An Aquanaut With Moon Conjunct Neptune

The Aquanaut Sylvia Earle in a bathysphere

The renowned Aquanaut Sylvia Earle is an age-defying force of compassion and genius. She is a multiple conjunct Virgo with Moon conjunct Neptune. The marine biologist/explorer/activist is about to enjoy her Uranus Return – it happens at the age of 84.

She maintains a crazy-rad schedule of work, planet-saving, talks, consciousness-raising, and study.

Here is her Ted talk and 2014 documentary Mission Blue.

She is a multiple conjunct Virgo with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Lilith all conjunct in Virgo.  That’s a lot of Virgo – she has even more than the famously productive Goethe. Her Moon conjunct Neptune is fabulously expressed via her life vocation being oceanic ecology. –

She blends the work-ethic of hyper-Virgo with Neptune compassion. She is clearly spiritually connected to the Neptunian realm. Do not believe a single word of some of the negative press Moon conjunct Neptune gets. Sylvia Earle is a fabulous role model for this placement.

“Ten percent of the big fish still remain. There are still some blue whales. There are still some krill in Antarctica. And there are a few oysters in Chesapeake Bay. Half the coral reefs are still in pretty good shape, a jeweled belt around the middle of the planet. There’s still time, but not a lot, to turn things around.”




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Neptune = big, idealistic, compassionate heart
Virgo = a plan in search of a higher mission
Equals a great and potentially world-changing combination, on the good days (the haute Virgo, high Neptune days). On low days: stuck-in-a-rut emo hoarders?


Hmmm, I was watching a short video on the principles of light and learned that the vision humans have, the construction of th eye and the part of the spectrum we can see was configured originally from our time living under the water.


I am interested to learn more! Any links?
It reminds of that tid bit that says we have a 25 hr sleep cycle unsuited to this planet.


Looking for the other refs.


I love how food-shaming is ok here. If you can be vegan, awesome. Not everybody can. I used to be before i became horribly allergic to everything. Fish is one of the few things i can eat and i don’t even like tuna.


Food is a personal issue. I don’t think food shaming is what is happening here. I certainly have no problems with eating meat or dairy or fish or sacrificing vegetables and fruit. It’s all the same to me. It’s more about being sustainable, cruelty free, thoughtful of the consequences of our eating habits no?
Sounds like a difficult situation for you with those allergies, hope it improves.


I do think fish is food for humans. Always has been for coastal indigenous communities. Aside from the way we fish we do another silly thing and that is to feed it to cats. Fish is not a food cats would eat naturally. There’s a few million tons a year, fed to domestic animals. I watched that Cowspiracy doc the other day. A really stunning statistic was that when they calculated the weight of all animals and humans on the earth. Humans around 9 % of the weight Domesticated and farmed animals 89% Wild animals around 2 % I’m not… Read more »


Stating a fact about the environmental consequences of certain choices is just that. Stating a fact. If I had said, you are horrible person for doing this, then that would be considered shaming. But I didn’t do that. And I don’t think that. Like most vegans almost everyone I have ever loved eats meat, and I used to eat meat too. I fervently believe in compassion for all animals, including meat-eating humans. If you felt shamed, that is something you have to reconcile in your own system of ethics. The facts are the facts. It’s up to you to behave… Read more »


Oh, and bycatch isn’t just tuna. I just used that species as an illustration. It’s a problem with all fishing outside of a fish farm.


Very inspirational lady and a great uber Virgo role model for us all!


Amazing what a trail-blazer. The tireless and hardworking Virgo, we all need to learn about her in our own charts and bring positive change to the world.

virgo kathleen

Wow, she is too cool – and a great role model for me as a multiple Virgo too. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo. Then I have a Moon and Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, which trines most of the Virgo planets. I am just starting to realize the great potential of these areas of my chart. I am inspired by her tireless energy and dedication to her cause. I feel like most people don’t care or don’t want to know about how much we damage the oceans. I’m a vegetarian and would never eat fish because of… Read more »


Another example of how Regulus movement from Leo into Virgo is affecting us already….l” the king is dead long live the ancient queen.” The Virgo message is strong and her subtle powerful energy on the rise….intuition and logos from cosmic level..and Neptune and the sea…she above knows the new language of the earth will come from the sea….


So inspirational! And she has such a warm, happy energy about her, coming through in the photos.


This is why fish is not a healthy food. A single serving of seared tuna flank represents a 5 foot by 5 foot area of bycatch–other species netted accidentally to get the one variety they want. And that included dolphins, dolphin-free canned tuna is the unicorn of the food world.

If I could wave a magic wand and make everyone stop eating one kind of animal it would be fish. Because the oceans are really on the brink of catastrophic environmental collapse.

Anyway, she rocks. She makes me want to better activist (hence the mini-rant:).

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Think I’m gonna have to start leaving pamphlets in sushi bars…


It’s so true. I can never eat fish without feeling really guilty about the waste of life.


I also know a capricorn man with v strong neptune (I think conjunct NN at least). and sadge. He basically *looks* like Neptune. His profession is mostly sadge neptunian (underwater). It’s a pretty cool planet to consider just in simple career terms. Even my own chart is on a simple straight-up level pretty descriptive of an international institutional neptunian type. which I am working on 😉


I too love her. Neptune is like the perfect anti-matter for a multiVirgo, bringing into being an exquisitely balanced three dimensional form to do both the work of earth and spirit. forgive me i am on my 3rd &final glass of red. speaking of which Does neptune in orb of one’s sun make you more immune / thirsty for blue devil hooch juice? I used to be practically teetotal but now it’s like wine more wine [still not much but my tolerance is way up for no good reason] is this a precursor to low neptune? should we judiciously mix… Read more »


Neptune makes one more sensitive to all substances based on personal experience. tNeptune trine nSun and trine nAsc just finished for me (was a Grand Water Trine), and am in the midst of squares to Moon and Venus (ahhhhh until 2018!!). The trines are more pleasant, though not by much. (Crying so much wasn’t fun, but meditation was amazing.) Squares make me jittery and paranoid, whether it be from caffeine or alcohol.


How cool! The mundane version of the Neptunian Virgo is an odd breed – pretty much the Anti-Virgo from what I’ve seen in the field. I am well-acquainted with two Virgos who have Neptune in Virgo conjunct their Sun and they are both total hoarders – sorry, no nice way around it! They are kindly old gents but save every single little thing, and they are too young to be like my grandparents who could at least blame the tendency to save things or stockpile canned goods on having lived through the Great Depression. The qi of their homes seriously… Read more »


Hoarding’s a tough one. It’s fascinating. To me it talks about a very deep and yet un-addressed, unrecognised, un-met need for security – a safe place to be in the world, existentially. Hoarding is about fear.
Where we turn to , the lowest common denominator, the most socially acceptible, the most accessible, for security is in material goods. But to not recognise that there is a strong and not-caringly-addressed emotional need there, is to focus on the wrong facet of the issue.


sometimes also about a fear of letting go. of a identity, a lost loved one, a cherished past.


which is when we need pluto in his highest expression.


Pi, I know these people pretty well and it’s not *clinical* hoarding, so to pathologize it in the manner you are suggesting I think is a bit misplaced. I know their life stories and I’d say on the whole it’s more about simple laziness coupled with an idea that someday something they would throw away might be *useful*. One of the gents in question is an elderly bachelor and he was all too happy to let me help him clean – usually when someone has a bona fide problem in this regard they won’t let *anyone* throw their things out… Read more »


That’s amazing, I just checked my FinLaw’s astro – Moon in Virgo conjunct Neptune!! And we are in the middle of a big junk intervention. Sagg F.i.Law is living with us as he had a stroke. His house is so full of mould, dust and junk that it quite possibly impacted or even caused the heart/blood issues he suffers, so I forbade him going home. We are currently cleaning up his house to help him sell it. I do feel like a hardass telling this Moon/Neptune conjunct sentimentalist to get rid of his ex-wife’s broken pottery that is sitting under… Read more »


We are doing a Really big purge atmo. The Leo is visibly healing and phoenixing, he’s shifting significant mounds of crap (that he used to drag home and stash in case he could use them for building or fixing something, and a serious cause of conflict between us). Now he’s not wanting to bring anything home, he’s tired of the sight of it all. home energy is steadily vibing higher, and we both comment on it! Jupiter now in my 12th, on cluster of natal mars, Pluto Uranus Virgo, and I am decluttering, opening up closets,…I reckon during this transit,… Read more »

The Klaw

I love her.


So wow. She is impressive by any measure. I hope the world she believes is possible to save is saved within her lifetime.
Neptune in Virgo I salute you! May your dreams be awash in purifying salty hopefulness!

Year of the Phoenix

She is what the planet needs an army of to turn this ship around before we run aground!

This year is so important and we are held to ransom by mining companies and there political minions


Coal mining, that is going to be shipped out thru the GBR, is being touted as morally responsible by Frydenburg. Huh?

Year of the Phoenix

Yeah “morally responsible” it’s just gets even more ridiculous!


“Morally responsible” – that’s certainly a Saturn in Sagittarius phrase if I ever did see one! Square to Neptune, and there ya go….what is he ON?! Totally delusional – there’s apt to be a lot of this type of spin during this square, so keep your wits about you, all…! FYI: This kind of thing is exactly why I’ve been saying the lead-in to the 2016 election looks like a real shit show – our would-be “leaders” trying to feed us this type of bullshit with a straight face is something I might expect. Question the Kool-Aid the “authority” figures… Read more »

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