The Astro Phrenological Brain

Astro Phrenology

Well, well, well.  Who needs neuroplasticity?

I’m joking – The Brain That Changes Itself is one of my favorite books but STILL THIS is amazing.

I don’t know precisely where it comes from but it was obviously pre Pluto being discovered.

Note they’ve left the Sun and Moon out plus Neptune is marked as a “moral power”.



Image: Moishe Pipick’s World Of Wonders

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Speaking of alpha male/female relationships… here is soething I have wondered about… Maynard J. Keenan major MMA fan and BJJ practitioner, also Aries, I notice he is in Meisha tate camp NOT Rhonda’s camp. So, I wonder if there is too much alpha Aries there for him to appreciate her talent???


Phrenology , plasticity… It’s all very material or matter based. Matter sort of doesn’t matter. Nothing that we can find in our universe when broken down into its components actually weighs anything. We are just photonic projections of our own higher minds. Start thinking in terms of ruling Saturn , be the time lords lord .


Ok, risking sounding like a giant idjit here but is it possible to have Earth put into your chart? Or is it just implied as being the center? I seem to remember Kaypaycha talking about putting Gaia into a planet stage play or something and being blown away by the dynamics that she brought to it.


To feel rebellious , go to astro.Com
Under Zodiac click heliocentric. You will be warned. But it’s fun.

Cosmic Phoenix

Woah, that’s wild. I love the WARNING disclaimers. It’s like pushing the red button.


Tres trickster


Oh Cosmic Phoenix, I love the way you think.

Virgo Kathleen

Can we talk about how Saturn is “selfish powers”? What do you think that means? Maybe at the time self improvement / ambition was seen as selfish and egotistical. I guess there is a certain amount of ego involved with Saturn.

Boo Boo Kowalski

I would not have guessed that Saturn would be right brain and Venus would be left brain, in the latest awareness of those hemispheres. I would expect those to be swapped.


the illustrator was probably venus-ruled, but always came up against saturn people demanding bill payments, focusing on their own work, not being as fun and open as venus. “You can’t just _have_ this telescope you know, it must be paid for”


Phrenology is bad, m’kay?

(Chart ruled by Neptune.)

Prince Stolas

Sherlock Holmes was into it though!


So were slave owners in the South. Which reminds me: Leo was brill in Django! Just brill.


“Executive Power”

sounds like a recruitment firm. Fitting, for the earth I suppose 😛


or a life coaching seminar for people who have not found the floor with their knees in the corporate ladder


Unlock The Will To Lead. Secure Your Legacy. Learn The Time-Tested Codes Used By Our Greatest Leaders To Win Loyalty, Close Deals And Make It Happen.


Oh Pi, tell me you made that up as a joke PLEASE?



Execkutive Powaahhhh




Do those people exist? I thought getting on your knees was a prerequisite to corporate ladder crawling.


Totally Ankh!

sash g

Isn’t this is the book smart girlfriends send their regrettable boyfriends in a futile attempt to change them!


“I might change my brain, baby, but I’ll never change my mind”




I was listening to Norman Doidge give an interview on HayHouse Radio today. Prior to that I hadn’t heard about him.
I have added his new “The Brain’s Way of Healing” to my to-read list now!


Brain that changes itself is the book I’m currently reading:-)


I’m reading it on my Kindle. I’m finding it a bit non specific and sensational. For medical research….I want to believe it. It makes sense as a proposal. I just keep thinking, he’s being a bit vague or patronising the way he’s presenting it “in layman’s terms.” I’ll plod on though, perhaps it gets more…scientific later. I just found “I began a series of travels” and “a band of brilliant scientists” a bit weird. I am not disputing it’s validity so much as grumpy about the way it’s presented. It’s probably just my Virgo OCD kicking in. I’ve been reading… Read more »


I do agree that Balance is as much a sense as taste and smell though. I’m enjoying it. I just found the beginning a little unnerving.


That is so Virgo of you….’give me the Science of It’…lol.


I know!
I suspect Little Miss VirgoPenny was out in full force this weekend. I’ve been so grumpy and PMT. I adore Leonard Shlain though. Didn’t YOU recommend his book The Alphabet and The Goddess to me?
I’ve started with Sex, Time and Power because it arrived first and completely pulled me in. I want to read it properly before starting the Alphabet. What a writer though! Thanks!


I must admit that was my immediate thought after reading the first chapter too.
need more info!!! More specific!!!


Thank you Skye. Having said that. It IS a great book and it does get better. I love the work that Bach-y-Rita did with Cheryl Schiltz and the way he thinks. I think he is a great man and a brilliant scientist/doctor/all around human being. I love how he isn’t interested in the approval of others, his peers, society and he reminds me of Leonardo Da Vinchi the way he refuses to get sucked into this crazy value the modern world places on the importance of specialisation. He jumps into whatever he feels inspired by or called to jump into… Read more »


Yes the wobbler got me too. I have a relative who suffers from severe meniers and has times where she is literally toilet bound for hours… Too scared to move for fear she will throw up, involuntarily release the contents of her bowels, pass out or all three at once. It all comes down to complete loss of balance because of her inner ear. So I wanted more info. But I’m still reading it. It must have been intense and heartbreaking seeing your mother in pain. You become powerless and completely dependant on others being experienced and knowledgeable enough to… Read more »

cosmic fleece

”I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong”
Willie Nelson
Previous Post
Neptune Moral Powers.


I sort of agree but in fairness to his detractors; He did dump Cheryl Crow.
I mean who DOES that? 😛


they were dating?!


Lance, not Willie 🙂


ah, i see. hmm. I have a theory that only athletes or WAGs (HABs?) can be with other athletes. Two superstars under the same roof, even with wildly different disciplines (especially with that)…. I don’t know if the worlds align enough. One is up at 4.10am to do a 300k training ride up a mountain. they pack, set their garmins, click in the shoes, guzzle some kind of disgusting faux-food gel, ….the other one needs solitude and open-ended time to write music, free of locks, clocks and judgement.

well, as far as i see it.


I was musing on that same theory at 7am this morning Pi.


I’d HAB her.
He was a chumper to dump her.
Her version of “The First Cut is the Deepest” makes my clothes fall off.


Me too!
And you’ve gotta love “all I wanna do is have some fun..” I reckon she’d an awesome girlfriend, friend or wife. Maybe not for Lance but I’d love to know her. She just vibes so awesome and cool.


They were engaged!


But as he says “it’s not about the bike.”

Ok Lance, you’re right.

It’s not



It makes me esteem him more highly and her less highly to hear they were engaged..

Prince stolas

willie was just trying to be funny. It is a big difference in my opinion to get caught for using something like weed, a natural generally harmless substance, esp in a career that you don’t test for and you have never denied not taking. Lance otoh took harmful pharmaceuticals and then lied. He pretended it was all hard work…and…well ‘everybody else who competes is taking it too’ doesn’t make it right. The lying part is what galls me. Plus he is an asshole. I used to know some guys who worked on his bicycles and the diva stories they would… Read more »


Oh man I hate that Livestrong shitz.


Willie was being funny. It wasn’t an attempt. It was a hilarious comment. I do have some sympathy for Lance. I just find the whole hypocrisy annoying. I know that there is a lot of pressure on athletes to win at any cost. I also know that pressure like that make people make bad decisions which they usually regret whether they get caught or not but especially if they do. I’m not saying he’s the A Rod of cycling. I’m sure he’s really sorry. I just think writing a book called “it’s not about the bike” and playing the “i’ve… Read more »

Crystallised future

I have always wondered if the nuerons of our brain are wired according to gravitational pull from the planets. Actually, it’s always been a personal theory of mine


I’m chomping on this one too, we are at the ‘mercy’, was wondering today if thats what Buddhism is all about….its about stepping off the fun wheel!

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