People With Lilith In Libra Are Classy And Fabulous

Black Moon Lilith with crown, wings and sceptre

Lilith in Libra is an odd bird. How does this renegade influence align with the airy elegance of Libra? The description below also applies to anyone with Lilith in the 7th House or conjunct Venus.

Lilith here is often a genius at diplomacy, leadership, and business; all the better to score the fabulous life craved beyond (almost) reason.

Because this Lilith can turn on such a huge surge of charm at will (in the same way that the Marines can mount a battle if necessary), people are routinely stunned at the speed with which they can be dropped.

Good looks are a weapon and cosmetics an extension of will. Sigmund Freud had Lilith in Libra. Don’t try to lie them to about sex, beauty, or artifice. They will outwit you every time. These people are often incredible corporate players, the classic iron fist in the velvet glove.

High functioning Lilith in Libra, the Seventh House or conjunct Venus is a genius at the Venusian arts—seduction, fashion, and beauty. Think also natural magnetism of the big end of town. It doesn’t matter what it takes; Lilith in Libra is not remotely comfortable with petty bourgeois judgments and limited horizons.

Mavis Gary In Young Adult Is A Lower Style Lilith In Libra

What happens when the Lilith vibe gets blocked? Avarice as in The Bling Ring, over-consumption, super lookist neurosis and doing whatever it takes to keep up appearances. For a genius performance of a Lilith in Libra gone batshit insane, see Charlize Theron as young adult fiction ghostwriter Mavis Gary in Young Adult.

This Lilith needs an inoculation against the Love Zombie virus from birth and a coherent grip on actual creativity and art, not just the glittering over-costed glitz that can pass for it. True art appreciation, aesthetics, and relationship boundaries bring out the genius of this placement.

Coco Chanel began as an innovator, deliberately setting her style vision beyond contemporary fashion. In her day she may or may not have been a prostitute, spy or Nazi collaborator. With someone as outspoken as her and whose success was so meteoric, you never know what’s real and what’s slander. What’s clear is that her aesthetic is of the ‘wrong end’ of any town. It left her a legacy as an enduring global brand of beauty and luxury. She was crazy into numerology, an early adopter of Feng Shui and her marketing sense was genius. She pulled herself up from being an orphan. Chanel (understandably) hated class judgments, saying it only mattered that people were classy and fabulous.

She hated Class Judgements, Saying It Only Mattered That People Were Classy And Fabulous

Another example of Lilith in Libra worldliness is the fascinating Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most powerful women of the Middle Ages. She became Queen of both France and England, mothered a massive dynasty and carved out her history at a time when women (even queens) had little personal power. Accused at one point of being a witch, she was described as “wild and devious.” She was one of the rare females to get away with leaving one king for another. Her realm was renowned for being progressive, and she attempted to introduce laws that would treat women as equals, not chattels of their husbands.

Her Lilith in Libra did, however, show itself in her love of the good life. When she joined her husband on a crusade to the Holy Lands, she took with her an entourage of 300 ladies and her supplies: clothes, mattresses, musicians, troubadours, cosmetics, perfume, art and animals.

So you can see here the blessings of this Lilith—excellent stateswomanly skills and an aesthetic sense that rather than being suppressed, can be used to motivate.

Writer and motivational speaker Liz Murray is a brilliant example of Lilith in Libra gumption. The author of Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard was “raised” by two drug addicts in the Bronx. The book is harrowing. Murray recalls going without food for days, being bullied at school for being smelly, sans shoes and lice-ridden, having her birthday money being taken for cocaine or heroin and a litany of other hardships.

Edna St Vincent Millay, Celebrity Poet, And Sexual Adventuress Had Lilith In Libra

Aged 16 and living on the streets, she at first saw herself as “a rebel and a victim.” But then she had a now or never style epiphany and pledged to go back to school and become a straight A student, despite never having attended class regularly. Doing a year’s work every term and going to night classes, she eventually won herself a New York Times scholarship to Harvard and graduated from the Ivy League university with honors. These days she mentors at-risk teenagers.

Think also Edna St Vincent Millay, the Jazz Age poet who became one of the very few people—let alone women—to become a celebrity in her time from writing poetry. The work was terrific, of course. She was a hard-living, sexual adventuress, feminist, and Pulitzer Prize-winner. Renowned also for her obsession with fashion, she resolutely opposed sexism, racism, and fascism. The phrase ‘burning the candle at both ends’ comes from her:

…My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light…

Image: Rebecca Yanovskaya

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Couple of years since this article was written. Just finding it now. I have Lilith in Libra and how I found you. However, you mentioned my 30th Great Grandmother Eleanor of Aquitaine. Thank you! And thank you for also mentioning other great women in history!


I have lilith in toro, the other venus-ruled sign. but i think it plays out differently. maybe. seems to be more about intolerance of fake-assery and deluded fluff about food, diet, sex(uality), and earth in general. I can’t tolerate dogma re what constitutes ‘beauty’ or ‘art’ because hey, that’s your opinion only, buddy. the very word “tradition” makes me tetchy 🙂 (Lilith in 11th house too.) . unless of course we’re talking bakeries or other food 🙂


I can’t stand the word “tradition” either, Pi. It truly raises my hackles. So much BS is carried out in the name of tradition. I find the word stifling. And I’m a Kataka! Go figure. I’ve got Lillith in Toro too – so maybe you’re onto something.


wow, that Liz Murray story sounds fascinating. have taken note..


Anyone know if Bitchcraft is still available? I thought I already bought it, but can’t find it. Can’t see it in the shop 🙁


My Lilith is in Saggo, 8th house. I like the sound of it, but would like an interp. Something about freedom, sexually being a ‘rolling stone’, don’t fence me in?! (stream of consciousness ranting) ‘It ain’t me, babe’ stuff


I bought it earlier today no hassles. I think it’s the very last item listed in the shop.


This is weird. I can’t see it in the list


Lilith is lining up to hit on my descendant/Pluto conjunction in October and then natal Uranus next year.

And at the moment Pluto is transiting right over the top of my Lilith/Ceres conjunction right now. Not entirely sure what it all means, but at least aware it’s happening/prepared for it to happen.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Good grooming–OMGODDESS it WORKS! And I have Libra in the 8th house! So excited for this!


juno and lilith. 4 evah.


Hell fuqin YEAH


Lilith is transiting Libra right? But if one’s natal Lilith is not in Libra, or in 7th house nor conjunct Venus then well SOOO? Doesn’t that just effect natal chart placements? I just don’t get it. What does it mean?


Lilith will transit my 4th house….I’m already a bitch goddess at home so I guess ‘look out’ right?

My natal Lilith is in Taurus, so not much connection there except the Venus vibe connection.
Speaking of Venus, this last bit of the Venus retrograde is AWFUL! Feels like the worst aspects of a Mercury retro, but 100 times more personally invalidating. And people are acting really odd right now, and the flakiness factor is at the highest possible level, I think…..ugh!!!!!

Maxene Schreck

BAD ASS! Bitchcraft was one of the first MM purchases I ever made. I have always been obsessed with Lilith and the mythology and symbolism.

I am totally loving Lilith in Libra.


your profile pic is VERY Lilith <3


I feel this energy as refining. Getting real and sustainable about health and beauty. Some scary moments that felt like wake up calls, the usual boring “I’m so alone”crap and lots of anxiety about all the changes I’m making and have made in my life. I have taken monumental risks in pretty much every are of my life. I think for the first time I am starting to have faith in all my 10th house virgo planets. It’s been a whirlwind of communications with people who’s attention I’d normally be too afraid to ask for. Lately I’ve been emboldened with… Read more »


I thought that was one tiny paragraph!
I can spell lose, I promise.


Vengeance Abdominus- that was my Lilith in Libra joke 🙂


Hang in babe. One of the things I love about you is your ‘willingness to show up’ as they say. Show up and write about what’s happening and what’s real to you… and you are brave to look at everything, even yourself with clear-eyed honesty.
Am worried about your lack of sleep though. (It takes one to know one of course). How’s your magnesium intake? I have been doing a lot of magnesium both supplements and on the skin and I feel 100 per cent better. x


Thank you so much Chrys
I’m not taking magnesium but I have been taking, Gaba, Melatonin, Potassium and doing all the other sleep hygiene stuff…
Mercifully I was out out last night at 10pm and slept soundly until 5.30am which was sheer bliss. I made myself get up because I want to re set my circadian rhythm. It seems like if I stay up until midnight I can’t fall asleep but between 10 and 11pm is the sweet spot. As long as I get up early enough and get enough exercise…….I’m hoping…..things will improve now 🙂


Nine months! I had better think more and say less..oye!
That is hard for Librans, not to say what we think.

My mind is hungry for more..wit, more money, more nice clothes…more sandalwood and rose oil, more, patchouli and beautiful lavender oil…I think Lilith smells complex with deep musky animal notes at the dry down. I would use patchouli for sure..vanilla, maybe a touch bergamot..
Nine months of Lilith power is nice for me, I would think.

Thank you, my sweet, Mystic!


Im a libra sun with leo rising. got black sabbath greatest hits on and getting pumped to have lilith.

gemini cat

What size orb do you use with Lilith for conjunctions? Generally charts use 2 degrees, and I have Lilith 4 degrees off Venus in 7th house Kataka. I strongly relate to much of the description above, although I do react to Venus-type problems with an anti-Venus Katakan tortoise withdrawal. I guess having a Libra MC and North Node also reflects having beautiful people ambitions.

Ruling Saturn strongly disapproves of materialism, but I can’t help being obsessed with fashion and decorating alongside always being interested in the cultural world .

Nike Vk

Natal Lilith in libra–4th house. I work part time as a sales associate at an adult store. Any pro tips for my Lilith return?

cosmic fleece

Oh, what about designing your own product ?


Awesome! My natal Lilith: conjunct Venus in Aries. My love life has always been .. interesting lol. This Venus retrograde is helping A LOT to direct my Venusian energies to exactly what/who i want though. Hope Lilith in Libra doesnt cause too much trouble!


My asc has recently progressed into Libra after being in Virgo just about my whole life, so I’ve been bringing more attention to Libran qualities. Fragrance has become super-important to me, as has diplomacy. I have a wonderful Libran friend from whom I’m learning a lot in that regard. My Lilith is exact conj my moon and augmented by Pluto and Jupiter in a grand earth trine so I am very Lilith anyway. I didn’t even know she existed, much less how strongly she is placed in my chart, until about 5 years ago. Now I love her and I… Read more »


Wow, Chrysalis. If you needed a good cry, then certainly it was the right choice. My god a good cry is the best thing in the world. In my opinion anyway, I can barely cry so it washes me out when I do. xx


sounds to me like you did good inner work Chrys – whether you went to the party seems irrelevant in the big picture x


I went to the beach today and cried again… tears of pure gratitude for having survived the last few years and a deep knowing that it is now over, one huge cycle is complete and something new is being born. I struggle to explain it to be honest. But it’s real.


I feel it too Chrys 🙂


this sounds good chrysalis..Hope you have more peace now? X

I accidentally drank far too much champagne in a sandy bar by a beach last night, then went for a swim to wash it all away today… I think this was an appropriate way to do Saturday night under a Pisces full moon.


(Clarity on dreams might have been better though!)


No Pi, don’t. You needed and deserved that. Sounds divine so happy you are getting around and doing these things not just wishing you were doing them. That is an amazing full moon story, as is Chrys’s. Frankly I’m envious. Mine has been distinctly unspectacular and uber virgoan. All health and 6th house stuff. Enlightening but no midnight full moon tears with beaches the day after or sandy beach bars, swimming in the sea under the full moon. I’m just saying it sounds awesome and Good for you. And Chyrs I’m happy you have genuine emotional relief and a feeling… Read more »


and a spectacular Pisces Moon it was too! You lucky fish, Pi! 🙂


This is the perfect way to spend a big Pisces moon! Sounds like you needed it. x


Oh well…what to do? Have no answers…except that the people I met an art therapy workshop yesterday spoke of being in a state of mind, being to be receptive to change, a person needs to feel comfortable, safe, ready… I wish you well, I think i good to have release…sorrow is part of life, it gives us compassion too. And depth…could you find the source of anguish? Then you might feel like there is also a path out of that too. Surprisingly most of the woman were quite cautious through the different activities we did, maybe the trust wasn’t there?… Read more »


Wow it sounds like you have a lot going on… it’s a hard realisation that you hate your marriage. Hope you can find a way through the turmoil and decide what to do about it. Can you talk to your husband about the issues? Or is it beyond that and do you need an exit strategy? (My predictive text just made ‘exist’ strategy. Perhaps that is not far wrong.)
Art therapy is such a wonderful way to cut through the rational and get straight to the heart and soul of how you are feeling. Take care of yourself xx


Go Chrys!! I’m impressed. Amazing insights seem to be arriving every day here as well 🙂



I have natal Lilith in Libra 7th house… just checked Lilith placement on astrodienst after reading this post. You have my complete attention 😀

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Libra qualities used to annoy the FUQ out of me. Maybe that’s my Saggo moon. I like opinions, not vagueness. And aesthetics? Pish tush.

BUT somehow, it’s growing on me. Bring on the charm I say.

Maxene Schreck

I agree, vagueness irritates the hell out of me too, that’s actually one reason I love Saggos, I get along well with blunt, straight-forward people.

I have Libra rising, sometimes I really hate my indecisiveness. But the more I learn about Libra on here, the more I can appreciate.

I love to see another Cramps fan too! So sad I never got a chance to see them when they were still playing.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Yay Cramps 🙂


Just looked at the ephemeris and on my birthday in October, Lilith is going to transit my natal Mars in Libra. Should I expect/beware of anything?

cosmic fleece

Hello Lovelies,
Got a story I’m pretty sure happened in a previous Liltih in Libra time …


That is fantastic.


My Asc is 25″ Virgo and is conjunct Lilith at 0″Libra… so this is my Libra return! This is the first time that I notice this transit so Im wondering how is this going to play out in my life. But having this natally, I notice that there has been times when, for example Im in a party, and the girlfriends are like grabing their boyfriend’s hands and hugging them as in marking their territory. All this when Im definitly NOT interested or attracted to their boyfriends…also, I have never had a lot of girl friends. Im like an outcast.… Read more »


I meant to say it is my Lilith return.


Ha, this is so on the mark. I have a Venus-Lilith-Pluto conj in my Libran 8th house and constantly have to remind myself that most other people do not see beauty as either an objective thing or some sort of lifeblood. Beauty, to me, is an obvious fact. Like gravity.


LOVE this pic! People, if you click on the artist’s link you can see this work in its entirety. Powerful! I feel every increment of Saturn’s movement like giant hands on a clock tower: *CLICK* Thud. Another moment closer to High Noon: my True Node-Neptune-MC in Sagg– as transiting Neptune on my AC-Jupiter squares it all. Click! And this Lilith-Mercury juju in my solar 12th (where lives my Pluto-Moon) is such fab nourishment for this adventure! Especially with my Saturn thru Scorpio lessons tucked under my hat, Lilith-Mercury in Libra is just the infusion of Divinity these wings were needing… Read more »


My husband has moon, Pluto, and Mercury conjunct in libra. Interesting times ahead? Or always, haha.

woman w multiple hoofs

Wow interesting times indeed I bet!!

I just realised that I’m also headed for a Lilith transit over pluto and moon (they’re 10 degrees apart tho) and whilst opposite personal planets . . . .

I’ll trust Saturn 1st house transit to keep it tidy-ish


I like her art as I am quite partial white, black and gold. Somehow soothingly formal. Her stuff is a bit like tattoo design mixed with Gustav Dore.


Hey guys. I just wanted to let you all know that I have Lilith conjunct Pluto in Libra. One way this expresses itself is through my talent for sussing complete stranger’s sexual ‘personalities’ from across a room. Hollah…


Haha me too and that’s one of my hobbies.


Do you think that could be a little distressing for some one else though? I instinctively have a name, word a ingenue


Actually what I meant what sometimes a person depending on nature cannot withold desire or energy, but is unwittingly there, palpable…but this should be treated with integrity… I went for work interviews in companies, meetings, and found to my surprise the people on the other side to be at times very seductive, deliberately (but subtle) as they were emanating, projecting vibes, magnetic, hooking or pulling in…I had no clue how to deal with this, mostly I was very ambivalent, which translates to others that it is perfectly fine, which it was later clearly & obviously not…being a mistaken object of… Read more »

The Venus Fly

I have no clue what Lilith going into Libra means. All I know is this sun Taurus/Lilith in Leo in the 3rd House will continue being audacious and doing ish ‘My Way’, lol :p


Lilith transiting Libra


Amazing post. Just like Freud I am a Taurus with Lilith in Libra. Having recently returned to the city after spending weeks walking the desert without electricity, showers, toilets, wifi or news of the outside world, it’s unsurprising that I’m a little (okay… massively) disillusioned by society. It’s like I don’t fit in anymore, or want to. This post comes as a timely reminder to *not* try to fit in – to not be suppressed by society – or even worse, to suppress myself. Thank you Mystic!


Gotcha on that, I only went to the forest for 3 days and feel the same, had a fire going most of the time and felt completely cleansed by that and the massive oak trees that worked their way into my dreams, coming back my psyche went into od again, even living in a small village we must be hit by at least 10 wifi….really opens the door to what’s real and not real….trying to keep the faith and remember, tho it’s hard sometimes….living in the UK, hard to go off grid and get lost like you can in oz,… Read more »


Taking every opportunity to commune with nature sounds like a good plan to me Firefish. Good luck with it!


Makes me think of the Isadora Duncan quote: You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.

Living wild in the city is hard though! I miss our outback adventure and hope we can get off the grid again soon.


Wait… what? I was in the desert all that time with another mystic subscriber and didn’t know it? I thought we’d covered all topics of conversation by the camp fire? CRAZY.


I came in from the desert as you were going out. I remember you mentioning you were disappearing off the grid. Though I wouldn’t mind sharing a campfire.


Thanks mojo, looking forward to reading the mojo version of ‘tracks’ !

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