Saturn Square Neptune Is Exact

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Steven Klein

So the Full Moon is a buzz and Chiron going Direct is always a bitch but Saturn square Neptune…well.

This is just the beginning. The square that is exact today is but the first of three ongoing over 2016.

Yes people, it is time to take a good long hard look in the mirror,  reconnect with core values AND realign our relationship with nothing less than Time itself.

Nobody ever accuses Saturn-Neptune of being ‘easy’ (lol) but it is productive and visionary beyond belief.

Saturn = Structure. Neptune = Magic. Saturn can, of course, be gray rigidity, a damp cloak that you put on every morning before you drink your acrylic tasting tap water. And Neptune can be a delusional degenerate.

But obviously we’re not doing any lower manifesting here. It’s haute all the way, polished mirrors and working clocks, zero wastage and fuq excess.  None of this hurts for Pluto in Capricorn either.  The economy did not get cured after the G.F.C., it got something more akin to steroids/peptides and a spray tan.

The need-to-knows are in your Horoscopes, day in, day out.


Image:  Steven Klein – Dieux Du Stade

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217 thoughts on “Saturn Square Neptune Is Exact

      • Is that what that is? lol.

        I’ve got Saturn conjunct my natal Neptune right now. That photo is the best thing to happen to me in the past few weeks. Thank you for sharing it.

          • If you have positive aspects in the natal chart between Saturn and Neptun, than this tranzit square will be just the action that is needed to be taken, Regards Astrologer Katica Todo

          • I think it just means we’ll be more anxious and negative in our outlook than usual. I won’t really know until its over.

        • Wow me too! I wonder what saturn does as it conjuncts neptune? My dreams have been horriffic lately and by horrific i mean too real, violent, and unsettling. In today’s dream i had a fight with a close friend in her kitchen. She had told me in the dream that she is sick of hearing me whine about my sorry love life and made fun of me. I picked up a half filled olive oil comtainer and smashed it on her wall. Glass went everywhere. At that point i knew it was only a dream because in real life my friend has a um…collecting problem., which means no space to cleanly hit a glass bottle on the wall. Too many bags everywhere to cushion any glass that could break irl. Then i had a grand mal seizure in the dream. So i tried to wake myself up irl by rocking and concentrating on how clean the dream kitchen was (fake). I threw myself off the bed somehow and hit a wall. Welp now i am awake.

      • When I made the analogous same comment on the Jane Fonda post, some time ago, I got castigated for that. Yet when its the other way it is fair comment….

        Sorry, don’t understand. And I am not being outrageous, just trying to understand the anomaly.

          • I think I get what you mean.
            To use the ‘acid in the eye’ analogy it is scientifically possible to pour the correct amount of equalizing alkaline to render the situation neutral.

            However, in practicality, it is better to pour water in the eye to bring about a neutrality to the situation that doesn’t inflame things the other way. As would the alkaline response.

            Or to modernise an old gendered saying
            “What’s good for the Gander is good for the Goose”

        • It’s called a double standard. And SuperK is never far away from these types of discussions. Either making light of it or making heavy of it
          She called me a mysogenist a while back even asking for others to agree?

          Don’t fear Powder one day we shall overcome 😉

        • I vaguely remember that, you were slammed imo.
          Substantially female readership sensitive to subtext and you’re the first soldier over the trench, *Blam! Blam!* “got ‘im”. Etc
          From memory your general tone is not sleazoid, although there is a fine line at times, I concede and it is heavily context-dependent. And yes history is not on your side I am afraid. Or ours. or anyone’s. Ya know.

          • Generally a good check (from a general male appropriateness perspective, current post aside) is to ask yourself if you’d be comfortable if your daughter was the subject of the comment, then work from there maybe

        • OOhh a debate! :mrgreen:

          When a woman makes a sexual comment about a man it doesn’t diminish him or his power to the level of an object. He becomes more powerful and ergo more desirable … more alpha.

          When a man makes a sexual comment about a woman it does diminish her to the level of an object. Yes she becomes more desirable but at the level of a “thing” whose sole purpose is the pleasure of men.

          I know this distinction above is all about the cultural subtext … it speaks of how male sexuality is considered strong, powerful, good, normal. On the other hand our society has trouble with female sexuality. Actually … we seem to have trouble with sex point blank.

          I don’t know … is that interpretation off the mark? What do the boys have to say? Do you feel objectified or offended by these types of comments?

          • Not at all, go for it , but it is confusing when one gets criticized for the same behaviour.
            it’s a pretty simple issue don’t you think ? It’s when people attempt to complicate it and even justify it that it becomes a problem. He called it and it was a true call. Better just to say yeah, it is a double standard…That’s all, an acknowledgment, no justification necessary.

            • ftr, no complications or justifications were offered. Katman asked a question in an open way, I ventured an answer. We do not live in a bubble and in a patriarchy men and women are not equal. It was a mutually respectful and productive exchange until you entered it. if anyone’s interested, I think Jane Fonda was heaps hot in her day.

              • supa, I went back. to be fair in the aforementioned column, you and many others actually discussed how ,in fact, sexual awakenings were in fact related to planetary eras. thereby giving pf a a good place to elucidate his meanings.

                in terms of Davids comment about pf being jumped on, the actual string of comments were quite healthy discussion, leaving the comment from blog owner,she being the author of said post, as the one who basically said “really?”

                the points go to super kali.

                David has lost points for gryffindor at a number yet to be determined.

                now. that entire acrylic water line. hearts.

                • lol!

                  much is being revealed by this Gemini full moon….

                  thank you dear Nono and good to see you. glad to hear your gas fog has lifted….did it coincide with Neptune direct?

                  ps. you place Davey in Gryffindor? 😉

            • I guess if you were going to remove all political and socio-cultural subtexts from the discussion … then yeah sure. You are right. It is absolutely a double standard.

          • (Finally got internet back on)

            I dont think any man who feels empowered thru a sexual comment (in the main or mostly) is going to show respect to women. I’d like to think we are more than abs or willys.

            I think respect between the sexes is achieved thru equity and equality.

            As far as the patriarchy goes it is a long hard road to plough. Hegemonies are slowly being broken but obviously as not as fast as we would like. It can only effected personally. Its not just gender but race, religion and class, etc.

            I also think if we were to meet in person we (as in everybody on here) would find a lot more in common than we think now. After all this is the site that is the most progressive promoting squares and oppositions as being virtuous. Is not the abstract lesson of the Astro to learn how to get on?
            Like I’ve learnt how to understand Gems, Libs (I remember findn out my NN was Lib: WTF???) and Caps.

            • I know plenty of people who are empowered by a good sexual comment, as much as by a good comment on their intellectual prowess. Me included.
              I think that there needs to be a bit of perspective here with these two very different posts and why this started. In the post that Jane Fonda was mentioned there was no sexy picture – it was a brilliant, hard worked post titled Planetary Eras – and the first comment was by you talking of Jane Fonda’s boobs. I don’t think anybody had a problem with that. BUT – It was the very first comment – rather sticking out like the dog’s cojones. It did jar somewhat with the tone of the post – don’t you think? I thought that MM was actually quite restrained in her comment to you. A tad irritated that after her well thought out discourse yours was the first comment she saw. The following commenters were rather forgiving of you, Pf. So you are rather over-reacting. Holding a bit of a Katakan grudge? Your (in)famous Uranus?

              This post however, is in a far different tone. Mystic is allowed to set the tone, no? It is meant to provoke a fun, lighthearted reaction, and it is blatantly sexy – no holds barred. Fun comments welcome! That’s how i see it.

              I would hate that we can’t comment favourably, (without sleazoidness) about gorgeous bodies, male or female, for worrying about what pouncing politically correct bores would say.

              (from one uranus kat to another, in good faith)

              • I agree with you first paragraph. My quote about sexual empowerment was about ppl who who put TOO much store in it to the detriment of other aspects of our existence. So no issue there. Maybe your Leo stellium likes it; my Virgo stellium doesn’t really like comments like that irl.

                Yes I was being provocative in mentioning JF’s boobs.

                A bit of context: I had just come off sexual abuse, at a very young age, by someone who was an adult woman. When I saw JF as a 12 yo she appeared as an angelic version of that person who had abused me. And no I did not masturbate to thoughts of her. The abuse put paid to that part of my development.

                The actual topic of that post did not gell with me straight off. I was taking my cue from many other posters who at times had mentioned ppl sexually. However most ppl on here are femmes. So I understand it is differently appreciated when it goes the other way; by some.
                I did react a tad sensitively ( I got a LOT of senstive astro) to what MM said. I dont think she was wrong to say what she said (off memory). BUT I’m not a person to hold a grudge, memories can be used for other things as well (Aqua Moon/Uran 1H). At one school I was known as FAF (Phone a friend).

                There are very few male posters on here.

                  • Thanx. I posted some stuff about this about 20 posts ago. I have never admitted the abuse till just now. Not even to my then wife. I am seeing a Jungian PAnalyst. You were not to know. But thanx for your sentiment.

              • right! thanks for memory-jog skarab. As I recall I was a supportive commenter, so it’s interesting that I’m getting all the flak up above (not from you PF) and it was MM who was offended.

                Bit of a misstep by the antagoniser, lol!

                • In fact you were the first to come out in defence of Powderf. Then about 8 or 9 other women did as well.
                  Hate it when “gender” is brought in as an excuse for shit slinging.

          • I love the way you phrased your self! I can feel uncomfortable depending on the comment but overall i think you are right. I think that it should go both ways. A beautiful and sexual woman should find those qualities enhancing her overall self esteem and character, not demeaning or evem cutting off her character. Addition not subtraction.

            Yes. There is a double standard on all sides! People have issues with sex. With being sexual. Lets change that, ya?

            No more arguing just discussion. Yup.

        • wait. wait. that post was about fonda. her dealing with the ramifications of past political choices was involved. you brought up masturbatorial images as the first comment. I tots remember that.

          that’s a male models bare ass.

          totally incongruous argument dude.

          let’s be clear. fonda, hot.
          made money as a model.

          this guy’s ass does not get death threats about decisions it made at 19.

          maybe it does tho.

          but still, don’t be a bitch.

          • there was a slow gas leak at my house for a long time. the air is fresher so I can kind of read. I missed this place but I also remember that mystic is taking us to the museum and I’m still grateful, this bus is NOT going back to that high school.

            • “Hers were the first pair of boobs I saw in film. I could not sleep for a year. I was 12.”

              yes I made a huge leap. you might have meant you were studying the sociological implications of astral navigation all those sleepless nights.

              my bad. touche. etc.humble apologies.

  1. Well, it’s going to be a long year for me then (see health issues blah prev. noted)! 3 x structural magic punches to the 6th.

    I really hope I look like the femme version of this guy by the end of it!

      • Re health & Saturn/6th house fellowships, my own long-festering health issues came up for review & action whilst Saturn in Scorpio was squaring my 6th house Leo. Anytime Mars made strong aspects to Saturn was especially cut-thru & decisive in my quest to regain (relative) optimal health.

        So it was a good opportunity for pinpointing what the health issues were & actioning remedies. What had been previously unknown/vague made itself visible. Supportive forces came to my camp just when I needed them, for diagnoses, surgeries, physical therapies etc. Saturn square my 6th house.

        Stay strong, comrade! Give you what you need as you need it, keep your endgame in your sights, be at once student & teacher. And stay flexible in mind as a tree in a windstorm! This is a good opp for gaining mastery of your earthly vehicle, Sphinx: waste not, want not 😉 xxxx

        • Thank you dear Ankh! What had been vague, made itself visible.. that is so Neptune/Moon in the 6th info I need to hear. I was wondering if you had any sage words after your huge events, surgeries of the last years.
          I have natal mars sq. moon AND Neptune.
          So Saturn is conjunct my Neptune and squaring my Mars right now!

          Now wonder I am in a bad way. I am going back to bed!! I am sure I can gain mastery from under my quilt? Lol.
          I am going to keep at it though, I have had some miracles in my life of late that make a lack of faith seem quite a puny affair and very ungenerous if not dumb.
          How are you doing now? Have you any hangover from that time, or clarifications much after the fact?

          • Sphinx, you are moon Neptune too? I have the conjunction in Sagg, 2nd house and opposite my Mars. I’ve been feeling wiped out. But rest is necessary, so don’t knock yourself for a time out.

            I can think of at least 3 others here that have a moon Neptune conjunction, btw. We could start a support group, haha.

            • Oh electro I do not have the two quite conjunct – but they both come up as square my Mars which is mid the two. They share the same house but the moon is in Scorpio while Nep is in Sagg.
              Thinking now It’s funny they are kind of united via square to my Mars in Virgo & then both moon / Neptune are in the 6th, Virgo’s house.

              I would say my gutter talking, sassy side (Mars) is at odds with my spiritual side – for those that don’t know me well especially.
              I do believe I have a need to divest myself of all ego and use my Leo Sun like a chariot that carries others – not for my own pleasure – to counteract this unfortunate combo.

          • Neptune/Moon in the 6th– & your moon’s in Scorpio, right?? Omg Of Course you can gain mastery from the cocoon comfort of your quilt, Sphinx! Tap that watery Neptune flow. Let it transform you from the inside out! Haute Saturn sq Neptune!

            That was the Most Difficult lesson for me: learning to slow down, even stop action, to allow healing to take place on levels not visible, not forced, & sleep. Watch movies. Read, research. All doable under your fave blanket 🙂

            The acute occurrences of testing/appts/surgeries etc are relatively brief spots in time surrounded by vast expanses of seemingly nothing. But that is just it: it only looks like nothing! Under the cover, all manner of expansion & healing are happening. Let go & let Neptune (sq Saturn) 😀

            Ps: your Saturn – Mars energy bodes so well for you! Together, swift & precise.

            Pps: When you’re up to it, may I suggest a leisurely swim? Also, an alchemy bath? Moon-Neptune likey!

      • Glad you like the Mucha, tbh the pose isn’t me, but I adore her starry garb and moon!! I am a Pinterest hog of such images… 😉

  2. Boyfriend isn’t even bowing to the excess of dressing himself.

    His structure definitely is magical. Well illustrated.

  3. Double whammy.

    This Saturn business is ON my Ascendant, whilst Neptune is exactly OPPOSITE my natal Saturn.

    And Chiron moves forward from a position of exactly opposite my NN.

    Silent screams, sleep dep, and aiming for some new, shiny stars . . .

    • Yeah if you ever needed to deal with some shelled walnuts, he’s your man ! I reckon his last Jupiter transit has had a say too.

  4. …and that damn statue’s shoulder just HAD to be positioned there, huh photographer?

    So be it. If I want to look at glorious johnson’s I’ll put out one of my Giovanni books (he does penis photography, lol).

    As far as this whole Saturn Square Neptune business – what can I say? I decided to go to a lauded local psychic on Monday as over the past 2.5 months I have been a bit unsure on how to proceed. My alarm which was set actually did NOT go off – but the garbage trucks awoke me as well as the gardeners. I nearly wanted to cancel because something kept saying within me ‘Do you need to ‘know’ others ‘impressions’ – or can you trust and work with the magic of the unknown?’ But I booked, so I went. And I have to be honest, everything she said about my past and present was so WAY off I was like, huh. What she claimed the future would be – which is what the Tarot has been telling me for 14 months – matched what I have seen, but nothing had manifested so I was like hmmm. So yeah. The only synchronicity was the first three cards (I work in 3 card spreads predominately) but she didn’t interpret them ‘right’ – I did. When shuffling two cards jumped. I “take on” jumping cards, I turned them over on the table for her to see them than when she did a tree of life spread the cards were above and below each other once again. The other synchronicity was when I asked her about my current crush. She stated he wasn’t viable, cold, holding secrets. Than she recommended a business which I know for a fact asked for my crush’s services and when I went to show her something on my phone she requested (at 12:34 no less) for some reason his face and last text message was open when I keyed in my password.

    So, this is where I am at: after a year of INTENSE frustration dealing with withholding, jealous people (which I left behind in late September) I have been spent the last 2 months dealing with my shadow aspects in regards to romantic relationships. And I see now a lot of the advice I am being given via ‘psychics’ is too…muggle-mundane for me. I don’t like projecting ‘shadiness’ on people. i KNOW when someone is shady – I can smell it. I felt the advice she gave me was dated and of the lower realms. So I have chosen to operate from a loce-centered trust. I am not going to withhold, or be pass-agg, or manipulative, or feel the need to ‘prove myself’. I am going to keep loving folks. But I am not going to invest energy in that which doesn’t meet me half-way. I can love someone, and appreciate how being attracted to them busted my heart WAY open but accept that I may not be what they want in a partner (though it’s evident they find me sexually attractive). I am looking for Twin Flame Sacred Union – someone to be sacred and profane with. Someone to learn, love, laugh and create with. Someone who doesn’t mind when I’m away for months, or he I, for work. Who comes from a place of trust and pure union while apart and together. Projections, fears, ‘thinking the worst’ – that’s the past. I trust the Goddess and Angels are guiding and if something isn’t manifesting it truly is for my highest good. I continue to give, but no need to prove. I am enough – no need to.

    So, maybe that is what Saturn Square Neptune is activating for me – the centering of my cynic and my rose-colored glasses. Maybe I am meant to have rose colored FRAMES to balance former pessimist tendencies and I need centered heart vibes to balance my overly romantic Pisces moon. Regardless, bring on this new era – because I feel it is really is a new dawning.

    Oh yeah – beware of the jealousy out there, folks. There is a LOT of it going around. And just like I don’t need a priest to be a conduit for the sacred, I don’t need psychics to give me nebulous ish. Spirit knows, talks, and manifests when it does. I have to be honest, never met a Psychic/Tarot reader who has ever been ‘right’…like EVER, lol. Yet I play with the cards myself. So it is ;P <3

  5. I wish I had enough energy to be force and naked in front of a mirror. Saturn is almost exact with my moon Neptune. I’m having a hard time getting out of my cozy new sheets. At least my imagination is in overdrive.

      • But seriously, it’s been apeshit. 4 open fronts of mayhem to confront: family, finance, work and sudden relocation due to political crap. Saturn square Neptune’s brought it to a head, also Pluto opp exact Sun and Uranus square Sun. It’s been a gradual build-up leading to a sudden frenzy in these last 2 days.

  6. I can’t help but think… “is that it?” I was in the best mood today then I’ve been in ages.
    Surely I must be delusional and setting myself up for an even worse time throughout all of this
    Does this mean Father Time himself (Saturn) approves of me getting my shit together the past 15 months?
    Then again my progressed Moon in Capricorn is conjunct progressed Saturn by 1 degree… so maybe I’m just too well acquainted with this energy at this point.

    • Im right there with you! Things are tough at times but overall my situation is on the up and up. Granted i have worked extremely hard and have and still am growing the fuq up. Saturn is a big influence in my chart so he seems yo approve if my efforts. Lets keep on keeping!

  7. Having a hard time today. Feeling emotional about the holidays because I will be mostly alone, as usual. I have been feeling very lonely the past week or so and it’s only going to get worse over the next month…

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA, and I went around shopping today to make a special meal for tomorrow. As I walked into my home’s front gate with all the shopping, a bottle of wine slipped out and crashed all over the steps and my shoes and jeans. I kind of couldn’t believe it as it was happening. I feel like I sort of spaced out through it and then got very angry at myself as I rarely F – up this badly. Somehow this incident felt very traumatizing.
    Is it Chiron going direct right on my Pisces Mars? My Mars is at 17 degrees…

    Full moon in Gem? Today felt chaotic. And I’m sorry, I really don’t want to generalize, however, I just don’t trust Gemini energy. I’ve got these two female Gemini friends that I realize I just don’t feel comfortable around, and that’s been glaringly clear to me lately…so that’s a whole other story..

    Ugh……I’ve just been really off lately, my memory is failing and I think it’s all down to lack of sleep over the past few months. It’s really scary. I feel like I’m going crazy….

    I’m trying to be more disciplined in my life and work, but my heart really isn’t in my work or in anything. I’m dealing with a heartbreak that I just cannot shake, either. It’s maddening, feel haunted, wish it would go away….this has been going on for over a year and a half…..

    So yeah….I take a hard look in the mirror and see that I have aged exponentially just in the past year, was looking and feeling pretty ok before that…..and that I’m no further along in career or financially, don’t know what the future will be for me if things keep going this way.
    Chiron return will be in a couple years. Would be nice to be back on top of things by then, but if not, I do not want a ‘second half’ of life. I already feel I have nothing to live for..

    • geez flowerchild, if smashing a bottle of wine (you probs don’t need) is your version of fuqing up badly, you’re doing ok! sounds like you’re just depleted sweetheart. you yourself, are fine <3 Chiron stationary on Mars sounds real crap. get some support, see it through. so much love x

    • Hey hon’ I echo what Kali says below… is there someone you can talk to IRL? I used to go to a group a little like a non-Christian based Al-Anon (for people affected by other people’s drinking which was relevant in my case). It really helped me years ago.

      I have been where you are, being set off by the smallest thing. In my case it was a lightbulb that blew. Suddenly everything small becomes a painful expression of everything big… I reckon that’s defo Chiron. Plus you have Neptune on your moon, it’s going to ping all of that and just hurt at the cellular level. Plus holidays, ugh. Check in here if you need… you’ll get support and honesty from the peeps here. xxx

        • Thanks for your support, supakali and Chrysalis! Good objective perspective, which feels grounding and re-normalizing to me, which is super helpful! I have been feeling kind of ‘regressed’ this week..

          Chrys, I do have a therapist, and I’m also working with another practitioner that is helping clear my PTSD who does Rapid Resolution Therapy, but I keep having these bad days…. maybe a support group would help me more…
          I am a child of an alcoholic mother, and mother issues have come up for me recently. I read an old MM post about transits to the Moon by outer planets and one’s mother …..voila! Neptune transiting my Pisces Moon?! I guess it’s time to deal with my alcoholic mother issues! I have been trying to heal from that my whole life, but it comes in layers, doesn’t it?

          And along those lines, yeah, I think you’re right, kali, the wine incident was pretty loud and clear saying, I don’t need to be drinking right now! 😉

          • some cheeky little spirit was taking care of you!

            ok, outer planets on Moon bringing up mother issues makes sense….Neptune on Moon – maybe the way to deal is through the woo woo – I dunno, prayer? ritual? blessing and release? offer love at a soul level, forgiveness for the material/emotional and free yourself into the bliss of your blessings. They exist! and as my friend said to me the other night – this whole business will be over soon enough, no need to rush it! xxx

          • Oh that’s good – I’m really glad you have good help – besides us of course xx
            Your mother sitch? That was mine too. Yes it does come in layers. I began dealing with mine (unwillingly of course) back when Pluto was going through my 4th. I’ve reached a point now of total acceptance that she is who she is. I can mostly find compassion. Not all the time. But mostly. In the grip of my therapy etc it was awful but ultimately so freeing. (I didn’t believe anyone who told me this at the time.) I am sure though that I would have ended up dead if I hadn’t dealt with it. x

          • Flower I’d like to suggest the writing a letter to your mother telling her how she made you feel as a child. Then cry and maybe burn it. I’ve found it helpful with releasing old stuff. I think we all carry around a lot of past hurt and resentment.

            • These are all excellent suggestions….thanks everyone!
              I’m definitely at another layer of working through my mother issues, and this will help!

              Thanks for the support, I truly appreciate it.

              I’m making some holiday food with my housemate today and taking it easy. I am having a bit of mulled wine, but not overdoing it…

    • hey gorgeous flowerchild,

      I want you to remember how incredibly special and magical you are.

      You’re going through a tough time but remember pressure makes diamonds. And the happiest people in the world haven’t been through the toughest life experiences.

      Time to heal and love yourself.

      I want you to write a letter to your mum letter her know how you feel.

      I want you to forgive and give her loads of love. And loads of love to yourself.

      FInd the love in this situation.

      Give love to your EX and release..

      Everyone is on their own life journey and although they may seem like obstacles now they are help shaping you to be the best version of yourself and live the best life you can

      Books i recommend – The Power by Rhona Byrnes and ESPECIALLY Conversations with God.. changed my life…

  8. This astro sucks major arse- I feel like i am purgatory and shitting myself I am not going to get what I need. Because I need/want it so bad.

  9. flowerchild, i feel your pain. totally lost my shit last night, crying etc cos I feel like the people i work with are unhappy so want to sabotage me… paranoid much? BUT just cos im paranoid doesnt mean im not being followed..

  10. Yo. Question – natally I have Saturn trining Neptune, so how does/should a square-up-there play out on this scenario? Extra tension or double dose? Mitigating factor? Am trying to play cool and dodge muggles while they all fall over each other in a competition to see who is the most ridiculous. And also not become one – I have a no crap rule in operation right now.

    • Just had two excellent meetings, where I very frankly and objectively waved ‘The truth’ wand and got respect and kudos. One was with my boss, hashing over many years of inequity – with very positive results. So maybe I can answer my own question with ‘rocking it like a boss’.

  11. Being let down by a prized mentor that has severe addiction and mental problems. Check. Dealing with his insecure junkie gf. Check. Stressful dealing with crazy people. Dealing with the fallout. Disappointed and depressed.

  12. I woke up around the time of the full moon this morning knowing exactly what Saturn Sq Neptune meant for me – interesting that it related to my solar chart, not natal. Anyway, it was so clear, and did not come thorough dreams, it was more like a knowing descended. very cool! (the Saturn biz is less cool, but hey, I know what to work on now!)

  13. Is it wrong that I keep on checking the clock on the mirror? Is that a thermometer above? A pineapple ornament below?

  14. IDK, I am liking it?

    I now understand what MM has been saying, re: Neptune. So, yes-I decided to get real. Finally. It was hard, but it just happened.New things are finally coming in and I feel wiser.

    Maybe, I’m used to the energy as I have saturn sq neptune in my natal chart. Transit Jupiter is sitting on my saturn now, activating it. The sept. eclipse point was on it, as well. Thank god, I got my despair out in advance, LOL.

      • Well, it’s not quite ahead, just different. I “fired” him because I started having feelings for him and that was ethically wrong for both of us. I got a new “mentor”, this time a woman so there is no poss way I can repeat this. She isnot as amazing/skilled as he was, just the truth..but i am living with integrity so itmatters. I have stayed away from previous mentor who has since confessed to me he loves me too out of the blue. However nice those feelings are, the reality is he is living with his girlfriend. Now my new mentor, where she teaches, is folding in a couple of months and she has not announced a new place she will be teaching at. So i either have to find a new mentor or wonder wtf is she doing? Every response when i poke at her is very noncommittal and unsure.

  15. A bit sad today remembering how wonderful last Thanksgiving was with a person who I had to let go of for a number of more than valid reasons but who I miss dearly, mostly for his brain and the conversations. It never would have worked but if I could have faked it it could have been a great life in my mind…an easy and comfortable one for sure. That was my Saturn square Neptune person who I let go of last Christmas…the first Saturn square Neptune.

    SO I was a little nostalgic BUT I crushed an interview this morning for what would be an ideal job for me right now and which involves everything I have been working so hard studying lately. Hopeful and proud of the work I put in to impress interviewers w/ knowledge even if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out.

  16. Is it a doble whammy if I have natally Saturn in Virgo square Neptune in Sagg exact?

    I wonder what is going to happen when transit Saturn conjuncts my Neptune?

    Since I have it nattily, this configuration maybe easier for me?

  17. I would really rather look at a guy’s front than his back …
    This FM is exactly square my natal Sun in Pisces, though, so maybe I’m letting too much slip …

  18. After a near-miss LZ episode I have turned a major corner.
    Am spending the day setting up structures to get me to where I want to go. I’ve binned a few non-starter voluntary time commitments, doing yet more finance finessing (who knew tax could be so interesting!), booking in music lessons and a few other practical things to give the vision a bit of a nudge towards reality.
    Very late night soul-mining session last night had me realise what a huge wealth of help/talent/simpatico people I have in my current tribe/networks, and I haven’t been aligning with it – I’ve been looking backwards and telling myself I’m the victim of what others did to me. It’s time to get strong, realise my worth and focus on making good choices every day.

    • Go you! I am curious if when you feel you have hit peak strength you will let us know by changing your nomme de clavier from chrysalis to butterfly? Or mariposa or papillon – I love that word in any language!

      • Ha that’s a very interesting point you raise, Sphinxy 🙂
        I don’t feel it yet, but I’m hoping I’ll know when that day comes. Possibly when I have some kind of outer, material world success (Cap moon) or when I lose the last 10kg and get a hair makeover (Leo rising) xxx

        • Funny.
          But gives German a bad name. The great political speeches of English are based on Germanic words; not French/Latin as is erroneously supposed. 80% of everyday spoken English is Germanic. True 60% of all English words come from Latin via the French. But many of those words are not used very often.
          JFK, Churchill, MLK, Armstrong, Curtin, Menzies, etc cut through with simple Germanic words. Prolix (irony alert) speakers like Beazley and Rudd lost peeps. There is, however, no accounting for Dubya

  19. Libran Lover final tells me what is going on. His girlfriend is not okay with him having an intimate relationship with someone else. He still wants her in his life. He’s caught in an impasse. I’m exhausted. I have no idea what’s left to do. I’ve been angry. I’ve been considerate. I can see how he’s self defeating. But I care. If sex is out of the equation, per her boundaries what happens next. Suspect her issue is not actually sex.

    Piscean Partner hit a water main on site and filled a whole with 100,000 of council water accidentally.

    Sat crying in the psychologists office today as I’ve been emotionally squeezed by both the men in my life. Walked out with a list of core values to focus on. In an attempt to reset my life. Give me a foundation. From here on in, I’m taking care of me as a first priority.

  20. super fuqing vague today. Off the charts. And this is a Pisces talking. I blame my chart ruler squaring Neptune. Early to bed tonight. Job interview tomorrow. Hit up the awesome former boss (Virgo Pisces asc) for a reference and he offered to put me in contact with a Potentially Helpful Person too. Therapist booked for Sat. Dr and dentist lined up. All I need now is to lock in the $ and find a stable place to live for, oh I don’t know, 12 months would do…just so I can remember my nameyou know

  21. I’ve had fun-sucker Saturn on my natal Neptune and Jupiter for at least a year already. Yes I have excellent glutes, shiny teeth and a well ordered house .. but fuck me it was boring after awhile. Easing off now. So Saturn square Neptune is like … meh! My natal Neptune is in Sagg anyway. 🙂

    Lots of other people hitting the wall tho … particularly Virgos doing it tough at the moment I’ve noticed.

      • I’ll say one thing for Saturn – no other planet can make one grit ones nether regions and perform barbell squats, deadlifts, incline leg presses and lunges four times a week .. and kinda enjoy it! 😉

    • Neptune and Chiron opposing one Sun, that would have to be a bit difficult

      I hope one Virgo in particular cops it. The multi libran Virgo, or as i have recently christened him, The Cad. No reason. Just random bits and bytes connecting…

      Have realised that it is all earth sign men who I “hang” onto in my little cappy moon heart. Toro, Virgo, cap, they’re all there. Taking up space on my comfortable lounge, drinking my wine, enjoying my views, well I say FUQ THEM ALL ugh closing time, gentlemen *boot*

      • Lol! I was thinking something similiar. Is it awful to say you hope a particular virgo bites it this time around? Because i do too.

      • Oh dear … I’m hearing a bad case of man-fatigue Pi!

        I reserve all comment and judgement on men as I am currently trying to alter my neural pathways. 😀

        • Hmm. That’s good idea.
          This is the first love-related outburst in ages.
          And none of them are event current.
          Like the rest of my life I don’t understand anything any more. Shrug.

          • It’s realising we don’t understand that leads us toward understanding. It’s the first puncture in the bubble of delusion, yes?

            Doesn’t make it any bloody easier though.

            And I’m rather charmed by the word man-fatigue!!

      • Yeah. Sounds about right. My natal Neptune squares Venus and Jupiter, so Saturn is all up on my everything now.

  22. I thought I’d HATE the Saturn, Neptune Square Full Moon.
    Yes, I’m capitalising it.
    Whilst it hasn’t exactly been comfortable or fun, it has been completely amazing for me.
    Enlightening, empowering, eventful.

  23. Does the strength of the effect of this depend on your chart though mystic? I have neptune in Libra in the 12th house- but so far the main effect for me has been to dive deeper in to magic and my research- I have neptune trine Mrs/Merc in the 8 th house so enjoying the mystery, I suppose by researching i am trying to communicate it to this current ‘reality’ Saturn giving it form. It’s square my Jupiter conjunct Uranus, but I think that can give me a good take on things in different way..hmmm feel slightly puzzled by this. maybe all will become clear (er) in time. The fact that I have chosen to be celibate might help keep some of the confusion at bay. Don’t know about this!

  24. Ive been “friends” with a man in my life for almost 15 years. Tuesday we hung out and had sex (whiich wouldnt be the firt ime, just the first time in a long time). At the moment I felt like maye his ws the begining of a new chapter for us. It’s now day two with no contact and im ready to go on an LZ rant on his as.

    Don’t know if its the gemini full moon one degree from my natal sun opposing mercuryand saturn or i it’s the saturn neptune square trying to break my illusions.

    So witches nd warloks should i say somehing or should i press for an answer ?

    • Asking for an answer will surely clarify matters, and reveal if there are any delusions. Perhaps ask if you are “more than friends” now, and if he says “no” consider that delusion busted, say ‘fuck that’ and get on with your life.

      • I feel you lux but its difficult to hear u know.

        Who wants to hear that they’re not desired especially by someone that I’ve always relied on and cared for.

        At this point I’m waiting for him to message so I can get real passive aggressive with the replies and he can figure it out for himself.

        And thanks for the advice. Much needed when all your friends are tired of hearing u bitch lol

        • 15 years is around half a Saturn cycle. Where was Saturn when you met ? The current saturn is approx in opposition to it.
          So Saturn was in Gemini ? Maybe that’s a clue.

          • that’s interesting… Saturn has just got off my natal Neptune but is still in orb. The night of the full moon I blew off my main interest (dumb idea!!) to go for dinner with a guy from a social circle I hung out with 15 years ago…The first thing I noticed was that he seemed to be sweating A LOT, then that he had a sniffle and was touching his nose often, he was talking 99 to the dozen…and jumped up twice and disappeared with out excusing himself to come back even more sniffy…I’ve seen enough movies to have a fair idea what was going on here…Even though I felt sorry for him (he seems to have had a really rough time the last few years including the death of a loved wife) I feel really, really clearly to steer clear of this situation – where as in the past I would have felt obliged to “be his friend” or something.
            At the same time, Uranus was opposing my 6th house natal Uranus (to the minute I found out later) – woke up that day, decided I just couldn’t handle my boss any more and chucked it in with out lining something else up first:-/..

  25. I did miss this place. lots of reading to catch up on. if you get to a point where your subscription to mystic lapses your mirror needs more vinegar. cheers piabs. everything is exact. “exact
    not approximated in any way; precise. antonym:inaccurate”

  26. I feel like I’m drowning. Feel as though there is no fuel left in the engine. That I’m no longer waving.

    And then there are the clearest flashes of insight from no where.

    Then the sensation of drowning again.

    Like excavating something from beneath the ocean.

    Floated in the pool last night under the amazing full moon and told myself it was self love. Am drawn to the water at the moment. Immersion.

    And this is only the first of three?

    • I feel this way too. So tired, like trying to walk through water. And really fantastic ideas, the kind that will propel me into the future. But the future is now. Time is nothing. Time is everything. Innovations need to happen before the connections are lost.

      • I wish I was having brilliant insights about ‘stuff’ other than churning relationships.

        I can’t believe in all the drowning in devising a plan. A way forward. A way of not giving in or giving up. I had a terse snort when I read the Aries horoscope about ‘turf war’. About using smarts and wiles.

        Turns out I have smarts and I have wiles. And I think I know how to use them, rather than to go into all out battle mode.

        But this weirded out, disconnected feeling at the same time. I actually feels as if the anchor in my body is tenuous at best.

        As though I am water. It is bloody weird and disconcerting and liberating all at the same time. (And I’ve got double dose Neptune as my natal is square the transiting one!!)

        • You are in a tough spot, for sure. Any chance you could get away for a little while? It may just be my Sagg moon talking, but it seems as though it may help to get out the literal space for a while.

          Neptune can be a heart eating mermaid wench. She us conjunct my moon natally, and I feel like the past few years have been a lesson on understanding this energy and not letting it get the best of me, which I’m pretty sure it has been doing all my life. Not I an obvious, drug bender kind of way, but a veil over my eyes and fooling myself into thinking certain things are okay instead of their actual soul sucking realities. I will turn that watery tart into my haute little bitch. Not to be disrespectful of the energy, lol.

          • My Sag sun (Mercury and Neptune) all love that idea immensely – getting away. Unfortunately I am stuck at home solo parenting at the moment. Partner is away doing field work.

            Thanks for the heads up on how to process the energy. I’m sure there is something far deeper at play here. In fact, I know it. It’s just the distraction of all these ‘details’ (and yes. I am reducing love torment to ‘details’).

          • And you know what – I’m going out for a drive to see my best friend and collect some tea. Turn the music up loud and fly through the suburbs.

            And then I’ll take myself down the road to the little coffee shop there. The boy will be fine at home for half an hour while I go down the road and read.

          • I had invited Libran Lover over to talk, or to eat, or to swim, or to do none of the above but keep me company after the boy was unexpectedly invited out. He said no, he wasn’t coping was going to stay home. Complete with more apologies. Decided not to feel crap about it – I’m lonely but hell, I’m the queen of loneliness.

            For some reason I looked at the submissions page for a literary journal as this was going on and discovered that the poetry submissions have only got three days left before they close and I remembered that there were poems that I wanted to submit.

            BUT… some of those poems were written for the Libran Lover so I then had to go back and contact him and check that he’s okay with me submitting them for publication (he was then perplexed as to why I was asking because technically it is my work and I don’t need his permission to publish it – I said that it was a personal courtesy as it was written for him and I’ve never shown it publicly!) I get his blessings to publish the poems.

            I decided that I’ll go out to the local raw cafe and treat myself to dinner/dessert and transcribe the poems (and they were physically created from repurposed book pages!) I don’t really feel like going out but I will.

            Then about 6pm transit Mercury hit natal Mercury and all the mind fog just cleared. Mood soared.

            Words were written. Words were transcribed. Suddenly I feel as though I can cope. No, not cope, I can flourish. And I can totally nail the ‘turf war’ with smarts and wiles. Just watch me.

            • Oh, that’s awesome. Great redirection of energy! My situations of the heart find respite when I direct them to myself or connect them to the ether. If you can’t take out those damn knots, at least give them a purpose for existing.

  27. I drove hours to have a buffet lunch in hell with my sister and Dad on account of Thanksgiving. The only reason I can find for it is some vague guilt. I hate that man. He made some comment about wouldn’t it be great to get to be 10 again? Ten is my daughter’s age. I said hell no. I hated growing up with him. iChing says you can’t force love. It must be an old attachment to my sister. Over it. I’d rather stay home and play video games and do crafts with my kid than be polite to some loveless situation.

    • Feeling obligated is the worst. Holidays can be such a drag. We need more Dionysian type celebrations instead. It’s the letting go that we need.

    • Next year you know to say no and do what you want to do! Obligation is awful. Holidays are so weighted down with it. Let morons hang with morons and let all the good folk go out and do what makes their hearts sing.

  28. Who thinks this is the most ASTRO song ever? With astro, we know when to hold ’em, fold ’em or run etc? 🙂

    • Genius, thank you Lux.

      Is there an astro Kenny Rogers post? If not, I would love to read one. Longevity, reinvention, songs that have stood the test of time etc. xx

    • I just wished he had not done that to his face.

      we even sing this when we have year 9 n 10 timber n Metal classes, along with Jack n Diane. My Head Teacher just shakes his head

    • OK I am doing major procrastination/displacement activity so I have had a look at Kenny’s chart. He is Leo sun and Mars, Kataka moon, Venus in Libra. Jupes opp his sun and loosely opp his Mars. He’s had five wives! (at time of writing lol)

      • What are you supposed to be doing? I’m procrastinating from cleaning the bathroom. Which is what I decided I must do today. I don’t actually have to do it.

        • LOL I’m supposed to be editing something 🙂 I am cleaning the bathroom in between random astro-commenting, going vegan / paleo with only what’s in my fridge right now, googling how to go ‘nose to tail’ with celery, cauliflower etc… plus a massive laundry bender. (Mars in Virgo).

          • Oh. I can totally understand procrastinating from editing!!

            I got as far as scrubbing the bath/shower.
            The rest of the paleo stuff sounds fascinating.

          • Ugh I sympathise.. lots of teacher friends are in the same boat right now.

            Kenny’s chart is interesting, from an amateur perspective (mine) – Sun/Mars in Leo – all that hair… Venus in Libra opp Saturn in Aries…Loves beauty /symmetry but perhaps Saturn is trying to tell him you can’t fake it /fill it long term.

            • He also sang some of the greatest love songs of all time!! Let’s not forget that either. And yes. The hair.

              I remember Myf Warhurst barely holding it together when she actually met him.

            • I once lived in the Adel Hills and travelled to the River for work (50km drive) and I was driving am old Isuzu Bellet and I went around a corner and lost a wheel at high speed.
              I got to work and my apprenticeship boss said did you sing the song?

              I said what song?

              He said, “You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel”

  29. Maybe my acupuncturist is saturn medicine? He’s insisted I attend weekly, to remove tension, constraints – the treatment and herbs makes me sleepy, slows me down, I become earthed, heavier, less flighty. Saturn and mercury are trine my own aries saturn 8th. I cannot debate with this man, as there is truth in the fact I am fried physically…but I cannot stop the desire, hormones. I forget all the tension, fights with sex.

    Neptune is in my 7th house. My partnership is blissful physically, but total emotional chaos…Next year for post graduate I must get through, and nurtue our child’s through her beginning at school….Other than the threat of a disintegrating partnership I feel positive about change.

    My fertility is disappearing, so I suppose I will reinvent my creativity via other manifestations, but physical intimacy is so enjoyable, lovely it would be challenging to lose the intensity of it, as I have had this year…

    I miss the shamanic healer, but accept my uncertain moral position…

    • I was wondering how you were going. It’s been a shit storm here. Processing. Devising a plan to deal with things.

      • Thanks. I will commit to acupuncture…Its sort of helping me become unstuck so far, but that is also causing a feeling of being unhinged…this person I have known for 7 years (since 2008), we reconnected, he is strict about his practice, kind and empathic, perfect for strife in marriage. The other charismatic unorthodox healer I fled, was too intense in intent, I accept he changed my life, but for ethical reasons I couldn’t pursue it any further…my partnership is both suffering and improving weirdly, though one part is up where it always was supposed to be, the other not so promising…Its no one’s fault, just a struggle for fundamentally very different people.

        • I hope there is a little oasis of calm in there, somewhere for you, and the ability to flow lots of self love.

          The brain fog cleared for me last night (Mercury transit natal Mercury – wow!!) and I have a plan for how to move ahead. I am not willing to give up the Libran Lover. I am willing to downsize what our relationship consists of. I will be happy if I can still kiss on on the banks of a river and go out to movies and have conversations. I know he is the manifestation for my need for freedom and I’m not ready to lose that first tenuous leap out to claim it.

          And this morning, I don’t feel as angry or hateful toward my partner’s new girlfriend (an old friend of mine is fallen out with). She took my son out to a school event (our sons are best friends) and I got a chance for a few hours of alone quiet time. So there is possibility of peace and equilibrium in the future.

          I am going to totally believe it is possible for peace and equilibrium before Christmas for all of us. We all deserve a break from the constant emotional turmoil.

  30. The day before the full moon I went for a haircut and noticed that the younger Pisces muso that’s doing me no good was walking toward my direction in the sidewalk. I have nothing to say, fatigued as they have said here already, and he says nothing, either. I walk into the salon and he crosses the street and kind of pretends to walk into a restaurant then walks away. He’s Neptune-ruled, I’m Saturn-ruled. That same night I go sing and, oh sh*t, he’s there so I’m nervous at the idea of singing with him around. Not only that but there’s this old skeleton in the closet character from my early twenties that brings bad memories of a thankfully-not-consummated tryst there as well and my heart is pounding. The Pisces muso is at the bar, of course, and guys around him are consoling and patting his back for some reason I’m not sure of. By the time I’m done singing the first song, he seems to be gone. But I’m getting my footing at singing and I’m busy. The older creeper is there doing the usual: latching on to some vulnerable girl, singing horribly with her, I take care of a Bowie song they’re both murdering. Otherwise I ignore him as if he didn’t exist. It was pretty powerful for me to sing “Sexual Healing” in front of these 2 men who may have wanted to take different things from me at different times of my life and all these other people watching. It wiped both of them off the club while I kept going. My Scorpio Rising dad was being all chaos addict since before Thanksgiving, wanting to show up at my place whenever he wanted and disrupt my routine further. On Thanksgiving called him and he seemed intent on not wanting to spend time with me and said I was scamming him. He showed up demanding one item of his he wanted to sell (I was helping him sell some stuff online) so I took all the other items and put them in a bag for him so he would have no excuse to bring up the same situation again. He did not like that I did not give him the chance of drama he wanted so he sent me almost a dozen texts of childish hurtful things in retaliation. I ignored them and went out to have local food, not Thanksgiving food, for dinner. I wake up loneliest than ever the next day and clear in my resolve to relocate next year. Most of my family lives in America now, I miss my little sister and my friends aren’t providing me with the companionship or support I need. I feel very isolated already. I might as well live elsewhere and at least be excited about change even if love keeps eluding me or it may not be totally successful. Neptune right now is totally destroying my MC, ASC and 6th house, it’s been like that for a year or so but lately it makes me want to sleep a lot.

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