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Thoughts and prayers with the people of Paris, obviously. What a revolting turn of events, even if not altogether unexpected.

At the same time, Aung San Suu Kyi’s won a landslide victory (on her Jupiter Return) and the Kurds + Coalition took Sinjar back from Daesh/ISIL. Which is where most of the recent atrocities have been occurring.

This is them celebrating. Presumably the Paris situation is not unrelated. It’s just vile. I don’t have any strong astrological thoughts on this, suffice to say that shiz is clearly escalating in the next month of Mars in aspect to Uranus/Pluto, just in time for the lengthy Mars in Scorpio jag of 2016.

BUT this post is more just here in case any of you peeps want to discuss/share.




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100 thoughts on “Paris Inc

  1. I think it’s easy to hold anti-war, anti-conflict sentiment when the terrorist act in question didn’t land in your own back yard. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t believe that using aggression to resolve aggression works. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that …

    However, I completely understand the anger and trauma felt by the French people and the wider community. From my experiences as a mental health worker I come across traumatised people all the time. In fact most of my clients have experienced trauma … albeit usually on a personal level, rather than a community one such as this incident. Still the problem lies in how we handle trauma. It must be expressed. Rage has to flow out for healing to occur. It is a completely human reaction regardless of how spiritually incorrect some people may feel it is. Properly processing trauma means moving through the stages of grief – and it starts with anger. The desire to retaliate. Let the community have its space to vent regardless of how irrational it sounds from an objective point of view.

    As for some of the conspiracy theories promoted above … global oil machinations and so forth. Well perhaps it’s true. But does it really matter? At the end of the day what we are seeing is more of the same – humans prepared to violently sacrifice other humans in the name of religion or (maybe) in the name of profit. Either option is insane. And it’s this type of insanity that the human race really needs to evolve out of.

      • Excuse my butting in here but Universali I needed to explain that I had no problem with your post above. I was responding to the other poster and when I read back over it maybe I missunderstood them too ?
        Please accept my apology.
        I always read your posts with interest and agree that very few things are as they seem. I was, like you, so upset by the events and my personal sting was that later this week one of my boys goes on his first trip OS for 2 months. I’ve not been away from him for more than a few days in his life. There are helicopter parents and there is me, a Blackhawk parent who is not coping so well with the idea of him being without his Aries bodyguard.. He will be visiting family in the Middle East and I’m fretting a little.
        Sorry x

    • Grief and anger is natural and comes in many forms. I think searching for original causes as a way of dealing with that rage too. There is a feeling that if you can understand the machinations of events you can be part of stopping them somehow. So even though I agree that searching for the correct theory, conspiracy, is unhelpful in the end it can be part of some people’s processing. And it’s not for everyone but it should not be suppressed either, no?

      • No not surpressed. My main concern is that when doing this (searching for truths to find closure) people’s tendency is to mistake theory for fact. Which can lead to more hatred and vilification … as well as vigilante behaviour. People don’t realise how easy it is for their opinions to be shaped and manipulated by unconscious prejudices.

        • If searching for truthful theories leads to vigilante behaviour then, where does that leave us?

          Anyway most conspiracy theories centre around the fact of the increasing centralising of power and money, the .05% of the planet and governments that aid their interests. I am thinking such groups would have funds to protect themselves from those possibly dangerous theorists.
          If we are worried about the way people come to conclusions I would think more logic, more transparent discussion and more guidance from sensible types might help. I find most vigilante behaviour is fed by the media anyway who make manipulating unconscious prejudices into their bread and butter.

          • God yes! It’s the media who I was thinking about the most when I made that statement. However random unsubstantiated drivel on the internet doesn’t help either. 😉

          • “fed by the media anyway who make manipulating unconscious prejudices into their bread and butter”

            Oh god, yes – why do you think Trump is popular, LOL? *Tell me* he’s not tapping some sort of a (predjuicial) vein that runs just below the surface of the collective consciousness…! Sensationalism sells.

            Re: conspiracy theories? I have no problem at all with academic speculation because sometimes all is not as it seems. However, that said there is also the matter of the misanthropes who will actually invent a conspiracy just to have some dirt to throw around because the simple truth is they like wallowing in filth. For example, I’ll bet you that somewhere in the world right now there are probably people claiming the attacks on Paris never even happened and that there’s supposedly some highly convoluted reason (and I use that word very loosely) why “it was all a hoax”.


            While on some level, whenever a horror of this magnitude happens, I suppose it would be somewhat natural the mind might want to reject it by seeking out any other possible explanation (no matter how ludicrous), I tend to put people who deny events like this right on par with Holocaust and Climate Change deniers, truth be told – there is absolutely no rationalizing with them. They prefer looking on the dark side of a matter to the exclusion of the Truth…even when it is smacking them right in the face in broad daylight.

  2. Even President Hollande is calling it an attack by the Islamic State, an act of war. I would think he’s well-informed, he has people who know more than any of us.

    Praying for only the monsters or their targets to be bombed in Syria by France tonight. I’m human and that’s how I feel. I can’t imagine a more brutal life than being an innocent living in Syria. Or being a foreign fighter who has just woken up to the mess they’ve made of their lives. Sadness all around.

  3. ya prayers are really going to help. stop bombing the arab muslim world as the west has done for decades and we might be able to live in peace

    • I get what you’re saying, but the West will hardly stop bombing the Mid East now. Fighting fire with fire, escalation… Does ISIL (or any terrorist) really think that these tactics will bring peace & stability to the people? That’s as deluded as the West believing that their bombs will.

      Saturn sq Neptune. Love & Strength to you, mick. Over & out. x

  4. Whenever there’s a terrorist attack, be it domestic or abroad, inside a church/school/theater/etc or out on the street, organized with others or solo, it’s a total delusion-buster. The delusion that I’m free to go about my life without being touched by this kind of horror; the delusion that somehow I am not a player in this tragedy on the world stage. The delusion that i am not vulnerable.

    The delusion that these attacks somehow force me to live less authentically, less free, more encumbered/yoked. Because the truth is, once the initial wave of shock & horror thrashes & soaks me, there I am, as before, & I gather my loves around me & sit at the fire to dry/warm/recharge.

    Delusions busted, everything is different & never more the same. Every time.

  5. Very sad for the people dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones in Beirut, Bagdad and Paris. My heart goes out to them tonight.

    It’s yet another grim reminder of the devastating goals of all forms of militarism … all over the world, and throughout time. It’s a war on civilians like all wars fundamentally are…we can only hope that peace and good sense prevail in the long run …

  6. yeah, this is the part I hate. it must be nice to sit around point the finger and blame, launch your political opinions and toss around clichés,as people are traumatized.

    As someone who not only had lived in Paris, but as someone who survived the 9/11 attack, I know exactly how Paris feels right now. Trust me, political arguments, and “Paris is so pretty” clichés isn’t what they want or need right now.

    They need solidarity and room for mourning, anger and sadness etc. Its not always about our opinion. Lives were lost, a city is traumatized.

  7. Lovely graphic Mystic. Unbelievably sad when I read the news. all I could think was this is not the news of the Paris I love. I want Paris to be safe the way I remember.

    Was thinking of the dark side of the Saturn Neptune square in the religious/spiritual signs. Might bring in mass shootings in churches and places of worship. This one was at a concert, and I’m thinking Neptune in Pisces, where people congregate to share in the experience.

  8. I just ran the chart for November 13, 9:20 pm Paris time — a news site said that was about the time of the first explosion outside the stadium. The south node and Mars are very close to the IC at 29’42 Virgo, and the North node conjunct the Midheaven at 29 Pisces. Cancer, the sign of security, rising at 24 degrees.

  9. astrologically I guess if Jupiter opposite Neptune saw the flow of a lot of people across borders, Saturn in square looks like restricting that.

  10. Regardless of causes and without ability to change things from where I am, the only things that help are to maintain love and forgiveness within the heart.

    Tonight I meditated on crisis in a personal way and just apologised over and over again. I don’t know to whom or why. I just asked forgiveness and gave forgiveness to myself and others in every direction. For what I can’t tell. But I felt better after… The public and the personal are always entwined. Felt like I had lit a candle in the dark for a moment.

  11. No child wakes up and says “I want to be a murderer.” These horrible acts in Paris come from people living day in, day out in a toxic stew of systemic poverty, ignorance, lack of opportunity, and religious extremism. The governments in the Middle East have a vested interest in maintaining an under-educated, under-employed, fearful population and of course the West just wants the oil.

    There’s a lot of practical work to be done before this dynamic is significantly changed. We ourselves can influence it in the way we vote, what we spend our hard-earned money on (how many products that we buy are petroleum-based?), how we treat others day-to-day, and, too, how we treat the most fearful inner parts of ourselves.

    Maybe this is the start of the Saturn-Neptune square?

    • That’s a general statement- there’s a tremendous variety of philosophies held by government officials in various Middle Eastern countries.

      Tripoli in Lebanon was attacked in the same way and at the same time as the Paris attacks. They have victims too. Brown lives matter, but not to the media.

  12. Absolutely horrified – prayers of healing and comfort to all affected!

    I am utterly disgusted by this kind of perversion of “faith” – every nano-particle of Jupiter in me is completely adverse to the horrible things that people do when they mis-interpret/mis-apply “the word of (insert-your-Deity-of-choice-here)”. Faith is supposed to be a tool for lifting yourself and other UP, *NOT* for tearing others down by creating hell on earth! I cannot help but wonder what kind of warped perception of spirituality one must have to believe their “god” encourages the slaughter of innocents? IMO, if your slant on faith is such that your beliefs and worldviews encourage the spreading of Fear over Love, it is a false construct and I hope Saturn in Sagittarius checks dat ass is all I will say.

    Going forward, I think the only way to combat this is to try and understand the nuts and bolts of what is breeding this kind of mentality – it’s the only hope of stopping it at its source. From a sociological point of view, we – the global community – have to try and understand the components that are giving rise to this sort of ideological framework and find a way of addressing the causes. .

  13. Peace, love and light to the families and cities of Paris, Beirut and Baghdad.

    what about the 2 suicide bomb attacks in Beirut last night, and one in Baghdad yesteday? Do Arab lives not matter?

    … its really easy to get caught up in the main news and listen to the loudest voices but these days its so important to consciously listen out for other news events across the world. Isis are attackig everyone so the only way of enduring peace is to encourage tolerance, mutual respect and love rather than using unfathomable foreign policy!

    A muslim lady was pushed onto an oncoming train in the underground on london by a pensioner – luckily luckily she survived! This morning I read of a lady being bottled on the streets. The backlash has started!

    • Totally VSLR – 43 killed in Beirut suicide bomb, 180 injured. 19 killed in Baghdad at a funeral, 40 injured.
      I love the solidarity people are having w France but what about the rest of the world? I see red white & blue all over Facebook… How about the whole Earth?

      • exactly. like 9/11 when westerners and media were crapping on about 100 or so dead, but they ignore the hundreds of thousands killed in wars and uprisings every day throughout the middle east, africa and the third world.

        • Sorry to correct you there GY but over 3000 people died that day including 100s of emergency workers. Thousands more left with life long injuries. Personally I have no idea who perpertrated that horror but it was not a hundred. i agree that the media are always skewed to over exaggeration of westerner issues but 911 was a truly horrendous world event that probably will go down in history as a marker to the events we are now living through.

          • Yes I knew I’d underestimated the number, my point is our media ignores hundreds if thousands of deaths in civil wars in non western countries as if only western deaths matter

            • I never really understand this argument.
              Yes Western media privileges deaths in Western countries, because well… they are Western. Why is there always this hand-wringing and guilt about it? I’m sure that the Arab media privilege the deaths that occur in their own part of the world. Why is that a bad thing, or somehow seen as less virtuous?
              For myself, I was struck by how young and sweet so many of the people who died are. The neighbourhood is probably the equivalent of Fitzroy in Melbourne, and most of them looked like the kind who have been to art school and have a little band going on the side. A bit shy, a bit intellectual, would vote ‘Green’.

              ISIL targeted these people because they don’t want ANYONE enjoying music. They don’t want ANY women getting an education. They want the whole world to be a caliphate.
              So, yes, I think it is perfectly reasonable to be upset about this particular incident, and to be touched by it.
              In the end the heart is either touched or not. And anything that touches the heart also opens it.

  14. My other city, my husband’s hometown, his apartment 200 metres from one of the places so many people were killed. We were there several weeks ago, he was there earlier this week. Late autumn and the slanting sun and everyone so happy and admiring our baby and stopping to talk. Paris, my darling, whom it’s taken me so many years to love. I love you. Don’t become full of fear because then they win.

    • I can’t sleep for tears so here I am. Me and mine are safe, but very traumatized. But others are not safe. And what comes next? Oh City of Lights, so much cruelty.

  15. I wish I could say these events are surprising.. but we all know they’re not. They’ve been ramping up since the Hebdo attack. It’s beyond symbolic, in the sense that France has always stood for as we know, Liberte Egalite Fraternite and here they are again, attacking the very same values which so many refugees (aside from strictly economic refugees) have sought.

    There’s a lot of blame to go around, it’s the US, it’s the West, it’s Israel, it’s whatever.. but let’s be clear, the fight for a caliphate would happen regardless. This has been a centuries old wound worsened by the last one’s history of foreign intervention and interference.

    Somewhere and sometime the scales will tip soon and I hope the free world can unite in standing against these atrocities and of course, eventually healing them. It’s just terribly terribly sad.

  16. This is happening more and more through the World. Although the media is making more present to us than in the past evil people feel they have the right to do this.

    Where is that coming from?

    They have some type of support to tell them it is ok.

    What is that support?

    Wasn’t there a blog on Countries and their astrological sign?
    Is Mars surfing France right now?

  17. There’s some weird symmetry going on with the image from this blog and the pisces rising style your ascendant blog. All I can say is the only way is up – higher consciousness, higher ideals, Haute Neptune is what we need right now. But backed up by some serious Saturn Reality. Love and blessings to everyone out there….

      • I never despair.
        But a Loving Mind needs to be nourished, as the physical body needs nourishment. And I’m afraid that many people are being fed junk to both body and mind.

        • To be clear, by religion, I’m not just referring to Islam, but all religions that are steeped in dogma and exclusivity, such as the 3 main Abrahamic religions, in whose name so many atrocities have been/are carried out. Or used as an excuse to carry out crimes.

          • and also extremist ‘christianity’ which has spread hatred and intolerance for a thousand years or more — preaching that the poor are poor because it’s their own fault, that homosexuals are criminals, and that women should be keep under control by men!

            • *kept
              not to mention the heinous crimes in the name of christianity from burning witches to pedophile priests!

            • Yes, that is what i meant. Christianity is one of the 3 main Abrahamic religions, as is Judaism and Islam. We are in agreement.

  18. Again, let’s be as clear as possible: the hellish world we live in today is the result of deliberate policies and actions undertaken by the United States and its allies over the past decades

  19. It’s awful.
    I had a thought though that maybe has nothing to do with ISIS.. The climate change summit was scheduled in Paris later this month. This will be a bit of a deterrent and a whole lotta money & power is held by oil/ fossil fuel companies who would not be happy with the outcomes of this years meeting.
    Just a thought…

      • Yeah me too.. Even the statement they have released is said to be a bit odd in the lack of details etc.
        I mean sure it’s most likely to be IS related, I just have this feeling there’s something else going on too.

            • ??? I don’t really know how to respond to that.. I guess there were a few dots for you to put together that you missed.
              Asides I said it was just a thought.
              Whatever…arguing with strangers on an astrology site about ideas isn’t really my thing.

            • Engage your brains ?
              As far as conspiracy theories goes that one would have to be the most brain dead one I’ve ever heard. My God save us from the imbeciles.

            • Dude. It is possible to share one’s opinions without showing one’s ass. Are you always this hostile and dismissive?

            • David you’re a hostile & aggressive person. Lovely to see we can’t even have tolerance for others ideas in a freaking astrology site!!!

            • I’ve seen you be aggressive , superior & condescending on this site for years. It’s people like you who put me off the comments altogether. You know having spent time living in a community near Mt Warning doesn’t make you a spiritually superior or more intelligent being. Actually that experience certainly hasn’t lessened your ability to act like a total cockhead. If you think everything in this world is exactly as it appears to be and exactly as the mainstream media presents it then you are even more narrow minded than your comments let on. I said it was just a thought not really about IS also just said how weird about the vast quantities of oil being hauled out of the Middle East. Tolerance isn’t just a religious issue its totally a human problem.. Like how do broad minded people tolerate rude little men like you?

            • Sorry David, I’m feeling a little ashamed for being so rude & aggressive towards you. Sad face, peace sign

            • Dear Universali, Im sorry to read this. I sincerely hope you are doing ok. I find David an extraordinary person to read online. From my first visit years ago. He’s one of my fav contributors. I love his openness, his sharing of astro knowledge, stories,and insightfulness, Peace.

            • Hey sorry! I really apologise for my outburst. Was just upset & frustrated. Apologies for my hostility

  20. I’m so stunned by what has happened in Paris. The people attacked were locals enjoying the end of the week. At art class today (in Canberra, Australia) one of my classmates said the world has become a bad place. No, I said, the world is not a bad place but there are some people who do bad things. It’s always been so, but with 24/7 camera coverage of our lives we get to see acts of barbarism as they happen. Maybe that motivates some people to commit such atrocities – they know they eyes of the world will be upon them. How do we make sense of this? Not sure that we can, but we must continue to live our lives with our heads and our hearts held high. Prayers for Paris and all those affected.

  21. You have said November and early December will be volatile Mystic for some time now, and again your readings of the planetary influences on geopolitics have been correct. We’re not even AT the end of November yet, so …… that’s a worry.

    On a local note here in mid-coast Qld, sirens seem to have been going off constantly for the last three days. This is not a town where sirens are part of the verbal soundscape, so I’ve really noticed it. My daughter has noticed it too where she has been staying. She’s going to a year 12 graduation party tonight (supervised, the parents of this town are fantastic at letting kids run amok under supervision that doesn’t kill the spirit of going overboard, just stops them killing themselves) and I’ve told her to keep herself alert. The astrological unrest seems to be everywhere right now

  22. I’m having a media blackout after seeing the news briefly on Twitter this morning. What I hate is the media’s ‘terror porn’ coverage and the political leaders trying to leverage and incite people’s racism and fear for their own agendas and to tell us we need more police, prisons, bombings, armies, wars etc. etc. Complete bullshit and not at all helpful.

    Several people on facebook have posted the Martin Luther King Jr quote:
    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

    Love and light to everyone in Paris, and everywhere. Also, remember the world is mostly good people doing their best and helping others. I truly believe that.

    • I don’t have TV, but I can commiserate. One author I liked on Facebook who wrote a translation of the iChing is posting “they asked for it” type crap! As if murdering innocents is some how justified if they’re in a Western civilization! Disgusting. I don’t know why I’d think someone who knows about the iChing would know better…but everyone should know better. One act of terror doesn’t justify another…

  23. Heartbroken for everyone involved ….

    I believe in quick retribution of those who could do this. Aat the same time I know somehow they became so horribly broken.

    My prayers are for healing.

  24. So awful. One of my best friends lives in Paris right now and it’s an unsettling reminder of how quickly a major city can turn into Disaster Land.

    This short op-ed in The Guardian is the smartest pieces of analysis I’ve read so far:

    “President François Hollande announced a state of emergency; the last time that happened was during the 2005 Paris suburb riots, when violence broke out between young, mostly Muslim or second-generation immigrants and police forces. But the words “state of emergency” relate to, in French historical memory, the Algerian war of the 1960s and the military putsch that had then been attempted.

    “The scenes in Paris are ones of a warzone and will be remembered as such. The trauma will be deep and among the many questions that will arise (how could this happen? where were the security lapses?) there will be the expectation of political consequences: what gains will the far-right Front National make from this?”

  25. This hit me hard today. I’ve only spent a few days in Paris but it was like finding that soulmate you’ve always known and just met. I feel far more connected to Paris in spirit than my own hometown. Many, many blessings on those who lost loved ones or experienced this trauma today in close proximity.
    Astrologically, 21-22 degrees of Scorpio always seems to match up to intense, time-stopping events in my world, I think it’s a powerful degree. I’ll have to look up the Sabian symbol.
    Stay safe and sane, everyone. Love is the word.

  26. I dunno, Mars in libra and Paris is so Libran? Plus the supermassive black hole at 1 Libra… Hard to make sense of it but it’s really just childish beings in men’s bodies doing bratty, bullyish things when they don’t get what they want. War is stupid and we need to evolve beyond this fuqwit behavior.

    • This isn’t war its murder in its lowest form, cowardice unrivaled.
      Murdering innocent people with no defense and with no real agenda other than creating fear while reciting platitudes about the greatness of Allah. I feel sorry for true Muslims whose religion has been hijacked by Murder Inc.

      • hmm… yeah but… just because some twitter accounts say it was ISIS doesn’t mean it was Islamic people who organized and carried out this attack. think a lil deeper?

        • Deeper ? I can assure you that any deep analysis on my or your part without facts will prove futile. My shallow interpretation is based on the axiom that if it sounds like, looks like, acts like, smells like, tastes like then it probably is.
          And if you choose to read my post again I actually said that Muslims were not involved. That it was perpetrated by those that had hijacked the faith.
          Maybe you should think deeper about why you didn’t notice this.

          Oh and I’m sure that terrorist groups are lining up to take the credit. What most people don’t realize is that the reason it takes a few days to get to the facts is because so many groups claim credit. I’m sure 99 % will claim Islamic roots.
          Holy holy, I understand that facts can be extremely disturbing to those that hold certain dogmas close to their hearts. Stop looking within and have a look out !

        • Here is a very recent statement from the Grand Mufti of Egypt. Look familiar ?
          Terrorists ‘use religion as a cloak for cowardly violence’

          Egypt’s Grand Mufti, an influential religious scholar within Sunni Islam, has denounced Friday’s attacks. Here are some snippets from the statement from Louisa Loveluck, Middle East Correspondent.

          “This attack is shocking, and offends the conscience of every sane person, regardless of their religious identity. I wish to stress categorically and unequivocally our complete solidarity and unwavering support for the French people in their plight and their determination to combat terror.

          “Terrorist groups flagrantly use religion as a cloak to cover up for their cowardly acts of violence. Their ideological fallacy reveal their warped logic and ill-informed and unauthentic sources which they turn to in order to derive their justification for their insatiable desire for power, control and bloodshed. These ideologies of hate and terror must be challenged and rooted out.”
          Maybe you need to ask him to look deeper ?

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