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Yes the volatility index is cranked right up but so is the opportunity for eureka flashes.  Eclipses are just ultra-potent New and Full Moons with an edge of fate. Work with them for best results. The Weekly Horoscopes are up & the September Monthly Horoscopes feature an extended rant re this most fascinating of Eclipse Seasons.

And here is Pisces/Pisces Rising from the Weekly Horoscopes from September 5.

It’s Eclipse Season but you’re on it. You know that there is no point surrendering to previous romantic or relationship patterns for even a moment. You’re committed to healthy, awesome relating in biz, sexual and friendship alliances. Remember; Jupiter in your House of Love is officially lucky but it also expands the energy that is there. So if you do charge into something murky and manipulative or beneath you, it scores momentum ridiculously fast. Remain rad.


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81 thoughts on “Fend Off Eclipse Phobia Via Horoscopes

  1. I have SEVERE Eclipse phobia and I should know better. It’s not like I don’t understand what they entail but the lunar one has a LOT riding on it for me, it’s big, big stuff and at exactly the degree of my ascendent in my first house and opposite my packed Libra 7th house. I’m finding it hard to be rational.

        • its the seeing that mercury is in the square mm. my sun is 12 aries and nodes 12 cap/cancer. i’m glad i’ve got some aries on but i’m still stuck in “transformation” being painful.

          i’m rarely openly scared of loss, but there is just the good comfortable ones that are going out, and i’m not sure who i’ll be after they’re gone. i’m pretty sure i’ll be awesome, but this bit feels like i’m losing my fuzzy blanket.

          so its not the horoscopes,as they’re all awesome. i’m just shitting myself.

          • i’m looking at how long pluto is hanging out on 12 59 . 19 DAYS OF PLUTO SQUARE.

            i’m not in an environment where i know how to manage “undertow” but i’ll just stay out of streams that aren’t mine.

          • the eclipse on the ascendant would be one thing, but that it opposes mercury on the descendant natally, with mercury opposite sun this weekend is going to be, well, just as insanely transformative as the last bit.

            i’m getting closer to luddite and at the same time i’m going into some outerplanet communication duct.

            screw the blanket, i have the great work to do. ok. i should get a physical address for you so i can send you once this last computer is offline.

  2. I want to know what that ad is talking about with neuro-vegetative disequlibriation. Maybe something about trees with a neurological disorder that makes them sway menacingly.

  3. Pisces scopes share made me rethink my comment to chrysalis elsewhere! Got that chrys? Lol xx

    Looking forward to eclipses. Riding a wave of uncertainty , of the times, you know, gets easier and easier and makes me welcome change and dynamic shifts with so much more …. Joy? Readiness? Equanimity? Hanging on just makes your arms tired. I’m still reminding myself to not slack off through self and Oct, I did not capitalise on the Venus rx over mars to send an exploratory art email but then again that’s when a job came through and I start when she passes back over so yes probably more fitting. For second house 🙂

    Maybe with the eclipse in my Virgo 3rd house of comms, that is in fact the next best time to send a new-era “initiating” correspondence?
    The full moon eclipse will be on my 9th house near MC.

  4. First day tomorrow of teaching for this new academic year at the saturday language school.

    Up at night can’t sleep – the black hole of social media getting to me again. Like that toxic lover you keep going back to.

    Some semblence of sanity and clarity seeping into new role at new internship. Sooo much to learn and what a great opp.

    I think big waves of emotions are waiting to engulf me … Im drowning in tears. Almost mourning for the loss of humanity thats so evident with the whole refugee crises. Im feeling it all, their pain and mine. Theirs so much to feel and we’re only in the shadow of this eclipse.

    Goodness sep 14 my bday is only 9 days away. X

    • Yes the refugee stuff going on is heartbreaking.

      I’m feeling like have a social media blackout — offline for a week or so. Restricting my access, especially to news at the moment.

  5. Is the eclipse at 20 Virgo? If so it’s on my 2nd house Mars and very near my Uranus/Pluto conj in 1st house, trine my Jupe in Taurus. Time to make a couple of big moves in Operation Awesome.

  6. Can’t be too happy about Saturn out of Scorp because Sag Neptune moon. Plus I just had the march de triomphe over my natal Saturn.

  7. I’m actually lying low and feeling great… been nourishing my taurus moon, spring is coming, I’m visiting family in the country… and preparing for a whole sh*tload of positive change coming up in sept. New cunning plan to become rich — check. New boundaries and realisations about relationships, whether I even want a ‘partner’ and my relationship with myself — check. Small scale home beautifying and shakeup in living situation — check.

    Prepped and ready to go! 😀 Feeling more positive and powerful that I have for ages, also feel like I’ve come out from under a rock, (or a big rut) and, I like what I see — seeing the good in everyone and appreciating what I have and how hard I’ve had to work to get here — this pinnacle. Feel like I have an expanded view at the moment, and it feels good to have options!

  8. OMG did you just give me extra 6 mth subs for free MM? You have no idea what that means. I am online because ths hostel manager lent me his 2nd smartpbone so I cld get online. 2 days ago, feels like yesterday, I get robbed. I fought back and ran after the youth but he had a friend waifing on motorbike so that get away. I los all myworldly goods or access to that. 2 passports tablet smartphone etc. Am now on 50 Rm the kind people outside whose I get robbed give me after carting me around to police n back to hostel, get me to ring the back. Basically I was in complete shock they guided me so I didn’t come off the rails

    • Ooh take care! Hope this was your eclipse came early and the aftershock is not too harsh.

      Have been robbed while travelling once and it leaves a nasty queasy feeling in yr stomach. No lasting harm done, fortunately.
      Eventually came to the conclusion that the universe was giving me a warning slap on the head to be more aware of what other peoples motives were around me, as t happened at beginning of a series of travels

  9. hello hello, this Virgo eclipse trines my sun/mercury/jupiter exactly, AND my ascendant, while opposing natal mars. Looks like this could be the jump start I’ve been needing… time to start scheming furiously so as to take advantage!
    Has anyone heard the the 100 Day Challenge? The idea is that Sept 22 represents 100 days to the end of the year – and to devise a plan to achieve those outstanding goals for the year in that time.. Saturn must be affecting my Saggi stellium because the idea is suddenly very appealing!

  10. Up until two hours ago I would have said we were lining up fine… big awesome plan has A, B and possible C incarnations. Ready to roll out with the big wonderful new moon.

    Then a message from my Mum opens old wounds to do with the shit matrix that is my family, with my sister in the middle of it. I am so jack of all of this. My sister is a poor me who has made a life time career out of being a victim. She abdicated responsibility of raising her children by letting my Mum build onto her house and then left her to look after the kids. When it was no longer convenient, after she’d left her husband and took up with an emotionally retarded drug addict, she started a hate campaign against my mother, forced her out of her home, didn’t even repay the amount it cost my mother to build the extension onto her and is now shacked up with an alcoholic who isn’t allowed to see his daughter. She rents the extension that was my mother’s out to a drug dealer.

    It went to shit and after three years of having nothing to do with my mother or sister, I was left to help Mum pick up the pieces, gave her somewhere to stay, helped her move interstate – blah blah blah.

    And my Dad, who has never offered once to lend me a hand, to take my son for a holiday, is up there again with my sister (I’ve lost count) to take her kids for a week’s holiday. I’ve just snapped. I can’t handle it any more. This is the straw that breaks the back of the silence. This time I’m letting him know (and awesome – you know – just in time for Fathers Day!) that this kind of bullshit favouritism for the daughter who chose to fuck her life up with drugs, who chose not to mother her children, who chooses emotional retards is not the only daughter he has. And is certainly not the only one who needs his help.

    Turns out if you silently just get on with things, and make the best of your own challenges, people just forget you. Well, no more!

    • Um.. in my own way I understand this. My Cap moon doesn’t allow me freedom in the vent space but I know of family dynamics that support one member in a dysfunctional way.. by habit, collusion, wanting to make it right in a way that won’t cut it.. the reasons are irrelevant but the theme can permeate.

      So.. all I wanted to say is that ‘truth’ just in time for fathers day or any other day isn’t bad timing, isn’t late, too early or on the wrong day. It’s just truth and father time isn’t fussed on what day it is so perhaps say no to a guilt trip there.

      Family dynamics are the quintessential minefield right and someone has to fulfil one of the designated roles.. and we can get pushed/pulled to/back into said roles when the energy spikes and everyone starts feeling uncomfortable.

      Ironically, I’m kind of in the middle of this and after a soiree away.. I’m facing it head on and electing (more clearly than I used to) to own my truth and out the general truth. Yes, there’s a squirm or two.. an edge.. some discomfort but there is also the scope for mending old injuries and forging a new healing path. And.. if not.. then reality is the only way forward.

      I tend to think not so much of favouritism but more in line with almost denying the truth, perhaps a hand in.. and perhaps guilt, remorse or projection of own disempowered feelings in the mix.

      And for the independent strong ones in a family it is for them to learn to ask if they need. Ouch right. I’m uber self reliant so that’s been a big one for me.

      Are you the eldest per chance? Taking extra responsibility and the expectation of maturity etc?

      This doesn’t all rest on your shoulders.. not to be honest, to make people who don’t see.. see or to fix a situation that other’s actually need to be actively involved in with clear sight.

      Look after you first x

      • The aether ate my reply. I think I’ll take that as a message!!

        But yes, am the oldest and still firmly embedded in the dynamic of being silent and responsible. It’s the easiest way of avoiding being shot at when its not actually your fault.

      • Centaurus and Electrolocator… I have just emailed my father and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For better or for worse, it won’t continue on the way it has. Thank you both. Sending massive cyber hugs for your insights and empathy XXX

        • That’s a constructive use of your energy Sleepless and happy to read you’re feeling some lightness of spirit.

          Really tricky biz this family shizz right!

          Thanks for the ether hugs 🙂 and right back at you. Thanks for sharing, I understand the weight of responsibility and still struggle to put it down entirely. Working on that one.

          Mmm..on this almost direct Venus vibe I am officially calling this a weird emo kind of weekend.

          Electro, such a sad situation for you. Some things never end up making sense and are just plain hard to live with. Hugs xo

          • Thanks, I have done a lot of healing and forgiveness but I’m not sure if the residual pain will ever go away. Especially when certain events and circumstances were navigated carelessly. I am also the eldest child, independent and self-sufficient. I learned not to let my brother run all over me when we were teenagers, and I seemed to be the only one who could say no to him when he asked for money or demanded favors. It hurts and it doesn’t make sense but in this type of situation, it is best to detach and know that the life lessons you experience are more aligned with the person you are. I know others in similar situations, and they are all (including myself) of the caliber that can stand alone and are not easily swayed by others.

            This reply is to you both, Centaurus and Brisvegas.

            • Yes.. I understand what you’re saying Electro and that sort of wisdom and insight tends to come through challenges of significance. I have come to think residual pain is something we learn to make peace with.. by living with xx

        • Oh.. and maybe (?) worse initially.. but better in the long run in my experience (eldest – youngest situ) for you and that’s using all that responsibility and being so.. for yourself. Well.. that’s the way I spin it!

    • I totally feel you on this one. It does not make sense but parents seem to foster bad behavior in some families. Reward it, even. It’s totally mind boggling. 2008 my brother was totally stressed and recently out of rehab when he convinced my mom to give him the car keys to buy cigarettes. His license was still revoked but she let him go unsupervised and guess what? We never saw him alive again. Obviously I am livid about it to this day. I was not there when it happened but damn I wish I could have been the voice of reason. The stupidity is astounding.

      • That is horrific. I’m so fed up being the voice of reason and being attacked because I am. Strangely though, the voice of reason is always right because I note the repeating and patterns and dynamics and know that unless someone makes a decisive effort to change the way they are, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

        And I am as much to blame for that. Always forgiving and giving people another chance.

        • I should point out. My sister is no longer on the forgive list. I just want to forget she exists and get on with my life but I keep being dragged back in because of how I feel about it all. As much as because I’m physically there. I wish I could just not care.

          • so how do you feel about it? once you’ve identified that, work on feeling different. we are all self-responsible, or, we could be. lots of luck unhooking from this painful and close dynamic x

        • I might chime in here in case my perspective is relevant. I grew up in the classic alcoholic family dynamic (I have Neptune conj IC, go figure). I was what is called in psych parlance the ‘scapegoat’, the voice of reason continually ostracised and victimised for speaking out and attempting to fix the fuqued dynamic, even though I was the child (it started when I was 11). This dynamic has never changed and probably won’t. The children who support the drinking are favoured and the ones who don’t continue to be ostracised (and their children too). The best thing I ever did for my sanity was set and stick to extremely firm boundaries around when I would see them, what I would do and and not do. This caused ructions at the time but now, years later, even the drinker respects them. The sitch is still fuqued, the family dynamic is still fuqued, I can’t believe that person is still alive let alone continuing to manipulate – but I am (mostly) sane.

          • I spoke out as well when it started and I was told that I was the child, not the adult. It was like a slap in the face. Who cares what you say because of your age? Seriously? Maybe that’s why I work with children.

  11. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo conjuncts my Pluto (in the 5th house) and trines my Mars (in the 8th), so I’m really looking forward to a fresh impetus with a creative project that has just begun to take shape, very slowly, very delicately…

    The Lunar Eclipse in Aries falls right on my Saturn and opposes my Venus, and I think it might be my chance to bid adieu to Saturn for a while, coming as it does a couple of weeks after Saturn leaves Scorpio. And to really reflect on all that Saturn has helped me structure better during these past three years.

  12. Your Eclipse Boss mp3 has really helped me to level up for Sept, Mystic. I’ve listened to it a few times over this past month or so. I image I’ll give it a couple more go’s before the month is out. So thank ye, thank ye for that! Game on.

    Transit lounge question: 13 year cycles? Or 14? I enacted Major Shifts to my life in 2002 that I am *just now* seeing its fruit ripen on the trees! It’s so rad 😀 and just kind of awe-striking– Uranus? I can’t tell you how many times over the last 13 years that I’ve had to consciously remind myself why I did what I did when I did it & reassure myself that I haven’t lost my nut… struggling… and now here it is, coming together!

    Party at my place tonight! Woop woop 😛

    • 2002 is coming up for me this month in a big way. well it has this whole eclipse cycle, but in astro hacks i looked at it, turns out in 2002, i had the saturn return eh? but on my midheaven while pluto was on the ic. so you had major pluto midheaven action right? i made maybe the right decision back then, but only now know what was really going on,

  13. September 13th partial eclipse.New Moon in Virgo transiting my 11th House.
    Horoscopes warmed of old demons rearing ugly little heads..not looking forward to it. Will be strong.
    Then the big Blood Moon on Sept 27th/28th eclipse in Aries transiting my 5th House of creativity!

  14. This should be interesting…. SN 20deg Virgo 1H conj Sun/Pluto forms a Kite with NN 20deg Picses 7H, Moon conj Nep in Scorp3H, Lillith in Kataka 11H

    it will be hitting the biggest thing in my chart like a pinball machine.

    April 2014 was seismic in a classic fall for married coworker but resist / Cold War with sexist abusive exploitive boss / get sacked kind of way

    Cripes starting new p/time job tomorrow AND have interview/photo in free mag that gets big readership – all happening!

      • Yay! I think : ) Have been upping the creativity / collab / meditation in the last few years semi consciously …. As NN is the tail of my kite feel I need to use the Picses power as a guide more

  15. Listened to Eclipse boss as well, but didn’t at the time until today reading above that it will be conjunct my Pluto Uranus conjunction as well…..go Gen X-ers! Hopefully this will be good for us!

    What an icky weird weekend this was……was supposed to be fun with going to concert with a friend and then beach the next day but she went through drama the night before, slept with her housemate who was former bf/lover, then he asked her to move out —Venus retro stuff the day before it went direct, right?! — and then comes and stays at my house anyway and is basket case the whole time and texting on her phone nearly the whole time, too, largely ignoring me…….so incredibly weird, I would not do that as a guest in someone’s home. She’s not even that close of a friend, which made it weirder…. We still went to the gig and to the beach but this was the vibe overlaying it all…………extremely exhausting weekend, and got qi vamped and would not have had her come over if I knew this is how it was going to be. It was difficult to have fun, felt like I was taking care of her the whole time, I did not feel free or at leisure…..just haven’t experienced something like this before, or not in a long time, I rarely have people over to my house or staying over, and certainly don’t need guests like this!

    I’m a bit concerned about these eclipses, I really am…….

    • Ugh! It is hard to draw the line between offering compassion and becoming prey of pure Qi vampirism these days. There was a long void Dark Moon last weekend, and we´re “pre-eclipsing”. I hope you smudged your place to clean her energies!

      I am pumped up for the next eclipse. Like you said, Gen X-ers to the front line, please! Pluto will turn direct before the end of the month, so I am taking this as being very significant to all of us whose natal Pluto will be touched by the Solar eclipse.

      • Smudging, yes! Thought of it last night and doing it today. Ugh….I’ve got enough of my own relationship issues, I can’t deal with someone else’s that up close and personal, especially in my home. I feel like I was totally glommed onto and really need to get my own energy back to myself.
        My Pluto Uranus is in my 4th house, interesting…

        Gen X! More power to us right now! I’m really hoping for positive outcomes and empowerment. I need a lift in my life these days. I don’t have much in my life but I think we can use our words, if nothing else, to effect our personal power.

  16. I didn’t know where to post this question so I thought Saturn would help.

    A friend of mine took his own life on Friday, 9/4 at 9:38 (police report). Is this a dark Moon initiative?

    I’m lost for words and how to heal from this loss. We weren’t close but we were chatting on Facebook an hour before this happened.

    Hug each other!!


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