The Venus conjunct Uranus Woman

Venus conjunct Uranus

Rarely do we see the woman with Venus conjunct Uranus portrayed in the pages of vintage romance comics, but hey, here she is.

If you are a female with Venus in strong aspect to Uranus, every love/lust impulse has Uranus along for the ride. Convention stifles you. You prioritize personal space. Venus-Uranus women take every infringement on another’s freedom personally. They feel that intimacy without a live-wired intellectual rapport is indecent. The feelings are there, but their voltage fluctuates wildly.

These are the delineations for Venus conjunct Uranus + Venus square Uranus from my Astral DNA Consult 

Venus Conjunct Uranus – Relationship Iconclasts Of The Zodiac

Emile Zola, the guy who said “If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud” had Venus Conjunct Uranus. They’re relationship iconoclasts who disdain conventional dating/mating values. They bring a unique element to their art, aesthetics or business style. They can be super-amoral because they find rules outdated. Jordan Belfort, as in The Wolf Of Wall St, is a Venus-Uranus guy. They need a galaxy’s worth of space and don’t like to show their working.

Venus Square Uranus – To Live With The Pirates

You can understand this better by seeing squares as being like Saturn energy. They only reveal their value with work and time. Often they show up in your life as circumstances or other people. They present as repeating issues. It’s definitely the case with Venus square Uranus aspects. These people often star as the person trying to have a stable relationship but who ends up with erratic lovers. Their other role is that of the wild hot person allegedly disrupting a stable relationship.

But the rational, free and yet devoted relationship Venus-Square-Uranus wants is not the norm. Venus-Square-Uranus people are individuated and highly romantic. The writer Kathy Acker had this: “I’m no longer a child, and I still want to be, to live with the pirates.”

Some Venus-Uranian Females: Angelina Jolie. Taiye Selasi. Elizabeth Taylor. Marlene Dietrich. Anais Nin. Tilda Swinton. Ronda Rousey. Ellen De Generes. St Vincent. Evan Rachel Wood. Chelsea Handler. Maria Sharapova. Katherine Hepburn.Hilary Mantel.

They’re different.

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Ruby Tuesday

I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo and an Aquarius Moon. Virgo Sun and Taurus rising (with Mars on the horizon. Space, I must have it, Ruby Tuesday…this has been my screen name for years. Push, pull, push, pull. Since separating from the father of my children I have done a specialty in long distance relationships and seem now to have commenced another one. The idea of a daily live in relationship horrifies me, but I still need closeness. It isn’t you…it’s me!


I have a Uranus / Moon situation and a Venus / Neptune trine.
I’m a bit, “come here, no go away”
Ok a lot

Loquacious Air with a Scorpio Moon

A mouth? MOI??!!
HAH! So true XD
I’ve had lovers complain “I always have to guess what you want today, because it’s never the same thing.” I like to keep ’em guessing.


This post shoulda been called “Ruby Tuesday lives”

Loquacious Air with a Scorpio Moon

Oh, I don’t change lovers every day or so – just what I want from them! 😉


I meant the whole post; not yours in particular.

Its been an eye opener to me.

Loquacious Air with a Scorpio Moon

Mm, I went back and had a look at your other comments… total bummer! If it’s any consolation, in my case the push-pull isn’t actually intentional, just internal weather I’ve learned to revel in, express honestly and try to enjoy rather than despair and rail against, as it doesn’t change how I feel, just how I act (and then my whole Libran-Scorpion ‘Razor-edged Truth is better than Socially Acceptable Acquiescence’ gets thrown out of whack and I make myself physically ill from the fallout, stupid airhead tendencies). It helps that my long-term partner is a Virgo with some heavy Sagg… Read more »


Someting l ve discovered about myself is, that in relationships/heart matters, lm totally Yin. I dont have any variance at all (mostly Yin rulers in Cancer, Virgo n Scorpio- l am clingy, fussy and intensely obssessive). My Yang stuff (Aqua Moon, Uran 1H, Merc Uran conjunct just disappears).
My bro in law says l gotta back off and someone will ‘appear’


Oh god, Ruby Tuesday was a nickname a boyfriend gave me in high school.
As was, Chameleon Girl.
Neither of them were meant to be compliments.


In fact these posts made me understand the song a whole lot more.

You’ve been MIA?


I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Libra, trines my Ascendant from 5h. Me at age 42: no marriage, no kids, 2 super-short term live-in situations, and finally accept that my need for space/independence outweighs the desire to have kids and the white picket fence… I really wanted to settle down, but something in me would not budge and it only felt unnatural to do otherwise! If only I knew sooner, eh? It would has spared me a lot of misery!


Venus Scorpio conjunct Uranus Sagittarius. Both 5th house. This explains so much. Oh dear! Haha


So another words, its a bloody minefield


or should that be mindfield


can so relate to the pics


I’m Venus sextile Uranus. And, uh, I like my space and freedom a lot. However deep my feelings may be for someone may be.


And I’m Venus Retrograde.

that girl

Yes, Venus ? Uranus in the 8th. I have a real big mouth if he’s a terrible lay as well.


I have Aqu. Venus inconjunct Virgo Uranus as part of a yod w. Aries Jupiter. Def an issue, but Saturn is also in Aqu conjunct venus so I don’t automatically run off – not even when I should. 😛 Still working on getting the right amount of space/intimate contact.


Venus exact opp Uranus is one arm of my natal grand cross. Natal aqua sun 7 degrees conjunct venus 9 degrees aqua opposite Uranus 9 degrees leo (9thH) conjunct MC. natal mars in sag 1st H. Humanitarian field is most rewarding. I relieved the week’s heavy toll of harsh conditions and witnessing trauma by dancing with 600+ multi national peacekeepers….. so many marriage proposals…..I’m good at out dancing them all. I knew I wanted to be with a tall, handsome, dark haired foreigner when I was 7 years old. I wrote away to Qantas when I was 9 yrs old… Read more »


Venus/Uranus conjunct here, although at 6º, it’s not a terribly close one.

still, yes to poo pooing convention, intellectual stimulation, mouth.

what about feeling meh about love, romance and all that stuff in general? periods of crazy experimentation followed by periods of celibacy? maybe the Libra placement exacerbates this?


maybe it’s because you’re a SupaKali.




I call anything under 8 deg close enough with an outer planet that powerful!
I too, pooh pooh convention/intellectual stim. etc. tho not strong on Uranian-ness.

Uranus in Libra doesn’t make you meh about love I think, just implies that you need space in your relationships to think and feel as you do without critique, without others taking notes.


I do not have this astrological … challenge. 🙂
Uranus is tucked in bed in my 4th having a snooze.


Well guess I do have Venus in Cancer & Uranus is in Cancer’s House. But I think that is a tenuous link.

Lady L

By the way I think same could be true for women who have a prominent natal Mars in Aquarius, and for men who have their natal Venus in Aquarius.


This me too.This post has just made me laugh AND feel awesome. Normally things written about Venus Uranus/ Aquarius is along the lines of being an alien crossed with a wild cat or something.


Uranus is coming up to a transit conjunct to my Venus in a year or two. So I suppose my public persona is going to need a defibrillator to stabilise the erratic mayhem, or someone’s going to turn my 10th house aries venus from Ladyland into Electric Ladyland 😉


Omg hahaha defibrillator will be Saturn trining (by then ish) from sadge 6th house 🙂


I dunno, Pi… it sat on my Venus all summer, and… all I got was an erratic and ultimately unfruitful crush.

Then again, it’s coming around again next April- on my birthday!- so maybe Electric Ladyland it is. 🙂


my verboten crush has been having a Venus/ Uranus conjunction all summer as I’ve simultaneously had a Chiron/ Uranus conjunction, both transits, on the exact same degree, 14″ Aries. We have a Venus / Chiron synastry aspect.
It’s been, um you know, interesting.


v-u opposition dating a v-u conjunct
we text like twice a week. see each other every 3rd weekend or so. it’s fantastic. so much space!
also unstable. i was just thinking about this. unstable is like my #1 requirement for lovability. catch a whiff of responsibility and they’re gone. i think it is prudent to maybe revise this policy. but only a little, probably 😉




Libra rising with Uranus in cap exactly opp my Venus in cancer. Plus Uranus in my 3rd. So spot on with the intellectual zing! I get bored SO quick without it. And I love the idea of “voltage”. When I’m hot for someone I’ve got such a high frequency buzz its like having a beehive in my brain. They are all I think about and can barely use my brain for anything else. And when I’m low on voltage I want nothing to do with the guy and need my personal freedom back. Sometimes it’s a bit too rough for… Read more »


Well, I am a Gemini with a Taurus Venus making no aspects to Uranus, but I do have an Aquarian 7th house, & the description seems to fit! I am currently travelling & away from my boo. Have frequently preferred fantasy relationships to real ones (that will be my Venus-Neptune trine). Slightly thinking about polyamory, open relationships & other non-conventional relationship structures at the moment, (& also in relation to Venus/Uranus) though I’m personally not sure how well the Scorp in Pluto bang opposite Venus would deal with jealousy etc…


I have a similar dilemma in my chart regarding relationships.

Aries megastellium/Aqua DSC/Sag Mars in 5th create restlessness and need for space, even unconventional relationships.

But that Scorpio Moon (sextile Pluto) desires a Vulcan mind-meld and will tolerate no straying.

I still haven’t found the balance.

Ruby Tuesday

And yes, I have a mouth on me 🙂

Ruby Tuesday

Virgo with Taurus rising and Aqua moon. Mars on the horizon at my birth, I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo, 3rd house. All true, I am a devil for personal space and time and cannot abide the puppy dog types who cling. Cannot tell you how many times I have needed to say “I can NEVER be a canary in a cage!” Long distance suits quite well, sort of or some other reason for detachment. Feelings are strong but can change quickly. My mother always said “You are fickle as the wind!” I need a deal of intellectual stimulation… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I have venus trine uranus—don’t know if that counts as a strong aspect though. I do love my personal space.


It seems strong, but comfortable?


Like, is the voltage more stable?


So interesting to read comments. Brill as always.

Please do a post on the Venus-Pluto women. Can’t wait!


Venus trine Uranus. I could wallpaper my bathroom in marriage licenses and divorce decrees


haha! 🙂


lol, escapist, Puts me in mind of “The Bolter”, Lady Idina Sackville” married and divorced 5 times. She didn’t have venus-uranus, but tight sun-uranus and moon-uranus trines and an even tighter mars-uranus opposition. She was apparently an utterly magnetic personality.


In addition to the venus trine , I have uranus opposite my moon / mercury conjunction which is in aquarius.
I would have a ring for all five fingers if I had not thrown them at the men who gave them to me !


Venus Conjunct Uranus in the 9th house. My moon’s in Cap, so I’m big on commitment but yes yes yes, the tides of change blow swiftly through me. (Not in a gassy sense. Hahaha.) I just…well, I love an intelligent man who will make me laugh, who is unconventional and will flout that in the face of my very conventional, traditional (euphemistic) family-of-origin. Insanity in the bedroom, wanderlust…the man of my dreams is a traveler-artist who still has a sense of respect and commitment about him. Beyond that: my artistic appeal lies in my ability to change, change, change every… Read more »


Oh, and in case anyone cares, 9th house conjunction in Sag. I’m a Scorp, Pisces rising, but my lil’ stellium of 4 in Sag definitely puts the water in my chart on a steady boil. I have been IN. TENSE. the last few weeks, only getting stronger. Anyway: hoping my Venus/Uranus love match keeps me free and dazzling during this Plutonic Astro stuff.


We must be almost twins!! Scorp, Venus/Uranus conjunction in 9th, Pisces rising. Ha.


Disappear! Lol. Oh yes, long distance relationships are brill for this very reason, or ones where one partner travels a lot for work. Lots of farewells and reunions with bags of space in between. My ex travelled a lot, we had a better relationship on the phone than we did in person. I don’t have a tight venus uranus conjunction but they are both part of a 5 planet stellium with juno, sappho and ceres bunged in there as well. Way too much earth, and no air, I do like my freedom but its hermit-like rather than wild and vivacious… Read more »


This is me!


Uranus (5th) trine Venus (9th conj Moon) .. so that’s the hot/cold tap eh. I expect it also to be implicated in some of my rels history.. sailing along in an everything is kind of ok for now moment to look up with different eyes.. see one thing that bugs the hell out of me and … on occasion call that the deal-breaker. Y’know.. he’s alright and all but.. his fingers just aren’t long enough and I’m not down with that. Meanwhile I’ve been tolerant, patient, facilitating and not caring about X or Y and then bam.. a little trivial… Read more »


Er, yes. Guilty as charged Your Honour. Venus is early Scorp sextile Uranus in early Virgo. In my more fickle moments it goes something like this.

‘Fuq, you are the most amazingly beautiful thing I have ever seen, love me, love me’ (as above). And then…

‘What? You’re interested? THAT interested?? Yikes, run AWAY!’


Venus square Uranus, with Venus angular at the 7 th house cusp in Capricorn.
There ya go… 😉

Crystallised future

Yep. Venus 14 degrees in Pisces and Uranus 12 degrees in Virgo. Married twice, absolutely hated it. Anything in between was preferably part time. And, yep, I have a mouth on me that has recently been silenced. I’m not even sure I want it back.


I’m Aqua Sun/Libra Moon…would this give the same effect as Ven/Ura?

I do identify with this strip, but I don’t know if that’s my Moon/Uranus square, or my un-aspected/0 degree Venus (in Capricorn!) talking….


This explains the incongruity of my recently forgotten Taurus. She had Venus conjunct her Sun opposite Neptune; that is difficulty right there. But her Venus is an aspected trine her Uranus. Mad positive flirtations followed by girly ” l hope l havn’t led him on” statements. I was her 9km yoyo. I was consistent. She was erratic beyond anything lve encountered. Why does the bloke get to be made out the bad guy when this sorta thing happens. Continuing the Uranian analagy. If a radio broadcaster was deseminating religious or ethnic hate, would the authorities close the station down or… Read more »


“I release all expectations” ‘Leading me on’ that’s a heavy and fraught phrase loaded with some ugly history. Almost like you believe that you have the right to something / are now owed something that in fact still belongs to someone else and always will. Now it seems that you’re intelligent enough not to be that guy, so at the same time it’s a shame it didn’t work out for you and I’m sorry you were disappointed. Maybe she wasn’t completely sure about her feelings for you so was hot and cold. How do you roll with a decision of… Read more »


(My caveat: Neptune is opposing my Venus. I am learning that steeply) Firstly she is out of my mind now; has been for a month. I thought l’d post bcos it was relevant to recent happenings l experienced. The “leading me on” were her statements. They are only mine to the extent l have repeated them here; no more. It is akin to doing business with someone who puts things on the table then takes em away. It leaves you thinking, “WTF!”. She said that bcos she knew she was enticing me. (Two colleagues let me know she had said… Read more »


my reception here is fukt so my reply got disappeared. basically:
– i see that i was indeed being presumptuous.
– sorry about that. not cool.
– chicks, whaddayagonnado
– hands a coldie to PF.


(mars transiting my 3rd house, i could get used to bullet points and blunt language for everything)


Thanx for the coldie, Pi


All my Venus aspects are soft, but this is so spot on..Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Cap. And it tightly trines my Saturn & Neptune (all in Cap) too.


Yup. Venus in Aries exactly opposite Uranus in Libra. Though I seem to pick the “disappearers”. Maybe secretly on purpose.

When Uranus recently transited my 5th house, I had the longest and most “normal” relationship of my life. What’s normal for everyone else is unusual for me?


Hi astro-twin. Same here. Venus Aires in 9th, voltage def up in foreign & exotic locations, intellectual-spiritual simpatico a MUST or no spark. Men always tell me I have a way with words. Unless we’re firing on all cylinders, I grow antsy & restless easily. My current partner has similar needs for independence & space so it works.


well, that sounds like me…although, its not a major aspect for me- I have venus + uranus inconjunct.


This describes my entire life. Also, a funny side effect of this Venus vs Uranus pollarity; the second you give up on a love interest you’ve been obsessing over, they bloody reappear!

Yes to a Hilary Mantel astro post! Her sense of humor is like ‘surgical blade in black velvet sheath.’

Buckle (Aries Sun, Pisces Rising, Gem Moon)

“Yes, me too” to your comments re the aspect, and “yes” to your desire for a Mantel post! Mantel is great, but did you read that review she wrote of the Madonna biography in the London Review of Books? I’m not even a Madonna fan, but I couldn’t get my head around how Mantel ferociously attacked her as being “plain”. It was schoolyard stuff. Like Mantel thought, “What would Madonna hate to be called the most? PLAIN!” and went for it, personally. It was just a bit wobbly, in terms of motivation. Almost jealous. I was reading it thinking, “Why… Read more »


Mantel also went on a crackers shouty bender in the LRB about Kate Middleton.

From attacking her “machine turned body,” her ability to play hockey in high heels and even her literacy (“What does Kate read? It’s a question.”), Mantel has proved a poor supporter of other women in the public eye.

Buckle (Aries Sun, Pisces Rising, Gem Moon)

Hmmm. I’ll seek out that article.

I yearn to read fantastic critiques of how major female figures are operating, of course. But Mantel seems to be aiming at a level that just too neat and flippant— it’s almost lazy.

Who needs more ‘writing off’ of the women in prominent places? We see that all the time. We expect something more salient from excellent writers. They don’t have to be a cheer-squad and love Madonna or Kate Middleton and write everything in a sycophantic style, but just give us some observations and theories that are a bit more substantial, insightful.


I remain surprised at how much blowback there’s been about Mantel’s article about Middleton — most on the basis of a few quotes taken out of context. As in most of her writing, her LRB lecture on royalty is a trenchant and nuanced meditation on the ways we project expectations and even supernatural authority onto royalty, particularly women, from Anne Boylen to the present. It’s one of the stories I periodically reread when I feel the need to sharpen my thinking and prose style, and I highly recommend it:


Yep. It me. I’ve got Venus/Uranus exact conjunct at 20 Scorpio, both conjunct my rising at 17 Scorpio. Agree the most with the voltage fluctuations.


Yup — me too — tight Venus-Uranus in Sagg conjunct, and my current love situation with Pisces guy has been marked by Uranus trasiting my Aries Mars-NN and his Venus.

Would LOVE to see a post on Hilary Mantel’s astro: she’s such a fascinating and complex character. Recommend her novel Beyond Black to all.



Howdy, astro-twin! 😀


I swear, we should start a club . . . .


Venus is my chart ruler (Libra rising), and lives in Cap, while my sun is in Aqua, so some Uranian there. Currently- and until March 31 according to astrodienst- Uranus is squaring my natal Venus, and I am totally vibing the above energy. I like it!


This is me!


Mmmm… yes to everything you said up there Mystic woman… I have it… Venus Biquintile Uranus… Pisces to Leo. Creative gifts 🙂

There’s a bit of info out there on the Quintile aspects… Here’s something from Robert Wilkinson.

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