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Lois Lane ESP

The Chinese & Feng Shui peeps have this Saturday (the 8th of the 8 in an Eight year – 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8) as SUPER auspicious.

It’s astrologically pretty hot too – Mercury into Virgo (bring on the super powers of analysis and data crunching), Mars into Leo for the brazen Awesome and then a few days later…JUPITER INTO VIRGO.

The thing i like about Jupiter in Virgo is that it will pretty quickly begin to augment PLUTO.Β  Don’t roll your eyes at the moment of Uncle Pluto – Earth Trines Are Easy.

So the Weekly Horoscopes are posted, they go from August 8 onwards and they shed more light on all these enticing prospects.

Image: Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane No. 115, October 1971

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66 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From August 8

  1. Hi, I have no idea if this is relevant as I’m new to the astrology world. I’m trying to learn πŸ™‚
    I’m Cancer sun, moon, mercury mars and lilith. Ascendant Taurus and Venus Gemini.
    And much strangeness has been happening the last two weeks. First we had a big leak (broken toilet and water gushing outside of the building) of where I work part time (business belongs to my mother) and then this week the empty shop next to where I make art work has a leak (again water gushing out of building) and I think on my meter so potential massive water bill. The landlords number is now being answered by a random woman who says she got that number a year ago. And I’ve gotten an ear infection/ cold even though it’s crazy hot summer where I live.

    Has anyone else been experiencing and weirdness with water???


  2. update on the antivertex. i met children. my 12th house leo has been like this fairy queen pulling magic rabbits out of hats for these kids i met.

    you can be the creepy witch in the woods to adults, but when the kids come for cookies and don’t think you have some big cauldron to cook them in, you can realize you’re not nearly as horrible as you might think you are.

    i forget that kids can call bullshit. one of them is making me a new wand and we have a drawing date. sooooo much better than i could have expected.

        • i don’t get them until they are 8 ish. there’s a tiny one and i just don’t get it, but the older ones have yet to be corrupted. i’m teaching one how to mess with a bully via mind power.

          he looks like a young darryl dixon. i want to buy him a crossbow. i’m a terrible influence according to every step mother everywhere. mothers never liked me. i’m not the type you bring home. but i’ll take cool aunt status any day

            • hey, you could live a completely satisfying life there, adults are the worst people πŸ˜‰

            • oh they’d want me to feed and clothe them though if i stuck around.

              i kind of like that i’ll be that vague memory of that weird witch they met that summer.

              but they have tiny fingers that can carve things so if i could employ them that would be fantastic. maybe i’ll invest in borrowing children from beleaguered parents.

              “we don’t know or care what happens when they go see her in the woods, they come back tired and covered in mud and have no interest in buying any video games, so we’re pretty much ok with whatever she’s teaching them”

            • if i did their charts the adults would want them done too. that’s no fun.

            • send over a farmer who knows the constellations and has dashing good looks and left his job to come save the family farm and you’ve got the makings of a rom com

            • oooooooh. right! “don’t fall in love with troy. don’t fall in love with troy. venus is retrograde. chillllll”

  3. So…I had *the* most bizarre, nnerving thibg happen yesterday, on this 8-8-8 at that I had been looking forward to and had big plans for…
    I went to sleep at about 2am (was up binge-watching Game of Thrones S2).
    Then I woke up at 9:54.
    Not AM!
    That’s right…PM!
    I had lost an entire day!
    I have NO idea how or why either.
    Sleep debt?? No, can’t really put it down to that as I sleep a lot.
    I just SLEPT through and entire fuqing day!
    I couldn’t believe it. Thought I had to be AM but see enough it was dark outside and kept checking my phone and the TV to see what programms were on…
    I was so shaken by it…really anxious.
    Was just sitting there, stunned and confused, and suddenly thought “OMG! What if I’m DEAD?!”
    Sounds mental, I know, but I started thinking “I could be! I could be getting around like Nicole Kidman in The Others and I wouldn’t even know!”
    It seemed like a logical explanation at that moment.
    Called my BFF and was so relieved when she answered and we had a conversation. She talked me off the ledge. She’s a Virgo and I’m a Leo…so that happens a fair bit! πŸ˜€
    Anyway…lost an entire day, supposedly THE most auspicious and productive day in ages…
    Not sure what to make if any of it.

    • maybe more personal wealth for you was to be gained from adding to your sleep bank. πŸ˜‰
      just because chinese numerology says it is a “lucky” day (the only reason is because the number eight in mandarin sounds the same as the word for ‘wealth’, more or less) does not mean that you have squandered anything by sleeping through it!
      but i understand how it would have completely freaked you out.

      sometimes I have thought the same thing – as in occupying the same position as kidman’s family in the Others.. so i understand.. ha

  4. Earth Girls Are Easy was the film where I developed at age 17 ish an enormous crush on Jeff goldblum. Haha.

    More immediately relevant though. Seeking input. I am in the same city as the multi libran Virgo whom I have mentioned from time to time. This is a very rare event. I am not feeling emo or overly attached or attached at all really to him, it’s been years since we were even in contact. We are actually old friends too. Thought I’d be his Venus retro experience and see if he wants to catch up at short notice. Appreciate any helpful questions or thoughts here x

  5. Things are building.

    One lesson I have to learn over and over is patience- the dogged, mundane work of everyday that leads to gains over time. This is hard for an Aries. πŸ™‚

    But today I felt a taste of the rewards. I’ve been prioritizing exercise faithfully- partly because of the horror of imagining disrobing in front of my gym-boy crush with 30 extra lbs. on me- and partially because I just wasn’t feeling at my most effective, fierce best, and was sick of it. So tonight at the bar I work at, after 10 hours on my feet and a terrific workout before, I stepped out onto the dancefloor and danced like a maniac (Donna Summer’s I Feel Love)… and it was amazing. I haven’t had the stamina for dancing in forever.

    Another lesson in patience with the crush. Things are incrementally progressing- we hang out in the office after work each night and discuss sci-fi and fantasy and watch Game of Thrones… the limerance is gone, the love is still there, and I wait coiled like a snake. And wait. And wait.

    I used to marvel at my cat who would sit outside the rats’ nest at the edge of the property, perfectly erect and still- for hours. Later the bodies would pile on my doorstep, but all I ever saw was the waiting.

    I must find it within me to Be The Cat.

  6. can i just quit the shenanigans and find a damn shrine and work for the oracle already? i want full on laser vision focus time. no more ego distractions. must supernova.

    i know i know september

  7. I was supposed to be at this SF hipster festival (not my usual scene but got an invite) today and tomorrow but jetlag and all the chaos this week has me staying in and saving money and energy.

    Quit my job finally and officially the day I got back from Munich and alluded to my unhappiness with the “gender” fuqery in my resigntion…they told me they would pay me through August but that I don’t need to work anymore. A small bribe so I don’t sue their butts. So I came off of paid vacation to get a month of paid vacation! I think they were legit scared! lol. It was perfect timing too because my sister was hospitalized for suicidal planning and being extremely depressed and delirious on the day I quit and I have had to be there for family and for her. πŸ™ She is stable now, in daily intensive outpatient and has a lot of support from us..but having been through it I know she has to walk through it herself. It’s not cold it’s just the truth.

    It seemed like a very rocky week for many people around me.

    • Congratulations on quitting and getting the bribe, you deserve it. Sorry to hear about your sister’s fragile state again. Glad you are there for her but also see that it is ultimately her journey. You’ve mentioned being there for her before and you sound like an amazingly loyal, caring sister.
      I know she is fragile but she is fortunate to have you in her life Rache. Big internet hug.xx

  8. Thanks for the sage advice MM.
    Retrogrades and moons aside, Leo’s needing to get into minutae seems very helpful to what I need to do.

    Not to bleary the blog with the mundane, but the lack of nice autism schools in my area is depressing. After spending the last months visiting schools every week the facts are horribly clear about what’s available for little auties.

    I can’t send my little bunny mainstream with no language, but I won’t send him to a padded celled child prison either.
    As he probably won’t be interested in having an iq test, he can’t access the nicer schools.

    Seriously considering moving house/state.
    So emo atm it’s hard to settle down and trust my impulses like I normally do.

    • I am sorry Sphynx… I know there are good options here in California that keep kids with special needs integrated with everyone but have lots of specialized help available depending on each case, but basically all these ones I know of are in the areas where the cost of living is super crazy high. πŸ™ πŸ™

      • I am in Oz, here all the states are different and my state has a really crappy funding setup. You basically write reports saying a child is a drooling incontinent mess to get any funding at all. Certainly my bright little smiling Capricorn cookie doesn’t deserve to be in a place for the intellectually disabled as they are prescribing. It’s fuqing turn of the century.

        The Oracle says “There are routes not to be followed, armies not to be attacked, citadels not to be besieged, territory not to be fought over, orders of Governments not to be obeyed..”. πŸ˜‰ Who can I disobey next!

        • *sigh* Most of the “experts” and bureaucrats who determine what happens to kids with autism DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND AUTISM. I am sorry you’re struggling with this where you are living now… *internet hug* If you know for certain that other locations are better I understand your need to move!

          • Thank you Rache, I ended up meeting someone today in exactly my sitch who is mainstreaming against the wishes of all around her as she has trained in special schools and realised they suck. She told me to trust my instincts and I will! You are so right, even those who have worked in the autism industry for 20 years are full of opinions that aren’t always useful to individuals.

            And enjoy your vacation! I hope your sister is feeling very much better soon.

  9. My son is eight today on the 8/8/15, all these 8’s ! I am also an 8 in Numerology . Things have been a bit tough of late so I’m hoping for positivity coming.

  10. My 26 degree Mars in Leo and 0 degree Jupiter in Virgo sure are, and will be, getting a lot of action! Both in the 6th house.

  11. Mars into Leo & it’ll be Mars square Mars for me personally. Yo I’m going to need a banner to go with my horse.

    Jupiter into Virgo, my 7th house, & opposite my Jupiter-ascendant conjunction. Most all of Libra is in my 7th too, so a good while of relational gas on tap for me. Like going to the dentist. Inhale. Happy place.

  12. I think this is my time to really go for it. Jupes and Pluto pinging my grand earth trine (Mars/Moon-Lilith-Jupe) and Pluto sextile my MC.
    Something blew up today… WBV has gone completely ballistic – abusively ranting at me, name-calling, the works – and not making much sense. Very scary. So glad to be away from him. Full blocking protocol employed.

  13. Earth trines (Venus, Psyche, and Eros in my case) are easy, but only if you make their exacting standards. πŸ˜‰
    Super excited for Virgo stuff. Competence and less melodrama!

  14. I will be having my Jupiter return! My Jupiter is at 3 Virgo……as well as it trines my Venus in Capricorn, so yeah, I HOPE this enhancement of my Earth trine will be helpful!!!! Dear Universe, please let things improve for me! I’m exhausted and scared and alone and feeling sad….

    This week has been really really difficult……I already had to kick out one of my new housemates and it almost got violent and that was scary because I am a small woman and he was a he…. I usually am good with picking the right housemates but not this time, don’t know what I was thinking.. I want to already get rid of my other new housemate too, he’s not the right fit either………how did I make these two bad decisions?!

    Still having trouble getting paid at my job, too! Urgh! They don’t consistently disburse my checks so I never know when I’ll get paid. I’ve tried to talk with them about it and they’ve been difficult about it and last week I thought it got resolved, but apparently not, and now they are being even less helpful and communicative about it.

    Life is feeling surreal right now, in a bad way, like everything I touch goes to hell, and I have no idea why, I feel like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, keeping things moving along, showing up, being fair, etc., etc…….so why does everything blow up in my face?!

    • I feel you. It’s a super surreal Bay Area (I’m in Oakland now) vortex of doom!!!
      The last two days have been the worst. The sun has been on my saturn, so somewhat expected, but still. Tried to sell stuff on craigslist only to find out that somebody has been using my email and it’s blocked. It’s silly, but I’m very attached to it. Then found out purely by accident (calling about unrelated thing) that some admissions officer arbitrarily decided yesterday that one of my classes (private school, 10,000x better than the same community college one but with -gasp- a different name and number) doesn’t qualify for a requirement and so she has placed a hold on my admission. Two weeks before school starts, after I’ve registered and moved and gone through orientation etc. No notification on any email, student center page, nothing. Now a bureaucratic nightmare of petitions to the dean who is not responding. I’m so disgusted and angry and freaked out – everything is riding on this. Fuckery and DOOM.
      A police helicopter circled over my house for a good hour today. Nonstop sirens. Felt appropriate. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      A hug for your housemate nightmares! Sorry to hear that Harold and Maude didn’t work out. πŸ™

      • Ugh, the constant Bay ‘copters…..insult to injury! πŸ™

        But, dang! That is some really crazy surreal crapola you’re dealing with at your school! WTF?!
        Really sorry to hear it and I hope it gets sorted out somehow within the two weeks..

        Yeah, the housemate I kicked out isn’t the ‘Harold and Maude’ one, it was the other one.
        The ‘Harold and Maude’ guy is not really a good fit, either, and not because of the attraction, and not a bad fit in an extreme way like the other guy, but I can just see it might be better if I asked him to move on too….. I do better when I have a kind of ‘boring’ household……I need the peace and quiet…

        I’m just really hoping things settle down next week once the astro shifts a bit. I need a break!

    • H again flowerchild, mine is at 3 degrees jupiter too! conjunct ascendant. in the 12th though, not the best retrun for us as squared by saturn, and my mercury is feeling the restrictedness of the saturn burdens, insights in the 3rd.

      LOL trying to martial, use excess ernergy to get my way out of it, but everything is too sharply in focus…unpleasant realities, authentic love is very hard to access, work for…

  15. looking forward to merc in virgo as i have it natally. and mars in leo – mars conjunct my venus, then over my sun a while later. that’ll be good.

    earth trines are easy…how ’bout dem grand earth trines? one day i will conquer it!

  16. “Earth trines are easy” is the best thing I will read all day.

    Yes, I am a Leo who is tres happy Jupiter will go into Virgo. I’m more of the introvert/Neptune trine Saturn/omg the egos are suffocating me ilk.

  17. *eye roll* Pluto is currently conjunct my natal Venus – what could possibly happen now? (sarcasm) …Actually given the moribund state of my love life over the past decade or so, pretty much anything would be an improvement…

    • Golly gee, love your larconic droll, but would you envy my entangled horror story, I have the pluto venus transit happening too! in the 5th…

      everything in fact – uranus at present in 8th is almost square venus, its actually on my north node…saturn is now in the 3rd, square natal mercury 6th, natal jupiter 12th, my ascendant…

      • Yeh – that doesn’t sound like fun either. I too have the Uranus sq Venus thingy, and Saturn is about to oppose my natal Saturn…. I guess we just we need to throw off all restraints, dance naked in the rain, and see how things pan out , sigh

        • Think that all sounds like very appealing advice; yes and a rainbow thrown in would be great too, with a pot of gold, you know – limitless…LOL, but I think seriously next leo moon, is conjunct or close to venus, sun…not as tempestuous as previous cycle…

          • Hey, can I jump on this bandwagon too? Uranus ON Venus now exact, Pluto squaring Mercury and approaching Sun (then on to Venus, hooray!).

            At least Saturn is moving on from my poor watery Moon.

            • hmm well as much as id like to follow my own advice re: rain dancing, I keep tending more towards Saturn inspired responses ie. tactics and scheduling…What would a Plutonic response entail? Any suggestions?

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