Vesta Versus Juno-Lilith

Vesta Astrology

Vesta astrology is not usually a key player. But there is an exciting interplay between Vesta, Juno, and Lilith until  October 8. Juno (the so-called marriage or commitment asteroid) is in tandem with Bitch Goddess Lilith.

The Node, Sun and Mercury Retro are also in orb of this hook-up. Juno pushes for partnership and the identity of “wife” or “partner.” Lilith is free-spirited to the max, prizing independence beyond all else. So this astrology evokes Madonna-Whore complex issues or conflicting desires.

Both are opposing primal fire goddess Vesta. Relationship tensions redirect into ambitious or creative activity. Security Versus Intimacy is a theme.

If you look at the females in your circles, which archetype do they most conform with? Lilith, Juno or Vesta?  There is more to it than this (like a book’s worth) but briefly:

Lilith women are wild & electric, charged with a ‘don’t break my stride, fence me in or try to define me’ air of anarchy.

Vesta women perfect personal regimes to fuel their creative vibe. Their autonomy is central, but they’re less sensation-driven and more settled than a Lilith.  Vesta astrology makes sense with people whose work or creativity is their romance.

Juno women excel at the power-hook-up and consider relationships central.


Image:  Princess Aura

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The timing of when you posted this article – I’m looking back at what was going on in my life then. And what you said here really helps me so much! Helped me see it from a new angle. Also, for years now I’ve struggled a little bit with the various interpretations of Vesta. Nothing ever really rang accurate, until I read your take on it. My parents married as collaborative songwriter musicians, as a couple. Vesta in my 8th House! What a huge amount of insights open up from just that legacy alone. Girl. I have True BML on… Read more »


Lilith in Saggo, 8th house. Juno in Scorp 8th conjunct Pallas. Vesta at 11 Pisces, 11th house sandwiched between Saturn at 5 deg and Chiron at 18…

I think I’m more Lilith and Vesta than Juno. Even when at high school I didn’t dream about about getting married and having babies… and haven’t ever felt that I definitely want to reproduce — which is lucky because I’ve not had the opportunity and now I’m menopausal. And single.


Lilith in Virgo/10th House Librarian by day Catwomen by night!

Juno in Taurus/7th House strong long commitments. I need stable long term commitments and life long type of friends in order to be happy and creative. I’d prefer to be alone than in a bad relationship.

Vesta in Libra/12th Fiery creative energy in the great Unknown.Threshold.


Definitley interesting relationship themes with these current transits. Phew.

I think I’m Vesta on the outside, Lilith on the inside. Natally I have Vesta conjunct Mercury in my Leo stellium and Lilith conjunct Mars in my 8th house stellium. Juno is in my first. My three best female friends are one of each. I don’t like to pick one BFF but if I had to pick the one with the most on point connection power, it’s the Lilith friend.


I don’t think I could sum up my personal/love/art quandaries better than this. How to be a sympathetic and present long-term partner, how to be the fiery new lover, how to leave enough time to create and build — for me.

Was only saying a day or so ago: do I have enough love, focus and energy for everyone? New lover says yes, of course I do. I hope so.


Sooo personally relevant. A gathering of the goddesses on my Ascendent/ Mercury, Mercury returning to his natal place, all opposed by Vesta – yes, those energies are definitely around. Now where is my copy of Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book? Do I still have it after all these years?


FWIW, these are the symbols that seem to be popping up on my radar with this opposition – putting this here in case it resonates w/ anyone: The Lovers (as in the Tarot Trump VI) and, oddly enough, followed up by Krishna & Radha, almost as if to reinforce the point. I’m not even all that familiar w/ the Hindu pantheon, so it’s strange this would be the symbolic medium used to communicate to me, but whatevs – Rx Mercury is quincunx Neptune, so *eh*. I don’t question; I just try to receive the message w/ an open mind. It’s… Read more »


Vesta does not tend the fire or guard the fire, Vesta *is* the fire – the sacred principle you exist to serve.


love it. I have juno conjunct Lilith exact natally at 1 cap, in my 1H, this eclipse squared them. and my lover has juno at 4 libra, it is his juno return. and its also my eros return, I have eros at 2 libra. I feel like this eclipse is my opportunity to go from former mistress to wife. Saturn is opposing his sun, at 2 Gemini, and will oppose my venus at 5 gem. and Saturn is about to be squaring transit venus and the moon when she enters virgo. making a commitment real. mercury going direct on the… Read more »


the new moon is also conj my MC (18 libra), while Uranus is on my IC exact… I really want to move. but I want to move in with him lol… I’ve let go of any attachments I used to have to the outcome I have wanted, and am letting it flow as its meant to. so far, beautiful things are happening. if I get an opportunity to move and undergo a positive status change, that would be fabulous.


I have Juno conjunct my Vertex in my 9th house Pisces- was never too keen on the idea of marriage following its contractual interpretation. Vesta and Lilith are conjunct in my 2nd house Leo- my biggest goal in life was to be self-sufficient to the max, not only materially but also emotionally. I tend to resonate with Vesta´s energies, I prize my focus, dedication and even the sacrifices I make to keep the eternal flame alive.


One time I did an astrology type test and was surprised that it kind of stated that Vesta had a huge influence, more than other planets. And I see it. Yeah, maybe I do fit the Vesta archetype and it sometimes lets Lilith is Sagittarius play without a lot of conflict as both like their freedom a lot. To me all the girls I know are like Juno types, even girls in their twenties are Juno. My cousin is my best friend and she is a Lilith type for sure.I have always been more able to get along and sympathize… Read more »


Any link to this astro quiz?! Thanks!


I am intrigued now after looking at my transits – transiting juno is currently conjunct my natal moon in libra in the 5th, and transiting pallas athena is currently conjunct my natal sun/neptune conjunction in the 7th house. I have been single for 6 years after end of 10 yr relationship. Very pragmatic/cynical/uninterested in relationships now. I finally have a bit of a crush on someone – at work but they are in a long term relationship so we are just pals. Wouldn’t mind a friend with benefits at some point – someone to fool around, eat pizza and watch… Read more »


Wow. Last night, I was lying in bed grappling with some relationship thoughts that was basically “commitment versus independence.” The quote of sheep versus wolf is so crazily coincidental and exactly what I was grappling with. Mind blown 🙂


I have Lilith-Juno-Eros-Moon conj in Cap so I’m kind of used to this vibe, I live it daily – sometimes nightly 😉 Right now Pluto is bang-on this stellium. Interesting… When I grew up I was all about the fantasy of marriage and having the status of ‘wife’ even though I have always been uber-independent. Divorce stomped on all of that, and now I can’t imagine the circumstances under which I would live with a man again. I’ve stopped seeing ‘love’ and ‘cohabitation’ as part of the same deal and since I did this I’m so much more open and… Read more »


It’s a bit of a liner for me. Both Lilith and Juno are conjunct in Aquarius. Ironically Lilith square Uranus in Virgo. Pallas is also conjunct so needs a mention as she just may bring wisdom to these two if they’re in a squabble or push comes to shove.. maintain law and order. I’m down with all of their vibes, use them when I require them and they all feel quite interchangeable to me and even simultaneous at times.. guess that could be confusing for some! Ceres is also conjunct just Lilith (if I keep it at 3) but I… Read more »


I think sheep get a bad rap from us humans. Sheepies are sweet and soft and gentle. They remember you and recognise friendly vs unfriendly faces. They give us their wool (ok, we just take it) l to keep warm. But they don’t hurt us. Seeking safety in numbers is wise when you’re a prey animal. While I like the general idea, I don’t think being fierce and independent and tough is all that, all the time.


Agreed. Plus I think all domesticated animals get a bad rap: sheep, cows, pigs …goats a little less. We think less of them because they are domesticated and that makes us feel justified in using them. But inside every Merino is a Mouflon waiting to be sheared.


true- I love all the creature big, small fuzzy and not.

Calli G

Yeah, a lonely wolf just needs to find her pack.

Of the three, I probably identify with Vesta the most. She’s in Saggitarius in my chart, and a fire sign seems like a good place for a fire goddess.


I have Vesta/Lilith/sun midpoint configuration. Vesta conjunct Sun/Lilith Midpoint.


Wolves are pack animals. Lone wolves dont last long. I have loved dogs all my life. Wolves have it all.

So l got Vesta 2H Virgo, Juno 3H Libra and Lillith 5H Sagg. What does it mean if you are a man?

Atm, l wanta breakout of character and meet a woman with Lillith in a Fire sign


I love wolves too and I am rarely lonely. I like my tribe of little canines. 😉

Crystallised future

How apt is that caption? I think it takes life experience to understand it fully.

I am a Lilith through and through and any female who remains long term in my orbit has to be as well. I’ve just emerged from a Juno situation and I almost died inside while I tried to submit to ‘the ordinary’. I am so glad that I came across the things that my husband hid from me about himself. I am learning to breathe again.


Interesting post, I enjoy this concept 🙂 I do think the women in my life are definitely more Lilith than Juno and Vesta – both my mother and my 2 closest gal pals have that whole ‘don’t tell me who I am’ thing going; spirited, independent and not much for following the herd.
And I love that quote, I’d pick wolf every time. I can withstand loneliness much better than I can withstand boredom.


I have Lilith in Virgo, conj. the IC. Square Mars.
Juno is in Virgo, a few degrees away from my NN.
Vesta is conj. Saturn in the 10th house.

I guess at my heart I’m a Lilith kind of gal, but I’m moving towards Vesta. As fun as rebellion, it gets a little old at times. Rebel as much as you’d like, but there is no constructive change, but Vesta gives creativity and expression in structure.


To be honest I can flip through all three of these in a single week. Juno in the daytime, Lilith at night, with Vesta squeezing in on weekends – she’s so accommodating.
As for the wolf or sheep, I choose flamingo! Squawk!


I have a bit of cat-women by night quit librarian type by day going on too- I do work both the Sacred and the Profane, the Whore vs Virgin just as easy.


Great pic. Aint that the truth


Wow, great post!


I have Vesta conjunct Gemini Moon & Venus.

Know a few Lillith & Juno women, more Vesta though


I am not much interested in my Lilith, she is in Aquarius opposite my Sun. My Aqua girlfriends have traditionally been hard work, but I don’t rule out welcoming new Aqua friends, or even new Lilith friends. Have to admit, I have Juno strong in my chart. Top of a big blue triangle, in grand water trine to Mercury and the Moon, and conjunct Jupiter/Ceres. Briefly checked two main girlfriends who have Juno very strong, as in conjunct the NN or Jupiter exact. My Vesta is conjunct Uranus. I like Vesta and I can worship a flame in the hearth… Read more »

Libra takeover in zap zone

I have vesta conjunct my north node in Leo. Go figure.

I always see vesta as just an empowered woman with her own money and resources.




I got so sad about all this recently. It’s that if you’re not OK on your own then pairing up with just about any nice person is a 1000 times better than not pairing and is totally worth it (that’s how i moved in with my child’s dad) But when you’re cool on your own, enjoy your life etc., 99,99999% of men just don’t cut it. I can’t see how it may be worth to share a household with any of the men i (really) like. It probably requires true love and how does that happen? So yes! I am… Read more »


in agreement

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Oh wow, this explains SO MUCH.


I have this opposition in my natal. Vesta conjunct the mc. Lilith and Juno (and ceres) on my ic. I see Pallas transiting them and vesta is trining natal pallas from my mom venus. I’ve been watching the ladies a few months since last mercury retro football match. Somehow I think I jumped in the game. Circe has had neptune on soma for this whole time. I really trust pallas though so I’m going with team vesta. I’ve got werk to do but I’m kinda shipping the juno lilith hookup. It’s been a long time in her own gated garden.… Read more »


Ha…this astro ties nicely with me both realizing my ex and I were done for good AND committing to an artistic collaboration with him at the exact time.

I have an Aries Lilith in the 5th opposite my Libra moon in the 11th (it’s a group project).

It’s definitely getting weird around here.


I am Lilith… and I need to evolve into Vesta! For the sake of my health n wealth n full creative functioning. You should run a workshop on how to channel your preferred vibe, Mystic!


I was just musing over the image/quote with the wolf in it. Let’s suppose the price of being a committed Juno-type “sheep” is boredom. Let’s assume the price of being a wild, free, Lilith-type “wolf” is loneliness. Then what is the price of being a fire-y creative Vesta-type “phoenix”? Poverty? A hand-to-mouth existence? (A strong possibility–not to be dismissed quickly.)


But Juno, the mythological Juno seems like the ultimate bitch)) She wasn’t bored! She had a lot of fun as the first lady.
To me Vesta just seems un-glamorous. Without excess.


Wow, this is cool, and this Lilith/Vesta thing is crossing my NN as it chugs across Libra to say Hello to Pluto! I am definitely a Lilith type, have it in Cancer with Mars (2nd) and I am definitely going through some kind of relationship/s revival and reconfiguration but its deeper than just relationships with other individual humans, its also with groups of people and organisations and concepts. I have delineated so much, and rapidly, in the past days. That eclipse/full moon came down like an axe, it was fricken awesome and cathartic. I spent half a day crying (!!)… Read more »

Hathors Horns

Interestingly I’ve been fascinated by the Lilith-Eve psychodrama and their relationships with Adam. Did Adam ever apologize to either woman for being so spineless in the face of Jehovah’s wrath? Did he ever come to their defense or will he forever be the beleaguered All-Father with very little to offer either a Daughter of Lilith or a Daughter of Eve? Juno is certainly a Daughter of Eve, Vesta is asexual so she is probably more neutral between the two polarities. It’s a bit off topic but this is something that’s been on my mind lately. I’m also re reading “Moon… Read more »


i just saw a decades-long seemingly solid relationship evaporate before my eyes (not mine, but still, unsettling).


Yes. Very disturbing. I am starting to believe “love” isn’t real because it can’t stand the test of time except in rare cases powered by mutual delusion and desire of needs needing to be met like $. :/ the cynicism is overwhelming in this atmosphere.

woman w multiple hoofs

Sooo interesting and personally relevant.
I do think that Authenticity is essential FOR Security.


Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. How can one be truly secure while inhabiting something faux? I fear losing myself, I will happily be poor to maintain that authenticity. I have Juno conjunct Uranus and lilith on my North Node. Boy do I relate to that imagery, I think I have literally bared my teeth at men thinking that they can move in on me like I’m some hapless prey. Not that I am against the idea of partnership, just haven’t met a suitable candidate in the flesh so I have been happily solitary for over a decade. Freedom is an essential… Read more »


I think there cannot be real security, as in the inner one, if you are fake for outer security, because you will always live in fear of being “found out”.


I agree.

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