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As some of you will know, my review/competition series of the Strange Invisible Perfumes Zodiac collection springs from several sources.  I am a perfume freak – see Moon in Libra –  but also Mars in Virgo enough to flip out at the synthetics, toxins and potentially hazardous crap in many commercial scents.

However, my attempts at home-made scents with essential oils have led to whole dynasties of fruit flies circling in a love-trance around my head as i walk down the road (not quite the effect i was going for) and a Sagittarius gentleman asking “has the cat pissed on this sofa?”

Now I leave perfume composition to the professionals BUT i think it is worthwhile to support/wear organic, ethno-botanical etc juice AND my theory is that it means that magical properties of the plant are left intact.

Mostly i love doing these posts for a chance to (1) give a prize and (2) riff off the sign in question.  So the Cancerian scent is key notes mandarin, patchouli and Lily of the Valley with a base note of Tahitian Vanilla.

At first whiff, it reminds me of the Bulgari fragrance “for babies” which is called Petits & Mamans and is very, you know, high end nursery with moneyed mother.

Mario Testino

Its soft, gorgeous and innocent smelling. Like fresh clean linen and sunny intentions. It would be the perfect fragrance to wear when you wanted to project an air of guileless simplicity.  At first, it does smell just sweet and childlike.

But then the Lily of the Valley kicks in and dominates there-in, which i think is a good thing.

Lily of the Valley is a classic choice for lady-like scents because it always smells cool, uptown and high-status.  The archetypal Diorissimo – the signature scent of (Cancerian) Princess Diana – is super-strength Lily of the Valley and Christian Dior apparently adored it.

Lily of the Valley here and with the other notes playing support works brilliantly for Crab peeps (this could totally be unisex) as it conveys calm, holistic cool.  Not showy, not loud and if there is wealth, it’s in the bank not dangling off their wrist or in any ostentatious form.

So innocent clean-smelling mandarin, high class ‘discreet charm of the bourgeoisie’ Lily of the Valley and then voila, the amber steals in for a tone of Pagan/Tolkien magic.  But still,  it’s all about that Lily of the Valley, a flower considered in magical circles to be associated with Maia aka Bona Dea (the “good goddess”, the mother of Mercury, and goddess of growth, abundance and Spring.

Share your thoughts in the comments on the Cancerian ethos, Lily of the Valley and/or the most amazing Crab Peeps you know for a chance to win the Strange Invisible Cancerian scent couriered to your front door!   I will announce the winner on the New Moon!

The Elven Kings Gate

Images:  Erte –  Mario Testino and J.R.R. Tolkien.

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78 thoughts on “Win Strange Invisible Cancerian Perfume

  1. As always, there are SO many fabulous anecdotes and shares here but there is only one winner and this time, it is Jen Scorpio – please send me your mailing address so that this can be fed-exed to you & thank you everybody!

    • Mystic, you have no idea how you have just turned a really crappy week into a happy one. Thank you so much. I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. I never really wear perfume. The scents I love rarely smell the same on me. I love inhaling delicious smells on others but perfume has always seemed like a luxury just a bit out of reach. Everything on that list reads amazing and as a cancerian its really good to know what I should look out for. I’m going to google perfumes in Macy’s and see which ones have these ingredients. Plan is to waft around the city this fall igniting others senses 🙂

  3. I was raised by my grandmother, who is a Cancer. I am a cancer as well, Actually, I was born (July 11) a day after her birthday (July 10). I have bonded with her on a much stronger level with any other person i’ve ever met in my life. She’s so intuitive, strong-willed, and loving. She can pick up any emotion anyone is feelinng around her, you can’t hide your feelings from her. She has been through almost everything in her long life and she basically has no fears (except for worms). Her love for life, people and nature/animals is unconditional. I honestly cannot see life without her. I’m not sure where I would be without her. PEACE!

  4. Cancer Sun here (with both Moon and Rising in Libra- so YES ALL THE PERFUME PLEASE) and my first word was ‘Moon’. My work of the last 20 odd so years is directly relately with lunar consciousness, and when I was 10, I secretly named myself Diana. Holy Magdalene, seriously- the teeth of the hydra definitely upon me up there in the swirling stars.

    However, my favorite Cancerian is my daughter- a Double Cancer (with Rising Cappy, thank the holy), and her she is the energetic equivalent of the kind of hilarious often referred to as loony, aka moonmad. We both are, actually- I am sure my neighbors hear our incredibly frequent bouts of nocturnal hysteria fits, and think we’re on some kind of laughing gas.

    My moonbeam and I have been through a lot- sometimes our crab-cave is filled with that aforementioned insane laughter, sometimes weepy emotional chaos, sometimes the whirlwind of Cardinal sign infused impulsive road trip plans. All in all, always that whirlpool of pearl and shell, armor over featherdown, porcelain under cast iron.

    If I win, I’d share the perfume with her (she steals mine half the time anyway…ok, and I steal hers half the time too, so I can’t get too ‘crabby’ about it hahaha). xoxo!

  5. My fave Cancerian is my neighbour! Truly a wonderful person. She used to be an ambo, and has been there for me and my family since forever. Such a warm, lovely person…she always greets you with a huge genuine smile, asks ‘how are you?” and means it. She has patched us up and sent us to hospital on numerous occasions (farm life is full of accidents) and does the same for anyone around. She can’t bear to watch movies with any bloodshed, because it gives her flashbacks to truly horrific accidents she’s seen. She also rescues injured stray injured cats and dogs and wildlife and takes them to the vet. She’s been through a LOT in her personal life (which I don’t feel is appropriate to discuss here–she will always be the essence of Kataka to me, and if I win the perfume, I will give it to her 🙂

  6. Someone mentioned in a comment the other day the unfortunate dynamic than can occur between a cancer male and his mama. That made too much sense to me. My dad and brother are cancers – my mom indulged and smothered my brother to death, literally. My dad’s mother, also a cancer, was addicted to stimulants and would clean and bake all the time. My dad is diabetic and also an insomniac.

    I have no cancer in my chart, and I have a theory that the water energy changed to scorpio with me. My children do not have any cancer either. My maternal grandmother was also a cancer and my mom has mars & saturn in cancer. Brother had venus in cancer – mama’s boy much?

    Despite all this cancer energy, I can’t say that I truly understand it so I’m not looking to win the perfume. I’ve always felt like I studied it from afar although it was right there in my face. Don’t want to say too much because I will feel like I am sign-bashing but I will say that cancer energy BELIEVES. Conviction mojo. Whatever it is, they go full throttle with that energy and it can devour them.

    Ok one story. I was married in a Quaker ceremony. Basically, there is no one in charge, no one leading. Everyone sits in silence and when you are moved to speak, you can. When we were ready, we said our vows and then when its over everyone shakes hands. Apparently my baptist father did not approve and he tried to give an off the cuff type sermon and for years claimed that he was the officiant and that he married us. So disrespectful and non understanding of our choices but he believed he was right and so in his mind he was.

    • So it can go both ways; too much love or too little.

      I agree with the conviction/mojo thing. Sometimes l can actually be the zeitgeist on an issue. I’m a passionate teacher and kids learn bcos of the bow-wave l create in the metalshop; l digress.
      I think my substantial Scorpionic influence (x3) is as responsible, for going holus bolus, as my Crab stuff is.

      Maybe it is Water signs in general. Look at Lleyton Hewitt, no special type of ‘shot’ in his amoury, but was World #1 for two years on belief, conviction and mojo.

      • My dad was a high school wood shop teacher! Never lost a finger. He also had gone to bible college but decided he wasn’t called to be a preacher.

        • I teach wood too. Here in Oz every state has a differing name for the subject; stupid. But l really teach kids. But l cant stand the BS much. Really looking to work the astro to get out of it. I dont follow rules n protocols real well. (My Uranity)

            • I am spose to enforce rules but if a kid gives me a good imaginative answer, l go, “yeah, l can run with that”. HTF did l ever bcome a teacher???

            • I ask myself the same question. I decided that I’m a shapeshifter. Haha. You sound like a rad teacher, PF.

            • SShifter; l like. Its my 10H resolution to my 1/7/4 Tsquare quagmire/(quadmire?).
              I think AquaTauri summed it up by saying its (something) like its always there like how an injury heals but gives you memories of what went wrong.
              Interestingly showing this to my former wife, a few weeks back, made her think maybe the Astro has some credence.

              Anyway New Moon has lifted the fog a lot. I am much clearer about how it has sapped me, my life, of self-esteem and confidence.

              Not feeling loved is a viscious circle. But l dont ever know how l’d come to feel love for my 3 parental figures. It just aint there.

            • you don’t need to on this plane – you might at a soul level if you can get there – in this life just love yourself….those entrusted with your care aren’t always up to it. x

  7. I’m cancer rising and my progressed sun is conjunction my ascendant at the mo. I’m
    Mostly Taurus(sun/merc/moon/Chiron) and the rest is fire – so I haven’t always identified with my lunar nature. However after the birth of my son I dived deeply into the water of Cancer. I have streamlined my life to where there is only time for the baby, meditation, esoteric lit, farm to table eats, emotionally cathartic dialogue with the women in my life and planning my careers Phoenix phase at hand; The specific focus at anytime dictated by the sign of the moon on the given day. Pluto is in my 7th and there also sits my husbands Venus so the deeper I crab out the better the intimacy gets. This scent sounds like my curtains look. Ironically, my mother in law found lily of the valley to put in my bouquet when I got married. And it was December in NYC. And I still manifested the fairy bells.

  8. I’m Cancer Rising with an intercepted first house, so Cancer on the cusp of empty 1H (only Pandora) and lonely 2H (only Lilith, Sappho, Vesta conjunct there).

    The perfume sounds beautiful, especially with ruler Moon in Virgo—innocent, clean, high class ftw. But I feel like my Cancerian side already tends to be so gentle and willing, vulnerable at times, that I’d only wear this in the safety of my home! Or maybe out in the wilderness. It’s difficult to find things that *empower* that soft side and make it feel comfortable and confident. Maybe this perfume does it. Going out / doing / being active I want some ARMOR on.

    Sometimes when I do a self spa day—bathing, steam room, dry sauna, showers, infrared, the works—I visualize my personal/spiritual/psychic armor renewing itself. Black outer layer cracking off, pale inner rind melting, old bits crystal-like sloughing off, thin second skin peeling away…and then it regrows: I dip in a milky pool that coats me, misted down with liquid diamond, sheathed in tiny silver scales and the softest of leather organically adhered, and then plates of dark armor fitting over top, sensitive to vibration yet resilient to impact.

    When I lived in Canada in the mountains we had wild Solomon’s Seal, a close relative of Lily of the Valley and a.k.a. False Lily of the Valley and snakeberry. Super magical and medicinal. I never used it though, as I was more into hunting rare orchids at the time (root infusions for vivid dreaming).

  9. I’ll play!

    The Cancer related story I have top-of-mind pertains to the last tetrad of lunar eclipses we recently survived. When you are a Cancer with Pisces Moon precisely on your descendant (11’11”) that is currently undergoing a Neptune transit back and forth over it….

    Weird shit happens.

    The moon started TALKING TO ME. You know, telling me to do stuff?

    Rewind to April 2014- I was freshly divorced out of a difficult pseudo marriage and in crises over EVERYTHING in my life including career, health, life direction, finances, family, friends, etc etc etc- I could not stomach going back to work in fashion, nor was I in any shape to at the time, and needed a major time out to recover. I didn’t know how I was going to recover from everything, which included the worst recurrence of depression known to my life. (Saturn in Scorpio was really SHITTY)

    They say Cancer relationships with their moms are shiney-sweet or akin to talking a walk through hell, mine landed in the latter category with my Gemini-Neptunian mother, who had just opened a new restaurant at the time. I’d been helping her out here and there after the divorce for a lack of anything else really, but typical to our bad history had recently departed after blowout of the I DISOWN YOU AS A MOTHER/DAUGHTER type deal. This was around late March 2014 and we weren’t on speaking terms.

    April 15, 2014
    I sat on my apartment balcony watching the moon get swallowed by shadow in a despondent funk. Given the special lunation we were having, I soul-pleaded the moon for an answer/illumination. Now in some crazy metaphysical occurrence (fine, I was partaking of dreamweed too at the time) I knew that the moon was telling me to go back to work for my mom at the restaurant. I didn’t really understand, it seemed like the worst decision possible and I REALLY DIDN’T WANNA, but it was somehow very clear to me the commandment had been handed down. It was a near trance state. So I called my mother then and there, CRYING (everything in me resisted this, but I did it anyways… which is perhaps the oddest part), telling her I would come back to work with her. I also decided to hedge my bets by taking a job at another restaurant. Gemini with heavy Neptune influence is not the most stable, and with her Pluto resting squarely on my Venus, our relationship is tres-tricky. I wasn’t about to go in without a backup plan. The point was to learn as much about the restaurant business as possible to see if it might be something for me long term. I started working 70+ hours a week between the two jobs learning the front, back, everything.

    Oct. 8, 2014
    With this eclipse, my dad’s Cancer came back.
    His doctor is overseas, so he had to travel for emergency surgery + treatment. My parents have been with each other in some way since primary school, so my mom was a mess. I was able to take over the restaurant and keep it running, allowing both my parents to travel together for his treatment, then for her to stay home and help with his recovery. I don’t even remember this eclipse honestly. It was crazy times- but the timing is on-point & uncanny. Had the April eclipse not told me to march my ass back to the restaurant, this wouldn’t have been possible. Quit my gig at the other restaurant and got to work keeping things going alone at the family restaurant.

    April 4, 2015
    Fast forward another half year. It was busy busy. Had a old work friend move from NYC to work with me, we were trying out that relationship, making changes to the menu… work felt exhausting and never ending, but I felt resigned to dealing with it. At this point it was believed that I’d be running the restaurant indefinitely. Dad’s cancer was in remission but he was still very weak, my mom attached at the hip. A bit in limbo, but the activity level around this time was a definite spike. I coped by drinking/smoking way too much. But looking back, it makes sense- I started to ‘wake up’ a bit around this point from all the pain I’d sublimated. I had slowly started to recover bits of myself. I knew there were things I needed to do to ‘get myself back’. It was a lot.

    Sept. 27, 2015
    My mom and I sat and watched the eclipse together talking past/present/future. This is revolutionary, as WE. DO. NOT. SPEND. TIME. TOGETHER. I’d spent about 12 years of my life barely speaking with her due to the difficult time I’d had growing up with her, calling once every 3~4 months to reluctantly let her know I was still alive. But the past year and a half has changed/healed our relationship more than I believed attainable.

    Subtext: I had recently decided to leave the restaurant and return it to my mom, after an epiphany during a recent vacation that this wasn’t really ‘my life’. She was happy to have her restaurant back, I was happy to leave it.

    And this time, as I watched the Moon with my mom, She very clearly said to me-

    “You’ve done your time”.

    I am currently addiction free (the eclipse did me a solid and knocked that out for me), in control of my physical and mental health, looking forward to the rest of life with an ancient wound healed. To say it’s a new lease on life would be a cliche and an understatement.

    Thanks, Mother Moon.

  10. Lily-of-the-Valley is also named Convallaria Maialis, means “of or belonging to May”, or to Maia – daughter of Atlas… she who brings the Spring.

    Maia is none other than the eldest of the Pleiades – the seven sisters.
    The Pitjantjatjara say the Pleiades are ‘Kungkarungkara’, our female ancestors who (in part?) peopled the Earth.

    Chichen Itza is aligned to Maia at her zenith and Teotihuacan and the Great Pyramid are aligned to the Pleiades too.
    With the Pleiades on the Horizon again after winter, the influence of Persephone is also felt in her role as agricultural time keeper.

    Yet the “old astrological books place the plant under the dominion of Mercury” who was also ‘of’ Maia.

    Perhaps where ‘ere Hermes’ shadow has fallen up spring the Lily-of-the-Valley – a kind of botanical twin?

    Lily-of-the-Valley is the perfume of the stars, that much is clear.
    Yet she is also watered by the blood of dragon-slayers, can be made into wine and brings Nightingales to her.
    She is anti-inflammatory and eases the heart.
    She is the maiden of the glade, hedgerow, bushes and woods.

    My Mercury in Cancer, (ok Venus and Saturn, too, plus my 4th House having Uranus and Pluto) feels the resonance of this flower in my heart and shadow.
    Persephone awaken! Spring is here in the Great Southern Land!

    • thanks so much for that esoteric info, Sphinx… love the seven sisters — I used to go to an amazing cafe in Northcote, Melbourne by that name a decade or so ago — I was inspired to do a painting today I called ‘We are all stars’ — like an abstract cosmos with thousands of stars 😛

      • That art work sounds beautiful Gemyo! I would love to see it, it sounds very dreamtime.

        You know I just realised that artwork chosen above seems to be a picture of one of the Seven Sisters?!
        She has six stars in her headdress and I am thinking she is no. 7… Mystic, did you choose that purposefully? Either way, amazing!!

  11. I’m a Cancer sun with Pisces Rising/Moon, and I grew up next door to my grandmother, who was clairvoyant (as was her mother and her mother’s mother and her mother’s mother’s mother, etc. infinity) and wrote a book called “The Real World of Fairies”. As a result of some early childhood trauma, I shut down my own clairvoyance. Slammed it shut, in fact. Would repeat into the night as I fell asleep, “I don’t want to see anything, I don’t want to see anything, I don’t want to see anything.” And it worked, eventually. I couldn’t.

    I did want to see fairies as a little girl, though, and I tried my Granny’s technique of trying to catch them out of the corner of my eye, but it never happened. I’d jinxed myself out of it. But what I could see, and always loved, were lilies-of-the-valley, which might as well be fairies in flower form. I mean, just look at ’em. They’re at least *evidence* of fairies—like a fairy left their teacup balanced precariously/magically on what should be the most unstable skinny little bendy green post.

    Now I’m engaged in the very Cancerian act of writing a memoir about family. We’re in a situation right now where money is record-tight, and we have a family heirloom that we thought about selling: a burnished gold bracelet in the shape of a serpent, with seven diamonds climbing up its crown. But nobody’s offered us what it’s worth, and I carry this dream of myself as a successful writer going around giving readings and wearing this bracelet, so I’ve decided to keep it to remind myself of my own value. (And I’ve been experiencing Kundalini for a few years—I can feel it circling around my forehead, among other places, trying to pry open the door I shut—so the bracelet tells that story, too.)

    Something in the blend of the name “Strange Invisible” with my family story, the sweet memories of lilies-of-the-valley, my wish to remember my own worth and relate my past and become prosperous like a proper Cancerian can—all of that makes me want to raise my hand for this bottle of perfume. I’d love it.

    Thanks, Mystic. <3

  12. I’m a Strange (somewhat) Invisible Cancerian (Sun,Mercury,Saturn) & would love some Strange Invisible Perfume; I do love making entrances & sometimes exits. I would love some bright new floral notes to be noted amidst my tidal wake 😉 I love Wearing Wish & am in need of something fresh & new 🙂

  13. Ok– I have just about everything in Cancer or in the 4th House (Libra). Cancer/The Moon is clearly my Ruler but my natal moon is actually in Aries (10th house)

    My Husband is a solar Cancer, my youngest son is a solar cancer (Libra moon), my eldest son is a solar libra, cancer moon.

    Anyway, a few questions:

    1) Would wearing this perfume give me the nurturing superpower of Unbelievable Patience to help mellow out my Aries moon that wants all the problems to go away NOW! and whose default response is “you’re fine, shake it off and let’s be on with it,”? With so much Cancer I sometimes feel like a sheep in wolf’s clothing when it comes to Mothering

    2) On the other hand, might this perfume have a hyptnotizing/lulling affect on my Cancerian men? Would they become putty in my hands? Less personal offenses and all that? Or wouldn’t it be the perfect perfume to make a signature scent of our home?

    Ooohh! How about increasing vivid dreams and past life remembrances?

    This perfume actually sounds AMAZING. All of my favorites rolled into one

  14. I love Lily of the Valley, flowers remind me of my grandmother’s gardens, both of them.

    My Nanna (Dad’s mother) had an ordered garden, and didn’t like to pick flowers, because she said she liked to see them in the garden. I’d always beg to pick some, and make little flower fairies and moss gardens and fairy glades with them. I particularly associate her with the Peace rose, which is a beautiful apricot peachy colour and smells beautiful, and also snowdrops (those white delicate bulbs that flower in spring).

    My other Nanna had a big palm tree in her front garden and we used to swing from the fronds like Tarzan. She had old fashioned purple violets and ‘granny bonnets’. Have always adored the colour and scent of violets, my current everyday perfume is Verte Violette by L’artisan Perfumer. Smells like those violets, in a green wood. Violets are one of the most delicate flowers and their scent only lasts a day when picked, two days at most. Ephemeral. I also associate the royal purple colour with the crown chakra. Just got myself a lovely australian made scented soap called ‘wild violet’, a gorgeous magenta colour, with a subtle violet scent.

    • My fave perfume in my 20s was L’Interdit by Givenchy, made for Audrey Hepburn. So sad when it was discontinued, there’s now a re-release, but it’s not the same.

      It was powdery, chypre, smelled like a faded movie star’s dressing table. Subtle, glamorous and mysterious.

    • I love perfume “pans” even more than the poetic reviews. These are some unforgettable ones by Luca Turin:

      On Angel La Rose by Thierry Mugler: “Put this on and tongues of pink flame . . . propel you everywhere. The air roils behind you for hours. A half ounce should by my calculations, last you 11,000 years in daily use.”

      On Delices EDT by Cartier: “Probably called Delices the way the Furies were called the Kindly ones, for fear of upsetting them.”

      On Delicious Closet Queen by Etat Libre d’Orange: “Sounds like its made for guys who wear pink silk undies . . . but disappointingly Generic Guy, striped boxer shorts and all.”

      Actually, Mystic, Luca Turin’s writing style reminds me of yours. You should write perfume reviews–you’d give Turin a run for his money. 🙂

      • GOD that is so flattering – thank you!

        And i agree totally with the Angel reviews. I tried one of them – i can’t remember which one – and it was like amyl nitrate mixed with cheap lollies and rocket fuel.

        I was actually worried it would send me insane & when i got home i had a ten hour shower with Weleda birch

    • Thank you! Your writing really turned me onto astrology again, because you articulate the many variables of expression in such a hyper-intelligent, radical, but also kind way.

      I agree, you could give Luca Turin a run for his money!

  15. According to The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara Walker, “Lily of the valley was widely known as a witches’ herb and was said to attract silver, the moon metal. The flower contains convallatoxin, on of the most potent of all digitalis-like drugs, and more than twenty other cardiac glycosides. The flowers were described as fairy bells, and fanciful people sometimes claimed to hear them ringing.”

    I also love and collect perfume (Libra Rising) and Diorissimo is a personal favorite. Although I have been buying indie eco-conscious perfumes, since becoming a vegan (Alkemia Perfumes on Etsy is divine! Fantastical arcane witchy vibe).

    I am also a triple Cancer ( Sun, Mars, Mercury) conjunct mid-heaven, although I never really resonate with most of the descriptions of my sign, as I am not a motherly type or preoccupied with the past or family.

  16. Cancer pile up here. All fourth and fith house. Moon Mars jupiter and sun.
    It’s scented flowers, perfumed tea, bath oils and body lotions. My life works through my olfactory lobes. I spend the time in my man’s armpits just to breath him in. How sweet it is to ingest him that way.
    Recently I was told by the local bar man that we should watch Perfume the movie. Oh how I understood the main character in the film. But if you wish to create the elixir of life maybe one could do it with florals instead of humans. Sheer magic any which way.

  17. my mutant super powers–
    are scent activated…
    at this moment, mothering myself
    is imperative…i want this scent! 🙂

  18. My sister is a cancer, a liar and a thief.
    I am a pisces ascended, scorp moon conjunct Pluto, libra sun with a venus in virgo and aries mars.
    She is a libran ascendant, venus/mars in virgo with sagg moon. Just about the only thing I like about het is that she’s a pretty female version of me. But we have never gotten along to the point where we haven’t spoken in years.
    I was the “good older bro” that she envied and probably picked on her when no one was looking.
    She was the rebellious younger sister that got away with all sorts of trouble that I would have NEVER been so lucky to even think about. Envy? Me?? No…….but she’s always had more fun soooo…meh.. “/

    We’re both super smart and I’ve always admired her work ethic, and no, I’ve never told her any of these positives myself..

    Still Holding Grudges,

    -Brooding Libran

    • it’s your moon pluto in scorp. Head over to your pisces asc and mars in aries for some kitesurfing or some kind of rockstar athletics muso marathon to let off steam. 😉

  19. A Kataka high school friend once told me I had an old lady smell – my grandmother had just gifted me a bottle of Guerlain´s L´Heure Bleue. You can tell me I stink, but you don´t get around questioning my grandma´s taste!

    I have my Kataka Moon conjunct Princess Diana´s Sun 🙂

    • L’Heure Bleue is an amazing fragrance but very melancholy – it means the Blue Hour and was created in 1912, when the Great War was looming. It was the end of the Belle Epoque
      – it is so amazingly composed but to me it is like the perfume Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca would wear. Ie; a glam ghost. When i actually wore it, it would be admired by very old, fastidious gay men. But it’s not “sexy” or ever trendy as such.

      • I’ve always been drawn to L’heure Bleue because I love the ‘blue’ of that hour — just from reading about the perfume and it’s history. And I tested Mitsouko because of the name and because a character in a book I read wore it — but didn’t like it so much in real life. Soooo love the evocative and lyrical way you write about perfumes!

        • “Soooo love the evocative and lyrical way you write about perfumes!” I agree, gemyogi.

          My grandma had a stellium in Scorpio. And to me L´Heure Bleue is pure nostalgia. Mystic, you´re unique! xx

  20. A hypothesis: Could these perfumes be worn to, say, attract closer attention from a man who might have venus or moon in the same sign as the perfume’s design? yes yes ok it’s manipulative but so are orchids with the wasps.

  21. Hi! Cancer sun, Aquarius rising here and a total perfume freak. As in matured I started wearing single note perfumes ie neroli or rose. I like the idea of smelling like a flower (my house is fulled with them)then smell like artifical candy like most of the perfumes on the market today. Never thought of lilly of the valley before!
    I also wear amber jewelry, as it reminds me that the earth and all life around us is so much older then we even realize. I find both keep me in the moment nicely. I keep my grandmother’s pearls for special occasions.
    I just ordered a sample of both the Cancer and Aquarius perfume from Strange Invisible. I’m still trying to decide which one to buy. Both smell so lovely.

  22. I am in love with a cancerian crabby hair dresser and every time i get my hair cut/coloured his mood changes and i don’t know what he is thinking. But goddamit he gives a good head massage. Maybe if i wear some cancerian inspired scent he will sense my charms 🙂

  23. To be honest, I don’t think this is the scent for me. Though I do love the smell of clean linen, the ‘discreet charm of the bourgeoisie’ does not appeal. However according to Wiki, lily of the valley ‘enables the envisioning of a better world’ and according to my bff it’s poisonous as. How boo-shwa!

    I do really love the Scorpio perfume by this company though. It’s my go to when I need to be present, sharp and grounded.

  24. I have Cancer Rising. (Very sensitive nipples!)

    I am very fond of my Cancer Sun friends–they always seem to have an easy vibe of taking care of their clan–making food, offering beverage, mending a torn skirt, etc.

    As for me–the rest of my chart is mostly fire–mostly Leo–my Kataka ascendant gives me a shy kitty vibe when I first meet people though.

    I am anticipating the upcoming Pluto opposition (16 degrees) having a big snake shedding effect on my first house business. I recently went through some boxes I left in my folk’s attic before traveling 4 years ago, and going through the clothing I used to wear was shocking to me–I got rid of all of it as soon as I opened the box–I could not possibly see me wearing it now.

    • My A-cups are very sensitive too; lol.

      Seriously, there is a Crab femme at work who has helped me thru the vagaries of chasing a femme with Nep opp her Sun/Venus conjunct. But the biggy is she told me, intuitively, is that lm wasting my time with her. She could see l was being dumb, saying, “you are too intense, obsessive”. I knew it was true bcos MM said Nep trans opp my Venus meant l could be delusional re a partner.

      • Mmmm, yes–my boobs are also rather small, and yet do seem to have a certain Kataka esque roundness to them in spite of themselves. My belly also has a roundness to it in spite of the fact that I have always been rather thin.

        What else? I love spooning, might that be a crab thing? I’m happy as either spoon, hahaha–the “protecting” and “being protected” vibe. I am very, very intensely emotional–that is my Aries moon also–

        Speaking of the moon though–she is definitely my muse–like that song lyric “I live my life by the moon.” I have spent wonderful evenings moon gazing–I have fallen asleep on my front yard on full moon nights whilst moon gazing.

        AND a recent thing I noticed–although I tend to bleed close to the new moon–my period seems to start early whenever there is a full moon eclipse (BLOOD MOON INDEED).

  25. I have spent decades doing the whole classic Capricorn thing but the Pluto transit is bringing forth new and delicious fragrances from the ashes. Ah, alchemy…. I did a floristry course a few months ago and recently a friend asked me to do the flowers for her daughter’s wedding. The bride wants big bright flowers and that’s what she will get, but my heart is calling for a big bouquet of lily of the valley. Calm, holistic cool. Clearly this needs to be my new mantra!

  26. what a beautiful photo of Diana…aah…..r.i.p
    vanilla…really want a vanilla bestie is a crab…just have mars in cancer, my beloved granddad was a cancer….awww

  27. wow, I love the sound of that scent! I have never looked at the Cancer composition, having only Lilith (only!) in Cancer, but with the Moon rising, this could be me 🙂

  28. Lily of the Valley always reminds me of my Grandma, and I mean in a good way; not a musty-little-old-lady-who-lives-in-her-shoe way. She just loved the smell of Lily of the Valley, it was her favourite perfume. She always had rhubarb growing, so there was always something filled with its tart sweetness on offer when we were there. She loved her gardening. I think she actually used to harness the birdlife to help her with the weeding, because they used to hang around and wouldn’t even wait before they jumped on the bugs and worms in the earth that she turned as she was kneeling down, trowel in hand. She loved magpies (Australian magpies) and had a family of them that she adopted (or rather they adopted her). Every time I hear one warbling I feel like they’re telling me that she’s still looking out for me. I have a magpie family in my yard at the moment teaching their little ones to fly. I’m busy keeping my dog away from them, so it’s like I’m carrying on her work. My Grandma, her kitchen, her lap, was always a soft place for me to land when I was a child, so I understand why birds felt at ease around her. It was like Lily of the Valley wasn’t just a nice perfume for her, it was her olfactory avatar, it was her. I still miss her after all these years. Would I be more like Gramdma if I wore Lily of the Valley? Probably not, but I would feel close to her again, which would be lovely, like wearing a big Grandma-cuddle.

    • There’s something so enriching about carrying your ancestors with you through the day – whether via scent, texture, sound or memory. Maybe one of the most Cancerian things you could do.

      I mentioned in a post yesterday that the Gemini perfume smells like the scent my Great Grandmother used to wear. I don’t remember her personal smell (though I can close my eyes and smell her house and garden as if I were there) but just knowing this brings me closer to her, brings her alive in my memory again. Absolutely for you it could work the same! Imagine walking around, carrying out your day feeling wrapped in delicious grandma love. Blissful.

      • It’s no surprise that smell can be so emotionally evocative. The olfactory bulb is within the limbic system, which is also responsible for emotion and longterm memory amongst other things. What a lovely thing that we are hard wired to be able to enjoy the link between memory, emotion and smell; makes life so much more richer. Glad you have a perfume that you can wear that does more than just smell nice.

        • Thanks Jen! Had definitely heard this before but it was lost deep in my brain basement. It really is nice, huh, that melding of sense and memory and feeling into some hearty stew of full bodied nostalgia.

  29. Cancerian perfume-fiend here, and incidentally I used to sit in my mother’s flower gardens when I was little – in which lily-of-the-valley figured heavily – and build houses for the fairies.

    Flash-forward years later to the house I owned with my then-husband, where I could not for the life of me get any lily-of-the-valley to grow, even under the most optimal conditions. Three years ago I left that marriage, regained the magic I hadn’t realized I’d lost, and guess what grows like gangbusters for me now? 🙂

  30. I have a major soft spot for powdery and soapy scents, I wear “Clean”‘s Warm Cotton perfume often when I want to feel more together, competent, clean and simple; these types of scents are very comforting and calming for me.

    My mom is a triple Cancer and — being Aqua and just all around opposite of Cancer-ness in many ways — I often have had difficulty in relating to crabs. I used to be very hard on my mom and thought her simple but she is just such a pure person who loves and also way more psychic than she lets on or I picked up on for like, my first 25 years of knowing her! I mean this as just a normal state of everyday perception for her, not like something she accesses specially. Once you learn to speak her language (framing things in a way that is aligned with her world of a very anthropomorphized view of her religion) there is surprising depth that you can’t see unless you connect in the right way.

    • I’ve an interesting theory about Aquas and Cancers. Cancerians are yes, famed for their spidey sense intuition, whether that’s sitting in a bowl of religion soup or pagan moon bathing, it’s like WE KNOW. And it’s the weight of all that inarticulate knowing which makes us come off moody, it’s not btw.. moods as such. It’s simply that only water can carry all that weight, and so we shift with the tides, aiming to distribute it without too much displacement. And likely coming off as mad in the process haha..

      Aquas IMO, known as they are for being detached and as some would describe (not me) somewhat robot like are actually just as intuitive – except in a different way. If Cancerians are the pool forever reflecting the past, present and future, then Aquarians are conduits of flash lightning. Most Aquas I’ve encountered have either done, said or facilitated something because something inside them longs for progression. Forever believers in equality and liberation, there’s a silent sadness there that drives them to place themselves in roles that prove to be pivotal.

      In that sense, I see them as intuiting by embodiment. And maybe that’s where the misunderstandings occur between these two signs, Cancerians inevitably wish to connect in a feely way, there’s an intimacy to their intuition. They know something happened with you, they picked out a book that led to you changing your life perspective etc, they want to talk about it.. Whereas Aquas are out there, doing their thing and expressing their intuition by action..and when they can’t, it can get really pent up into self-inflicting rage. Or duly dispersed by going off planet. Maybe it’s what gives the sign its unpredictability rep, because most people can’t read the code under all of it.

      Either way, I see these signs as sharing the same power i.e. intuition, just by very different expressions.

      • Absolutely Fallen Angel, I love your description and agree. I’m Cancer Rising and had a close Aquarian friend for nearly a year. We found a way of communicating where both our forms of intuition could come together just right. In the end I was carrying too much and, as you say, shifted away with the tides. The years after he would occasionally contact me with some BIG question or revelation or mystery and I would calmly unravel it in a few profound words and send him on his way again~ He could never stop moving, intellectually.

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