Venus Direct In Leo Is Nearly Here

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Our Love Story 2 1969

I really love the fact that my Triple Gemini daughter (born in 2000) literally does not understand what is going on in pics like the one above. It is like science fiction to her.

Anyway, Venus Direct in Leo is nearly here.  The times in L.A., New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Sydney exact are on the Daily Horoscopes page.

By then this process that began in June 22 will be completed and we will all be sporting fabulous new insight flow around a number of Venusian issues. These can range from aesthetics and self-care, to relationship dynamics we never understood before, girl-friendly tensions, art and – yes – romance.

So grok the intensity, appreciate the reset and anticipate things to speed up after Sunday, gathering full momentum with Venus out of shadow-zone around October 10/11.

But this is amplified by Saturn changing signs so that is another cycle all of its own, we have been in the Venn Diagram shaded area (is there a technical name for this please?) between 28 Scorpio and 4 Saggo since last December.

The Full Moon Eclipse at the end of September is a big one for relationships AND the Venus-Saturn square at around the time Venus comes out of shadow is also quite fierce. So a lot has been going on this whole time Venus was Retro and you could expect it to emerge around late Sept/early Oct.

Meanwhile, don’t make a dud move this weekend – use it to consolidate your findings & reset your stance.

Image: Our Love Story 2 – 1969

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106 thoughts on “Venus Direct In Leo Is Nearly Here

  1. so venus is direct now yes? since this happened i have had two dreams about the man I was sporting a dreadful crush on back in july… fleeting 4-second dreams the moment before I woke up. Both very cosy and intimate feeling – tangled up in a duvet together face to face (omG) and the other, i was reading the first line of a facebook message from him (social media in my dreams gawd), saying “Pi…Nothing is ever over (and then more text i could not read)”

    is my brain spamming me? I have been thinking of him a lot but it also dawned on me that I am going to have to engage Pi Distraction Tactics to focus on me not him, you know, sanity and all..

  2. I can relate to what HDQ said above. I’m not leaving this site but I made the decision to leave a Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse forum today for pretty much the same reasons: I was irresponsible with my energy… overshared details of the abuse that left me feeling weaker, not stronger. Holding on to fear, guilt and shame kept me from dealing with the very real mental and emotional trauma I suffered as a result of my ex-husband’s gaslighting and rage meltdowns. Strange as it may mean, astrology has helped me understand psychological patterning and relationships far more than any therapy or “survivor” forum. Venus retro brought me one last communication from my ex…. It was the last nail in (his) coffin. I finally feel free to experience the joy, peace and love of life moving forward. This song–based on the singer’s own divorce from an abusive man–has been my anthem during the summer…and yes, “my joy, my joy takes nothing from you.”

  3. Are there any Pisces moons or 12th-house moons out there who can relate their experiences, my prog moon is in my (Gemini) 12th house for another few months and I’m wondering if this is one good explanation why I have felt so reclusive and sensitive these past couple of years. I do actually love the sensitivity. But it had thought that it was simply a part of my study permanently changing/affecting how I do my thing in the world. admittedly I am coming out of the depths of an enormously dark/regenerative phase too.
    The other thing that made me wonder is because I have been Impossibly vague, to the point where even I was starting to shake my head and think, that the HELL, pi!? Like, catching flights by the skin of my teeth, and more.
    Is the Gemini aspect maybe why I have been finding social media such a soothing retreat for this same time?

    How about progressed moon on asc – love to know any thoughts on this. A boob-tastic few weeks? Moon in kataka dominated first house – develop ways to handle a continued emotional way of being ?
    Pi x

  4. Not for the first time, Venus Retro has been a cycle of illness for me – and I’m a pretty healthy person. This time it was mononucleosis, just diagnosed officially but when I look at the cycle, I probably was incubating it when Venus went retrograde. Today was the first day I began to feel a little better and got word from the doc that the acute/active phase was finished. I’m guessing that when Venus leaves its shadow I’ll be done with it.
    Natally Venus is in my 7th house in Sag, with a lovely sextile to Mars. Taurus rising so it rules my chart. Not sure why the retrograde is so health-challenging.
    Anyway… we have a long weekend in the US and I’m going to buy myself some beautiful fleurs to celebrate Venus direct.

    • The ruler of the ASC has HUGE connections to the physical body! When the chart ruler retrogrades, this can indeed cause one to be more susceptible to physical illness. In medical astrology, examining at what is going on with the ASC and its ruler (among other things) can often prove highly diagnostic.

      So if you’re a Taurus Rising, not only have you been dealing w/ the retrograde of your chart ruler, you’ve been dealing with it Rx square your ASC! They don’t call mono “The Kissing Disease” (hello, Venus!) for nothing!

      • Ah thanks for this LV. Toro rising and this retro has been poignant. Either more than usual or enough for me to pay more attention to future retrogrades.

      • Thank you LV! I didn’t expect it to manifest this way retrograding in my 4th, but you’re right, it makes sense. And with Taurus rising everything moves through the body and the material world. Sadly there were no kisses involved in how I caught mono — just unrelenting 55-hour work weeks and stress. I have a great big 6th house and Saturn has been in it, well, forever!

  5. So I’ve had a complete mash-up in my 10th and Venus currently on my MC. Totally has not been what I expected. I changed my look just a little, completely dropped a leadership position to my (former?) arch nemesis, and completely wiped out any dregs of a delirious crush I had for over a year. I spent heaps of energy on self development but now I am back at work and going into Neptune land.

    Sunday we’re having a 40th birthday bash for my Virgo with Venus in Leo rising. My brother in law’s girlfriend is going to be there & I’ve mentioned that scene before so no need to now but she’s the only one who gives me anxiety just to be around her.

    I have been pondering these transits and I think it has to do with boundaries and opening myself up while not letting others run amuck on my oh so sensitive self. So this weekend will be a test of that I guess. Conquered in work but family life is another ball of wax.

    • I believe you´re about to have Saturn conjunct your Moon/Neptune, right? Maybe your “quasi-in-law” is bringing this transit up for you to start working the transit to your Moon (this conjunction can manifest as difficulties with women). And if there is any Neptune symptoms around- alcohol, drugs, dissolute behavior (I sound like my grandmother, I know!) – it is the explosive combination. Breathe! Good luck!

      By the way, your new name makes me want to go around the house shouting “did anybody see my electrolocator???” 🙂

      • Haha, I like this name a lot. I think it goes along well with me right now, opening up and navigating the electric currents. I have Uranus on my ascendant and it can feel intense but I’d rather let it out than hide it.

        Thanks for the clarity. Saturn is indeed headed for my moon Neptune conjunction at 12/13 Sag. I was preparing for financial issues as well as delusion busting, but not so much women related merde. The girlfriend and I were friends for 20 years and she unfortunately manifests the low versions of her Leo sun and Scorpio moon most of the time. In the past, I could regulate the time I spent with her and take breaks as necessary. But she is an example of how I didn’t have good boundaries and I let her in while she nursed jealousies. And yes the BIL is a total alcoholic. He caused major problems at a family event last winter at our house and my husband and I didn’t speak to them for months.

        Thanks ICP! Gonna breathe and watch the substances this weekend. My tolerance is super low because I hardly drink anymore. Unfortunately I just broke my black tourmaline by accident and I think it’s too jagged to wear on my skin.

  6. Well, Venus retro vs Venus Direct… Ummm. I’m stuck on the Cappie. I like him. But he’s been tuff to respond. When Venus went retro, I think 7/25 (??), is when I began loosing him. I stayed in touch. Him not contacting me. Me contacting him with friendly txts. I thought I lost him. Today after a big day for his profession I sent him a txt saying I was honoring him on his day. He responded with.. “Aw. Made my day. Thank You”… Wow! A response from him indicating something more worthwhile than before. No third date invite. It’s been a month + since I have seen him. I leave next Thursday. Let’s see if he invites me out before then. He might be nervous about me being out of town. Cappies can be insecure and cautious. If he doesn’t I’m still staying in touch with him.

    Bring it Sunday… Help me get to a third date!

    He is different for me.. A good challenge for this injured bird. I need to learn patience.

  7. Venus is transiting my Leo 10th House…not sure wtf I learned since June. Noticed several friends turn into Love Zombies and I feel for them immensely.
    I feel like my career is being drug down or held back by one friend because of weird stuff they are going through.

  8. Taking no shit and no prisoners. How much more can get recalbrated and pared down since Oct 2012?! Definitely have had NO time for fuqwuts. Work is short staffed right now and making it through. Thanks be to the universe for an awesome boss-lady. The She-energy in my office is amazing.

  9. Can this just be fuqing over already
    I’m dying my hair lavender tonight, cause fuq you venus all endlessly plopped on my saturn. Fix the fuqing yellow that it’s been since my last cut, the day before this fuqing shitefuq retro started
    Also think I need to take my leave from here. It’s been an amazing 3 years of bleeding out my open wounds all over this place, and I thank you all for having put up with me as I allowed myself for the first time in my life to try to awkwardly vocalize my feelings and be vulnerable. I see now how unfair it is to throw that shit at other people, no matter what the context — I have been immensely irresponsible with my energy, and I apologize.
    Anyway, I love you all. Catch you on the flipside. xxxxx

  10. Venus retro has twisted my arm into really getting how all things Venusian are vital to me thriving. Personal style, small sense-related comforts (perfume, good coffee), inspiring environment, healthy skin and body are all super important to me and have a large impact on my quality of life. And I lost that along the way over the last little while trying to be normal or responsible or taken seriously or whatever.

    As I’ve said before, I’m no philosopher or computer geek really…my heart is a very scared artist deep down. I’ve wrapped myself in layers of formal systems because it’s both stimulating and safe. I don’t know what I’m doing next but I know it involves continuing to nurture this quiet creative part of me again.

    • I think it is quite possible to be an artist (scared or otherwise) who is philosophical and for whom one way of expressing or generating this productive drive is via computer geekery. But yes I so get the awareness of vulnerability and the realisation that this is something that must be handled with care and also gentle abandon. Hope that makes sense, anyway if it doesn’t, it sound like you’re all over it anyway 🙂

      • I think I mean that I realize how much I am addicted to research in a way because I get to be creative with pieces I pick up along the way and not in ways where I am just blatantly creating worlds and being more loose and experimental… definitely when I write I keep to these themes that correlate with my research but I will just keep researching indefinitely instead of creating because I’m scared. 🙁 And because it’s fun in itself. 😀

      • And also I know people who were just born to be formalists, they are machine minds and it’s their gift to have this fast and accurate sense for formal systems. I always tend to relate it back to life or phenomenology no matter what lol

  11. Ready for Venus retro to end! Crazy money issues during this time, though the final outcome has been good. Very stressful, though!

    Self esteem and self image took a major hit. I have Venus square Saturn natally, so don’t really need that compounded by transit, thank you very much! It’s a horrible square to have!

    Reconnected with lover right before the retro and that is still going on, but very concerned about where it’s headed, but that’s how it felt last year too when we were seeing each other. Originally met him right after the April 2014 eclipse, so concerned about what will happen with him during these upcoming eclipses.

    Venus and Mars have been in my 2nd opposing my 8th house Aqua Sun. Has not been a great time, no.
    I’ve felt that impatience annoyance with others that someone else mentioned. Part of me wants to hide out alone and lick my wounds but part of me is lonely too…

  12. I feel like men are the new gluten ..for me anyway. You know how some people are fine with it but others are allergic?
    Well I think I’m allergic because I’ve been on a man diet for so long I’ve gotten used to it now, they are out of my system and I feel so sane and rational and focused.
    Like whatever man..gluten..allergic…better this way….

    • This is my life. I’ve had so much love zombie insanity from teen years through age 26 and a I just can’t do it anymore. People often ask “why” I am single and then tell me to go online and “find” someone without even asking if I want a boyfriend at the moment after all I’ve been through. I’ll get a lecture about how much “time” I have left and “good years”, etc. God, it’s infuriating. I bought into it for awhile and felt sad, like I was wasting this last time in my life where I am lovable according to society that could run out of any second and then I realized it was some kind of strange shame trance these comments put me in. I’m totally over it now.

      I don’t want to go out of my way to find someone, I want to make my life so awesome that I’m surrounded by likeminded people passionate about their own shit and then something happens with one of those people if and when it’s meant to happen. And if not I still have the life I built because that’s what I focused on in the first place, instead of schizophrenically meeting and interviewing random people all over a 60 mile radius hoping something “clicks”. I don’t have any mental space for casual texting and all the formalities and games. And because I take life way too seriously and am all 8th house stellium with it I don’t do “FUN” or casual. It’s not fun to me!

      • Yes, yes and yes. Although I think in my case most people I know are wise enough not to “helpfully suggest” that I “should” “find someone” because they know that they will receive a lethal dose of mercury in a Capricorn-moon-shaped grenade, pitched by my zero-fuqs-given tenaciously argumentative Venus in Aries sextile mars in Aquarius, on a matter of principle, of course, rendering them without a leg to stand on 😀

      • Yes to all this. I remember being fed this BS about “all the good men are being snapped up” when I was your age. Now I am 50 and single and it’s the same merde. “Hurry up and find a man” as if “good men” are some kind of endangered species, or limited edition china 🙂

        I also have to contend with another story about “all men” who are single in midlife are somehow “losers”.
        It’s such rubbish.

        Don’t be held hostage to stupid societal myths about partnerships. You are doing exactly the right thing Rache… live your amazing life. I often read your posts and am inspired by how much amazing and brave stuff you’ve done at your age. Go girl x

      • Same here…I know I’m 30 and “should” be panicking about finding someone but honestly I need to be on a man diet ASAP. All the pain and distraction of ill-fated romance has cost me dearly. You’ve got the right idea…make your life awesome and let the rest fall into place on it’s own!

    • Also I think your calling is making t-shirts with all your hilarious aphorisms. I would buy a men are the new gluten shirt hahaha

  13. Well, this Venus retro over my MC had me doing a serious review of my public standing and my “look”. Still haven’t made the changes but I’ve made the visions.

    Sparks first flew between Nashville boy and I in April but it wasn’t till about JUNE 22nd that things really crossed over… and then I left, and he vanished until a couple weeks ago when his band unexpectedly came to NYC for a few days. We had a wonderful time until he gave me the laundry list of every reason I deserve better and why he “can’t do this right now”. I told him, “You know what I don’t deserve ? THIS BULLSHIT.” He looked all sad like he was going to cry…his inner conflict was palpable. Just the night before he said, “Out of anyone it’s got to be you…I just feel so hollow inside.”

    I mean, for real guys. Does anyone actually believe in the unavailable male? Because I don’t. I think they’re just dudes making excuses for why they’re just not that into you. And I would be reeeeallly shocked if Venus moving forward changed any of this. BUMMED.

    At least the movie shoot is done and I can finally change my hair!

    • Hey AKAPluto
      sorry gurl but “Out of anyone it’s got to be you” is punch worthy ..I’d have decked him for treating me like a nice consolation prize. He’s not so much unavailable as he is undesirable IMO
      Go change your hair and be thankful you got closure there. I remember you talking about him JUST before Venus went now at least you know..Like they say in that book, don’t waste the pretty, NEXT!

      • I don’t know if he’s treating me like a consolation prize…maybe he’s just a wee bit confused.

        I also don’t know what this “closure” y’all are talking about is. I have NO closure. He was a dear, dear friend and now I have NO friend AND no lover, and no way to clear it out with him.

        And since I’ll be on the other side of the country October and November I guess I’m shit out of luck for any kind interaction.

        And so…although I probably only have a few years of “the pretty” left, I am swearing off men for a year…I need to stop these ridiculous distractions and rebuild myself. As cliche as that sounds…

    • 🙁 Suck. Yeah i dont get it either. But yeah at least closure. Personally, I’d hold tight for the final act until October or Nov. The eclipses have to do their shit.

      • This kind of shit NEVER goes in my favor. That’s why I’m going to the woods in California for two months with no cell service. And no men. I need to get all of this out of me.

        Fun fact: this next eclipse is BANG on his AC/DC axis (lol AC/DC).

        I hope he feels horrible pain.

        • General observation. Early-week dates always seem to strike me as an options-test for a weekend date. This is nothing to do with your own thing aromas, it reminded me that I hate early week dates!! If I’m worth asking out, I’m worth asking out on a Saturday, dude.. (scars from neptunian toro)

          • Just to clarify …it’s not a date. I loaned him an expensive musical instrument back in April he needed for a project. This is to come retrieve it. All the while in between drama. Him moving in with ho girl. Him telling me he loves me back in june. I let him contact after that because i don’t want to contribute to couples drama. I have been hoping to reclaim it say in November post eclipses and after rx done done.

              • No, it’s cool. I re-read my vague yet detailed post and it would seem to the uninitiated that I was like a normal person Scoring a date and all, but no. No such luck. Thank you! Much appreciated Pi.

  14. The degrees ping my Jupiter in Cap trining my Mars/Taurus MC. Since late June, I’m all about the benjamin$, baby. Working & producing and feel like I’m cresting my MC, having identified via the Rx what I needed to see so now I can get down to business. The timing is perfect. Also went from feeling very uncertain and sort of out of love with Beloved to feeling snug as bugs again. Venus moving over AC has been a revitalization of my looks & mojo and a new level of self-esteem based in hard-earned realizations & insights.

  15. Venus Rx in 2nd house. Markets crashed, a wake-up call to diversify and rethink how I was dealing with my resources. Illustrator who was working on my book decided not to continue with the project. Another project I was setting up- a women artisan cooperative- also tanked. Love life stagnated, had a talk with the other part, all very civilized, but he went underground *again*. Mars conjuncted Venus and I decided to have a haircut and let the brittle ends go. Venus on top of my BML going direct soon. Saturn approaches for his third and final passage on my 0 Sag Neptune. The bubble was pricked, and “if you prick us, do we not bleed?” But it’s all cool, looking forward to what’s ahead, feeling lighter and wide awake 🙂

  16. Why so sad little lady? I want to see a picture of a fella mooning over a lady. It happens right? RIGHT?

    Looking forward to Venus direct but don’t mind the retro slowdown either. I still haven’t got to the hairdressers or the beauticians, so tres far from date ready. And if anybody asks I can turn them down until I am, and apparently that’s hot. Good things come to those who wait. Who knew that a slight hair catastrophe could be grokked to one’s advantage. How very Leo. I might even currently like a Leo but the Gemini in me says, ‘don’t be so fuq*ng ironic’ 😉

  17. My dream is running out of time
    The map that set is done
    I am left alone in time
    My compass mine to run.

    I cry, I cry,
    I cry and cry,
    Until the dark is sun
    I do not cry that
    He awakes
    I cry for he is done.

  18. This has been an enormously powerful Venus rx for me in my 8H. I am just riding everything out until Saturn is in sag, Venus is out of shadow, and that full moon eclipse on Juno on sep 28 that is also my friends Juno return (while Saturn will be opposing his sun and my Venus in gem). I know sept/October is going to be huge and I am keeping the faith that all will turn out well.

  19. Well.. I’m putting this mysterious little run of merde down to Venus retro.. I think. I can’t recall one previously that has affected me significantly but the dates stack. Seemed to easy to implicate Saturn in my 6th and I’m sure he’s in the mix but it’s looking Venusian.

    I went and checked it further.. and can’t see any major aspects to natal placements but at initial retro Venus was opposite Juno, daughter of Saturn and in the myriad of things she tends to preside over female physiological function is one and that all went to chaos at that time and during this retro. Yeah I know.. seems like a stretch…

  20. Question – if a male ( Virgo) went MIA during the venus retrograde does that mean he will reappear when venus goes direct? I’m the libra who was left confused. But I didn’t act, didn’t ask why. I just let it be.

    Thank you Xx

  21. I made out with somebody today, so, I’m all relaxed and recalibrated.

    I become soooo chill when given a dose of sensuality – how Taurean ;P <3

  22. Haha I wonder what would be classified as a ‘dud move’?? 🙂
    The contenders appear to be amassing at Checkpoint Charlie before being granted a visa for Planet Chrysalis.
    Am catching up w Weatherbeaten Virgo tomorrow (daylight, no booze lol) for an event involving his son. No chance of a dud move there.
    Online Guy #1 – Kataka – chemistry off the radar but thick as two short planks. Considering just approaching him for a fling, being up front about it. Uncharted territory for me.
    Online Guy #2 – Aries – Smart. Loads in common… the only one I’ve thought about in between chats. I like him but will let it simmer, let him make the moves.
    Plus hmmm impossible crush on HOT associate of Rock Star Leo.
    I’m just glad stuff is, ah, waking up.

    • Oh god, my Venus in Aries loves the raw chemistry without stupid complicating factors like common ground or personalities or communication dramas or some crap.. Less talking, save your breath 😉

      • Yes my Venus in Aqua is quite detached about this. I am going to see how I feel tomorrow arvo and text him. God I feel so – I dunno, reckless.
        He might say no – he reckons he doesn’t do casual. Yeah we’ll see 😉

      • I had some fun with a 5-planet Aries/Scorpio Moon man today. I told him to follow my lead and he followed me down the yellow brick road happily. ‘Twas fun to play once again ;P

  23. I can’t even begin to name all the planets I have between these degrees scorp and sagg…most challenging heart wrenching nightmarish yet exquisite new era birthing energies E V E R.

    And my motto has been ‘Go hard or go (back) home to the Universe’

    & I know this week has shown I’m not alone!

  24. Hoping this will be the shift I need. Having anxiety, and I’m not an anxious person.

    Headaches. Nausea. Inability to concentrate on the things that need to be done.

    I think it’s related to my studio. I’m all set to get back to work on my art and I find myself paralyzed.

    I won’t even talk about the crush.

    Did a Celtic Cross reading that kind of freaked me out… and yet not. 10 of Swords crossed by Death. Change, anyone? Cycles grinding into the next gear?

    Swords all over the place- Knight, 3. The bad ones. But also in future, the 6… floating away from troubles.

    But the King and Queen of Wands were crowning and outcome, respectively. So there is hope.

    Ready for the next phase. In the meantime, I gave myself permission to go full Neptune tonight, including Chianti, cannabis tincture, and a movie.

    • Another weird symptom: loss of patience at my job. I’m a bartender and my job is really to listen to people- usually fascinating for me as a Scorpio moon sextile Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd, love psychology and am an excellent listener and giver of advice- but the last week or so, I just want them to shut the fuq up and drink their whisk(e)y without bothering me with their prattle. No bueno…

      • Yeah, Scorp moon, Pluto Virgo, Aries sun like you, and I am usually a great listener, but feeling very drained lately. Was at the train station carrying a rolled up drawing an an older gentleman asked me if I drew…I lied and said no, went back to my magazine. Usually I will have a friendly chat with most people but I couldn’t do it!

        Was sitting at a gallery a couple of days ago and out of the blue this amazing Virgo lady told me the reason I only want to weed my garden is that i terribly need to ground myself at the moment, and weeding is the best way I can do it right now…

        Hope you can find some resolution with yr crush. Is that the aqua boss? It’s always unnerving to get 3 of swords in a love reading

        • Hi Veronica,

          First of all I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone in this uncharacteristic intolerance. Anxiety at home is tolerable- I can always go Neptune or back to bed- but discomfort at work is the worst- you’re just standing there onstage and you feel like crawling into a hole, but there is no escape, only the tick-tock of the quicksand clock.

          And thanks for remembering the details… yes, that is the possibly-Aqua manager. It’s just all up in the air- tiny incremental movements-he walks me to my car now… but Venus retro, and the general pace of things, has stayed my hand. It doesn’t feel ripe yet. Got to pull that berry off the vine when you know it will yield instantly.

          Also, unfortunately, I have found that it’s better if I let the Other make the move. I am not one to conform to gender roles in any way, but long bitter experience has taught me that I can drop the hankie, but I can’t lay the coat over the puddle. 🙂

          Interestingly, the 3 of swords was in the “environment” position. I know that he was pursuing something and it was not working out.

          • No, definitely not alone, especially with back to bed as being the best retreat.

            You might just have listened to just too many peoples stories and you are Full. Up. With their shizz for now…

            Here’s to Venus direct, I think 0_o and to filling up with our own fizz

            • Oh, ouchie, you two. Hugs and a million loves!! xxxxxxxx
              It sounds very much like total burnout. Bartenders and teachers I think need as much or more self-care/hardcore downtime as other healing professions, but I can imagine it’s difficult to fully do when you get no acknowledgment of those needs from society at large. Hardcore crushes only exacerbate the amount of stuff going both out and in… makes total sense to me that you are weary to the bone.
              You are allowed to tell the world to fuq off for as long as you need to!!
              Love, space, and healing breath… xxxxx

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