My Five Rising Signs

Carla Ciccone rising signs

My Five Rising Signs

Ascendants, I’ve had a few, but then again too few not to mention. The truth is, I didn’t even find out what an ascendant, or rising sign, was until a few years ago.

At that time, I thought I was born in the early morning, and my first rising sign came as an interesting surprise: Aquarius. The extent of my Aquarius knowledge began and ended with Bob Marley, who was a God-like hero of mine in my teenage years.

Naturally, I read all I could about Aqua rising and connected to their humanity and eccentricity. I fully embraced that I was unique; an ET-like being that would try to better the world but never conform to it, no matter what, thank you very much. It was during this time that I decided to stop working thankless, soul-sucking office jobs and instead took an intern position at a magazine, where I could learn all about the editorial process I was fascinated by. Being a 25-year-old intern was widely frowned upon by my family members, but I learned more that year than I had during four years of University.

I also happened to meet quite a few Aquarius Sun and rising people during this time. I loved them all and was envious. Their “specialness” seemed different than mine. I began to feel like a fraud because I wasn’t 100 percent sure of my birth time, and therefore, my rising sign was the best guess rather than a sure thing. Still, I was having fun as an Aquarius and thought that it added a detached coolness to my overly emotional personality.

I Thought Being Aquarius Rising Added A Coolness To My Overly Emotional Persona

A few years later, I broached the time of birth (TOB) subject again with my mother, who remembered things slightly differently this go around. My TOB was now two hours before it had previously been, which made my ascendant Capricorn, not Aquarius. This was a shock.

I knew nothing of Capricorns save for one Cap ex-boss of mine—a hypercritical woman who treated people well or badly according to her snap class judgments of them.

My newly minted Capricorn ascendant made me very uncomfortable. I immediately felt repelled at myself. After that passed, I examined all the things I didn’t like about my personality and became keenly aware of my judgey behaviors.

Once I got over beating myself up for my Capricorn traits, I started to love the sign. Thus far, I had been a la-dee-da, head in the clouds writer who didn’t do well with structure, planning, or playing the system. I had, I thought, been denying my Capricorn side for my entire life—the team that could get anything done and embraces planning and structure with excitement and glee.

I Was Attracted To The Idea Of Aging Better Than Any Other Rising Sign

Also, I was deeply attracted to the idea of aging better than any other rising sign and felt this trumped any negative traits Capricorn might have bestowed on me. Two words: Sophia Loren. She has Cap rising, and I love her very much. It just so happened that I lived in Rome when I was a Capricorn rising, and at that time, Sophia was the patron saint of Rome. Her image was everywhere—glamorous, glorious grandma that she is.

Still, I wasn’t comfortable with this. While some people might say I come across as serious, those people have only seen and never met me. I have an Italian bitch face that I’m quite proud of, but once I open my mouth, I’m pretty much either making a joke or being a giant ball of emotional goo.

This was why, a couple of years later, when my sister’s “crib card” was found and we discovered her birth time was the time my mother had given me, I was back to the ascendant drawing board. There was no way both of us were born at the same time. I called my poor mother again.

Finally, I Got My Birth Records And Gasped – I Was Born 12 Hours Later Than I Had Been Told

“Is this for astrology?” she asked. “No,” I lied, followed by a sheepish “yes,” because I can’t lie to my mom. She told me that she must have confused the two times and I excitedly took on my sister’s former birth time as my own.

Once again, my rising sign changed. I bid goodbye to Sophia and dreams of being a hot older person and said hello to the fishes. I was now a Pisces rising. This was not surprising. In fact, everything I read about the sign, from its go with the flow, Gumby-like softness, to the in need of a stable partnering shtick fit me to a T. I have a Pisces Moon and Venus and am an empathetic, sensitive salmon of a person who feels best when in or around the water.

While I embraced the gentle Pisces ascendant, I also immediately tracked down the hospital I was born at and requested a birth records search. (Hey Sherlocks, this is a clue as to what my one real Rising sign is.)

I waited, impatiently, for two months, and finally got the piece of mail telling me I could go to the hospital, pay for my records and pick them up.

When the secretary handed me the document and pointed out my time of birth, I looked at her, completely puzzled. Although I am very familiar with the 24-hour clock, I questioned the number before me.

I’m A Fan Of Phoenix-Like Life Morphs

“19:00,” I said. “That’s 7, right? 7:00p.m.?”

She nodded. I gasped. “My parents have been telling me I was an early morning baby for my entire life.”

“Do you have siblings?” she asked. I said yes. “Honey,” she said. “I have two kids, and I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Cut them some slack.”

Fair enough.

I took to my phone, quickly plugged in my new info and much to my surprise: Gemini rising. Gemini rising? I puffed out my chest and smiled at the world around me. Like, I am obviously an incredibly charming, witty, intelligent person if this is my rising sign. I could not wait to tell everybody this and investigate further.

Unfortunately, I had pressed 7:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 p.m., so my Gemini rising delusions were just that.

And so, after four false starts, I have finally learned that my one correct ascendant is Scorpio. Of course, it is. I have historically had more issues and fascination with Scorpio peeps than any other sign. And I am a sleuth. I am polarizing. My first instincts are always right. I’m a fan of Phoenix-like life morphs. I am watery, but don’t fuq with me. I am Scorpio Rising.

I’m a little sad that the investigation has concluded, but I’m trying hard to play up the best of my new and real rising sign, and I’m also learning to do a killer smoky eye.

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Haha awesome. The rising sign confused me a lot in the past too. I’m a Pisces Rising and my goodness I confuse myself. It’s a fun game trying to guess the rising signs of those around you!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This post makes me so happy! I TOTALLY get it.


To me the house positions are the key to understanding transits and natal positions so of course the ascendant is the key data here and yes it’s often difficult to correctly ascertain. I was born on a small country town and of my mothers doctor hadn’t been fishing at the time I was trying to be born I’d be an early Taurus rising. The birth was sort of held up and I turned out late gem Asc. It bothers me a little because those hours give me a totally different house structure than if I’d been born at the time… Read more »


Excuse my iphonitis ..


I’m happy your Gem Rising davidl; we need all the cheekiness in the world we can get 😉

Being Fish Rising & a Multiple conjunct Gemini I too wondered about what if I’d landed in Aries but I think having Aries in the 2nd is pretty fortunate, it also happens to be where P. Fort resides, conjunct my Fish Rising 🙂


Arrghhh, *you’re*


Love it-the kaleidoscope of being and having it all going on within, which is how it really feels……..-btw, Jimi Hendrix is Sag sun-does he have acqua rising?


I love this!!! So brilliantly written, and drives home a fundamental point about astrology that I always use when I argue with nay-sayers: astrology isn’t a parlor-room game or a trick to predict the correct combo of winning lottery numbers. It’s an ancient art, darkened by organized religion, that simply asks us to look within and without for answers to life’s mysteries. It’s a tool, simply that. I am happy you found peace in your Scorpio ascendant!


LOVE this story! Thanks for sharing it, Carla 🙂 I was pretty much like a detective about my birth time too (kept bugging my parents about the exact time haha) I’m a Sagittarius with Sagg Rising!


:):) I can sooooo relate to this – I’m adopted and when I finally met my birth mom, I was crushed to find that she had been rendered unconscious by the doctors for the entire delivery! 🙁 Grr on her behalf…[LOL Hi, Leo moon.] Anyway, I had thought I was a Cap Sun/Cap rising all my life, but after doing months of reverse engineering my chart I stumbled across a Sag rising description that just fit to a T! 🙂


Oh, I feel this! My mom can’t quite remember my exact birth time, and it is not on my birth certificate! She thinks it was “a little before noon.” Does anyone have advice on how to calculate this? Sometimes I come up with a Scorpio ascendant (which fits), and sometimes Sagittarius (which fits).


I know someone with the same dilemma, so i flippantly told her to dowse the answer by using a pendulum, and she did it and the pendulum always told her the same one. When later she managed to get the official hour from the hospital, it turned out the pendulum had got it right. … So, just a thought.


Thanks, skarab!


Maybe check out some asteroids in the area and see which ones fit for an ascendant conjunction.


Thanks, electro! I will look into it, though I’m still trying to learn this stuff!


I got a whole slew of asteroids from using my birth data. I printed up the wheel and highlighted everything that was exact on a planet. Bob Marks has some good asteroid info (thanks PF) that might help you pinpoint what sounds like a match for you. Don’t get overwhelmed though, I totally know what it’s like to go through the learning curve. Good luck!


This online Natal Chart Rectification app is rather interesting:

I tried it and it corrected my birth time to 10:38 AM instead of 10:35. Nothing in my chart changed at all.




where are you chronic girl – hospitals in Aus keep records even though the time doesn’t go onto the BC


Easier answer: You likely have the “short form” of your birth certificate – call the records department of city/town hall where you were born and request a copy of the “long form” instead.

Boom – done!


We thought my husband was Leo rising for the longest time, then discovered his birth time was actually five minutes later than what his Mom initially thought, which moved him to Virgo ascendant. It makes way more sense- he identifies a LOT with all the Virgo stuff. However he has Moon in Leo so DOES have the Leo mane etc, which made the Leo ASC believable… but it didn’t quite click.

Virgo Ellie

What is his sun sign? I am Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Leo Moon.


Scorpio 🙂 (Which is where he was thinking the meticulousness etc was coming from. Well that or 6th h. Mars, which I mean def enhances that quality)

It’s like everything made sense for him when he found out he was Virgo rising. 🙂

Virgo Ellie

That’s awesome that he understands. Virgo rising is tuff with Scorpio as a Sun. Double whammy, I think. Yes or No for you?


Absolutely. It can be super intense!

Virgo Ellie

Great story Mystic and why you are so well known, appreciated, respected, intriguing, accurate, followed, inspiring, [add your comment] with your astrology path. You’ve been through it. Now i have to go double check my Astro chart to make sure I plugged everything in correctly. If I come back an Aries somehow.. I will be burnt. I always resist them because they love the limelight and I just can’t be in the limelight.

Virgo Ellie

Now… if I was born in a US state that is an hour behind where I currently live, do I use my EST time vs CST?


Hey, that’s one way to transform, adopt a mindset and explore the angles. What a workout for fixed energy though. I feel fortunate that my mother has an ironclad memory and had been telling me what time I was born before my first chart was ever thought of. Probably took me just as long to figure out what that Uranus on my ascendant was all about. Like I’ll ever really know.


Love love love this! I second the Vedic chart suggestion as it might give you another rising sign, moon and even sun sign to “try on!”


“Before Cool Pope Francis took over the beat, Sophia was the patron saint of Rome.”


artistic license
or, as my amica romana says, è pazza! 😉


Pisces moon Venus fits the rolling identity fluidity issues tho yes? Still. I do like a scorp rising.


love it!


Hilarious! As a Sun Cap I love my Aqua Venus and Mercury, but have learned you don’t have to hate yourself if you’re a Cap. Something lots of people don’t get about us is that a lot of us a very sensitive and intuitive.

Still reckon my man’s birth time is wrong. His mum swears black and blue it was 3pm on the dot. She’s a Cap with a good memory, so I don’t doubt her, but he’s a quadruple Pisces and this gives him Gemini rising. It just doesn’t fit – hates people, hates talking, loves depth.

The Venus Fly

I hear you, girlfriend. I use the suburb I was born in for my chart but it turns out that when it’s put in, they use the same named suburb except in another state. When I put in the surrounding suburbs it comes up the same info, but when I put it in the city (Sydney), boom – all of a sudden I am no longer a Taurus but Gemini rising and my Venus and Mars are in the 11th house, not the 12th. I kinda don’t know which one to flow with…all seems a little nebulous, lol. FYI Scorp… Read more »


Excellent story. I had her at Scorp right away! She has the look. 😉


For years I thought I was Gemini rising…it kinda fit…kinda…I read lots, can be good with words…but it wasn’t quite right. Advent of the internet and and voila – I’m Taurus rising!….now that’s more like it! (Pass me the remote will you – and while your up can you get me some of that lasagna from last night? and a glass of ouzo and grapefruit? 🙂 )

The Venus Fly

I so don’t relate to the Gemini ‘Style Your Ascendant’ vibes. I’m like boyish…girlish…trendy…blegh! I’m still on the ‘cusp’ about which Rising I REALLY am…ay yi yi ;P


so does the Taurus style suit your vibe?

The Venus Fly

I don’t know. I have a Taurus stellium in the 12th house. Taureans to me are FAR from conservative and plodding – I find in general they’re rabid Mavericks, opinions-be-damned. With the suburb my Rising is Taurus in the 1st house and with Sydney I am a Gemini Rising with the sun now in the 12th. I am well known in certain creative circles and respected for my improvisation skills – but I don’t see that being the sole domain of Gemini. I don’t know – I’ve had a lot of negative memories with Gemini’s. Thankfully these days I seem… Read more »


lol actually all the Taureans I know are more than a little eccentric – but they do have a certain groundedness I find soothing…. What is this Draconic chart thingy?


From Kim Falconer’s site:


oops “you’re”


glad you made that clear! ;-).


This is sooooooo me! My saga was similar. I, too, ran the gamut of astrological signs as my ascendant. I felt like an imposter because nothing was certain. And the day I found out I was Scorpio rising… I had tears in my eyes because I finally felt like I was home.


Fantastic read. When I first plugged it in, I got the GMT wrong and thought I was an Aquarius rising. Then maybe a Cap rising. I’m a Scorp rising and everything about being one just rings so true. Yes, I just discovered that lining my lower eyelids totally intensifies my look. It helps also to blend in the background/change my look so I can keep sleuthing.


Italian bitch face…lol.




Wonderful and I totally relate! I got the correct time…but is it daylight savings time or standard time? While software doesn’t override for different region’s choice of DST…in my birth city it was in effect. So is it Cap or Aqua? I read both charts and wait for the earth shattering hits. Besides both are Saturn ruled…time will tell lol.

Right now I have a Cap.rising chart…Pluto hitting my ascendant and squaring my MC…but if it really isn’t I’m stuck in 12th house mind prison for quite a while….that would suck!


Yes, astro software does take regional DST into account. Every astro program I am aware of, uses the ACS database, which is now an internet standard called tzdata. It has a fairly accurate historical record of time zones and DST implementations, although there may be a few local areas that didn’t adopt DST at first, and that isn’t in the database. I was sure the ACS database was wrong for my birth time. It said DST was in effect at my birth time, but I heard that my birth city didn’t adopt DST until after I was born. So I… Read more »


Astro and other professional reports ordered in the last few months did not adjust for my DST. It adjusted for my husband’s, however (same time zone as mine) as Texas had DST since 1913. Minneapolis and Saint Paul had different time zones in 1965….off by two weeks from each other. In 1966 is when they got their act together and made DST official. I see your point because it’s still relative to Greenwich time. I have an accurate time thank heavens. And like you the DST chart seems to make more sense but so does the other chart. So I… Read more »


It is more than likely that the ACS records are accurate for your birth time, unrecorded DST holdouts are possible but uncommon. That’s the whole point of the ACS database, to record all that data. But there is always Chart Rectification. It is a rather arcane art, the only guy I know who does this as an astrological practice charges hundreds of bucks and requires lots of data about significant events in your life, which might be possible to track back to specific transits and aspects. I don’t know if that is accurate, I have no idea. Some astro software… Read more »


I manually overwrote it on the extended chart selection in and they have a ET/CDT option which worked and that is how I uncovered the mystery. But boy I have to interpret my transits just a bit differently now.


Chameleon-like! Mutable sun? Goddess knows your Scorp moon doesn’t lend itself to such spontaneous versatility.

(Scorp Sun et al. in 8th house, here. I know. I know. 😉 x )


(Not moon, ascendant)

Miss Miaow

This is fantastic! Thank you


Hahaha!! I am in tears! Great find MM!

I so relate to this.I was really sure I was Aries Rising with a Sagg Moon – all the same reasons as above.
Then when I contacted the hospital and found I was Gem Rising with a Scorpio Moon, I was nearly violently ill. Confusion, tears, lack of sleep and considerably more soul searching than I am comfortable admitting!!! Lol.

My fave line: “I have a Pisces Moon..I am an empathetic, sensitive salmon of a person..”. 🙂


Haha I love it!! You could get your Vedic chart done too, that will probably give you another one 😉

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