave face because I have no idea what my life is supposed to mean anymore, the truth is I hate it, and whatever I’m doing doesn’t seem to be making things any better.
    Soz for the rant. It’s late/early and I haven’t had much sleep. I’ll be fine.

    • Sending you a hug, C. Don’t judge yourself by the people you’ve attracted – try to be compassionate towards yourself. I hope things lift for you soon. x

    • Hey love, as a fellow middle aged single woman, we are *not* on the scrapheap!! I often think I’ve dodged a bullet by being single for so long — having a husband or partner doesn’t mean you’re more attractive, happier or more fortunate, that’s for sure!

      Stop ‘trying’ and accept who you are and where you are, don’t put on a brave face, share how you really feel — actually I think you’re pretty cool and I’m glad to be your friend. It will all turn out ok (I know I’ve been there too, a million times 😀 ) xxxxx

    • Hey stop trying and find your passion in life, flowers art spiritual journey being outrageous n authentic. No such thing as middle aged! I am 60 and dancing five rythmns all weekend making altars. Live on a little money but great bunch of like minded folks.also love being alone no kids no job…freedom! If you’re in love with your life you’ll attract a positive lover. Read some Rumi! Sending much love ? cut n colour the hair paint nails crazy colours. Embrace being different xxx

    • Sending you hugs too Chrysalis. I can relate to your message. I’m early waking every morning and not sure what it all means. But one thing I know is: there is no scrapheap. Can’t go on, will go on. Keep going xxx

    • I totally feel that way too sometimes Chrysalis! I have deliberately booked my holiday season to be packed to the gills of things to do so I cannot sit at home and feel sorry for myself. Depression is rampant over here during this time of year esp if you have a crap family. So sick of people saying well if you dont have a bf/gf at least hang out with friends and family! Umm…excuse me…middle aged woman here…my friends are all married or paired and hanging out with THEIR family and my family are angry making so no.
      As an introvert that prefers to stay home, I force myself to go out each night…force connections…force meetings…etc…. And you know what? I have actually stayed buoyant and light so far. Almost dare i say fun? Only a few more weeks…gotta get through new years eve, as that is the next holiday that singles without a date get to feel like losers. And of course get through dec 30, which is marks the beginning of my 6th year of unwanted celibacy.

    • Sending hugs and hopes for happier moments. Life is always bleaker in the wee small hours of the morning. Why I hated my insomnia so much. It’s hard to be up beat and positive.

      Also sending a metaphorical string of fairy lights to illuminate the dark.

  17. Ya,

    I’ve got Mars conjunct Pluto
    Venus conjunct Uranus
    and Sun conjunct Neptune

    (and Mercury conjunct Saturn).

    One of my best friends has Sun/Uranus exact at 0 degrees Sag. Lots of Sun/Pluto people. And lots and lots of Neptunians.

  18. This *so* resonates with me. I’m a total newbie at understanding my chart, but I’m guessing Neptune and Pluto sitting on my sun would qualify?

  19. This makes a lot of sense. I am grateful for my little tribe of fellow weirdos.

    Last night we all came together for an Anti-Holiday Holiday party. These are my people. BUT I should have heeded MM’s warnings in regards to not going on any benders. My Pisces Moon ass was showing last night.

    I fell out of my chair and spilled shit, creeped a girl out, tried real hard to convince a man to do drag, and accidentally stayed at an after part until 6:30 in the morning. I am a little embarrassed today but I suspect they were all outer planet people too so it’s all good. Well except for the girl I creeped out. THANKS VODKA!

  20. I often find myself asking that same question. How come no one sees through all the advertisers lies, tv adverts & magazines pushing products down people’s throats? Obey. Consume.
    I have strong Pluto presence in my chart…the intensity can get exhausting. I sometimes wish to be ignorant and blissful instead.
    wow…that came out sounding pretentious. yikes

    • Pluto is transiting aka transhitting my third house…please forgive. Everything I try to communicate lately falls flat. Might go back into neuro-transmitting instead.

      • Agree — being on poverty line student income the past few years has made me very conscious of consumerism and all the crap that’s marketed to us that we *don’t* need at all.

        And much less stressful to declutter, streamline, and go for quality rather than quantity.

        • I find myself happier with less stuff in my living space it allows my mind to breathe!
          I feel bogged down by material things.

          • I have found some of my happiest times were when I had less and had good friends to just laugh with.
            I keep meeting materialistic women that play keeping up with the Kardashians, they are obsessed with designer clothes, lip injections it’s just not my scene at all…I really miss my artistic friends and community.

            • Further investigation I have a strong Plutonic influence on my charts with Mercury.
              Pluto Conjunct Sun and Mercury in my 11th House. Could 11th House also mean community, neighborhood?

            • lol — kardashians are so BORING and pointless — so 80s really ! Mindful, meaningful and minimalist is the new black

      • mind you, both my parents are quite frugal and have a thing about ‘wasting money’ — both grew up in low income households and born in the 1930s — the great depression

  21. During the ZZ, I had Pluto opposite Moon, Uranus opposition and Uranus square Moon. It was impossible to sleep for more than 3 hours, my days were long, I was energized all the time, people seemed sluggish. It turns out it was just a foreign mass in my pituitary gland that made me super awake. lol

    Now Uranus is approaching to conjoin my Sun, I go to bed at 10pm, wake up every two hours, do some kind of activity for 15 minutes (write, meditate, cleaned the fridge once), then go back to bed and repeat this pattern until 6am. I mostly feel great during the day.

    I have Moon square Uranus in my natal chart.

    • Fascinating. I also have moon sq. uranus natally — and esp. around the full moon, I am AWAKE at 3 – 4:00 am. Maybe I should try your 15 minutes/go back to bed pattern, because deep breathing and willing myself to sleep doesn’t work so well.

      • Inanna, it was very hard psychologically for a while knowing that monophasic sleep was not in the cards for me anymore. I spent a lot of time berating myself trying to force myself to sleep, then on the following morning I would wake up in a foul mood, feeling groggy, like I had failed to act like a “normal person”. When I realized that I should be listening to my body and creating my own routine and reality I could see my overall health improving. I´m Kataka Moon – ebb and flow. 🙂

        • I have been a pretty crap sleeper since I was pregnant (12 years ago) but from late April it took it to a whole new level. At worst I was sleeping in 45 minute blocks. At the better end I was waking 6 times a night. It’s only in the last two weeks that my sleep has finally ironed out again.

          I’ve joked that the Saturn-Neptune square has finally bought order to my sleep again. I’ve had two nights where I’ve slept straight through in the last week. I am lucky to get one night like that every 6 months.

          I’ve got Uranus exactly square Mara. I’m told this is like a self perpetuating power source. I definitely used to feel like that – go a million miles an hour with unflaggable energy – but the last three years just haven’t been that.

        • I understand this and completely agree with you. I have Kataka Moon in 7th House Semi-Sextile Leo Uranus in 9th, Semi-Square Virgo Pluto in 9th, Wide Trine Scorp Neptune in 11th (to name just a few aspects).

          Have hardly slept for years and years and am quite okay with that. I have heaps of energy and creative ideas… hehe.

          That ‘ebb and flow’ relate to weight as well… which doesn’t help having Cap Jupiter Conjunct Sag Ascendant. 🙂

  22. Yup, that’s totally me. Mars conjunct Neptune and Jupiter on Asc and according to declination I just found out that apparently my uranus and neptune are conjunct too.

    Then there’s Mars/JupiterNeptune conjunction sextile Pluto and trine the moon.
    All my friends and closest loved ones are outer planet folk too.

  23. Def an outer planet person. It is hard for me to hard along with those who are not. They are i itially interesting because they are so different but eventually bore me.

  24. OH is that why I’m ‘weird’ — Pluto conjunct my Mercury? I like to see it as a blessing, but it is so difficult sometimes for me to connect with other people, esp. normals/Muggles. I was a relatively silent child and still something of a loner. Where are my outer planet people?

    • Also – that’s the major conjunction, but do other close aspects play into it? My natal chart:

      Uranus sq. IC, Moon & Mars
      Uranus sq. MC
      Uranus opp. Chiron
      Chiron sq. IC, Moon & Mars
      Chiron sq. MC
      Chiron trine Sun
      Pluto-Mercury trine Asc.
      Pluto-Mercury conj. SN/opp. NN
      Jupiter sq. Pluto-Mercury
      Jupiter sq. NN
      Neptune sextile Pluto-Mercury
      Neptune opp. Asc/conj. Dsc.
      Saturn sextile Venus (+ Mars & Moon)

      Yeah, I guess I might be a little weird.

      • Uranus square IC. Do you remember the hack “Working your Angles”? IC is where we regenerate, so that might also be a clue there for you regarding your sleep pattern, especially with Uranus in your 6th house.

  25. This has been a constant theme in my life. With both Uranus and Neptune conjunct my ascendant, Uranus conjunct my Sun, and Neptune conjunct Mercury, and Moon in super tight sextile with Pluto.

    Most people have very strong reactions to me, most are just really confused. But I know immediately when I’ve met a fellow outer planet person. They really are the only people for me, most others make me feel like an alien.

  26. Yeah I have Neptune conjunct my ac, Uranus opposing my Venus, Pluto and Jupiter conjunct my moon, and Saturn conjunct my Mars and MC.

  27. This struck a chord as soon as I’d read it.. so many times I wonder if my frustration with the people I’m surrounded by must have something to do with me? So I delved into my star chart to have a look..

    Sun harmonizing with Uranus
    Sun harmonizing with Neptune
    Sun harmonizing with Pluto
    Venus discordant to Pluto

    Uranus blending with Neptune
    Uranus harmonizing with Pluto
    Neptune harmonizing with Pluto

    I feel like I might POSSIBLY be an outer planet person?

  28. I think I’m always having a Pluto transit LOL.

    Also I’ve got Uranus on my rising and yeah, it’s like everyone else is one of those zombies from “I Am Legend” and I’m like, “I just want to hang out with my dog- leave me alone,” and they’re like, “but we think your brain is delicious,” and I’m like, “excuse me while I catch some sun and reinforce my windows again.”

    Great post. The Murakami ones I print out and StickyTack to various doors around my house. #fengshui

        • I’ve got Uranus on my ascendant too. It’s been an *interesting* life.

          Do any of you have a thing with electricity? The power went out at the hospital when I was born, for no apparent reason. I’ve been around a few lightning strikes and when me an another OPP friend traveled together, the town experienced their first tornado ever and the power went out at the hotel. It was an intense but focal storm cell, some of the group members staying a few miles away experienced nothing.

          Just wondering what some of you other Uranus rising types might experience. 🙂

          • I have had a few weird electrical things happen but nothing that intense. The power went out at the hospital when you were born? I’m impressed.

            I did have a fire at my school when I was in 4th grade, then again in 12th. I did not set them, lol. Then my father in law had a house fire about the same time I had a miscarriage.

            • Yeah, the hospital thing when I was born has only recently become more interesting to me. I didn’t think too much of it until this year, which has been incredibly transformative (lots of pain and difficulty coupled with some pretty incredible mystical and powerful life changing experiences.) Then I started to putting pieces together from my life. I asked my parents more about the story, and I guess the power really did go out *when I was born*. Considering I wasn’t breathing, it made for an interesting experience as they handed me to my Dad who had to “carry me like a football” (American!) up the stairs to the ICU since the elevators weren’t working and my mom was left in the delivery room by herself. I get the impression there was a part of me trying to put on the brakes and rethink my choice for this lifetime…”Wait – what was I thinking?? Do I really want to do this?!?””

              Come to think of it, I’ve served as a lightning rod for my family, always feeling like the odd man out, which goes along with my electric theme too. I just feel like I’m carrying a charge at all times, and never quite sure when I’m going to get hit.

              With you, that’s a fair amount of interaction with fire, considering it’s a relatively rare occurrence to experience. I used to have some very serious phobias of fire when I was kid. I haven’t thought about it in a long time, but there was a time that I was terrified about my house catching fire, for no good reason. Kinda make me wonder if there was some lingering fear leftover from a previous lifetime. Hmm.

  29. Oh you mean that Neptune-Moon duo in the 12th? Or my son’s Moon-Pluto-Jupiter in Saggo? My Mer-girl is Sun-Neptune in Pisces. Her Aries Venus on MC gives her backbone. My sister was Libra Neptune-Sun. She was mystical, devout, truly angelic. Her compassion setpoint suffuses me with kindness.

    My theory- we Outer Planet clan have to incarnate together, as Muggles confound us- as we do them. Comparing notes at day’s end- marveling at transcendent moments we take for granted. How I envy Toro-Virgo-Cap mastery of here and now. Refuge in Feng Shui and Excel, meditation and MMA.

    ATM: deep cleaning garage in scary-mild midwest weather -30 plus degrees warmer than last year. Feeling energy of possessions/books that hold ancestors’ vibe. It is crowded in that garage!

    Lit a candle to Bridget for Saggo New Moon-my clan’s Irish matriarch- and honored the hearth and cauldron while I swept. Kept candle outside in case I spaced out.

    Back to garage for Cappy day.

    Growing where I am ATM- and resetting from ground up.


  30. Oh, this is me all the time! Mind buzzing, too much to do before sleepy time. Moon Neptune conjunction is my strongest aspect. Then I have Uranus conjunct my Scorpio ascendant (plus part of my angular t-square). Pluto is my chart ruler to boot.

    So when I meet another outer planet person it is raw and deep and shifts the world. It’s hard to wait for such connections, but when they are found, it’s the marrow of life.

    • You put that so beautifully, the marrow of life… I’d do anything for more of that. It’s a shame those connections are so rare.

      • Thanks. I have an 8th house stellium and Pluto in the 11th, so connections are otherworldly. Can only handle a certain amount at a time.

  31. I have Uranus practically on top of my moon…in Aquarius (with Lilith right nearby too). The Uranian/Aquarian vibes are real.

    And it’s true, I don’t really connect with most people.
    *dashes off to make sure best friend is an OPP too*

  32. I have Pluto in the first natally… this rings true. I am drawn to Plutonic people in friends and otherwise, never really made the connection until now, though. Husband has Sun-Pluto conjunct, in Scorpio.

    • Rings true as well.

      Someone once told me that if you have Scorpio prominent in your chart, you do best paired up with someone who also has it. I would extend that to Plutonic influences in general.

      For instance, I have Moon in Scorpio, closely sextiling Pluto, and at least three of my close friends have Pluto in the first, like you. I like to think we’re friends because I can handle their intensity, and them mine.

    • Moon-Uranus-Lilith conj. in Libra squaring Venus in Cap….relationships problematic? Er – yessss…. Also Neptune op Saturn/NN conj (continually bouncing between an overly pracical and an excessively mythical view point) and Pluto trine MC/NN conj (not sure how this plays out but I am constantly having my life demolished and rebuilt in completely new configurations..). Quite exhausting really.

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