Samhain, Stolen Valour & Surrealism

rothschild Halloween

Samhain Southern Hemisphere style is confusing. Do you take the weather as your cue (Samhain is seasonally Winter) or go with it being a Scorpio time? Regardless of how you intend to celebrate/ignore so-called Halloween, in Pagan lore, it is Samhain, the festival of the dead. No candy, no costume, just an honoring of those who have left this dimension already.  It seems a more fitting event to occur at the beginning of Winter – as it does in the Northern Hemisphere -but it is always at the 8th degree of Scorpio.

Samhain Southern Hemisphere Confusion? It’s the 8th Degree of Scorpio That Matters

Scorpio is associated with the 8th House and is, of course, the 8th sign. Eight degrees of Scorpio is also safely in the spooky Via Combusta zone of the Zodiac belt.

Leonora Carrington

Halloween/Samhain always evokes surrealism. The works of artists like Leonora Carrington, Leonor Fini and Remedios Varo blend the prosaic with the paranormal.

Leonor Fini

Samhain Southern Hemisphere Style Means Honoring The Dead

Even if you don’t want to, it is a day of the year when the veils between the dimensions are flimsy, and you sense them. A scent that evokes memory flow, Deja Vu, or a sudden sharp realization of how a particular person influenced your life. There is no heaven above and hell below. The Christians cribbed their idea of hell from their inquisition chambers. And heaven is all around us, concealed, as any quantum physicist or shaman could attest.

The Anima Mundi Is The World Soul

To artists like the surrealists above, other dimensions existed simultaneously with our mundane existence. Even mundane does not mean ‘dull’ as it is often suggested. It means worldly. As in anima mundi is the soul of the world.

Remedios Varo

Stolen Valour – the campaign against people who impersonate serving soldiers for sex, ego and veteran discounts – is so Saturn in Sagittarius. The vids online of these phony “heroes” being unmasked by veterans is underscored by the unbearable sadness of the Forever Law.

How low would you need to be to steal the ‘mana’ of soldiers without going through the actual military aspect of it? Not going to war is honorable. Being against it makes sense. But to pretend to be a veteran?

This gentleman is the total opposite of all that.


This is Master Sergeant Joshua L Wheeler, who, a few days ago, died in a bid to free 60+ hostages from ISIL. They were to be executed the next morning. Regardless of your thoughts on American foreign policy, this was a successful mission. Wheeler was a Cherokee Indian and a member of the elite Delta Force. I once read that the only American military unit to have a Wiccan priest was Delta Force.

From Indian Country Today:

Most recently, Wheeler had been assigned to Army Special Operations Command at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina—the Cherokee historical homelands. He divided his down time between North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Cherokee Principal Chief Bill John Baker, in his role as mourner-in-chief, released a statement reading in part:


Cherokee Warrior And Total Mars Person

Our hearts go out to the Wheeler family for their tragic loss. Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler was a highly decorated member of the Delta Force unit whose mission in Iraq was freeing hostages held by ISIS. Like so many of our Cherokee warriors, Joshua died serving our great country and we are forever indebted to him for his bravery and willingness to accept the most dangerous missions… Joshua is a true American hero and we will always honor his life and sacrifices at the Cherokee Nation.

That the first American military casualty against ISIL is a native American seems poignant. He was a Scorpio with Mars Retrograde at the potent Zero degree of Cancer square Pluto in Libra and exact square Lilith in Aries. AKA a Mars Person.


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Thanks MM
Inspiring as All Ways


How twisted to steal war hero identity.

Beautiful post Mystic.

I had an amazing night last night and it really does feel like the start of a new era this morning


Loved this post and the threads and comments. For some reason I first read Stolen Valour as Stolen ‘Velour’..,then soon realised my mistake.


Heartbreaking. The first woman soldier killed in the Iraq War in 2003 was Hopi. Laurie Piestewa.


This is such cool post. The 8th House is other people’s money, passion, death, and I think the relationship between courage, death, lust and war really is surreal. It is like another world, like a place where our energies shift and become hyperreal or other, but in a very worldly sense, a bloody sense. Ishtar was goddess of war and love. I think of Mars as the old Ruler of Scorpio, or Ares and his relationship to Aphrodite as masculine lover and symbol of bloodlust. The other sad part about war is that it is often manufactured by the money-hunters,… Read more »


The more I study astrology, the more amazed I am by how intricately all the pieces fit together. Such a heavy warrior’s chart. May he find peace behind the veil.

I have friends who joined the military to pay for their education, back in the late 90’s when war seemed like a distant impossibility. They never wanted to fight. They just wanted to take intro to philosophy and go to parties. Sad. Sad. Sad.


That is awful Melody. It seems that philosophers would be uniquely unsuited to the rigours of war too.


I have my 4th house 7SCO47 moon conj 6SCO25 neptune both squaring my 12th Leo sun (8.15)…it brings me lots of dreams and ghosty experiences. (also gave me an alcoholic father/ exhausted mother that was barely there)


O_O Wow, your radar is freakishly on point! True story: 1) I was just remarking yesterday about the Saturn Neptune square having a surrealist vibe, a la Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory” (aka Melting Clocks). 2) Swear to goddess, I was watching the Antiques Roadshow the other day and someone had a bona fide Leonora Carrington work they brought in for appraisal! Also thought it was absolutely perfect for the astro – see photo: It’s a really cool and yet creepily disconcerting painting. The bird-people stood out to me most…something about them seemed like a vague nod to the… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix



Mystic. Love this post. You really make us think.

Anchors Away

Thanks for this Mystic. With all the focus on vacuous celebrities these days its so nice to have someone bring light to an undercover hero who has truly made a difference in this world.
I’ll be lighting a candle for this gentleman tonight.


Jedi warrior monk perhaps of the jim channon first earth battalion kind perhaps.. sort of?


Wow. What a man.


Thank you. Its appropriate for me as as a dear person who suicided (october) was 8 Taurus; chiron in scorpio, her lillith aquarius 1st house…It was done with nembutal via an agency. It was to her the only choice, path and this pagan concept would be something she’d love.


I agree. This is such a heart-deep and poignant post.

The identity assimilation feels very Saturn (hard won achievement) square Neptune (in this case, deception). It doesn’t have to express that way, but it’s hard not to recognize when it does.

Artistically, the blend of “prosaic with paranormal” translates into creative Saturn/Neptune expression. “surreal” itself is Saturn/Neptune!

Thank you so much for this post, Mystic! <3


The Cherokee have no word for goodbye. There is no such finality.

Dodadagohv i —

Until we meet again. *lights candle*

Samhain is conjunct my Mars. But around here, most every day is Halloween 😉

Happy (Witches) NYE, all souls! x


Thank you for that beautiful reminder of dodadagohv i–

It feels like such a blessing.


So good to see you, beautiful spirit Kimmy x Happy Samhain & New Year!

(“surreal is Saturn Neptune” — thank you for that 🙂 )


That is so beautiful Ankhy. I live your esoteric knowledge!


Mystic’s electromagnetic field so often inspires me 😉


I love that, thank you.

Happy NYE!

virgo kathleen

Ooh, I just realized Samhain is conjunct my Pluto in Scorpio. No wonder I feel so drawn to this holiday.

Happy Samhain / Halloween / whatever to all. 🙂


I love when you do longer, more digressive posts, Mystic. This is beautiful, brilliant, and so poignant. I love the art as well.

Evidently Halloween costumes come from the thought that the dead are abroad at this time, so if you go out you had better disguise yourself. Here’s a professor’s further reflections on it:

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