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Tom Adams

Guess what?

Some of you may think that Christmas/New Year has sneaked up on you but how about Uranus in Taurus?

It is there from May 2018 until July 2025, a whole new vortex. A whole new economy, Taurus being the sign of money, Wall St and all. A whole new Taurus, obviously.

2016 is, in many ways, a Uranian prep for Taurus peeps –  if you are an April born Taurus, you are already beginning to pick up on the transmission of totally fresh signals.

Taurus/Taurus Rising peeps can now download Taurus 2016 Horoscopes here.

Other peeps might want to think a la how much their life and values have morphed with the Uranus in Aries phase since June 2010. Or even Uranus in Pisces; March 2003 until mid-2010.

These are distinct eras and worth analyzing. Uranus in Pisces was like a mad artist-inventor, bourgeois values blurring, even as strange chaos magic and surreal vortexes awoke the soul/creativity. Uranus in Aries was and is more of a brazen pioneer energy.

The ‘ordinary’ people who are becoming Mars One astronauts are a really extreme example of this. But think how, since 2010, you’ve gotten more self-aware and self-reliant. Start-ups and solopreneurs are totally Uranus in Aries.

Weirder; the Mars One People will probably get there at the start of Neptune in Aries, in 2027.

Both Saturn and Uranus work in seven-ish year cycles.  And even though these two planetary energies might seem to be radically different from one another, you need Saturn to be able to work Uranus Vibe.

An example;  Uranus is the creatively fulfilled, acclaimed, and super-original niche (say) video artist. Saturn is all the work this person put in learning the tech, getting burned by previously trusted mentors or business people, putting money into ideas that turned out to be flawed, too soon or just not executed properly, the hours of work to fund the art and the childhood issues, received opinion or tribal disdain that blocked that pure, raw Awesome.

Saturn is not the Resistance (as Turning Pro author Steven Pressfield terms it) – Saturn Vibe is what you have to summon and keep to get through the Resistance.

If you are Taurus and fighting your way through OR wondering if you should just give up and settle already, take heart – Uranus is coming. Trust the weird.  The way it’s always been done only stifles you once Uranus hits.

F.Y.I. the actor Jack Nicholson is Sun-Uranus in Taurus. He was born (literally) in Neptune City – Moon/Neptune in Virgo.


Image: Tom Adams

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52 thoughts on “The Tomorrow Taurus

  1. Most useful description of Saturn I have ever read – not the Resistance, but what you need to get through the Resistance. Superb, Mystic. Exactly what I needed to read right now, squaring right up to the resistance 😉

  2. Jayzuz I wasn’t even thinking about Uranus into Taurus…It’s going to start it’s ingress opposite my Sun, Pluto, Mercury conjunction. As if I wasn’t already unpredictable enough.

    At least it will be in my 6th house…so much better than the chaotic living of it’s transit of my 4th and the unavailable Aries men of it’s transit of my 5th…

  3. My Capricorn and moon in Virgo thought is that you’re contributing to the widespread death of the colon. A semi colon is a reinforced comma; a colon says: as follows.

  4. My rising degree is not until 28 Taurus — Uranus will hit my ginormous 12th house soon and be there for a good long while. Not sure what to expect. I do know that Aries is my absolute least favorite of all the signs, so any shift out of Aries works for me. New money! Maybe we’ll finally get a woman on the $20 bill (if anyone is still using real cash money).

  5. I’m a Toro rising. Uranus hits natal Chiron in Toro in 12th in June 2018, and again in March 2019 after its little retro action back into Aries. Then transit will cross into first so I guess an Uranian Transformation lies ahead for me. I wonder what this looks like? Thanks MM – will muse on that for a bit.

  6. Interesting, especially for the Taureans in my life. I have all my major placements between Scorpio and Aries and am feeling a bit sad that Uranus will be on the other side of the zodiac and out of range for the next several decades (though I’ll still get oppositions) as I’m tres Aqua and generally groove on the planet.

    I was recently reading about William Hershel, the mega-rad Scorpio composer and astronomer who discovered Uranus (tho fittingly the British science establishment was originally leery of him as an immigrant, “amateur” &c). His wiki:

    Meanwhile, when the current scrambled Uranus direct energy settled down? I could use some sleep and yin vibes.


  7. I don’t know how i feel about Uranus in Toro opposing my AC and then squaring my ginormous 10th house stellium and Chiron in 4th. There’s so much more but i can’t focus on anything for longer than 2 mins ATM – is it just me or a Mars/Moon/ Uranus thing?
    But how can you PLAN for the weird and unexpected? Invest in a space suit? Judging by the pollution levels here lately, maybe we’ll all be wearing space suits a la Mars One Project by then. We can all pretend to be on Mars.

    • You can’t 🙂
      Travelling light helps whether materially or psychologically. Being open to chance, change, Also I think with Uranus transit we -want- change and new ideas, MO’s. I think part of it though is to keep the bigger picture in mind.
      It’s kaleidoscopic maybe, one little nudge and ‘whoa!’ different

      • Love the kaleidoscope analogy. That’s exactly how it is with Uranus. We are well acquainted – for better or worse.

      • Here’s one thing though, ‘re planning for unexpected. Being PIAB’s or otherwise, attuning oneself to the sense of the times (intuition, whatever) often means sniffing change in the air before it arrives. *that* is one way , because we start to feel “hmm, I think situation X may not be around much longer / by this time next year / could hit the fan” , that is the little voice that we take pre-emptive action on. It’s definitely been true for me at least, pretty sure I ain’t the only one… Sometimes the difficulty is in comprehending, accepting, or acting on the change . Its ok if we don’t, no cosmic being frowns and gives us demerits on their Clipboard Of Life, although sometimes the flow of things is better if we have the courage / means to act.
        I had recent mega home upheavals which I KNEW were coming, part logic part instinct, but I just was not psychologically capable of doing anything about it in advance.. So it was much more of a shitstorm for me but it still happened and I’m still here. so, yeah. X

        • I don’t mean pre emptive as in hasten the process, necessarily. But even the smallest things like a gut-sense that there will be a restructure at work, so you clean up your desk and export all your contacts etc. Doing so is not exactly unhelpful anyway obvs, and it also helps Future You should it come to that. Checking insurance policies. Adding a bit more to your savings monthly direct debit deductions. “Declutter” to whatever extent. Update your voicemail message. Book a few sessions with a psychologist. Have a straight-talking meeting with an adviser or a boss or an underling *before* a performance appraisal. Dunno. Whatever is relevant I guess.

        • Thanks Pi. All good points. I was being snarky above and having a restless moon moment (Katakans should be allowed such moments, ha-ha). Mars One article made me crabby too. But anyways – been sniffing, craving and preparing for change for a while. I enjoy change. Even sold home to be ready for a shift. Pluto opp Sun atm, so culling has been fierce.
          And Uranus in Toro will also coincide with my 2nd Saturn return – and Jupiter return. So yeah, getting super ready.

          • Me snarky? I’ll just bite ya head off.

            I think Mars Pluto conjunct has a role there too. Its a tsunami that no Fire, Air or Earth sign can withstand. Afterwards l am Tom Hanks.

            I have a new 50mm x 6mm thick leather leash now for the Martian Pluto. He is such a good boy most of the time

  8. I don’t know how I feel about Uranus in Toro opposing all my 8th house Scorpio bits… I need to figure in transiting Pluto & Saturn effects to really get an idea on how to go pro on that Uranian weirdness.

    • Can I join you, Ankh?

      After conjoining my Aries Sun, Uranus will oppose my 5th house Scorpio Jupiter (after my Jupiter return) and conjoin my 11th house Toro Saturn, Mercury, Venus (and Mars down the road). Meanwhile, I´ll have Pluto and Saturn squaring my Sun, but trining all the other guys.

      Supernova or black hole? Not sure yet. But it is going to be massive. Brace for impact? 🙂

    • I reckon it will include a further tech upgrade and output on your musical pursuits, Ankh. Being in your 8th, I hope it in increases your revenue! 🙂

      Uranus in my 7th on Aries stellium has probably been one of the benchmark transits in my life for various reasons, but the technological upgrades have aided me in locating myself exactly where I want to be. Also in streamlining/decluttering/focus on essentials.

      Just about every Aries person I know has relocated home or work in this transit, and seems to have benefited by it in the long run.

      As for the unpredictability component of Uranus, I am kind of used to that, as natally Uranus is sandwiched by mars and Pluto 2 degrees on each side, in the 12th. Not much resistance to change these days, I step out to meet it!

  9. I’m anticipating an interesting shift. Within the first few degrees, it will oppose my natal Uranus ascendant, conjunct my Chiron, and cross my descendant. Angle power!

  10. I need to do a one on one consult with you…
    Natal Saturn retro in Taurus here… In the Fifth house! I feel a massive reboot coming on. Have for years. In fact it’s already underway but have to get my afflicted Saturn under control. This is the theme of my life. Saturn opp Neptune. And the Neptune force is strong in this one.

    • Hey L, I have Saturn rx in the 5th too (Kataka, mine). I think the rx Saturn just means a *grand* structure that takes a longer time to manifest than a project under a direct Saturn might. At least, I hope so lol! So, we’re going to keep the faith & keep on creating. Strong 😉 x

  11. This was so on point for me, Mystic. I’m a Taurus who’s been wondering if I should just give up and settle already for a while now. Going to switch to fight mode and trust in the weirdness STAT. Thank you. xox

    • I hear that. I’ve been in stuck mode for so long. 2018 is still quite a while off though.

      Uranus in my sixth/Aries has been stressful with various job changes, though at least I haven’t been canned yet. (So far.) I’m kinda excited for it to go into my seventh because my love life has been deader than dead forever so really, that can’t get any worse. On the other hand, is that gonna translate into my having three rapid fire weddings and divorces in seven years?! (I have three planets there–Sun/Chiron/Venus, so that’s triple smacks…)

  12. My NN (and asteroid Gary lol) are at 0° Taurus… Interesting!

    Uranus has been all over my personal planets since the end of Pisces… Sun, Mercury, Venus, and gearing up to trine Mars when he goes direct. I have a late Toro moon too. Pretty much all I wear these days is black or grey.

  13. So someone may crack – that could by me, lol, moon will pass into taurus very soon, and between now and then its uranus / moon aries square with a probing & combined mercury and pluto…And I’m highly wary…

    Insights lately have been surreal to say the least. I cannot deny what I know, and it won’t be far before I am forced to face what I withdrew from a person I love, and quietly indebted to. It would just be so much easier to honour arrangements, before anything else…

    lol, I would suffer a million instruction manuals for assembling anything abstract even before relenting to any unrequited or uncontrolled emotions (libra south node is getting a hit here with present mars)…I just know its much less complicated to subscribe to pragmatism, and I’m dealing with the unpredictable…

    Taurus rules my 8th, natal lillith is there nearly in exact trine to my capricorn venus 5th…with transiting pluto and mercury almost on top of them…I’m worried. Uranus is square this now, also transiting my 8th, and will hit my north node, also 8th. Lust is exhausting…marriage is my foil…

    If this post advises any current vibe as a potential prelude to uranus in taurus I’m planning hiding under a rock…possibly permanently…preferably a nice grey one, camouflaged…And I never run; most of the time I am honest, even if elusive (pisces mars opposite pluto uranus virgo).

    Even though the next uranus cycle will aspect my cancer moon and jupiter / mercury aspects 10th, 1st, 6th very well I know it will shake everything up. Juno conjunct ceres 2nd in scorpio is going to be blasted by this…

  14. I don’t know. Something about that Mars One Project gives me the creeps. Weird. I should be all over it. But there’s something that vibes off.

  15. A lot to digest. But l started my permanancy in teaching at start of 2003 and forced out in June 2010. Unjust in the extreme but necessary for my astro growth. I feel the pull towards communication / writing employment, away from trades / teaching. It enters my 10H at 29°Aries so a disrupt of some kind.

  16. Hold up a sec. I’ve got sun conjuct Uranus in the 10th as we speak for around 18 months so it’s moving to Taurus will mean the end of that phase. I’ll report back and tell you wtf happened. Uranus will then conj my Venus in Taurus so I’m expecting after my biz weirdness I’ll be meeting cute aliens with sexy tentacles or something ? Oow la la.
    Humans will never travel to Mars. The whole thing is a hoax. I mean if I was on that dead planet looking at earth I’d see a reason but why go there ? Though a genetically modified cross organic / digital being may ? That’s my prediction anyway. Humans will succeed in seeding another species there and realize that they too were seeded by a slightly more advanced race of monkeys some time ago. No god required.

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