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The Brixton Pound

This is The Brixton Pound – a fresh form of currency.

It’s almost like now that the final exact square to Uranus has passed (that was the Zap Zone from mid-2012), Pluto in Capricorn is really going to town on transformation/revelations of the global financial system.

Still, Uranus and Pluto also remain in tight but not exact square until the middle of 2016.

AND anyway, the Daily Horoscopes for Friday are posted & full of strategy.   And how to stay current.  Maybe The Brixton Pound won’t be or stay viable but the symbolism of it is undeniable. We all need currency of one form or another.

Weird times, weird tactics.

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33 thoughts on “Currency

  1. I want to see ALL the rappers all using the Brixton Pound.
    That would be rebellious.
    Keep your gold necklace, but flash wads of Brix…

      • That is EXACTLY the song playing through my mind when i first read this post. Waited awhile to see if anyone else had it too. So satisfied right now 🙂

          • Oi Oi, my love! Been thinking of you!

            I then had to do a full email folderisation, and realised i missed my turn to write back. Agh! So i send out a heartfelt Ahoy from the Deep Blue.

            Maybe a little voice convo could be on the cards soon? xxx

            • Ola from the south darling lass 🙂

              No fussin’ on anything but it’s been a looong time no?

              So nice to see you back around!!

              Hope you’re flying and enjoying life and yes.. I’m up for that! x0x

  2. Currently trying to make my ‘currency’ work for me, and get me a bit of coin together to pay for a subscription…thanks for your kickassery, Myst.

    In the meantime, can I get a hint at how the ‘Scope this week/month looks generally for Aquas and LZ? Tips for healing and dealing gratefully received. I know ‘Scope spoilers are frowned upon, and I wouldn’t normally ask, but I’m at a loss (knackered natal Moon), . I’m HIT like C.O.D. style, with the worst bout in 5 years, over a dude I’ve never MET. I would ride it out, but I’m Venus/Mars Capricorn, and LZ last years with us (smudging/releasing with candles and spells does nothing for me)…

    I saw him perform on some grotty PPV on an obscure channel a month ago and it felt like ARROWS, man. He is a manic, cheeky dirty blond, Sag/Jupe dominant. He’s a street tough reformed into a carny performer (and I don’t usually take interest in aggressive guys or anyone with crime in their past). He’s got a fiery sun sextile airy Moon/Jupe, so he seems like a doll…even when doing punishing stunts for crowdpops. I am thirsty to know what he is like ‘beyond the mask’, outside his showtime persona.

    In synastry my Saturn/Asc in Aqua squares his Taurus Node, and my Uranus squares his Moon. We’ve both got Libra Moons, so I feel a lot of affinity, but he’s got Libra Mars as well, an energy I’ve always been bedazzled and betrayed by. I feel like I want to sit on mountaintops with him in the desert, to talk and run around chasing each other like kids…
    I haven’t had anyone intimately close to me in several years, and I haven’t had butterflies in a good few, either, but until now I didn’t miss it. I’m not at all a romantic but suddenly I want to watch sunsets hand in hand? With a former pusher and current circus clown? what in the Hayl…

    Our composite Node appears Pisces in the 1st (if I got his Asc right, which is Aqua for us both). We have Sun conj Nep in Cap for the Composite too, and I have a Moon-stressed Neptune as it is. Which,might be my answer? Like, ‘dream on, that’s the safest thing to do in this hood..’

    Why am I surrendering the last scrap of my focus to this shit? Is it being 24, bored, horny and stupid? Or is Aqua susceptible right now? I’m supposed to be finding (better) gainful employment, moving out, and starting up a career/study track…but this is more fun, right? Gladly welcoming doses of realness, thanks to all of you for your wisdom.

  3. Ah! Reminds me of when I lived in Lewes, UK. They have their own pound notes there, too. And Thomas Paine is on them! He was super Aquarian English/American revolutionary rabblerouser, and lived in Lewes at one time.

    Lewes is also a ‘transition town’ looking towards the post-oil economy and focusing on local economies. Very cool place, plus they have the biggest November 5th/Guy Fawkes bonfire night in the country! That was amazing to experience! Vive la revolution!

    I got some Lewes pounds as keepsakes and still have them here in California… I miss living in England, except the weather of course! 😉

  4. Hmm, well if you think about it, you know how Pluto among many other things serves to shatter and diversify. All the power invested in ONE thing, one norm, one acceptable way, breaks down and is pooled, up for grabs. As it goes through a sign. So in cap maybe it’s also about the single-focus institution of money. Much like the US ditched the gold standard after WW II and replaced with its own money, maybe this means we unhitch from the US dollar within the next 15 years . Unless I’ve missed something. Brixton pound is cool firstly because it is cool, but also because of this, it suddenly seems to open up a pathway to other ideas and options, ways of thinking. Where as bitcoin etc ok sure but it’s the realm of overexcited tech types and market capitalists or beady eyed currency investors or whatever, I don’t know. It’s a bit… Bland. Imho

    • This is going to be a bit OT, but your comment has me thinking so perhaps you’ll be kind enough to indulge my mental meanderings. FWIW the vibe I’ve gotten from Pluto in Cap (especially w/ the mutual reception w/ Saturn in the mix) seems to be more about rigidly controlling power structures – totalitarianism, in other words. Very “One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them” – what else is Capricorn but Lord of the Rings? I think in many cases it takes precisely this kind of extreme restriction for things to reverse and break (or shatter, if you prefer) the system. But the process of transformation is never immediate with Pluto in Capricorn…it’s ve.r..y….s…l…o….w.

      There were some seemingly encouraging signs of this aforementioned reversal right around the time Pluto in Capricorn met up with the North Node…it came in the form of the Arab Spring. But then we fast forward 5 years and it’s as fuqed up as it ever was (and that’s absolutely NOT meant as finger-pointing, BTW – things are pretty screwy everywhere). Government corruption is still rampant with rigged elections masquerading as democracy (Spoiler alert: it’s the same here in the USA, just less overt, LOL)…and let’s not forget the rise of the Islamic STATE….extremists (hello, Pluto!) in government (Capricorn), how perfect…ly awful. As an aside from all the skin-shivering deeds they have been responsible for thus far, on a personal level I think a part of my soul dies a little each time I hear of another ancient, historic Capricornian landmark being destroyed. They are trying to erase history….somehow, I don’t think this is a very high-functioning manifestation of this placement.

      I don’t think that (collectively) we are at bottom – especially not in America, which had better hold onto its ass ahead of that Pluto Return. That’s not a doomsday prediction, either – there is ALWAYS resurrection with Pluto and we would be overlooking how constructive the processes of destruction can actually be when it is found in this sign! The question is: What will it take? I would expect that it will take a collective stripping down of government for one – and I mean an entire system reboot. When your basic framework is rotten, it is time to scrap and start over and I think we’re about due for a gut job. The status quo is totally fuqed with Pluto in Capricorn, and I think the sooner we collectively realize this rather than keeping a death grip on “normalcy” via staying entrenched in SOPs that clearly aren’t working, the better. With Pluto, it’s always “Let go or be dragged” – resist the inevitable and you’re likely to be fuqed all the harder.

      I think, re: the currency end of things at least in the US of A , that I could very well see us “unhitching from a standard” as you put it – it would seem rather apt for a nation w/ a 2nd House Pluto in Capricorn experiencing a Pluto Return. Right around this time Uranus in Taurus aspects our Saturn (ruler of our 2nd), so I don’t think this would all that be far-fetched. But will it take our current standard having to reach the basement first in order for that to happen? I hope not – we are a Sagittarius Rising nation with Jupiter exalted in conjunction to Venus, which offers pretty powerful (fiscal) protection. We have to get a handle on our debt, though – if you don’t believe me, just take a survey among those who have lived through Pluto in Capricorn transiting through their 2nd house re: what’s happened with their credit limits, LOL.

      • Love OT, my 9th house fish Sun and mercury lives for conversations that draw out ideas and new ways of thinking and understanding!

        I won’t respond in the same way as I am ruining my eyesight on a phone atm.

        But yes doomsday lol, humans love end of days bulls***, ever since we developed a concept of society or time or something, why is this? The only real end of days is if an asteroid shatters the planet. Lol and then whaddayagonnado. *vapour and dust* we just get reabsorbed by the cosmos, star fodder for the next galactic era. Mind you that doesn’t help us consider our superannuation funds or income prospects or whether city X really is the best place to raise kids or is this organic kale or whatever.

        Anyway where was I…

        Yes it’s about tipping points and all those things,

        Sorry ive run out of puff and can’t write any more! Thumb fatigue, also rather tired and not knowing enough doesn’t help Lol xx

  5. I reckon they are purposefully trying to drop the dollar as part of the plan to drop wages but pfft, there are so many chinks in the armour.

    Saw Professor Gillian Triggs (president of the Australian human rights commission for those who don’t know her) give a great oration today. Also, was surprised by many compassionate comments on FB today, just not accepting fear politics and really grasping the humanitarian issues of now. It’s probably the first I’ve ever thought that, is there a turn in the tide?

  6. Want that Brixton pound note! For art reasons!

    Was anyone else disappointed by that Mars-venus thing? All it seemed to do was bring fighting with it. 🙁 not sexy at all.

    • So much fighting, sooooo not sexy.
      This week seems to have been quite explosive on a number of fronts… wondering somewhat fearfully what the eclipse will bring.

      • I know. I keep hearing the eclipses will be good so I am going to stick with that. Things have to get better. Bring on the sexy. I don’t have any clue when that will ever come back.

    • Yes, that is what the Brixton Pound is hoping for, that you will pay them money for buying an art object and never spend it.

      This sort of scheme is known as Scrip. It is almost always a form of financial fraud. Scrip is commonly used to establish a restrictive monopoly on currency, so you can only spend it at places that accept it.

      Probably the most widespread use of Scrip in modern times was during WWII. When the Japanese invaded a country, they confiscated all the hard money and replaced it with Japanese-issued Military Scrip.

      • I would’ve thought the tokens at Chuck E Cheese would be a scrip based on that definition. As long as Mr. Bowie is getting something for his image on it, I’m all about art objects. They can sell this stuff on etsy I would think.
        The problem with Bitcoin is that since it isn’t physical you can’t hold any in your hands or display in your room. 🙁

    • Venus/Mars was up and down…but who are we kidding? It’s always kind of a let down if you were expecting the love of your life to swoop down whisk you away (kind of like Tarzan…).

      We shot my second scene in my friend’s movie during the conjunction and it was fantastic despite some Venus retro issues First, I discovered that all the necklaces I was wearing the last time we shot have vanished; then I accidentally got too drunk and ended up vomiting, etc. Libra, you know? But this was happening in my 10th house and I really never thought I’d be so into acting…the drama! The publicity! Hail Leo!

      • yuppers. I swear with Lilith so punchy now and my own natal Scorpy Liliths I’d fillet Tarzan if he just swooped in here demanding shit. >:(
        I just razored open that idiot ex-friend from the other day who thought he would get into a cowardly “debate” with me about astrology. Because you know if they end their argument by not answering any of your questions…and just say “let’s agree to disagree”…you know you have the upper hand.

        Oh how wonderful that you are enjoying filming! Ugh. sorry about the vomiting, but life too short to pass up fun things! I was in an indie film as an extra once and it was fun. I’d never do it for a career but was interesting. Live it up I say and don’t look back!

  7. I’m thinking you give them a little too much credit Mille. My 12 year old, who is good at pointing out the king has no clothes on, turned to me the other day after hearing that the market had recovered blah blah and said, Dad, they just don’t know WTF is happening do they. I had to agree. The infuriating part is that, as my wife’s grandmother would say. A fool who knows they are a fool is bearable even lovable, but a fool who thinks they are wise, preaching and advising others is the most annoying and dangerous person one can encounter.

    • My other favourite of hers was when one has the flu, you will recover without medication within 14 days. If you go to a doctor and take a full prescription of penicillin it will take a fortnight 🙂

      • Never understood why one wld go to the doctor if you get a cold or a fever. It’s like a broken toe. They take a look, pronounce you sick / “yep toe looks broken”, which you already well knew, and tell you to do things that you would have done anyway. 🙂

        • Yes, and apparently our hospital emergency depts are clogged with people bringing their kids in with a cold ??? Crazy.

    • Haha! Excellent, I’d take your child’s wisdom over the commentator’s any day. It’s not the first time he’s made such insightful statements.

      The danger of the non-self-aware…Yes, an infuriating factor to be reckoned with on a daily basis.

      On another note (no pun intended 🙂 ) I just remembered I have an AC/DC dollar note somewhere in the house: “In Rock We Trust” it says. No idea how i came by it. Could this be our currency? It couldn’t possibly devalue against the greenback.

  8. I feel terribly suspicious of the manner in which this “correction” and “volatility” is being reported in the Australian market. That is to say, I wonder if reports are designed to delay the sense of a real crash rather than corrections or downgrades, so that panic does not ensue and precipitate such an event.

    What do you think, Mystic? Is Neptune at play in the reporting?

    The Brixton currency is very Uranian, with Bowie’s lightning flash and all. But what is he closing his eyes to??

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