Ask Mystic: The Whacked Out Deep Virgo

Louise Scherbyn

 Dear Mystic,

Help help help, SOS! I’m a Virgo who just started dating again after a long break. As in i was IN a relationship, a serious relationship, that recently broke up. I said to myself ‘be chaste, be sorted, get therapy, eat raw food, meditate, be conscious, don’t numb the feelings BUT THEN I GOT DRUNK AND MET HIM. Not just a casual “he’ – a HIM. A ‘fuq off holy hell who is this?’ HIM.  I saw your “virgos are in for a whack deep week” and so my question is how do I avoid falling for men too quickly? A Pisces, to be specific. All this stuff about Venus Retro has scared the hell out of me. Please help! Pisces. With Virgo. Rebound. Planets at odds.

Whacked Out Deep Virgo.

Dear Whacked Out Deep Virgo,

I don’t think this warrants an SOS. Seriously. Okay, there IS something to be said for not flinging yourself back into the maelstrom of dating after a break-up. But then again, doing just that has a certain Virgo efficiency – back on the horse, back in the water, shock your synapses into getting over the last dude, orgasms with someone new to reset the neural circuits AND the satisfaction that hey, at least you are not lurking about e-stalking at home, drinking Blue Devil Hoochie Juice from your novelty wine glass, crooning to yourself.  NO. You are out there being socially active, falling in love and freaking out about Venus Retrograde. It’s healthy.

So, i don’t think you can avoid falling for people too quickly. Love is not like your diet or budget and you just have to control over-spending. Love is more like a magical energy and it does what it wants. You know how you can try to coax it back into a moribund romance but all the flowers and cute weekends away won’t woo it. Or it can be there, flagrant and primal, in the most inconvenient circumstances.

Retrograde Venuses are mysterious.  Plenty of peeps meet a soulmate at this time. Others turn their health/art/fashion game around completely. Some enter into disastrous (disaster means against-the-stars) flings with their exes. I think there is nothing wrong with a romance during Retro Venus BUT you don’t commit or try to delineate it till Venus is properly direct.

There are TWO fab dates; Oct 24 is Venus Jupiter conjunct in Virgo – the final outcome of the story begun in May AND and Nov 3 is Mars Venus conjunct in Virgo. So consider having fun (remember that?) along the lines that love is actually supposed to count as leisure but leaving your options wide open till Oct/Nov.  Stay in your power and think also that this is a time when you get more aligned with what you actually want in a relationship.

But what does everyone else think?

Image: Louise Scherbyn — Scorpio

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I just been talking to a femme who is, CONJUNCT, my Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars & trine Jupiter. Early days l know but freakazoid. She doesnt know her birthtime; yet


I agree with you PS. I am a bloke and I feel that need strongly. My Moon in 7H. How can I deny it? Moon is my ‘Handle of the Bucket’ (shape) of my chart How can I deny it? Kat Sun. How can I deny it? Kat Asc. How can I deny it? Neptune (Pisces Ruler) in Scorpio, in 4H. How can I deny it? My Yin placements conjunct, trine and sextile. On my belly aching. It all came bcos my Toro crush turned me down despite our contacts being accelarated with recent Mercury/Neptune squaring. 2 of them almost… Read more »


Dear Whacked Out V, I’m chiming in whilst on the road. Hell, I AM the Road. On that theme, I think it best to accept that this entire thing is a journey/process/evolution. It ain’t mechanical as Mystic points out. If anything the little relationship situations we get into that aren’t exactly convenient, planned or timely are really just part of a much, much larger conversation we’re having with ourselves and the Universe. Your Others can choose to be Significant, or Feature Stars, or even bit players. They can decide alongside with you. The most important part about this is for… Read more »


darling! how are you??


Hello, Ms. my love. Am fine but literally all over the place i.e. bouncing between LA & Vancouver right now with my beloved Sagg (who’s getting shit kicked by Saturn btw)… have left Plastics and the joy of all cancer causing chemicals and reconfiguring.

Have missed you all so lurk when I can.. I see all our peeps are going strong here. How about you doll? Still rocking it in London (or have you moved since)?


Ive moved on but due to some weird spies I will not say too much except that I moved to Barcelona and I have a new Spanish boyfriend and life is pretty good right now, also dropping in when I can. Love that you are travelling with a Sagg. I am hanging with a younger libra with crazy synastry. Go figure. Lovely to see you beautiful, LA Vancouver sounds great :* (tell the sag to hold on, saturn is ON my sun/merc right now and I am feeling it yeah)


Barthelona?! How awesome is that! My mum is half Spanish and I always associate Spain with the color red, passion and temperament (all of which she had in spades). Nothing to figure with young male Libras, they are the best when you want something light, lovely and uncomplicated (presuming one isn’t making it so). Saturning is and isn’t the shizz.. you know how it goes, break those fuqin structures down so you can build them back up…sigh He’s copping it but trying to counter with lots of outdoorsy nature and movement, all Sagg stuff… hope you keep safe hun, and… Read more »


haha you’re awesome :* :*

lots of love for your travels beautiful xx


This is a brilliant post, even though I wish it were not quite so apt, lucid for me. LOL I just fixed my lovely ceramic sculpture, horse and man (riding). For years the horse has been riderless – this was discconerting for me, especially when the instructor od our martial arts class was tellign us of a story of the horse special energy. All the more resonant since fate set me up in bizarre circumstances last (horse) year, total whirlwind, yes flagrant, primal, very inconveneient. No idea why but so true, superficial displays, material gifts do not revive tired or… Read more »


Wow. That was poetic but yet you are also vividly self aware. What are you going to do Aquasunrise? “The man I feel some mutual intense depth of attraction with I’m geussing is polyamorous, I know is extremely compassionate, healing, insightful and intuitive…emtionally connected, but what is this power? Bizarre…so I fled, and I sit, lie bound, to someone I am in constant service too…Instead of growing anything I am merely a concubine, consort…” This is the struggle I am having right now. Do you regret fleeing from this power? Do yo want to go back to him? Because to… Read more »


Thanks for the reply…I should say I really relate to the whacked out Virgo here, (I am so virgo, with ascendant, jupiter pluto uranus 12/1st stellium), but appreciative you know of this scenario? I never did… I had a health crisis…I kept getting ill from over work. Then I’d have idle periods of bliss, dream like oblivion, healing from alternative health practitioners. I’d recover and it would all resume. My partner and I had a battle (its still going for the last two decades), his pluto is directly opposite my mars chiron pisces…and it sits on my natal uranus. I’m… Read more »


This is not coming from an astrological POV- but it sounds like you need a personal, spiritual retreat. To get in touch with just being you. A vacation for one. Somewhere of spiritual importance. Maybe visiting a spiritual leader that can help guide you down the path of spiritual enlightenment. It seems like you aren’t really living for yourself. Which I desperately try to avoid nowadays. Another realisation I’ve had with this back and forth in Venus rx, is that just because I feel a connection with someone, it doesn’t mean I have to act upon it knowing goddamn well… Read more »


And there is something that is alluring to you by that darn Leoine dancer… sounds like the opposite of your partner thats drawing you in… Not necessarily the man… but what he signifies, the life you probably want to live?


and… is material comfort worth it? I know what being lazy is all about.. I wasn’t happier… I was just living in a haze like state… not worrying about much else but my SOUL…


I was attempting to be more self suffcient you know, LOL, Lust got in the way…In the beginning there was always plenty of it, just the periods of exhaustion (work) from being obessessive, then this other person who I think you are perceptively picking up as plutonian (health background) was treating me, over many months, and there was desire again, evident both sides, I had to stop it…but illness is a real challenge. A retreat is the pot of gold at the end of the desire rainbow…LOL, I’m sure martial arts instructor would have something to say about that…


I don’t know anything about the rx astro signatures & suicide biz, but re suicide, I can say that doing so only sets one up for 100x more work in the afterlife & subsequent material lives. That’s something I always intuitively suspected, but then I visited my ex-love who suicided & saw it first hand myself: he’s buried in a ton of work on the other side (mostly in service to others), and when he’s got that wrapped up (a few generations from now?) then he’ll come back & pick up where *he* left off. It’s intense. Stay the course,… Read more »


(I have Persephone conjunct my DC in Virgo. What’s in your wallet?)


I’m a Virgo getting back on the horse again after a divorce. I’ve felt the same way as this dear Virgo and it’s scary but at the same time I feel like everyone else. Have fun and enjoy it!

Virgo Ellie

Interesting…Virgo Sun here…was not letting go of ex’s, had an Astro Consult with Mystic who told me someone new is coming into my life. I was pretty strong in saying I missed my Toro-Gem and would like a stronger Pisces dude…. so low and behold the Capricorn cop shows up. Yes, this guy was from Plenty of Fish. He reached out to me was direct and not buttery with stupid comments like you are beautiful, blah, blah, blah. We met for the first time last Sunday, have spoken somehow since that date and then I fell off my rocker. Although… Read more »


“Love is more like a magical energy and it does what it wants. You know how you can try to coax it back into a moribund romance but all the flowers and cute weekends away won’t woo it. Or it can be there, flagrant and primal, in the most inconvenient circumstances.”

Wuuuuurd!! This is totes Venus Rx – we must remember in her retrograde cycle she forms a pentagram; a magical sigil that can be used to invoke or banish.


Also, on a really cosmically interesting note re: pentagrams: Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man has appeared to me twice in the last week.

Prince stolas

Ain’t that the truth! Can’t control love. Shows up when it wants to. Leaves when it wants to. All you can do is if it is presented is grab it or don’t grab it.

Love hasn’t shown up in a requited form for me in ages. Would be nice sometime this decade. I might have to change my name to Loveless.


To us! *clinks glasses.
May the word Requited be Word of the Decade in our Soul Dictionary soon. Bold and Italics!


To paraphrase something I probably read on this site, I don’t think it matters if Venus is so far retro she’s out of the solar system, when Love shows up, grab it. x


MM – you are totally awesome, and thank you for choosing this letter as your post. Whacked out Deep Virgo, OMGess I hear you!! Love is the one thing we cannot set an organizable pace too and you know what? I too was hit by an F5 love this year. and holy wows I’m still “thinking” I can organize and keep tidy, these exquisitely wrongly timed, totally inconvenient, security blasting, container-exploding feelings. But I must. I must! Enjoy your love affair!!! Surrender to it!! Bliss out! you’ll be okay and all will be well!! and Have some hair flying fun… Read more »


Your post and what MM wrote above helped me.
I have suddenly found myself in an inconvenient, impractical, badly timed, security risking, etc, etc, love/crush/infatuation thing with my new house mate, and its mutual.. I put the story in the guide to Venus retro blog thread..

But that’s the thing to remember, too, to enjoy and surrender to love……I used to do that but these days I’ve been overthinking love and I think that’s why it’s been so stressful, like, I’m missing the point of it all! :p

Thank you! 🙂


I think it is good.


Where have those boots been all my life?? Want.


I had a pair like that, they were stolen still heart broken all these years later!


ugh so sorry! May Venus rx bring you back the same or similar!


thank you! 😉


Try Freepeople, they do Boho quite well.


ta, fa x


*feeling smug that Virgo falls for Pisces*

Lady L

We are quite irresistible 🙂



Jen Scorpio

Oh yes, you lucky girl/guy, snagging a pisces! Have fun…


Enjoy the zing of a new fling and take it one day at a time before declaring it as more.

The Venus Fly

Over the past years I’ve begun to really enjoy a many Virgo. And I’ll always love a damn fish. I think their mutability works. When it’s balanced, perfect earth. When imbalanced, mud. Take it easy.

I am so friggin’ ready for some love vibes. But I’m transmitting versus reaching. I have two goals – to get well over this flu and to continue working at my craft with diligence. Everything will take care of itself if I follow my bliss. Follow yours. Good luck! <3


All of my best relationships were rebound ones. Anyway what’s the right timing between relationships ? I suppose that if you have just come out of a long term situation, there is the other parties feelings and that’s definitely worth taking into account. So maybe the Venus retro period is the time to enjoy meeting a new friend but keep him under wraps from friends and family for a while.


The same…I wasn’t looking and it found me.


yes! I’ve met my best people at the least convenient of times


Dear Virgo family friend died the other week. A Virgo. All his best friends were Pisces. This is not a problem.
Falling in love, also, not a problem.
What Mystic said.


xx dear Sphinx


Earth and Water can have fun rolling around in the mud. Virgo can rinse off later.


with more water 🙂

Jessica McOmish

yes, exactly. I am a big fan of getting back “on the horse” and “creating new neural pathways”.


agreed. Life is too short worrying life away it’s meant to be lived.


I am in total agreement! I was completely losing my shit about falling for a Scorpio during last week and Venus Retro until a salt of the earth kind of woman with unicorn pink hair approached me and said that this guy is falling for you. She said, “don’t overshare, don’t worry and take it one day at a time” I pass that on to anyone who is going through the fucking mess of a retrograde. I’m not regretting how I feel anymore. Fuck it! Do you!

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