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Sophia Loren

It is an astrological fact that you ideally look like your ascendant. A.k.a. your rising sign. If you know your time of birth, this is very easy to establish via Astrodienst.

So if you are – say – a stealth Scorpio with Leo Rising, it’s auspicious to LOOK Leo. Even if your Scorpionic psyche shrivels at the mere thought of big hair, bling and a 20 metre radius ostentatious entitlement scent from a designer/model/celebrity you personally feel a psychological affinity with.

If you want bones and structure, you’ve come to the right place. What else would one expect from Capricorn Rising, ruled by Saturn, the planet of steel, time, structure, tooth, bone and what endures.  Call it their compensation for an often difficult early life but Capricorn Rising peeps barely need styling, their basic bone structure is SO awesome. The finest specimens look like someone engineered them.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman – A Solar Aquarius, he had Mercury AND Venus smack-bang on his Capricorn Ascendant.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve – Libra, Moon/Lilith in Leo and Capricorn Rising.  Metal accessories – a flash watch, a chunky bit of platinum – are THE Capricorn Rising accessories. Saturn = Iron/Metal/Silver/Brass/Gold. They draw strength from it and of course, such items represent portable wealth, a totally liquid asset and literally ON the Capricorn Rising.  As opposed to be being digital, cumbersome to sell or in a vulnerable-to-theft vault.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is a more contemporary example of the cheekbones and chiseled jawbone combo that is the signature of Capricorn Rising.

Capricorn Rising is also brows.  Unless they have massively interfered with nature, a la the 90s brow shaping OCD zeitgeist, this lot have big brows. Statement brows. Voila Trent Reznor and Russell Brand:

Trent Reznor.



So if you are Capricorn Rising, you accentuate your brows and you favor metal accessories to suck up to Saturn. You always know what time it is.

Saturn as ruler lends you a natural, stoic composure that vibes regal and which other signs (no specificity here) would do nigh anything to acquire. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth 2 were/are both Capricorn Rising.

Elizabeth 1

Queen Elizabeth at her coronation

So note the brows. This is Queen Elizabeth 2 at the moment of her coronation on June 2 in 1953. She had Chiron exact on her Capricorn Ascendant and Neptune in Libra squaring it.

She is one of the longest-reigning monarchs ever, as befits a staunch Taurus with long-haul Capricorn Rising. If Capricorn Rising were a stock, you would go long on it. They specialize in giving time the finger. Respectfully, of course. Age genuinely does not wither them.

Voila Jane Fonda, whose been working since the 1950s.  Note the metal and that is also the trim on the jacket. Capricorn Rising IS the metallics.

Jane Fonda

And this is Virgo-Capricorn Rising Joan Jett, who is about to have her 2nd Saturn Return and whose Bad Reputation as been taken up as anthem by Ronda Rousey. Jett is still super-relevant and looks supernaturally good. This is her performing a few months ago.


Another key aspect of the Capricorn Rising look is that they can do zero or next-to-zero makeup and it looks clean, fresh-scrubbed, aristocratic. Capricorn Rising can glide in with that clean look and in baseline normcore and make everyone else look over-done.

Carole Bouquet

The super-Frenchy-chic actor Carole Bouquet. Note metal and ability to slouch with cleavage, sans seeming blowsy.


Voila Charlotte Casiraghi, Capricorn Rising brows, clean face – because Capricorn Rising people tend to have a complexion care regime that, along with the bone structure, renders cosmetics more for performance/appearances. Note also the denim jumpsuit. Capricorn Rising can get away with wearing super on fleek fashion that would be hideously unflattering on most people but not them. See bones, sangfroid.

AND Gisele Bundchen.


Another reason they can pull off the undone hair and all look is because this lot are often obsessive worker-outers. They are obsessive everything but the work-outs are where they success-theme, generate endorphins and sweat or grapple with the Iron.

Colin Farrell

Gemini/Cap Rising Colin Farrell (note his brows) now channels the same ferocity he once reserved for getting laid/out of it into a rigorous work-out regime. And this is Abbie Cornish in Cap Rising chic physique attainment mode:

Abbie Cornish

Recently, someone commented in the Scorpio Style Your Ascendant that I should have said something about how they wear black. But they don’t. At least, not as much as Capricorn Rising.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz, in a symphony of black.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon has been around and being baseline amazing for a long time now. Technically, Capricorn Rising do better without gemstones, as THEY are already Cardinal Earth and gems are rocks, aka Earth. If you are Capricorn Rising, try wearing only metal – no stones – and see how it affects your VIBE.


Taylor Swift has been doing Pluto across her Capricorn Ascendant, Mercury, Neptune and now Saturn since 2012. I like how Pluto ON her Saturn (which some say can be a shit of a transit) coincided with her on the cover of Time magazine.

And then we have Monica Bellucci, who has been working since she was 13 (again, that Capricorn Rising work ethic) and is about to play a Bond “Girl” (she is 51) in the new Bond movie Spectre, making her the oldest one ever. She also appears to be a pantheist: “If there’s something I believe in, it’s a mysterious energy; the one that fills the oceans during tides, the one that unites nature and beings”

Anyway, she favors baseline black a LOT.  So often her street style is black, it just seems like her stylists insist on color for shoots and appearances but then bam, she’s back to the timeless security of the mono-chromatic.

Monica Belluci

A trenchcoat also feels very Capricorn Rising and in fact, cold-climate Cap Rising peeps tend toward serious coats.  They will invest in such a thing.

Even when Capricorn Rising people are acting flamboyant, you get the feeling it’s like part of their brand. It’s work. Exhibit A: Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell

Her throwing the telephone at the maid makes a LOT more sense when you see her Capricorn Rising. Poor service or bad help reminds them of childhood issues. NOT that i am excusing abuse toward employees, obviously.

THIS is how she turned up to do her community service for that crime, in a silver (note – metal) evening gown.


And this is Cristiano Ronaldo, the apparent best soccer player in the world.  More bones.


And finally, a brilliant example of multiple Capricorn drive: Helena Rubenstein. She was Capricorn Saturn, Sun, Venus, Ascendant and Mercury.  She emigrated from Poland to Australia in 1902 and with no money or backing behind her, began a business that became a global enterprise and made her one of the richest woman in the world.

Helena Rubenstein


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127 thoughts on “Style Your Ascendant: Capricorn Rising

  1. Hello, I know you said no stone but would Chalcopyrite be alright? Like as a stainless steel necklace and a Chalcopyrite as the pendant?

  2. “Pluto ON her Saturn (which some say can be a shit of a transit)” I know this is a very old post but I have to acknowledge the bang on choice of words Mystic. Pluto on my Cap rising has been a year of literally dealing with it – bowel cancer.

      • yes all clear but 8 months of ileostomy bags then a reversal op makes a shitty year since diagnosis 8 December last year. Cap attitude and steel sword to mutant cells!

  3. I just have to add my two cents here — as a highly critical skeptic of astrology, everything mentioned here, including the anecdotal comments, describe my Capricorn Ascendant so perfectly it’s a little freaky. My Cap Asc is in the first few degrees, so Saturn rules my Asc Decan, which supposedly makes the Asc sign effect stronger. Moreover, I also have Saturn in the first house in Capricorn. I wonder if it’s any coincidence that people always think I’m a Capricorn, even though my sun sign is Libra (they are always surprised my sun sign is Libra, because I act nothing like it). Chart-wise, Saturn is quite possibly my strongest planet.
    – Cheekbones? Yep.
    – Defined jawline/nose? Yep.
    – Skinny and bony? Yep. My collarbone, elbows, knees are quite apparent. Also have long limbs and fingers, and find it very difficult to put on weight no matter how much I eat.
    – I don’t wear makeup, besides the occasional little bit of eyeliner for formal occasions.
    – 98% of all my clothes (including bags/purses/shoes) are black. The other 2% is dark grey. I’m the quintessential corporate goth, lol. I hate wearing colors.
    – Trenchcoats would definitely a staple in my line-up if I weren’t so short.
    – Perma-serious expression on face, 24/7. I could be perfectly content, and people still ask whether I’m angry or depressed.
    – And I don’t know whether this meshes with Capricorn and the “time thing,” but I love horology and collecting antique pocket watches.

    All in all though, despite being uncannily spot-on with the description, astrology still belongs in the category of “fairy tale / fortune cookie” gibberish. Sometimes it can be fun gibberish, but it’s still gibberish.

      • I don’t see how knowing about astrology would automatically entail that one needs to accept it. I know many details about Christianity, for example, but remain a staunch atheist. I got my astrological “chart” from an acquaintance who was persistent, and though some of the details are interesting, I need not accept their truth. Astrology is anything but a science. And no, it is not strange that I would know about the ascendant decans — it’s not exactly rocket science, and something like that is pretty basic. To me, astrology is nothing more than light-hearted fun; nothing to take seriously.

        • …says Saturn, LOL! Look I’m not trying to make a convert out of you or anything, but surely you realize the reality that you’re commenting on an astro-blog and as such, people are naturally going to want to dialog w/ you about said subject, yes?

          The ASC and any planets conjunct it are key factors in how others see you. And judging from the fact that you say you’re a Libra Sun, I’d wager that puts your Sun in the 10th house, so more Saturn influence. You are *ALL* Saturn, girl – rock on (pun intended) w/ your hardcore skeptic self!

  4. You forgot to mention how awesome they look in business or formal attire! Sean Connery is an excellent example of capricorn ascendant since he also has saturn conjunct his asc as well.

  5. Have been impatiently awaiting his post in the hope of getting some astro-sanctioned style advice and it turns out I’ve been doing it right all along, lol – all black, minimal makeup, jacket/coat fetish. It would seem that you just can’t help but look like your rising sign 🙂 Now if only I could suck less at time management…

  6. This is such a gorgeous post. I would not mind to be Capricorn Rising AT ALL *sigh*
    I have a little niece who is the apple of my eye and she is Cap Rising with Moon in Taurus. I will definitely be thinking of this post as she grows into a little lady and fashion some presents around the ideas too. Thank you!

  7. After reading this, maybe I am actually 0 degrees Cap Ascendant after all.
    I say it’s 29 Sag… and First House is all Cap anyway, with Jupiter 3 (Conjunct Asc) and Saturn 18.

    And most of those attributes I can relate to. Black is usually my colour du jour… every day. Wear only gold sleepers and 3 gold bangles. Hardly any makeup. High cheekbones. Add mascara to my eyebrows daily… brush them on a la Sophia. Do like a good trench. (But my teeth need some attention.)

    Here’s a little tribute to Sophia. She is awesome.

  8. Woah, I know Leos are known for the regal vibe, but Capricorn rising is a whole other level of inner……I don’t even know what. Sculptured and stately to say the least.

  9. wait, IS Taylor Swift cap rising? I assumed Leo & in the previous post wondering if she’s a love zombie she’s speculated as such.

  10. Loved this! I am fascinated with the jewelry bit. I wonder if there is any astrological correlation with my recent habit of not wearing any rings, bracelets, or watches. I just feel like any pieces there will weigh down my hands and arms.

  11. Beyond the beautiful bone structure I can’t help but notice the timeless jackets and the gorgeous legs in tights on Giselle and Taylor… staples of my look for the last decade.

    The bits about being OCD about fabric were accurate on the Taurus rising style post. But other parts didn’t apply whatsoever to me… I’m a Taurus rising with Venus at 0 Capricorn and found this article on Venus in Capricorn a few days ago: It was very interesting to me because beyond being compared to Scarlett on more than a few occasions ( I have accidentally had a (low paying but very passionate) side career (which started as figuring out my own health) researching and collaborating w/ orthodontists, osteopaths, and chiropractors about the structure and health of the skull/jaw/dura mater.

    • I had been wondering about the Venus aspect as well- I’m a Libra Rising, but my Venus is in Capricorn, so when your chart ruler is in another sign, does that sign’s aesthetic get imprinted on your rising sign’s? I ask because my look seems to combine aspects of Libra and Cap, and because I have very sculpted and apparent cheekbones, collar bones, hands, feet, etc. And my preferred lingerie style is definitely Cap-inspired.

  12. I do not have Capricorn rising, but I do have Saturn/Asc as well as Capricorn Venus.

    Yes, to all of these. This describes me very well.

    I did not need braces when I was younger because my teeth were already straight- Saturn energy coming into play. I also favor minimalism in all of my outfits- too much jewelry/flash/blind makes me feel overdone and stuffy.

    And yes, obsessive workaholic energies. I like minimal makeup or none at all. Dislike spending too much energy on hair because then I spend the rest of my day worrying whether it is still upright or not…

    Another thing to point out are the watches- most Capricorn I know usually have a stately timepiece on their wrist.

  13. I am really puzzled. Can MM answer this–or can anyone else respond?

    My question is: Why was “preppy” style associated with Sagittarius, not Capri? I thought Preppy was the essence of vibing rich and old money. So why Sagittarius?

    I’ve been trying to figure it out and I can’t even make a wild-shot-in-the-dark guess.

    • Preppy to me is more your ’50s- ’60s ivy league kid; vests, flannel trews, pleated skirts and twinsets. So yes old money, but young bod in upright, even uptight duds. Deffo No ripped jeans no kohl and black leather a la Joan Jett, LOL.

      • I see preppy as learning toward academia and having the money to travel and knowing its importance for cultural repertoire. Cap on the other hand vibes to me as solid, grounded, and fiercely pushing forward. Solid. Embodying rather than seeking. IMO.

        • Electrolocator, let me see if I read you right, using a very broad brush and stereotyping both Sags and Capris:

          The Preppy Look is appropriate for Saggo because it’s about wearing boat shoes and striped t-shirts or polos, and looking leisurely, well-read, and well-traveled, as if you were about to go golfing, or hang out with your college buddies and talk about Lucretius all night.

          The Preppy Look is not appropriate for Capris because Capris don’t waft about vibing “casual”–they are more likely to wear a “power outfit” and look as if they are about to takeover a company or deliver the keynote speech at a conference.

            • Oh, I didn’t say you were stereotyping– I said it about my own comment/word-picture. I was just throwing in a disclaimer to make sure no one was offended.

            • Oh, ok. Pluto in the 3rd issues on my part, haha. I really was making sweeping generalizations but then I felt shallow.

              Disclaimer: I was woken up by my daughter sitting on my head at some awful hour of the morning.

  14. Well I’m grateful for “Style Your Ascendant” mainly because I’m still getting to know mine better. Haute or Low I still am a part of this world and celebrities dead or alive add some spice to astro ideas.

    I’m a Cap rising Libra Sun and my mom loved shopping for me until I was an adult so I often dressed like a 60 year old when even in college. (I never turned down free clothes).

    It took a good finance job that requires good suits and heels to discover my real style. I’m still struggling at nearly 50 because the body changes and lifestyle changes that happen (thank u perimenopause ) really screw up a sharp look. I’m always in black (I joke that it’s because navy is too hard to match) and I spill coffee on myself too often to wear colors.

    Since Venus turned retro, I’ve been influenced by fashions seen on House of Cards and Madmen. So I’m looking to upgrade my look toward a crisp tailored style. Yes I’m looking forward to driving my kids around in my Honda wearing power pumps, pearls and a suit but this soccer mom look and perpetual pretend I work out all the time fake out look that seems all the rage just doesn’t work for me.

    Dressing fashion and makeup (I love my makeup) is not about how I want others to see me but rather how I costume myself so I see myself in a more attractive light. I doubt myself so much a lot of the time that the makeup and nice fitted outfit make me feel less insecure.

  15. Mystic! It’s like you know me or something!! LOL
    This explains EVERYTHING!

    – no makeup wearer
    – cheekbones
    – obsessive brow care
    – singular statement piece metal jewellery
    – trench coat
    – a wardrobe full of ‘investment’ coats

    ….I can now die peacefully.

  16. Do you know what people? I have a dilemma. For a while now, i have been wanting to do a once weekly post that covers celebrities, they live their lives so large, they’re good material to bounce astrology off & interesting. There are loads of things/people that would not warrant a post to themselves but i can wrap them into one post covering, say, three or four people/topics.

    The problem is that posts like this tend to attract some really virulent comments or emails to me as one or two people try to quell the conversation because – usually – of an objection to a celebrity or because they think the subject is too “shallow” and they would rather talk about something more “academic.”

    And then i end up having to kill the post, which is a pity as i love doing posts like that. So if you have any thoughts on this, please let me know here…still thinking.

    • It’d be fascinating. Maybe its how the post is framed too…it might not divide any people, just inspire some as this post seems to have done…you can always request, advise in advance of tolerances, courtesies for people to respect.

      I always wanted someone to analyse (at the time) the transits for James Hird (football coach /drugs scandal / sport) in comparison to the person in charge of a sporting institution Andrew Demetriou (now retired). James Hird had an impeccable past record for professionalism but made some terrrible decisions for which he dearly paid the price of. The synastry between those two men men would be interesting; power trip – BUT IT IS controversial – so maybe NOT a good post…Just an example of a bad fall from grace for a sportsman who may unwittingly demonstrated pride…

      • More like the difference between Andrew ‘Darth Vader’ Demetriou and Gillon ‘Any which way the wind blows’ McLachlan would be an instructive lesson.

        But on topic of ya post it doesnt matter. Some ppl are expressing, thru their Astro, about some sleb’s Astro that they think are worthy, eg, Miley. I’m prob one of those arseholes (MyAnus in da 1H) that poo poo vacuuos types but lm expressing, thru my Astro, my thoughts on that sleb’s Astro. Is that still not worthy of argument. You can’t have everyone playing ‘cups of tea’. My Katness wants to jump in and say l dont mean offense. But my UranityInsanity says thrash it out.

        Give me Patti Smith anyday over any number of flim flam femmes. Or Cohen or Mellencamp over Flaccid Direction.

        • So… I prefer Patti smith’s music to Smiley Virus’s obvs, but you of all people would know being a teacher, that Miley is wayyyy more current and influential to current youth culture and debate.
          And whatever values/non -values/ controversy she stirs up in her wake are reflective of the upheavals and social pulse of that generation.
          Gawd, I have just been teaching a class of girls who worship Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid and Jerry Hall’s daughter *facepalm*

    • I think you should do posts like that Mystic – I’m not a fan of the celeb stuff (simply coz I don’t follow them) and generally not the fashion stuff – unless of course it means something to me, but sometimes I still read them. I just wont comment, and that’s not restricted to those type of posts either. Sometimes your full on astro posts are like a WTF does that even mean?! – so I don’t comment. But obviously you have a following that do consume both these sort of things – so diversify, cater. Show off your extreme range of astrological wittery and impressery.

      You’d need to give it it’s own theme title – like Haute&Low or something that sort of says – it’s a nice light ball of shiny stuff – sparkles, sparkles. Also to let people know who would normally snark (oh title – snark files).. that maybe don’t bother reading this one.

      Would be good tho if you did cover at least ONE deep thing in the post (coming back to Haute&Low) one deep relatable ‘self reflective’ moment – the message of the fable, the meaning in each sit-com episode, flanked by emotive music and lighting.
      You’d just need some sort of disclaimer about virulent-quellers and that this is a NoFuqs given FunPost Opinion.
      Amazing where the Hidden Hitlers come out from, lurkers.

      What is an astrological NoFuqsGiven Aspect?

      As always – LYW

    • I think it is a great idea. Examining an event or situation in a well known person’s life and linking it back to their astro is interesting. It is a great way to see true examples of how a transit or placement is playing out for someone. I think those posts are fun and really informative.

      I still think that the comments might be an issue. It would be great if they were just constructive reflection linking it to astro themes. If people just want to hate on someone famous, there are plenty of sites that thrive on that. I remember one of those posts that got out of hand a few years ago with negative comments and got personal, I think it was one about Joan Rivers, wow …..

    • I say give it a go once or twice and if the emails are beyond ridic, let it go. We don’t need you getting burnt out by the inbox from hell.

    • Do it!!! I love Hollywood Pantheon Astro (ooh – my Neptune is showing!). Academic is great ‘n’ all, but why the hell not? If people don’t like it they can blip over it. I adore Hollywood synastry too!

      • And also I don’t see why Mystic should have to listen to people who want to attend only Saturn’s Academy of Astrology anyway?
        She is Neptunian and a lunar Libran with a Leo DC.. she is good with beauty like some are good with the dewey system.
        This is HER blog and an extension of her natural leanings and creativity. I wouldn’t like to think that MM can’t express her creativity here, that would limit the blog in many other quite tangible ways and make it markedly less fun and less likely to continue into the future.

        • Yeah I agree completely. It’s not like you’re sharing gruesome murder cases or spreading crap about slebs a la tmz or whatever people read these days. Like, it’s YOUR blog . If someone has a problem with your choice of posts, that’s their problem. Ya know? 😉

        • Agree with what you say – especially about Mystic’s leanings and creativity. It is her creativity and choice of topics that has made this blog what it is. Feeling restricted by a few snobs would kill the joy in the creative process. No joy means … well, no joy.

          People, if you don’t like a particular type of post – move on! No one’s holding a gun to your head to read it. And like WillowJoe above says, if you feel like hating on some sleb there are plenty of other sites where they would welcome you.

          I for one, enjoy the celeb astro (ok, Neptune rising) and sometimes don’t even know some of the younger celebs, so i actually enjoy finding out about them through an astro lesson – what better way?

    • I have always always loved your sleb astro wtfuqery posts. I actually find them illuminating when discussing certain bits of astrology etc.

      Anyone with half a brain hemisphere in their head reading your site should know that you are very specifically not a pastel-hued blogger (not that there’s anything wrong with pastels, mind you, #Pisces) with mild opinions or a standard (?) astro take on things. We need all sorts. Then again I decided that I liked Miley specifically because everyone else was losing their shit over the supposed twerkastrophe all those eons ago, and any other star who manages to achieve infamy and polarize opinions so, hmm yes lol

      Nothing is shallow. Imho. The sacred and profane exist hand in hand. Does information have to come draped in white linen and a modern earthenware vase full of orchids with a glass teapot full of fresh mint tea to be considered acceptable?

      Academic: here’s a thought, if lady gaga gave a lecture on popular culture at MIT, would that be academic? A stunt? Worth a listen? You’re a professional astrologer and imho if you can get away with posting an image about geminis that says Zen As Fuck then you can do what you want when it comes to celebs 🙂 🙂

      Probably best to hear out more moderate opinions too though 🙂
      Part of the thing is how readers respond to ‘unhappy’ commenters too – maybe a reminder to exercise good manners when expressing opinions might be helpful..

      My 2c*

      *opinion not guaranteed. subject to change without notice.

    • Can you turn off comments for such posts?

      I LOVE a good celeb astro post.

      But yeah, people can get pretty opinionated and uh…snarky.

    • I love the sleb posts (mostly) but hey I’m a gem sun, love gossip and am kind of fascinated with fame, and the modern age of facebook/twitter/15 minute ‘fame’.

      That said, hate the Kardashians. What a waste of space. BUT, Myst, if peeps don’t wanna read, they don’t have to! not sure why someone would bother to complain about a post they aren’t interested in, or don’t want to read… simple, don’t read it!

    • Do!!!

      All kind of celebrities. Well you already do them and I enjoy these posts (usually I don’t know these celebrities, haha, as I’m not really from this earth 😉 )
      I think we can learn a lot from each other. A celebrity is more interesting (it’s not that easy to become a celebrity, or is it?!!) than a jealous person trying to put other people down. If people don’t like the subject, they can just skip it.

    • I was thinking just recently that there hadn’t been many celeb astro analysis and I found that disappointing. I think the thing with famous people is that we all know who they are so they are a common reference and starting points for discussion on personality types/quirks etc.

      I think that everyone has different tastes and if some people don’t want to read about celebs, then they can just skip over those posts to stuff that is more up their alley – take a “something for everyone” approach!

    • I love your take on this aspect of culture, Mystic. I hate the celeb culture in that I don’t read the magazines or websites, and don’t know who half of them are, but at the same time it fascinates me. I would read an astro-take on celebs the same way I would read a pop culture theorist or whatever – with interest. It’s the quality of the insight that is interesting to me.

      I am an ‘academic’ and in my view some of the best discussions anywhere are around so-called lowbrow topics. In fact, can I suggest a few?? Can we have a ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ post? How about a Bachelor post??

      Value judgements such as ‘shallow’ and ‘worthy’ are really problematic. Universities everywhere are full of postgrads applying serious critical thinking to pop culture, wanting to understand more about the world and about being human.

      Nobody forces anyone to write hateful comments on a blog. Those people should take responsibility for their own actions.

      Highbrow – lowbrow – Aries brow – you decide, Mystic 🙂 x

        • LOL well I have all the quals but don’t work in a uni. OMG too stifling, too much bureaucracy. Pisces 7th house sun, Gem NN just want to plug in, tune in and talk…

          • True about the bureaucracy. A short time as a student representative with a faculty thing, omg I felt like I was in a secret meeting with a council of Sith Lords, a very weird feeling in the air. To me, at least.
            Just came from a run-in, ie a phone call with an incredibly rude and unhelpful non-academic uni staff member, I’m trying to get the name of a former student whose work I want to learn about and she acts like im calling from Namibia and asking her for her credit card details and name of firstborn, Wtf? Eh, oh well I made some progress.
            Sorry not v astro related. Or is it, lol

            • Holy fuq that’s weird. Guess where I’m going next year?? 🙂

              Unis are stupidly unhelpful in my experience. What you describe here is not unusual!

            • Yeah this particular place tops my list of Least Awesome Australian University Departments to Deal With In Any Capacity. A few notable exceptions in some good individuals.
              Other unis I’ve studied with over the years – less painful by far. results may vary I guess.

              good luck for 2016 🙂 x

    • Mystic above all, you do YOU! People can choose not to respond too. And from work experience I can safely say that that sometimes the posts that generate the most responses are the things that are somewhat controversial. So yeah, boost yourself!

    • I usually have a really snotty aversion to reading about celebrities, but your posts citing them as examples have been such a great educational tool for me in learning about astrology. It would be such a shame for you to have to censor yourself on your own blog. BTW I am Cap rising and this post is so spot on. I do wear a ton of metallic makeup and for some strange reason people think I am barefaced.

  17. Naomi Campbell is a Capricorn Rising 😯 NO WAY!!! Losing my faith in astro. NO Cap rising would turn up to community service like THAT!!! Surely she’s Leo rising. Caps don’t throw phones either!!!!

    Don’t agree that Cap risers can get away with wearing “super on fleck fashion” either. I’d leave that to the Gems.

    Jane Fonda looks like a Leo ascendent with all that metal.

    Don’t like metal. Too flashy

  18. Oooh yes. I am already there with the black, the metallic, and the brows.
    Have been favoring less and less makeup and more and better skincare since I passed 40.
    I have what an ex called “an unfortunate nose”, but I look at Angelica Houston as my spirit animal in that regard.
    Also, Reznor, Brand, and Kravitz? How do I get invited to that party?
    I need to work on the working out thing though.

  19. Thank you for this!!! I feel vindicated. I’ve worn black all my life, noone can ever really get me out of it! very little make up and the metal! aha!!…. yes yes yes. .. off to wax my eyebrows though 😉

  20. Well-meaning Fam trying to set me up with a Cappy Rising. Easy on the eye, like a posh bit of furniture. Good genes, inherently a good choice. As a Cap stellium I would of course *ahem* find a way to ‘appreciate’ that..

    But. I’m Aqua Rising. And I fell in love with another Aqua Rising just last week. Via Atomic Recognition Bioware built into every Aqua Rising. We know each other by sight, by sound, by the very mention of our names. No fleshly meeting, earthly conjugation or any other proximity necessary.
    I know they’d know me instantly by Tweet, by text, even by a signature.
    Antennae is the word, sensing in airwaves and signals and pixels, kinship.

    Asked my Taurus Rising, Cap Sun mother what she thinks of such. She rebuts, ‘I like logic, and that doesn’t make any sense to me’. Earth rising…

    Aqua Rising transcends pheromones. This is vibration soul-mating.

  21. my progressed ascendant is in capricorn, so this is pretty on point for me, too! i have been wearing much less makeup lately, and feel comfortable doing so. that progressed asc is in a 2-degree conjunction with my progressed saturn…so – amp dat shit? my ascendant entered capricorn many, many years ago, but it seems to have coincided with the beginning of my facial skincare routine. i have changed it up a little bit over the years, but for at LEAST a decade, i have been cleansing my face every night before bed, and moisturising with almond oil (used to use jojoba; before that, coconut). i can’t remember missing a day – i even manage whilst camping. after every bath or shower i do the same, with oil over my body. i haven’t worn jewellery in years, save for my scaffold and nip piercings (metal!). unfortunately, i am not one for uber fabulous bone structure! but of course that can’t just *happen* along with my progressions.

    super super cool post again, mystic. i am so curious to read about aqua rising, as i find it quite mysterious!

  22. And some kind of authority!

    I once stopped an angry mob chasing my -then- boyfriend, just by spreading my arms…
    Or once, long time ago, when hitch-hiking. The driver started w*nking. I said: Stop the car. And he stopped the car. Apologized like mad, told me he would take me to my place of destiny and I (was in the middle of nowhere) said: Okay. All the way there he didn’t say a word any more. When he dropped me at my destination, he apologized again.
    Maybe my exact Pluto – Sun opposition plays a role here as well, but I know people can get confused about me (an old school Cap demeanour in combination with a free minded Saggo Moon)

  23. I have a friend who worked in the arts world in New York for many years, had periodic interaction with celebrities who served on the board of the place where she worked, etc.

    One day she was walking down a quiet side street on the Upper East Side and there was a man on the other side of the street, just the two of them. She felt a force like a tractor beam pulling her gaze over to him. It was none other than Paul Newman–he wasn’t looking at her, just in his own world, but she said she has never experienced charisma like that in any person before or since.

  24. I’ve been waiting for this post since I have Saturn rising in Aquarius AND uranus in Capricorn, and always wondered just how much of the cap vibe I channel into my looks. The description was pretty spot on: brows, all black everything (though I do wear earthy tones quite often), metallic accents, minimal make-up. My facial bone structure is not particularly remarkable, but my collarbones, knees and hip bones have always been very apparent (and I’ve never been skinny). I also have long, thin fingers, bony wrists and big teeth that cost my parents a small fortune to fix (hehe).

    Now I’m really looking forward to the aqua post so I can learn how to balance both influences.

    (By the way, I think I should probably introduce myself: first time commenter, long time lurker, all personal planets+NN in Sagittarius. Not a subscriber yet because I’m still a broke undergrad, but I have learned a lot reading both Mystic’s posts and the comments – thank you guys!)

  25. Interesting. I’m 25 sag rising but have cap intercepted in my 1H (placidus). Juno/Lilith conj at 1 cap. I do have the bone structure and brow thing, but struggle with the responsibility factor that is Capricorn. I’m not at all practical. I lack practicality. I read horoscopes with Capricorn as my rising usually though because the house placement matches up. I just ignore the Saturn rulership info and read Sag for Jupiter.

  26. So many facets of my personality have now been explained. I always wondered if my Aries moon gave me the brows but now I can chalk that one up to my rising sign too. Colour of choice to wear: black. Jewellery = none, or plain gold sleepers. Make-up just makes me feel disgusting! Oh and people say I’m a vampire because I haven’t seemed to have aged much past 7. Okay, maybe 12.

  27. Ok So I don’t have Cap rising, but I do have late Sag rising (20 deg) and with most of Cap in my first house. So much of this rings true for me though and did even more so for the longest time while I was a progressed Cap rising (30 years). But in 2012 I became a progressed Aqua rising and boy did I feel that change occur. In my Draconic chart I am Cap rising as well. I figure this is a vibe I can channel if I want/need to. I’m kind of a gemstone addict though due to the energetic vibes I get from them though – they are my friends – but will have to go all metal one day and see what energy I can conjure from that alone.

  28. Yes, the Cappie I like, is very handsome. It is amazing that he looks 10 years younger than his actual age. Very young looking. He seems a little young emotionally to but a good guy!

    I need to scope out his eyebrows now! Will do so on Wednesday.

  29. YAY!! I’ve waited for this Style your Ascendant for ages!

    High Cheekbones – check
    Chiseled Sqaure jawbone – check
    No makeup UNLESS it’s an event or do of somesort – check
    Wardrobe that is basically black with very few coloured items – check
    Jewellery – never been a fan, but will have to maybe try some metal
    I always know what time it is, despite giving up watches over 25 years ago
    Eyebrows are always a bugbear with me – beauty places want them like pinstripes – I want to show off substance and the natural shape

    But what about hair? I’m a fan of dishevelled elegance.


  30. Wow Capricorn rising! Must be a collection of some of the world’s most beautiful and talented people.

    I am nowhere near it, but absolutely LOVE their style and work ethic.

    Brilliant post.

  31. I don’t think the denim coveralls works even with Cap rising. Doesn’t look good on model/celeb types what hope do mere mortals have? 🙂

    Swift and her dumbass girl squad about to get crapped on. even Miley and nikki minaj want nothing to do with her. Lol.

      • t(-.-t)

        Why yes. My rich mommy and daddy buys me a subscription to Mystic because I get everything i want. Boo hoo.
        Sorry the whole world does not agree with you Lady L or Taylor Swift.

        • Ahem* What Lady L means is, when you live an adult life, you don’t have time for such trivial things as celeb rivalries, nor do you even CARE.

          • Depends on what your definition of “adult life” is, but to each their own.
            A sizeable portion of this site references celebs anyways. Why are people who aren’t into celebs even reading this?
            I’m not asking Lady L to agree with me or even like what I am saying, but I am not going to sit around and quietly ‘enjoy” articles about borderline racist celebs displayed in a good light.
            But it is obvs I got her goat as she attacked me using ad hominem, the last defense of the desperate….AKA “try to shame or make fun of the person you disagree with”.

            • Ahem * I live an ‘adult’ life, have read the classics, am politically literate, have a couple of postgrad degrees, a mortgage, speak several languages
              Totally enjoy light hearted debate over popular culture references, such as celeb rivalries eg.
              why did Solange kick jay z in the elevator?
              Or Why did Iggy A do that to her lovely face (chin implants) etc etc

              I think that is what MM means when she said that some of the subscribers are rather stuck in ‘we Must be serious Highbrow high priestesses of the astro’ mode

            • For the record, I was (and am) not aware of the race issue you mention re: Taylor Swift.

              was 100% correct — I don’t follow celeb culture unless you count a couple of amazing scientists, cartoonists and writers whom I love for their work.

              I don’t even know Taylor Swift’s music.

              I merely was taken aback by your “crapped on” use of language.

              The words and tone reminded me of mean high school girls.

            • *nods* I totally get that. My biz partner is the same way. She prefers to mostly conduct life in a dignified manner which I can totally appreciate and relate to.

              Just reflecting those I can’t stand by ironically using their techniques. I’ve a Sagg Asc and a Scorpio Mercury meaning there is much sarcasm, levels of meaning, and school-girl like absurdity. My wit much like chili peppers is not for everyone lest people leave with gastrointestinal distress or worse. It is an acquired taste that not everyone loves, but here I am.

      • Can’t argue with that. Her makeup is excellent. Safe as in she doesn’t take any risks, but guarantees she won’t look cringe worthy in 10 or 20 yrs.

    • Taylor, Nicki, Miley – all Saggies. I’m sure there’s something in that.

      Wondering what part of the ‘girl squad’ is ‘dumbass’ though.

      Is it Taylor’s version in particular that you don’t like?

      Or are you opposed to female friendship and/or solidarity in general?

      • Her female “friendships” is not supportive of all women from what I have seen. It is exclusive and often does not include people of colour, unless they are white-passing and skinny. It also seems to be just cis-women but I could be wrong. Older women aren’t represented either. It is more like those annoying cliques you see in high school. Plus the whole “getting back at Katy Perry thing” is like…grow the fuck up. Not that I like Katy Perry mind you, because I don’t…but i don’t get how this girl squad shit is a part of the ‘new feminism’? Girl friendships yay! Bringing back some weird mean girls thing, no.

  32. Finally! I’ve been waiting oh so impatiently for this. It’s a long way from Aries to here (in more ways than one!). Both hubby and I are Cap Rising, and it’s all there – bones, ‘brows, timing, no/low make-up. No watches anymore, or jewellery. And I usually prefer deep navy to black. But I am known to be freakish when it comes to knowing what time it is – to the minute.
    This was well worth the wait Mystic – thanks! I feel honoured to be in such great company!

  33. I can’t wear black, I look like a corpse, but I can relate to the monochrome aspect, I wear a lot of head to toe brown. I also can’t wear metal, that’s just my personal quirk, the cold feeling of metallic things against my skin gives me the shudders, in fact even looking at other people wearing metallic jewellery gives me a cold feeling. When I did wear anything though it was a watch, so my Saturnian expressed in time + austerity in monochrome brown, no makeup, no jewellery. My favourite thing to wear of all, no exceptions, is a high collared shirt and tie but maybe that is just a virgo fetish object, Aimee Mann rocks the tie.

  34. I relate to this ascendent summary most of all, even though I am Aries rising, Aqua sun. I do like red for a special occasion, but couldn’t otherwise relate to the extraverted/warrior style suggested for Aries. I generally prefer monochrome elegance and presenting to the world as a lady who means both business and tolerance.

    I have a Cap midheaven co-junct Venus. Perhaps this is of some influence?

      • Hello Pi, good question! I think so, yes, by .0001 degrees. I find this a bit confusing because my ascendent is in Aries – so Aries is my 12th and 1st?

        • yes often signs will straddle (or be engulfed/intercepted by) houses. I have gemini ascendant but also it rules my 12th house .

          venus in cap and on cap MC i think would have a strong influence on the choices you make about your appearance!

          i know one sadge with venus in cap and despite her (also) sharp-as-a-new-scalpel scorpio planets and sadge renegade sun, the venus in cap means she generally comes across as a v cool customer. i mean cool as in cool headed not nec coolhunter cool. no mess no fuss. “Do these come in black?” etc 😉

          aqua sun sounds like tolerance 🙂

  35. But you forgot to mention SUITS – surely there is no other rising sign that wears ’em so well. I am a Cap rising and it is my life’s dream to one day have a perfectly tailored, three-piece suit (i.e. classic YSL ‘Le Smoking’/Bianca Jagger-esque…)

  36. Eek!! I’m an Aqua with Cap Rising and this describes my style uncannily well: no make-up, all black but it vibes elegant or unassuming rather than funereal (I hope), trench-coat favorite of all (old-time elegance, those deep practical pockets — it was originally a coat designed for soldiers after all). Over the last couple years I’ve overcome my aqua aversion to jewelry with a hematite ring and simple necklace with a dewdrop of onyx, the gemstone of determination.

  37. So if this post is spot on, there is hope for me yet to get out of my awkward phase. ? I’m not partial to any one color (except teal or green) but I did try wearing all black yesterday and it was nice thing to try out. I did have very bushy eyebrows as a child but they’ve thinned out from all the waxing and threading I’ve done over the past 10 years. And yes, I did inherit my mother’s cheekbones. I also have a thing for gold, hehe.

  38. I do have good eyebrows — didn’t know that was a Cap rising trait. But they are too light to show up much in photos. Minimal or no make up. Black and denim almost all the time. Camel and medium gray are okay occasionally, but I rarely feel like wearing colors. I had only bright colored exercise tops and started to feel really cross about wearing them. For dressing up wear metal cuffs, chainmail belt, metallic heels, stacks of bracelets or earrings, silver and gold leopard print, lame, sequins, studs. And I like coats the way most people like shoes.

    It’s good that this post and the Sagg one had a lot of men pictured and described. I’d like to see updates for all the previous signs with men added. 🙂

  39. I’m a Capricorn Rising/Aquarius Sun/Taurus Moon. I definitely always know what time it is. If I don’t have my watch on (which I always wear to work) they I am pretty talented at guestimating it. I’ve got the bones as well. The cheekbones, the jawline, but it doesn’t stop there! I do find myself admiring my hands and feet also. Born with just about perfect teeth, and no wisdom teeth. When I get a new dentist they usually compliment my teeth. I’m currently in search of a flash watch and serious coat. 🙂 I also have the brows going on, if I BOTHER to wear makeup I fill them in. Also my makeup usually consists of mascara, white liner + concealer under the eyes, and maybe a tinted lip balm. I often go weeks without makeup. When it’s humid, like it is now where I am, I can’t even use moisturizer. I just wash my face at least once a day and use a toner morning and night. It keeps my complexion under control. I definitely find myself having the “natural, stoic composure that vibes regal” when in crowds. I think it’s my way of warding off those who annoy me and attracting those who are worthy. As far as pulling off “fashion that would be hideously unflattering on most people” I can pull off anything. I have a toddler so lately I’ve been wearing more practical cuts. I definitely don’t have the time to do my hair everyday so I make sure I get it cut so that I don’t have to worry about it if I don’t. As far as the work outing goes, I have not yet become obsessive, but I am sure I will be in the future (maybe pretty soon). I’m saving to start paying for it. 😉 I love black. It is definitely my favorite to wear. Mystic did not mentions this but I think I also see a lip trend. Taylor swift reminded me of it. I have those baby doll lips also. “Poor service or bad help reminds them of childhood issues” This one is true too. I yelled at Customer Service at Wal-Mart recently for well, being Wal-Mart. It is not something I do often, if at all before then. Aaand this was a really long reply, but just saying, this post is on point and I was really looking forward to it.

  40. Wow. My boss must be Cap rising—cheekbones–check. All black ensemble–check. Even the desk and stationery are strict monchrome. Metal watch–yep. Fierce work ethic–tick tick tick.

  41. Oh I’ve been waiting for Cappy Rising ever since this series started! My hubby is a Solar Aries with Cap Rising – this is him to a tee – especially the eyebrows. He complains about them, but they make his face. That, and bone structure. Not to mention he’s 37 with nary a grey hair in sight, and could still pass for someone at least 5 years younger. I knew I was onto a good thing when I tried to convince him he needed a special timepiece to call his own 🙂

  42. my cap rising ( + mars) aqua sister. pretty much all of this. over 40 and might pass for mid 30s easily. eyebrows, unflappable facade, work ethic like a freight train, looks like a museum artwork when she wears those shades of pewter, bronze, brass, metallic black, ,.. you get the idea. A trenchcoat, on her looks like she ought to own the copyright. etc. 🙂

    • maybe it;s also a cap rising thing, she can wear tertiary hues like a boss. colours that make me look like a corpse (i am summer colours ish), she is insta-sophisticated-VIP.

      • Pi,

        Did you get your colors “done”? I was a winter- and avoid yellow based anything. It was worth the $20 in 1983. Hair silvering now- cannot bear grow out of momentary color binge-

        • I got my ‘colours done’ many years ago too Kell. I think I was a spring or autumn. I remember being told not to wear white. I hate wearing black, love wearing colours, and clashing them. Hate anything beige or muted. (gem, aries rising) I used to wear a lot of red, now find it has to be a softer plummy shade or it is very harsh with my colouring (and age!). Never been into red lipstick though, more plums and purples. I actually only wear makeup occasionally, because I can’t be bothered. Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of green and orange.

        • Hi Kell, no I’ve never done that 🙂 , I was just reading a thing once that showed multi examples of colours / season thing and I recognised one as mostly the colours that tend to make me look alive, make my eye colour look extra piscean etc. 😉
          Silvering hair or not, a family friend still wears what suits her – we did an experiment where we held a few things against her face that were not ‘her colours’- instantly added 10 years. Freaky!

  43. Great read. My newly-teenaged daughter is Cap rising, and she has the bones, the beauty and all that Cap attitude and work ethic already. I found your observations very helpful and affirming, thank you!

    • I do have thick eyebrows and have always liked wearing black, it’s just more versatile and low-maintenance. Maybe Cap Rising also enjoys black because it’s elegant and does not distract from their work ethic? I also second the feelings of someone here who said she didn’t feel comfortable wearing bright neon workout clothes. I don’t have that killer bone structure, though. I guess I have more of a “Virgo Rising” face.

      • Omg Yess. Me too! Black is my go to color for everything (Hair, Wardrobe, Home decor, Electronics, etc.) It’s simple but yet powerful, like Capricorn!

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