Hi-Lo Astro: Haute Leo – Low Leo

A Comprehensive List of Leo Traits

Read all about Leo’s good and bad traits or as I prefer to classify them – Haute Leo and Low Leo.

Q: How many Leos does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: One, to hold it while the world revolves around them.

HAUTE LEO is GLAMOROUS: Legendary for their passion and dazzle, Leo is glamour-puss galore. Think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis alighting from a private jet in huge sunglasses, Robert Redford arriving at Sundance, the film fest he started, Jennifer Lopez escaping from the paparazzi, Carolyn Murphy surfing, Prince Harry playing polo, Charlize Theron in full regalia, or Antonio Banderas in his dressing-gown. There is something awesome about Leo’s practically tantric appreciation of the power of personal hotness.

HAUTE LEO is BRAVE: Leos are dashing, courageous, and blessed with an innate sense of chivalry. Larger than life, they will not stoop to conquer. Often their showbizzy philosophies – the show must go on – provide them with the impetus to overcome whatever crap is thrown in their way and emerge as shining superstars. The idea of giving in is a threat to the Leo ego and thus not even entertained.

HAUTE LEO is ARTY: Art, drama, and music are integral to Leo’s life. For some, it is their life. “Creation is a drug I can’t do without,” said film director Cecil B. De-Mille. His 1923 epic film The Ten Commandments went so over budget that studio heads sent him telegrams saying, “You have lost your mind. Cease filming and return to Hollywood at once.” DeMille continued to build his city of the Pharaohs on a Californian beach. It’s very Leo to have an arty vision to fulfill. Think Omar Khayyam,  Andy Warhol, and 1940-50s swimming nymph Esther Williams.

HAUTE LEO is BIG HEARTED: Leos get into living well minus the “revenge” clause. Never small-minded, they are big-headed, big-hearted, and big-haired. They are unfailing sweet to older people and children alike. Three of the English-speaking world’s most revered children’s authors are Leos: J.K.Rowling, Enid Blyton, and Beatrix Potter. When Leo politicians kiss babies, they actually mean it. But Leos are not particularly likely to go into politics. Too grubby and too many stupid meetings where other people’s stupid opinions have to be considered.

HAUTE LEO is INSPIRATIONAL: Radiantly optimistic and divinely scented, the Leo presence is itself a morale booster. Leo is always a glorious sight. Large as life itself, melodramatic, and lover of fun, Leo whirls past in “never complain, never explain” mode… a blur of beauty, peace, and luxury.

HAUTE LEO is FAMOUS: For people who, like every other sign, officially make up only about eight percent of the population, Leos are obvious. In fact, they are the sign most likely to be famous. Naturally, it was a Leo, Neil Armstrong, who managed to be the first man on the moon. But isn’t every Leo step a giant step for the rest of us? Once celebrity is achieved, Leo is unlikely to grouch about fame’s burdens. They always give thanks to their mentors, assistants, and the public who love them.


In a public toilet, without a single word being exchanged, it is possible to tell if someone is a Leo or not. How? Leos wash and dry their hands without taking their eyes off the mirror for a moment. Then they will step back to assess their full and side views. Often they will leave the room but then duck quickly back to try and catch their reflection unaware or make one final hair adjustment. The person who invented the public toilet hand-dryers that can be tilted upward to whoosh through the hair was probably a Leo. Leonine vanity defies belief. Next to applause, awed gasps at their beauty, hair, or wit, and the sound of their own voice “My God! You are brilliant!” is the noise Leos most like to hear.


Leos suffer dreadfully from Attention Deficit Disorder. They cannot get enough of it. A Leo can get jealous of an animal if it appears to be scoring the Lion’s share of the spotlight. And although it had been noted that Leos are genuinely kind to children, it still wouldn’t do for the child to act cuter than Leo. This is not a sign that takes kindly to being upstaged, and they can perform some fairly ugly antics to regain any lost limelight. Loved ones who question the Leo’s right to rule or insist (gasp) on doing their own thing without supervision always infuriate Leos. Like a megalomaniac film director, they demand mastery over every aspect of production. Leos should learn not to worry when their partner undermines their previous personal dignity. They should worry when they stop. Whenever a Leo does manage to compromise or apologize for something, they expect the canonization certificate in the mail. They are not able to stop themselves from bringing up their great moment of clemency again and again. No matter how humiliating or tedious this is for Leo’s partner or friend, Leo insists on relating the incident if it makes them feel good.


Even when Leos are relaxing, they have a self-conscious view of themselves as relaxing. They may call someone to pass on the news that they are relaxing in their Leo-designer outfit of the day, on their very trendy deck furniture, drinking a bottle of award-winning sauvignon blanc, and reading a book by the latest Booker Prize winner. Heaven help the celebrity or official personage who has even the briefest encounter with our Leo. Decades later, they will still tell the scenario – perhaps embellished to afford Leo more of a starring role – and the superstar quoted nonstop on whatever subject to burnish the ever-demanding leonine ego. Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini, the man who coined the term “benevolent dictator” – about himself, naturally – aid that “the history of saints is mainly the history of insane people” (as opposed to the history of dictators, of course). In true Leo style, Mussolini slapped on stacks of make-up when he made his public appearances and quite fancied himself as a novelist.


An amazing number of Leos are hardcore atheists and, while this may seem logical for many reasons, in Leo’s case, it is hard not to suspect the obvious: Leo has a problem with the concept of a superior being. Their secret belief is that they are a higher power and quite divine on a good hair day. According to actress Tippi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock (an ordinary-looking film director) thought of himself as looking like Hollywood pin-up boy Cary Grant. “That’s tough, to think of yourself one way and look another.” Not for our Leo, it’s not. Introduced to an official genius, Leo will happily rave on for hours about how they determined their mega-high IQ via an Internet quiz. Leo meets a celebrity chef and insists on sharing Leo’s brilliant omelet recipe. A Leo wouldn’t hesitate to pass on hamstring-stretching tips (even if used every few months or so) to an Olympic champion.

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Messy Leo

Ha, I was just looking at a bunch of old pics of myself, and they were not up to my own standard of my view of my-self. In the past, I would just burn/delete them, but I’m working on just accepting it; I still have at least a good 20 years left to get/be hot!


hawing and attention deficit disorder means something entirely else, you ignorant.


This is all mostly correct. And I can say that if I’m walking down the street, I will look at my reflection in each car I pass by. Ha.


I think they can be the BOSSIEST if they’re in low form too?

Sort of encompassed by egomania.


How come I have been stuck with so many Leos in my life considering Leo barely makes it onto my chart? Cancer crosses both 1st and 12th houses. My husband, sister’s fiance, brother, aunt, grandmother and all best friends I have ever had since high school all Leo sun signs. My daughter is a quadruple Leo (please save me). My mother, sister and father Leo rising.


You don’t have any Leo in the 1st house at all? Reason being, even tho Gemini rising have Cancer in 1st and ex husband a Kataka.

Jupiter rules 7th though (Sagg), and his Jupiter in Aries conj. my Sun and SN…..The rulers can tell the story…


the way my mother describes it is that the piece of pizza which is my Leo (and my Aquarius) was cut too thin, so doesn’t show up, but it is subsumed within the house

unpredictable pisces

i think i need to Embrace The Leo in my life. too much moochy life-avoiding pisces lonerish tendency atm 🙁 bah.

fluid feline

Lol Mystic. “Loved ones who question the Leo right to rule or insist (gasp) on doing their own thing without supervision always infuriate Leos.” In hindsight that is an exact fit of probs with the ex-scorp. It is my Leo boy’s b’day (9) tomorrow and last weekend I innocently asked him whether he wanted iceblocks or cupcakes for school celeb. “your cupcakes are awesome mum, I want cupcakes”. I supply local bakery with coloured/themed patty cake papers and then I get to decorate them. (Not a fan of baking multiple batches of cupcakes but love the decorating). In true Leo… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

well done on the cupcakes FF. *clap* *clap*
My Leo sister loves baking cupcakes too. Fiercely protective of her two kids.

fluid feline

Thanks scorpybots. Cakes were huge hit! But two bloody hours icing and setting them up this morning, oh well, me and my Leo boy got our moment in the spotlight today fittingly with sun and moon in Leo this morning

Now I’ve got to do the next batch for Rugby team tonight (but fewer cakes). And I’m an expert now I’ve done the first lot.

scorpalicious robot

good to hear FF, and happy birthday to your little 9 year old sunshine


This has been fasciinasting to have my personality dissected, hugged, put under a microsope and even trodden on. Love it all and mostly because it comes from so many differnt perspectives. Thank you all. I agree SS we are very endearing in an annoying and lovable way. I find the air and water tempered Leo’s not too OTT and undeserving of the usual stereotype. If you can’t stand the heat…..

Leonine Librarian

See this is where I need another Leo for a consult…while I think it’s nice when people approve of me, and yes I can glory in glory sometimes too…I really do not need other people to ‘get’ me…if my selfworth was all tied up in other people’s perception of me it would do my head in…yes as a child there was a measure of this but now as an adult it’s a nonissue.I can’t be the only leo that doesn’t really give a shit…

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

interps pls….??

both Venus & Mars in Leo……xox

sweet sanity

Is it me or are the low traits Mystic listed of a Leo as endearing as the haute?? It just makes them all the more fun to have around!! I’m terrified of the day we get the Aqua haute and low list, don’t think I’ll be able to read it…..gulp.


PMT, that is.


Bingo! My ‘god made us sisters, but proazac made us friends’ Leo GF just called from Sydney because she needed to tell me the Sun’s just gone into Leo, & grateful to be out of Cancer where her whole month has been about peeps moving houses, looking for houses, & changes of accomodation She isn’t a blood sisters but she says we are sorta coz we both had Scorpio Mothers. We were in awe of their glamour, figures, style & how easily they handled men. That & we both adore french champagne & torquiose lagoons. Give her a tiara &… Read more »


Ira Pirsig slammed Redfford in beginning of book “Lila”

describes first scene of Butch Cassidy “To what do you owe your luck at
cards? – Clean living…. bang bang….

Appreciate it if you would say you want to play cards with us..

Pirsig describes violent America…

Redford wanted to buy rights to Pirsig’s zen and motorcycle maintenance
Pirsig was so offended by the guy, haha, slammed his whole view of America… pretty interesting..

I kind of like him tho’, need all liberals we can get…


I flicked the hi-lo list off to a leo friend who has been both a bit low and a bit lo lately.
I’m hoping he’ll take the compliment, however my gemini wanting to question everything nature often gets interpreted by him as me disagreeing with everything he says. How dare i!
I wonder if he’ll dignify me with a response.

Leonine Librarian

Maybe he’ll only think the hi stuff is for him to cheer up with?


Loved ones who question the Leo right to rule or insist (gasp) on doing their own thing without supervision always infuriate Leos. Oops. My Dad was a Leo, (now gone to God). I suspect, nay, I know I infuriated him no end. He was an apparently mild-mannered man, a GP. He had a Gemini Moon. I never could understand his feelings, but we shared (I suspect) a Sag Asc. I was sulking once, in the poo again and swinging on a swing that the house, owing to having been extended, now butted up against, house extensions being the parent’s toot… Read more »


Nice story Link. Thanks for sharing it. Yeah, Dads…

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

I am thinking of all the Leos I know and how beautiful and big hearted they all are. In fact, it’s making me a little sad that lots of them aren’t in my day to day life. Time to call on the inner Leo – zhuj up the hair, spray on some fabulous scent and drink champers without spilling it while making expansive hand gestures to demonstrate my point. I have almost no planets in fire signs excpet for Leo north node – which makes me almost as happy as being an Aqua. I’ve never had any desire to be… Read more »


Oh dear CBA,

Know you’ve had your heartbreak recently as read it on other posts and so guess I’m relating to the heartbreak as I used to call my Leo Moon Mars “my sunshine”…very hard….Was so like the Sun to me…His Apollo on my Sun even…

Too much karma got in the way but a spiritual teacher said “better a friend hurt you”…You know, so we grow too…..



wow ‘grokking’ a lot!

also learned a bit about the rarely mentioned sign of the Hornet, and how understanding doesn’t always equal compassion. some people, when they’re blessed, want the credit for themselves!! send creepy-crawlies running up some people’s trousers and they’ll just get annoyed with you. also don’t tell hippies if you believe in god! unless you wanna see peace love and mung beans fly!

and that i shouldn’t over-estimate my teachers!

good luck, crew

cheshire cap

I adore my Leo pals. At the cute cancerean’s birthday bash last week the three wined-up Leos had a mock battle as to who most deserved to be my flowergirl (their job description) if marriage is on my agenda. I wasn’t consulted. After listening to the banter for ever I said that Sag-shrink would be first applicant as she made the introduction. They were horrified and said in one voice “NOOOOOO, she’s too fat” Gotta love ’em.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

spesh that’s funny!


Hilarious and twinkling like a diamond Mystic! Present Lovely Leo company (LL, TLS, FF,… etc.) excepted, my limited experience with Leos has been at work and left me feeling… exhausted! The Leo desire to be generous and grand lead to massive over complication of simple things. For example, a simple beer on the verandah turning all Cecil B. De-Mille with savouries on platters and wait staff… it can get tiring & annoying when quick simplicity is more appropriate. Not to mention the Loudness & The Unrelenting Drama… *shudder* it scared this lil’ crab back into her sand hole more than… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

lol nat, just talked with Pisces friend who is going through enormous changes at the moment and said to her I was going to have a simple dinner soon with just some minestrone and good bread…and if she was up for a stress free evening with no frills…

I’d say I was the anti leo, except so much of what Mystic has outlined, both high and low has at some point in my life been true for me too.


Maybe you’re just beautifully balanced LL!

Leonine Librarian

thanks nat…I have my moments though…and the keep things simple thing is because I’ve seen how much a ‘production’ is repellent to a lot of people…time and place. Recently I did go a little beyond the pale when my Sagg daughter’s Sagg boyfriend and I discussed (like we had every right to) who had custody of the auto opener thing for the secure parking at my daughters new apartment…neither of my daughters have a car…so we were discussing the pros and cons of who should have it, me bringing up length of stay, him frequency when Spazzy Aqua chimed in… Read more »

fluid feline

It’s Obama’s b’day on 6 Aug – day of the eclipse, wonder how this will play out.

fluid feline

Ooh Nat – you just changed your flower again – tip of my tongue, what are they?? or are they made of icing? Jonquils?


Yes, they are Jonquils FF – real ones grown in my garden. I wish I could make something as lovely from icing!

fluid feline

They are gorgeous green-fingered one, shame I there’s no virtual scent available yet. I think I spent too much time in the specialist cake shop the other day seeing all those iced flowers everywhere.


Lmao, love this! I’m sagg with leo ascendant, and I feel my leo quite often. ME-ow ;)! My natal saturn is also in leo, UGH, like the iron fist of god…


My progressed Ac in Leo with Uranus conjunct. No wonder I’m a hellion….Better watch my act, eh?


Oh, Balloffire (loveit…)

Have to admit that when broke it off with the Leo Moon/Mars hadn’t minded that trans. Saturn moved in over Moon/Mars in his 5th. That must have been awful for him but hopefully he grew… I’m sure with Saturn affecting in you in such a way you are wiser than might have been…


Hi Sweetpea. Sounds as though you’re handling things wisely yourself ;).

I do hope I’m wiser else Saturn will never let up! Eh, I suppose he always knows what he’s doing (gulp).

dreaming cow

I love the leo zest for life – my darling sweet sister in law – a very creative, arty steiner teacher – has so much joyous sparkling energy, i just love her – for her raising children is an art and a life philosophy – so much warm playful fun to be around her and her family xx fearsome protective instinct


Yes, must admitt the ex and my Mom both have Leo Moons (she Sun too) and quite cheerful and zesty most of the time. Sometimes my Mom does not say “good morning” just “hellllo!” in a really cute way. And then she chuckles over the funnies (comic strips…) in the news paper… The ex even made me laugh the night before I broke it off….Ah, too bad… HIs Moon and Mars in 5th. If only he’d cultivated confidence he could have been a famous actor…All his angles on Aries points..And Eros in 10th….Yes, tons of presence but idiot didn’t know… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

I love Leos!!
Am surrounded by funny, talented, generous, particular about grooming, fascinated bu fabulosity Leos.

Father, brother, niece, nephew – then a plethora of dear friends.

Years ago, I wasnt well. An Australian Leo with a well known surname insisted I speak to him should financials become a problem – he said “what’s $10-$20K between friends?” before spiriting me off to the family ski lodge to crack a bottle of Grange for cheer-me up!! Bless :-0 xox


I agree Rock a billy babe… 🙂

Ex with Moon and Mars in Leo an ass but heart as big as Wyoming sometimes….

That’s a pretty big ass..he,he


I agree too lovely people.

You can warm your hands on them and poke a bit of fun at them, to their face of course, when they are being a pain in the ar$e.


….meaning the one’s I know have learnt to laugh at themselves.


Obama gave a speech tonight and I didn’t see it but one channel where they are conservatives calling him “arrogant”…He’s a Leo…

Ãœber Virgo

A friend’s cousin, a certified dandy, used to walk sideways down the street so that he could see himself in shop windows. Don’t know his astro, but am guessing Leo with Cancer rising.

Goddess, I love Leos. I still want to be one in my next life (or Sagg). My fearless Leo journo bestie is classic: striking mane of hair, bling! a zillion products in every imaginable scent and the biggest heart you could imagine. Best friend you could ever have. The hugs are amazing. I adore her.

The Leo Socialite

Much as i would love to dispute some of this, it is all actually correct. I also would like to say that too many establishments try to save money (?) by installing cheap mirrors in their rest rooms. The dreadful reflections can actually ruin what was otherwise a beautiful outing, evening or event.
Stress Princess, your poor friend. She should get help for it. Especially if she IS beautiful. Uma Thurman apparently has the same thing.

Leonine Librarian

It’s false savings LS…I agree re:poor quality mirrors…and also accuracy of Mystic too.


this is spot and funny as hell too!
Now, what do you do with a pesky lion in your life that won’t leave ya alone. that would be a great selling book.

The Leo Socialite

tell them that they should consider changing hairdresser.


oh good one!! lol! 🙂

Triple Cancer Chick


Last time i saw my leo younger sister she mentioned that her new hairdresser had refused to cut her hair the way she normally has it cut because “that would look horrible!” I can still see the horrified look on her face…

Stress Princess

Haaaaa! Step back into the public toilet to “catch their reflection unaware.” That is just perfect, Mystic. That is EVERY Leo I’ve ever known. …Except for one poor gal pal who is all big blonde hair, gorge tan, incredible body (living on a diet of cheese and Champers) and sexy as hell at 50 – but she has body dismorphic disorder. She hates mirrors, photos, anything that shows her image. And she’s a LEO. Unsure of her rising, etc. Must get her details. But when she does catch her reflection, she carefully checks herself out with squinted eyes. It’s hilarious… Read more »

Matthew Minerva


taurean alchemist

ROFL… I’ve always been attracted to Leos… no need to get all Freudian but my Dad is a Leo and so was my first husband. I also have a very classy friend who I shall refer to as The Leo Who Found God, a Man and Country Music (LWFG for short?) ~ as glam as you can get she is positively Cinematic – her husband, a capricorn, knows her so well he installed a chandalier in her laundry room for their wedding anniversary last year. She can’t just try for a baby – she has to fly to Vegas for… Read more »


“is it just a coincidence they all have Capricorn spouses?” That’s very interesting TA as being Cap Moon and the ex Leo Moon think I made him feel secure in some way and yet he made me cry poo-poo loads of tears because he could be very insensitive. Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs was good for an insight on that as Cappy see’s Leo as a bit immature but he of course has tons of charm that she loves. She talks about how Cappy has all this wisdom and he just doesn’t get it and so she’s patient with him but… Read more »

cheshire cap

I read somewhere that an inconjunction between signs is a huge sexual attraction and relationships need a bit of tension to add spice.


Yes, Chesh, seems that way, like for example why TA gets mixed up with those dang gone Leo’s lol… Taurus and Leo sq…

Inconjunct, my understanding too, that there is a need for adjustment…

His ego perhaps and my emotionalism….or needing some cultivation of it, or healing of it with Moon in eigth. Fascinating stuff…


How the heck do you spell eigth? lol Suddenly, that seems an odd, odd and foreign word lookin at it…

cheshire cap

8th 😆


lol…good one!


Its that 6-8 vibration – one sign in the 8th house of the other who’s in the sixth house of the first. In my experience it always amounts to intense sexual attraction.
I’m big into ‘vibrations’ at the moment… the fav being the 4-10 and 3-11 (both exceptional for higher mind growth and friendships respectively)


Yes, come to think of it I read something along those lines too as the 8th house about sexual mystery to the other, etc…


OMG – my sister is a Leo with a Capricorn spouse!


Us Leos aren’t that bad are we? I have too much “nebulosity” from Sun/Moon/Neptune aspects to cut it as a hard-core strutting Leo…

fluid feline

Me too starstrokes, fish rising and 2 planets in fish in first , Neptune (ruler) in Scorp plus stellium in Cancer.

Ãœber Virgo

Lord almighty! It’s Robert Redford. Excuse me while I faint.


Indecent Proposal was on the other day. Could not believe how at the end, Demi Moore reaches her hand across to Woody Harrelson (like RR and Meryl S. did in Out of Africa in the plane),and even the music sounded similar.

Didn’t, or haven’t, looked up if RR directed or produced Indecent Proposal but that was weird and didn’t know if I liked the “corn” of it all….Ya know what I mean?

But yes, RR, faintable male material….seriously.,..


But I love the second picture too…He’s adorable….Love the “King of the Forest” song in Wiz of Oz…

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