Astro Decor: A Capricorn Bedroom

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This is the actual bedroom – as opposed to a client job – of Capricorn Jacques Grange, interior designer to the one percent.Β  It seems so Saturnine – austere, with powerful motifs, the crest-like vibe of the main art – and the bed referencing the Two of Swords from Tarot.

He sounds Capricorn too: “I check everything. Every detail,” he tells me. “I love to control all I do. Each project I make, I control. I do not delegate. This is why I do not do so many projects, because if you grow too much then you disappear.”


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41 thoughts on “Astro Decor: A Capricorn Bedroom

  1. I’m a cap interior designer/artist and my pieces may be wild (walk in paintings, optical illusory walls for corps, vintage comic book hero logos), but my quarters are bookish/old world awesome (velvet stag hunting scenes, walnut furniture, stacks of trench coats, palm trees)…and I hide my handcuffs. The rest of his work seems overtly…French. Amiss in a stylistic way, but pleasurable to be in. Every artifact in a room is one I would want to touch.

  2. Only one book? I wonder what it is. And I’d like to see the rest of the room. Or another angle or something (like the view from the bed). I really like the colours and the tones, quite nice, but to me it looks more like a boutique hotel room than a room that is lived in at the end of a day’s work.

  3. If you delegate and don’t control, you disappear (i.e. you ain’t gettin the kudos any more). Kronos of legend (kill kids in fear they may eclipse you) couldn’t have put it better.

    And then the bed made for control/voyeurism with a bloody crest (status anxiety) and the 2 of swords (I shut my eyes/heart so I can block emotions/deny the truth….of what I am really doing and who I am in this situation) at its head.

    Classic Cap. Seen this (not the design of bedroom, but uber Cap psych it manifests) too many times before. Use and withhold city, I reckon.

    Yes, Laura. Not for Scorps. Nor Sagg’s either.

    • This sums it up perfectly…elite explicitness bordering on semi surgical sexual decadence with a propriety, and the macabre…

  4. Anyone reckon Steven Hawking is the ultimate Cap? Longevity against all odds, work ethic, stubborness…

  5. I definitely see the Cap influence. As a Cap who recently moved in with my Cap rising boyfriend – it seems that every room in our house has a “studious” vibe. Basically everything looks like it could be from a set out of one of those adventure movies.

    As I was looking around our sitting room the other day, I took in everything – our light-up credenza displaying a variety of artifacts and animal parts (Quills, teeth, claws), a thriving palm plant taking over the entire left corner of the room, our enormous bookcases overflowing with occult material and obscure non-fiction- and I jokingly said to him “I feel like we’re in Jumanji”.

    I always decorate my space like I am some supernatural-adventurer-detective, because let’s be honest….that’s what I REALLY want to be when I grow up.

  6. This is so very Cap to me. An ex’s bedroom almost to a T. I just don’t do tapestries and such. Aw yeah, Virgo, super minimalist and clean. πŸ™‚

    • Also many times those ornate finials can unscrew off. A great revenge a friend of mine did on a lover who cheated on her was to unscrew one of those and put shrimp shells down the tube. Put the finial back on. The stench wafting near the bed was supposedly so terrible the whole bed has to be removed. Lol.

  7. Smacks of the Campaign. Roman Legian, “Sparticus get my sword” styling which would suit the hardcore Pluto battle hardened interior designer

  8. funny, but I don’t think of this as ‘austere’…mayb my pluto talkin…like the fact he has control over his projects…think I wud toes b the same if I had a business like that (god I wish!)…it’s like going to a marco pierre white advertised restaurant or something, and then u realise the actual mpwhite left the building ages ago, or is situ somewhere else…

  9. Too hard to clean.
    In my next house, l build, all non electrical furniture items will be suspended by chains anchored between the ceiling and the floor; tautly.
    My Virgoness demands minimalist lines and ease of care. My Katness goes “good, less mess for me too make”

  10. Ok maybe it’s my Scorp stuff talking (or all this Pluto biz) but my eye is drawn to the fucking chair situated for direct bed viewing ( voyeur?) and the pole at the foot of the bed (for… Something that the voyeur will “control”/direct methinks). This bed ain’t for sleeping.

  11. He sounds extremely Cap

    The tricky thing about “occult” decor/fashion/paraphenalia is it’s hard to tell if the wearer/bearer is actually “one of us” or just rocking a trend–because let’s be honest, it’s errrrwhere these days. Witchy-goo-goo artisan designs are being ripped off by ghastly companies and pumped out of sweatshops in horrid un-eco materials.

    But I digress…

    My point is, that tapestry could have some uber deep significance, or he might just like the aesthetics of it. Occult imagery is quite trendy these days. Which is a stark improvement on The Burning Times, so I’m not complaining.

  12. Well, I like the fabric wallpaper as it warms up the room..but it’s really quite dull. Really bad feng shui for a woodsy woodsy type like myself to have a pointy metal bed. It’d be Sha all night long!

    “If you grow too much you disappear..”.
    Hmm. Ego integrity must be preserved? Quality control I guess. But I want to disagree without quite knowing why. Maybe he’s right on some level.

    Also, not having signed up for Astro Hacks is driving me MAD!
    How long does this go on for?

  13. I’m feeling a bit bitchy atm (circumstances) so this will sound bitchy and naysay-ish too ok so, sorry etc:
    Ornate, complicated beds especially cast iron anything freak me out. I think it’s because of the clumps of dust they accumulate in the little niches everywhere. And something about metal. I also feel like complicated beds make for complicated sleep. And those arrows. Not around my crown thanks.
    I also can’t sleep with anything hanging over my bed head. I am a huge fan of tapestries (how good is art that you can vacuum, lol) but a giant rug ready to flump on my head mid-zzz, no

    Other than that it does look typical cap: a solid dose of Viking beer-hall influences the aesthetics of many caps I know.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a horned helmet in an antiques cabinet somewhere. Moon in Toro?… Girl riding bull in bedside painting. Probably priceless work with metaphysical allusions.
    I’m minimalist in not much at all but to my surprise when thinking about this room, I realised that the one place I dream of complete simplicity is my bedroom. All I want is a cavernous space with soft lighting and an utterly enormous bed consisting of wheels, a base and a top mattress. And one place to shove the doona on warm nights.

        • Um… I have moon in Scorpio and I don’t know how to list the problems I have with that bed concept delicately. I am crying laughing a bit now, soz but omg, ‘barely-there pillow control’ is sort of like the problem I am thinking.. If one were a pillow and .. so forth. Think leverage? No wheels either. Grip essential. Hell, install some monkey bars over the bed too while I have gone here…

          • hahaha!
            My bed theory is more aligned with that of the Neptunian Toro back in the day… i became a convert to king size, or as he called it, the paddock. you don’t need leverage when you’re roaming around in the middle of a 1-acre mattress πŸ˜‰

            • mind you the thing was made out of tallow wood, so very taurean to have an indestructible bed made from the heaviest timber in the country

    • I am like this with beds too- cannot handle headboards, canopies etc but wheels are inspired, Pi. I happily make do with a small bed though… I currently insist on sleeping alone.

      This has resonated very, very strongly today – “This is why I do not do so many projects, because if you grow too much then you disappear.” Have bumped into this sentiment several times in the last 24 hours…

    • Yeah I don’t think pointy things in the bedroom is good feng shui is it?

      Of course there are exceptions (ahem).

      I do love the soothing colours, although the height of the bed somehow says “hospital” to me.

    • I used to be anti bed head until it was pointed out to me that they help keep your head warm when the bed is up against a cold double brick wall.
      But I agree with simplicity. I can’t do metal beds, fabric covered bed heads (a dust haven) or these new bed heads that double as a bookshelf. Too much clutter. I refuse to have a tv in there too. I had wheels once but they turned into a hazard many times.

      The colours are pretty in this pic. Individual items aesthetically pleasing but not my cup of tea.

      Loved the Viking beer hall reference ?

    • I feel the same, Pi… especially those arrows- as someone else said, they can’t be good Fung Shui at all.

      I just moved into a new place 6 months ago, and the bedroom is totally minimal for the first time in my life… I love it.

      Absolutely adore the art in this room, though.

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