Mediatrix #2 – Celebrity Astrology

Pamela Anderson

Image: Roe EthridgeThe Gentlewoman

But the conversation moved quickly onto the subject of her hair extensions – “these have got to come out,” she said in frustration – and the recent renovations on her house. I’m a Cancer, so I’m always fucking renovating,” she said.

The interview – i think you need to get the hard copy – is rad.

The Gentlewoman specializes in font, chic paper stock and cool interviews with fascinating females. There is one for men too called Fantastic Man. Both mags go a long way toward reviving the tactile pleasure of old-school magazine land and brain fodder without advertorial. There ARE ads – yes – but not many of those puff pieces that my old journalism teacher used to call “blowjob journalism.”

Anyway – Pamela is doing fantastically, currently single and career-devoted, her Sensual Vegan television/book tie-in is launching in December –  an absolutely brilliant way to work her Saturn through the 6th House transit. Not only that: Saturn is going to be in supportive aspect to her natal Saturn in Aries for the launch (read: She has a really Good Astrologer).

Her career took off in the late 80s/early 90s – Baywatch, Playboy etc – and that was Saturn in Capricorn. So now, this Saturn in Sagittarius era – revisiting her pre-fame terrain of 28 years ago – is ideally met via committing her resources to realize a deeper dream. She is also about to show her acting chops in a super-indie film…SO so Saturn.

Her role is that of a spin class instructor obsessed with self-help and drawn to an experimental new age treatment center. It’s called Connected – I’m in.  It makes me think Eternal Sunshine with fitspiration and without Jim Carrey.

Pamela Anderson – other than being Cancerian with Gemini Rising and Moon in Aries, has Retro Mercury in Cancer exact trine Neptune – a channel for the collective subconscious, if you think about it. Kurt Cobain and Meryl Streep also had/have Mercury trine Neptune.


Meanwhile the Dalai Lama (another Cancerian) came out with some drivel about how if there WAS a female Dali Lama one day, he would hope she was “very, very attractive.” Otherwise she would be “no use.”  Because, like, obviously all the male religious leaders to date have been stunningly hot bodied chiseled jaw type dudes with sexy bedroom eyes?  I personally think Channing Tatum (grounded, Taurus, suits maroon) would be a cute Dalai Lama but have always assumed there is more to the gig than looks.

The Dalai Lama has Moon, Neptune and Lilith in Virgo currently being amped by Jupiter in Virgo. If I were a security guard/press adviser to the A-List, I would be issuing Shut-The-Fuq-Up alerts for anyone having this sort of a transit.  Moon-Neptune-Lilith could = some potent feelings re women, especially the more magical, glam and unconventional end of the feminine spectrum and it is this stellium that is being stirred by Jupiter AND Mars.

And speaking of W.T.F. reversals the long-notorious but hot Pirelli Calendar has gone all feminist for 2016. It was once a high-end “girlie calendar” – like the kind of thing on the wall of old-school motor mechanic garages only featuring supermodels and it-girls – available to clients only. But since its launch in the mid-60s, it gained artistic and cultural cred. Names – photographers and women – featured. It was always “sexy” – depending on your taste – and varied depending on the photographer that year.

Super Scorpio Helmut Newton’s 1986 version – unpublished at the time for weird reasons – was re-released a few years ago.


In 2016, it is shot by Annie Liebovitz (Sun-Neptune-Retro-Mercury in Libra + Mars/Pluto in Leo = perfect astro for a celebrity/long careered premium photographer/artist) and highlighting “achievement” over tits and arse, however high class

For a brand which – imho – went extra-scunge with the Terry (Dark Leo) Richardson calendar of 2010 this is revolutionary.

So we are in a world where the “girlie” calendar vibe features a cool broad spectrum of inspirational women and the Dalai Lama is crapping on about how his successor/females need to be “attractive” to be “of use”

Did the Large Hadron Particle Collider finally do something extra weird? Is this a parallel universe?  Thoughts?

And…some solid Douche-Core from Mango S/S 2016 Menswear Barcelona Fashion Week


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33 thoughts on “Mediatrix #2 – Celebrity Astrology

  1. I was sharing a house back in the 80s with someone very influential in the Iskon krsna movement and met the then global head and spiritual leader of the movement. He was a tall blonde chiseled American guy with model looks, killer smile and a wide knowledge of Vedic texts and philosophy. Wherever he went women looked on drooling and falling all over themselves to get near him. In his position as spiritual leader he had taken the vow of chastity.
    Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned and it wasn’t long before he had to be replaced by someone much less attractive.

  2. Possibly, the women / image thing, no one thinks to get on the Dalai Lama’s case about being a shallow douchebag because yo it’s the D to the L, gimme 5 up high, spiritual leader who can do no wrong. So, all that unquestioned whatever. But also, if buddhists are one thing they recognise that we’re all human and eye candy is eye candy, male OR female. cheeky dalai lama speaks his mind but is he a sleaze? only heaven knows. but it’s easy to stomp and hate on the girlie calendar types because objectification is one way that women are subjugated and the male gaze is tyrannical and omnipresent and thus internalised *cue entire art history and sociology courses* etc. So maybe it’s a case of the problem child getting all the discipline. I grew up in the era of going to random bathrooms at shops or whatever and there was the barely-clad, sexually posed model on the back of the bathroom door. Like, it was a feature of my girlhood and early adolescence. Many of you I guess. what does that mean, i don’t know.

    calendars are a regular thing, people buy them every year, going haute = bikkies, maybe pirelli is going the way of mad max: furiosa for prez. etc?

      • Ive seen his Holiness, Dalai lama in person for a teaching….He does have a very silly and almost sarcastic sense of humor!

        I don’t know, I don’t think he really meant anything malicious. He has made comments recently, in retaliation to Chinese officials ridiculous comments as of late, as well. I believe China recently blamed him for their economy ,HHDL basically was saying perhaps they are right and all the destruction of the world is his fault.

  3. Sounds stupid of the DL, but if he meant to be serious, I doubt he would have said it….just thinking. He is ironic, calling his fav llama “stupid”, meaning how much he loves him, and prob making a wry statement about the spirituality of the world in what is a dark-time, at least for the US.

    That said, I’m in a nuvo fem mood, snapping pretentious or dominating male statements off at the whatever. New images, new expressions—it’s up to us.

  4. Keep in mind that the successor to the Dalai Lama will always be the same person, reincarnated, so he is talking about what he thinks it would be like for himself to be a woman – observing that appearance would be important, as it is for most women. Also, I’m pretty sure he was joking.

  5. What a post! I wanted to respond to everything, where to start?

    Due to virgo in everything I shall point form:

    – Firstly, I love your old teacher for this quote: “blowjob journalism” (perfect)

    – I LOVE Pam and think an indie film comeback piss taking character art and a cook book re her actual values is just perfect. She is Marilyn’s successor IMO for another era

    – Dalai Lama comes out with some real bollucks on gender given his position as an enlightened being and a monk, didn’t the pope say something surprisingly cool this week as well. What’s going on?

    – One of my most prized possessions is a vintage Pirelli Calendar that I swooped in on ebay due to lovely person selling not realising what a collectors item that edition was bless them but I was like WOW when they released the new move on the shoot this year and taking out the T+A replacing with amazing kick ass Icons like Patti Smith etc so I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with this

    – Don’t get me started on Barcelona fashion week and Mango. Mango Has always been my least favourite of the Spanish high street mafia – but don’t worry no one would dress the whole outfit like that. The men who look good here, look REALLY good.

  6. “Because, like, obviously all the male religious leaders to date have been stunningly hot bodied chiseled jaw type dudes with sexy bedroom eyes?”

    LMFAO! That’s what I’m loving about Saturn in Sagittarius so far – really good for making bullshit double standards and hypocrisy GLARINGLY apparent!

    I can’t say I’m surprised, though – the head of any organized religion would tend to be Jupiter-influenced, which means conservative, orthodox, dogmatic, patriarchal (Jupiter WAS the father of the Gods) and potentially afflicted by some form of “-ism”, whether that’s sexism, racism, or whathaveyou. People sometimes get forget about the dark side of Jupiter and get hung up thinking he’s just some Jolly Old Fat Guy sliding down the chimney with a bag of goodies for us, as Traditional Astrology emphasized his status as Greater Benefic. Somewhere along the way, though, this was taken to the nth degree…as all things Jupiter-related have the capacity to be.

    Sidenote: I love seeing Pammy looking more natural, yay! It’s one thing if you enjoy being all made-up, but I think it can be really liberating for a woman to strip it down and get back to basics. I think she looks better now than she did in her 20’s & 30’s FWIW. Her lips aren’t all plumped up and overlined, she doesn’t have the smoky raccoon eyes thing going on…there was a good stretch of time where she was getting dangerously close to Tammy Faye Baker territory there – this is a vast improvement, IMO!

    • Also, my girlfriend actually saw the Dalai Lama in person a couple years back when he was giving a speech – she said his energy was “not what [she] expected” and that it felt very “cerebral”. She rationalized it as the difference between Sacred Masculine vs. Sacred Feminine, but now I wonder if she wasn’t sensing something more.

      • The DL is very cerebral – as you would be if you were to unravel – much less teach many of the concepts of Buddhism. Mental gymnastics is part of the course. But he does have a peculiar sense of humour, kind of silly and seemingly very childish at times intermingled with lots of giggling. I don’t believe that he was being a misogynist so much as showing that he is a product of his time – plus saying something of our own culture’s sexual stereotyping.

        At least that’s my take on this. BTW – i’m not a Buddhist – just a spiritual researcher – so I’m not trying to defend him because i’m an ardent follower or any such thing.

        Here is the link to the interview. The question about a female Dalai Lama is posed to him on minute 5.

    • I think a lot more people would go to church ahhha.

      Pam was always hot it was just shitty 90s makeup, remember when people used to tell you what season you were… and all the browns were orange? over lined lip was the 90s signature. Had to look like a texta mark.

      Your dark jupiter comment just made me think of how Zeus used to put his dick in everything.

      My grandfather was dying of cancer and happened upon the Dalai Lama in a Park many years ago whilst strolling, you think this would have been a good opportunity to say something profound given his situation but all he did was say there’s the fucking Dalai Lama. He seemed confused. I wonder how many people have ever sworn at him. Even in shock.

      • Re: Zeus

        I’m sayin – that’s where/why the double standard thing comes into play, too! Da fuq would he have done if Hera did the same to him, I ask? Oh the lightning bolts….I can see them being hurled now, LOL!

        Broadly speaking, Jupiter done wrong = it’s good for the goose, but *not* for the gander. I abhor this general premise – I will not hold someone else to a different standard than I hold myself. That’s also the Libra bits of me speaking – what’s fair is fair. This is hardwired into my DNA like you wouldn’t believe – if I told you some of the things that I have done (to my own detriment) in the name of what’s Right & Fair, you would probably think me out of my gourd. But I don’t care – all that matters to me is being able to live my life with a clean conscience.

  7. I dont necessarily “like” what he had to say but, I know he has a bit of a sense of humor. Also, his english is VERY LIMITED. His holiness has always been outspoken about the need for more women in politics.Im not bothered by his recent statement. He has an amazing translator, perhaps it was his day off? lol

    And yes, LibVenus – his teachings are quite cerebral. He claims to be just a “simple monk” but honestly, I thought some of the teachings were more difficult to grasp than years of philosophy in university!

  8. The DL is a product of his time and that means he is not immune to racism, sexism, ableism, etc.. I don’t know why people are so shocked these days. It’s like when people found that video of John Lennon mocking disabled peeps. I bet that was considered normal or even cool back then. Plus he was young then and young people do regrettably stupid things sometimes and these days social media commemorates it. *shrug*. It’s not right that he said that comment and should be educated so he will know better. The end. In the end he is just a human.

  9. 1. Pamela looks amazing. Didn’t even recognize her. I love a good do-over.

    2. I love Tavi! I wish I could see the pic.

    3. Douche-core. Lol.

    4. Lists. Don’t know why I’m writing like this.

  10. I’m going all astro with this one—The Dalai Lama is having a hooey of a transit, and I love that Pamela is doing her astro so well! She would totally be into astrology.

  11. The Big D’s comments reminds me of a time I was working on an International sporting event and the President came to visit. He had to be served during games by nubile young females on a throne type chair with red carpet etc etc. Ordinary venue staff were not enough.

  12. Obvi the women do not need to b “attractive” to gain respect. But I kinda understood where he was coming from cause other women spiritual teachers have said they chose to incarnate in “attractive” bodies to get more pull w the masses, eg Teal Swan

    • Pardon me for eyerolling at the “attractive” theory, but what a notsohumblebrag there! Form does not necessarily conform to Function when it comes to spiritual purpose. Generally speaking, I think if your locus of identity is to see yourself as a sexpot w/ more pull (read: control) over the masses, then I think it’s probably pretty safe to assume 1) you might have some undiagnosed Venus/Pluto issues going on and 2) you’re probably fuqed circa the time you hit 40ish. Good luck with all of that.

      If I’m going attract anyone to my light, I want it to be because I have something of substance to offer – not to use my “looks” to get the hooks in. Sorry, that’s for lighweights and low-functioning Plutonians – I am neither of these things.

      I’ll give you a for-instance on the other side of this coin re: Form vs. spiritual Function. There is a kid who works at my gym whom I and everyone else there *LOVE*. He is like the Goodwill Ambassador for the place, seriously. He’s 20 and had a TBI when he was 10 – Mom got behind the wheel after having a few drinks and rolled their vehicle. He spent 7 months in the hospital and was in a coma – he almost died. Needless to say, he was busted up pretty bad and still carries physical scars, impaired motor function on one side of his body, has permanent short term memory damage, and also has a speech impediment.

      This Sagittarius kid does have an excellent, friendly, upbeat attitude though and we’ve had many spiritual discussions…when he divulged to me that his mom quit drinking after the incident, I told him that perhaps it was possible that his accident actually saved her life or someone else’s and to let the scars he lives with today give him comfort in that possibility. This kid is not quite what you would consider “attractive”, but he has touched my soul in a way that few people have – I will take that kind of “pull” over the manipulative strings of good looks any day. And I’m far from alone in adoring this kid – he makes friends easily wherever he goes because of his winning attitude. I think this kid could positively impact a lot of people if given the right opportunity. There are plenty of people now and throughout history who aren’t necessarily gifted with an “attractive” appearance but who have strongly influenced people’s lives for the better nonetheless.

  13. There has been a bit of overt sexism anti female voices in media garbage lately. But by women too.
    Why is this suddenly a thing?

    Don’t even get me started on the idiot anti abortion religious speaker who somehow got into Australia despite his visa being cancelled.

  14. I love that Helmut Newton photograph – the model has such a beautiful, sculptural head, like some caryatid come to life. Something kind of taurean about her, head down, pawing the ground.

  15. Ye Gods – is there nothing sacred?! Even VW – The People’s Car (lol) – has been seriously cheating everyone ….. I know this seems like a random comment – but seeing we’re talking about celebs that have disappointed us – VW is kind of celeb status with a “cool” reputation and environmentally friendly and all …. and now look at it.

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