Astro Anne Frank

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Anne Frank video

How haunting is this video of Anne Frank?!   The talented young diarist – who tragically perished, along with millions of other people obviously, in the Holocaust – needs no introduction.  Her chart (below) shows her genius and potential thought leadership pretty damn clearly.  Gemini – Sun/Mercury conjunct – Sun/Mercury conjunct people are ALWAYS so fast witted and magically thinking. Especially in Gemini.   She also had Moon/Neptune in Leo – visionary artists often end up with a potent personal planet/Sun/Moon link to Neptune. AND – for enduring appeal and Zeitgeist – Uranus on the Midheaven.


Anne Frank astrology

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24 thoughts on “Astro Anne Frank

  1. I felt very nice reading about those astrological signatures as I have many of them

    And sad because she’s always touched me deeply

    I see even more why now… our moons are almost exact and her sun/Merc on my Desc

  2. Love Anne Frank. Just yesterday I was cleaning the house desk and found my brochure from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Visiting it was surreal. The bookshelf and staircase, her clippings on the walls, and looking out the same windows she peeked out of. Thank you for sharing her chart. I also have strong Neptune and Uranus, perhaps it is just one of the reasons I adore her. She feels more like a presence than a past.

  3. she and i share a birthday (and venus, apparently), and in the secret language of birthdays it has our day as “the day of eternal optimism,” which i always found a very unfunny cosmic joke.
    her 29’56” taurus jupiter is intriguing. the final heaviness before her escape into lightness. i hope she’s free now.

    • Birthday sisters. I too have the same birthday, a looser Sun / Merc connection (10 degree), and Saturn/Venus conjunction where her Jupiter is.

      I agree, 29 degree of any house is a heavy placement. A planet there does double work — closing the house before, while checking the next house affairs.

      I don’t know if I could survive without writing — though, just like her, my thoughts are not for public.

      I think “the day of eternal optimism” is internal – despite all that external hardship, somewhere inside you believe things will get better and somethings are worth to protect, even though you may not be around to see the fruits.

  4. It’s soo crazy you just posted this.. She randomly popped in my head last night, so I pulled up her chart to check it out. Didn’t think twice about it, but now I’m kinda creeped out!!

  5. How amazing and what an extraordinary chart. Really made me reflect on the notion of legacy. She lived for such a short time and under horrendous circumstances, and yet she had the tenacity and bravery to document it. Thank you for this, such a simple post and yet so moving.

  6. My wife’s family were decimated by the holocaust. From over 100 relatives only 2 survived. One of them was my wife’s grandma who escaped to Australia and lived happily into her 90’s.
    I’ve met Anne many times, she lives in the faces and vibe of the young children of friends with similar family backgrounds to Anne.

  7. ive been studying the world wars lately, a lot of video material and documentaries now (almost like society is obsessed with this stuff)
    The level of brutality couldnt be reproduced by our generation i’ve heard (seems credible from all vietnam vets problems..still suffering from war shock) But these world wars…. esp wwI no battle was less than 50,000 fatalities it seemed i mean the killing just went on and on (chiron at midheaven then?) Just to say, very, very impressive … like, there wouldn’t be enough time in the day to kill so many people…(ask the germans about that i guess) how can they even kill that many people i wonder? We are a very primitive species still… look at those german era videos… not one human being is thinking… there is no mind there ,…just a heaving crowd … We are a very primitive species… absolutely focused on killing and nothing else… which is odd.. when you consider the possiblities for life on this planet…. I believe left to ourselves we would kill everything (i do not believe we are left to ourselves tho) Which is not to say i dont understand it… i do… not a day goes by where i dont feel the need to locknload… everyday… its so hard..Can we forgive God? someone asked…

    • Lucifer asked only one thing of the creators, he asked for free will. An escape from group mind. Personal freedom. He didn’t fall to earth with his legions. Earth was taken over as a stage to express this free will.
      And don’t we as the children of lucifer hold that concept high.
      We have expressed our free will to the extent that the planet has been ravaged, the indigenous peoples enslaved, virtually destroyed. The plant and animal life struggling to survive.
      And now we ask …Are we alone in the universe ? Are there resources elsewhere that we can consume ? Surely there is life elsewhere ?
      I’d say there surely is, but we are being left alone. Why would any other planetary race extend the hand of friendship when they see how we have behaved towards each other.
      Yes, this generation of westerners is less likely to embrace war against other humans on a scale seen in WW1&2. We simply don’t see the need any more. The world that is left is not worth winning.
      Isolation has turned to insanity and that is the end.

        • Please explain ? I know about the Bretton Woods agreement. Are you saying dysfunctional monetary systems cause wars ? Hmmm, Maybe, but what an indictment of humankind… They have more than me, let’s murder them and destroy their assets.
          I read recently an interesting book that blames the race to claim oil fields as the main factor in WW1, and 2. Unfortunately for the Ottomans they happened to have most of it and the rest is history. Mesopotamia became 8 or so made up countries that have just never worked other than increasing the coffers of arms manufacturers.
          It’s all imploding now as we’ve burned most of the oil and clearly don’t give a fuq about the shocking atrocities now unfolding.

          • no, I’m saying impose a new global economic order and voila, exploit other country’s resources without the need for war. well, most of the time, anyway.

            • interesting it all seems to be ottoman empire even now ( intitively i feel) and wasnt that rome? hmm..Pluto is the planet of evolution, we can evolve.. The Mayan shift was real (those last 4 months of the third year in…the plutonic months- last 4 most mysterious..) Hitler’s flag represented evil walking the earth… (do we understand spiritually now? not yet maybe..) Spiritually we must wake up to spiritual earth, i know how that sounds… but thats the crux of the coming apocalypse– spiritual intervention this time… for awakening. all the death– must mean, there is something much greater than life… (afterlife) It seems to great to bear… it is said Christ conquered death, and thats very, very true, He did… amazingly… It is a faint echo this christianity… a faint echo to that which rises now… (has anyone looked at crop circles ” example only…) The non existence of spirituality so ironic in a time of its full blooming… much greater than christianity … look to MAry, open to angels, go into nature… see for yourself, dont take my word for it

    • Where horror occurs I see people leaving their bodies and other more capable/brutal/interested/power hungry entities take over with glee the bodies of the traumatised. Staying in your body or maintaining the equilibrium of yr energy field whilst in trauma is a real challenge.
      Our physical bodies are bridges of condensed frequency that expand in moments of extreme fear. We ourselves are multiple, let alone being capable of channelling other consciousness foreign to our own.
      It is interesting to read about the tsunamis in Japan and Thailand. Some people were channelling the energies of multiple beings that were left in the lurch by the shock & devastation, disembodied and confused. So it goes both ways.
      I think until people can learn it is better to gracefully accept death than to flee from our ethical code, our consciousness program, our selves, until then people are always susceptible to brutality of war. We are not different to the people of WW1 or 2 I think.

      Mental health wards for the criminally insane are filled with lovely people who channeled some awful being for a period due to their lack of consciousness/caution/Poor health/weakness.

      We do have free will but some people lack the strength to refuse, or worse, simply forget it is an option at all.

      • Wow, you have put into words something I have always wondered about Sphinx…how humans can commit atrocities even on a smaller scale.
        Like very frequently serial murderers come from a frightfully abusive childhood, and one wonders if the young consciousness escapes the body, and a more horrible one comes in and takes over?

        • Ver. A good example of a smaller scale scenario I read in a very sad and frustrating book by a woman who adopted a young girl who had been severely abused by a schizophrenic step parent.

          The child was malicious and later attempted to murder the adopted mother, who did her very best in an impossible situation.

          From a ‘shamanic’ or whatever u want to name it perspective, the poor girl was in thrall to an energy that had succeeded in ‘protecting’ or standing in for her during the abuse she has endured.
          However the entity was in no way going to let her love anyone else, which would in turn allow her back in to her own body-consciousness more fully. The interloper’s best option for survival was to get the young host to kill and reject love when it came near, for its own survival.
          While some people may see this as self defeating because the host will be likely be incarcerated or even killed themselves, what the average joe doesn’t understand the entity is not interested in the physical survival of the host alone. The entity wants to co-exist with the host across multiple time lines. The stakes are very high for the entity. And the idea that we live but once is the greatest danger to the human spirit.

          Sadly, the young girl was institutionalised and drugged. A life wasted.

  8. Yass, Geminis documenting everything since the beggining of time! When i was her age i used to carry around a camera and film everything that was happening around me, then i used to make my whole family sit to watch long hours of shaky documentaries about the river or the squirrels or whatever. I wonder if her Saturn opposite sun/mercury was the one that made her diary and words last forever

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