Mars, Venus and…Lilith

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Andre Douglas

So it’s not just the Saturn square Neptune scene, although that’s intense enough. You can even see it in the politics playing out at the moment. The ideal of peace/security versus the ideal of “imagine” and compassion towards refugees.

But we also have Mars in Libra with Venus in Libra – elegant and assured, the ideal of the beautiful relationship. Also, heightened aesthetics, streamlined vanity and obsession with symmetry. Gorgeous.  Like swans tipping wings in their placid lake.

Tilda Swinton Orlando

And then there is another player – Lilith in Libra. The first wife of Adam, from before Eve. The outsider, the mistress, the archetype of independent womanhood. She is conjunct Venus this week, then conjunct Mars in December and then in square to Pluto from late December until the end of January.

Possibly playing near you soon!  The Madonna-Whore Complex is not a mall.

Emma Watson Vogue Italia



Andre Douglas
Tilda Swinton
Emma Watson-Vogue Italia-Mark Seliger

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62 thoughts on “Mars, Venus and…Lilith

  1. Well, this definitely makes sense.

    This morning get the *pow* insight that the guy who came along on the Virgo eclipse, who offered to jump with me when I said was going to open my relationship, and who has been with me as I’ve been through opening my relationship and his on-off again relationship, and for whom I haven’t quite understood ‘the fit’. This morning I realised that I just want sex and conversation and it was like a jolt of electricity, to have had all the pointless emotional baggage/expectations/societal imprinting gone. I feel liberated by the clarity. Liberated to be able to be quite clear about it.

    I know what I want. Finally.

    I just have to wait for him to finish his silent tailspin and start talking to me again. Or not.

  2. Ha
    I love you.
    Daily email today singularly redefined accurate / zeitgeist / what SHE said!
    Logged on just to say that.
    Then saw post above.
    I rest my case.

  3. Don’t you worry about Lilith, as the first wife she got the whole Garden in the divorce settlement. Adam ended up with a leaf or two and had a restraining order placed on him that forbade him coming within 200 mts of the main gates that were manned 24/7 by Liliths cabana boys. His new genetically modified rib, let’s call her Evie constantly dissed him for being a loser and a dud root, eventually turning to the cider for comfort.
    He became depressed, impotent and when he found out Evie had been taking her love to town he asked God to end his life. 800 years later he was granted his wish. Lilith thrived and founded the tobacco, alcohol, and Hemp industries via her Temple / Brothel hospitality chain. She did alright our Lilith.

  4. Mars, Venus, Lilith in Libra… Dangerously, powerfully, beautiful.

    Someone born this with morn with NN/Jupiter/Venus/Mars/Lilith in the 12th.
    Goddess help us all!!

  5. All this is happening right around my ASC (Libra, 7’53”). I just switched my hair color from blondish to dark brown, telling my hair dresser that I wanted to “look less approachable.” He laughed, but that’s where I am- majorly vibing the Lilith right now.

    • I think she did in the dailies ? Not directly.. Something about no need to bow to those with large egos ? When I read that line Ronda came to mind. And the challenger must have read them to, there was no bowing just a straight left to the mush followed by that brutal looping kick !
      I know it’s not PC but fuq that was awesome. And with all the fuss about her bad mouthing, under estimating her opponent and showing lack of respect by not touching gloves it’s turned into a classic moral tale.

    • I am still so stunned by that. And it would be a hell of a lot easier if either had birth times! HH is Sun-Pluto in Libra and Ronda has definitely been more Uranian so given that this has prob been brewing since the March Zap Zone i say Pluto gave her a thwack. I LOVE Ronda so much but when i saw her at the weigh-ins, i thought uh-oh. There was more than a whiff of hubris. It will be interesting to see how she comes back from this.

      • Yes everything I’ve heard her say about this bout was ‘when I win..’ ‘after I win’….
        I love confidence, but that was just asking for a kick in the head. Plus her way of fighting is pretty predictable at this stage. It makes sense that a contender would take that into account. It’s a shame she didn’t make it the press conference after. I would have liked to see how she handled losing.

      • RR’s mum, Dr Anna Maria De Mars ( awesome judoka handle) blogged presciently on the perils and shelf life of coaches to athletes. RR’s coach gave her total BS after Round One- placated her when she lost that round. Instead of reset, she kept chasing like an amateur.

        HH had that steel under the blond babe look. Props to her. Sad for RR-

      • Actually, we do now have a TOB for RR (I figured this would make you happy, LOL) – according to the Rodden Databank,, her entry is AA rated and source notes say birth certificate in hand, so I’d feel comfortable rolling w/ the 12:39pm birth time stated.

        Believe it or not, our gal is apparently a Gemini Rising w/ Mercury in Aquarius conjunct the Midheaven, a 9th H Aquarius Sun, and a Pisces Moon conjunct Jupiter in the 11th. She also has a tight sextile between Mercury (her chart ruler) and Venus – I see Mercury/Venus often paired together when someone literally makes money w/ (or off) their hands in some way. Aries Mars on the NN is self-explanatory – especially when paired w/ hard-hitting Saturn which could certainly make one a career fighter.

  6. Venus/Mars/Lilith at 20 aries here (in my 10th house). Always wondered how lilith would be affected by transit! Uranus began transiting this cluster recently. Exciting new beginnings in work, but love life has remained a bit on the dull side unfortunately! Craving some excitement in my life (with an aries moon male at this same degree, who’s also been a friend for years!!!!!)!

  7. Been reading some very “Lilith” self help books, but they confuse me right now. I just want things to be simple right now thanks….ah well, bring on the magic I say.

  8. Well the Aries lover and I parted ways and now I’m seeing a Capricorn with Pisces moon and Libra Ascendant. Not sure what that might mean … a smooth operator with bucketfuls of charm and a gilded tongue? Or a ruthless player who says what he thinks I want to hear to get what he wants? More to be revealed … natal Lilith in Libra in the 5th house – conjunct Pluto and Uranus. Currently half the planetary system on this area of my chart. lol …. late Nov/Dec heats up you say? 😉

    • An Aries and I parted ways last week as well.
      Waay too reactionary for my mindfulness.

      Fond of Cap men am i with my rising there, so here’s to
      a successful meeting or mating Prowin.

      • Yes to the reactivity Pegs … ! Amazing lover though … 🙁

        I like Caps too. However I tend to need some fire in the other person’s chart for the sparks to really fly and this one has none. He’s all earth/air/water. Let’s see shall we?

        • All my exes were Cap with Gem placements or Gems outright. Can’t do Caps no more, the status/trophy vibe bothers me. I’m a wild spirit, living for appearances impedes on that. Even the down to earth ones have a trace from my experience.

          I need fire or water it seems. But no sun Kataka or Leo.

    • Crushing on a 5 planet Aries something. No sex but the kisses? LAWD. Not since I was 17 have I felt a kiss like that.

      Both part Arab/Euro, both fire signs and both smokers. Can’t stand smokers but all my best lovers smoked.

      March Aries are easier for me – anyone born in April is a challenge for me, lol.

    • Last week was finally the get together with the triple Aries I’ve been slowly (over a year) letting back in. He’s done everything right and there is no denying the fireworks. Just hope this strong astro is not clouding my judgment. By the sound of other posts. Aries is a theme. ( they are my catnip )

    • Or, someone who is sensitive to cruelty and unfairness, is harmony-oriented, quite Yin, probably quite good-looking 😉 , not unfamiliar with hard work…

  9. From a Feng Shui perspective, resentment leaking out and draining your $. Or something. DAMP HEARTH

    i would be enlisting some help and triaging a la Saturn

    • Thank you, Mystic! I’ve been working on the Saturn thing…feels like an endless treadmill already. Double Saggie here with Jupiter in Virgo!. I’ll keep at it!

      • Dry it up with your Sagg Fire?

        Have heard many many peoples say that Rescue Remedy really does what it says.
        Use Saturn in Sagg to S L O W down time, you control it, it doesn’t control you. You can slow it down with breathing techniques.
        Says she that’s attempting this fate i mean feat.

      • I thank you too MM…Saggieinaz sounds like your life is like mine right now…harp music, salt baths to soothe and detox and I use a spray smudge to neutralize the energy ick. I’m desperately trying to ride my Saturn (in Pisces-2nd house) and I’m trying to nail that suckered down for some grounding and structure. Oddly Beethoven helps. Hope that may give you ideas Saggieinaz.

    • I have tr Saturn conj natal Eros, so definitely feeling cranky (and a tad resentful) here … Saturn’s also sq nat Sun, and THAT’S personal — like I’m in a box and someone’s sitting on the lid to hold me in … But RE: Damp Hearth — is that perhaps tr Vesta in Pisces? Kinda hard to keep your home fires burning under all that water …

  10. I’ve got Lilith and Venus exact on my natal Moon (9 degrees Libra) right now, the Sun and Mercury conjunct my Neptune (24 degrees Scorpio), and Saturn conjunct my Sun ( 4 degrees Sag). I can’t keep up! Everything is moving at warp speed and I keep reading that it’s only going to go faster from here. Lot of good things in the works, but I can’t seem to catch up and now pipes leaking in the kitchen…

    Anyone have any words of wisdom for this or soothing remedies?

    • For further reading related to this theme, consider ‘Damned Whores and God’s Police’ by Anne Summers:


      “The social and economic conditions of the first fifty years of white settlement in Australia fostered whores rather than wives. The traditional Judeo-Christian notion that all women could be categorised as being exclusively either good or evil – with the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene being the prototypes of each kind – was brought to Australia with the First Fleet. But its application to the women in this country was totally lop-sided. From 1788 until the 1840s almost all women were categorised as whores – or ‘damned whores’ as Lieutenant Ralph Clark called them. This categorisation was initially based on the fact that virtually all of the white women to come here in the first two decades of colonisation were transported convicts, but it was constantly reinforced by the social structure which evolved in the penal colony. Thus even female convicts who had served their sentences had little chance of having their status redefined and the stereotype came to be applied to many other women in the colony who had not been transported.”

      “Successive generations of women, it will be argued later, have collaborated in perpetuating this existential straitjacket but these women have been victims of circumstances which provided them with a fixed choice. Denied economic independence, unable to control their fertility adequately, and always aware of the reprobation which awaits the rebel, none but a handful of Australian women has had the opportunity to do any more than submit to living out their lives as dutiful wives and bountiful mothers; and having no alternatives and wanting some share of human happiness, they have accepted and enjoyed this as best they could.”

      • Read a book recently regarding the early years of the colony and it was brutal for women. Basically no different to institutionalised sexual slavery. When the boats arrived there wasn’t ant accomodation – just a line up of men to pick out their new “house maids”

        • Yes, a very sad element of that time right up to early 1900s was how many women died in childbirth. Apparently many of them were too small, stunted growth caused by malnutrition and life long starvation. With virtually no medical assistance, no chance of a Caesar many died purely because they couldn’t push the baby out. The children who survived these difficult births became another source of labour, moving from squalid orphanages to work on farms and factories under shocking conditions.

      • A single woman in the 70’s & early 80’s could not obtain a bank loan for a house without a partner (male) or without having property worth the loan amount, catch 22. A few women i knew actually married for a short time just to get a loan.
        I had to borrow money i didn’t need to and pay interest just to build a credit rating but as a freelancer was never secure enough o buy a house when they were 60K, which seems a pittance now.
        Read Damn Whores when i was first released and it was brilliant. Glad it’s mentioned.
        Anyone remember Jerry Hall’s famous quote on how she kept Mick happy was ‘being a hostess in the lounge room and a hooker in the bedroom’.
        We have come a long way since then.
        Often when i see a man on his kneeling working or whatever i think ‘yeah, i like a man on his knees’ 🙂
        It counteracts that quip men used to say when a woman was bending over to do something ‘while your’e down there…..’

  11. Gorgeous guy, Tilda (my love) circa Orlando and Emma wearing something that could be from my wardrobe – so very yes to it all.

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