Saturn After Dark

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Manuel Bujados

So it’s a Void Dark Moon at the end of the Zodiac, Mercury is still Retrograde and yet to track back for the final of three squares to Neptune. Saturn on the threshold of the end degrees of Scorpio.

The latter is that sombre but beautiful sub tone you may be picking up on. Time-reflective insights. The desire to render yourself stronger on every level. No front nor bluster, just tensile strength. Anti-Fragile.

In few weeks the chaotic and busy vortex that has been Mercury in Gemini since early May gives way to a Saturnine few months, as Saturn tracks back through late Scorpio, completing Scorpionic business left undone or dangling at the end of 2014.

You definitely don’t want to make a premature move or turn lower Neptune-addict-zombie-delusional now. You can’t go wrong doing Saturn or Uranus – if you can’t invent something or innovate, just be savagely organized.

Thankfully, Venus in Leo supports whatever action lends itself to composure and dignity.

More in the horoscopes – it is probably time to read/re-read the June horoscopes.


Image: Manuel Bujados

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39 thoughts on “Saturn After Dark

  1. I’m so tired of doing Uranus and doing Saturn and doing everything. I’m just so tired all the time. I can’t process the astro or everything that’s happening lately. It feels like so much and I just want to play dumb games on my phone and binge-watch tv. And I never watch tv. I’m off my game, in this weird phase. I need to start eating better, exercise more, all of that self-care stuff. I’m feeling so blah and I think I’ll feel better once Mercury is direct again. Maybe when that happens I’ll finally receive my first paycheck in the mail.

    I don’t know how everyone gets so much things done and has friends and relationships and stays on top of pop culture and the news and politics and appear to be emotionally stable and fulfilled.

    I’m sorry for ranting. I’ll be ok.

    • Oh, honey, that is almost the only thing people want to post about. Thanks for being honest. I think others in your shoes are just reading and not posting.

      I’m just starting to come around. Sag full moon on my natal moon and merc retro on my Mars had rendered me useless for a while there. I thought full Sagg moon would be epically energetic. But no. I have a weird skin issue that I’m not supposed to eat sugar to help cure and I’m all Fuq it, eating the chocolate.

      • Thanks Cosmic Phoenix. I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with this astro atmosphere. Mercury retrograde hits me hard and this one has especially. Hoping the energy comes once Mercury is direct again.

    • Ah Virgo Kathleen you will be fine.
      It’s the Merc Retro head fog hangover talking.
      As Cosmic Phoenix says, “you’re just being honest”

    • Hi vk.
      “I don’t know how everyone gets so much things done and has friends and relationships and stays on top of pop culture and the news and politics and appear to be emotionally stable and fulfilled.”

      News flash, dudette: they don’t. Everyone has weaknesses and pits of disarray in their lives. There might be a box of medication on the bathroom shelf. You know? Don’t believe the front. Not in a cynical way. Just in a ‘everyone is getting by in their own way’ way. I understand where you are coming from though, my cap moon (I guess) loves to tell me what a loser I am for not being 100% ON AND rich, gainfully employed, perfect thighs, hot partner, real estate ownership, pro surfer, multilingual, technologically up to date, socially adept, punctual bla bla BLA all the time.

      Drop out for a bit. If it is emotionally stressful for you to sprint just to keep up with the daily, just walk. Be gentle on yourself (not something which Virgo types do very easily sometimes maybe). 🙂 paycheck will arrive soon enough xxxxx

      • I don’t mean smoke a quarter ounce of weed in a week and skip work or whatever. But I mean take the mental pressure off a bit, if you can, even if that just means watching an entire season of whatever and ordering a pizza for yourself while eating tv snax then reading a novel cover to cover while spending 36 hours in bed on a weekend. Sloth: ya gotta own it.

        • I do realise that this utterly contradicts mystics actual blog post topic, but being a Pisces/gem or something I hope ppl get what I mean

          • Don’t worry, I know exactly what you mean and as a Virgo (with a Cap moon conjunct Neptune) it’s EXACTLY what I need to do sometimes.

            When I relax I’m going to try not to feel guilty about it. Actually I freaking DESERVE to relax after working nonstop last semester on my design portfolio and then landing a job right away thanks to it. That’s kind of awesome actually so I should be feeling happier and allowing myself to relax. No more guilt.

      • Here I was just blowing off steam and I’m amazed people read my drivel. Haha thank you for your comment.

        Logically I know what you’re saying, that people don’t have it together. And it’s not even fair of me to compare myself to super successful people in their fields. But I can’t really help it sometimes. These days you can peer into anyone’s lives on social media and it’s kind of terrible. I too have a Cap moon. I feel under pressure to be amazing and productive and have my shit together at all times.

        I’m going to try to be gentle with myself today and not stress out about things. I definitely need a break. I’ve been feeling so drained.

  2. Squares to neptune… Good stuff methinks. I feel like I’ve created a little ball of wax for myself over the years and it’s time to melt and reshape.

    What really feels cray is the gemini energy. It’s a vortex going on under the surface and then here comes Saturn to rebuild like a boss. Merc retro spent a long time sitting on my natal Mars! Internal voodoo!!

    What could possibly be next? Not that I’m sitting around tho. I’ll be organizing and innovating and such. That’s why I’m here, yo.

  3. These last few days of the Mercury retro have been a head-trip!

    Got a weird communication from a patient today that I had to refer out because their insurance wouldn’t cover treatment and the patient only wants to see a practitioner who will be covered under their insurance. Fair enough, but it goes beyond that…. There have been SO many mis-communications with this patient, but with a weird vibe, a sort of missing link as to why this is happening, where it makes me think “is it me..?”, but after thinking it through I really don’t think it’s me, or anything I did wrong.

    It’s like, at the core, I think this patient is just not happy with the outcome of how things went, and was expecting to have the insurance pay the bill, but they went one step further and sort of put it on me, and tried to make me feel like there was something more ‘wrong’ in the situation, or how I dealt with it. Feels manipulative….
    Part of me went into ‘old’ mode and told myself, oh, just tell him to forget it, he doesn’t have to pay the bill, but then ‘new’ me said, why? He signed the financial agreement and knew that he was ultimately responsible for the bill if the insurance didn’t pay. That is standard in the medical field.
    Perhaps this episode with this patient was a challenge to me to stick to my guns about procedure and fees. I did give him an hour and a half of my time in his appointment, and he received treatment and I need to get paid for that!

    Looking forward to Mercury direct, and beyond that, to having some improvements in my life and biz. I’m doing an EFT course for financial abundance and I’m hoping some good shifts come from it!

  4. Passed the test and secured an interview for a dream job at this stage of my career. Interview is tomorrow – prep prep prep!
    Makes so much sense that I would be dealing with money matters as Saturn will retrograde to my 2nd house scorp. I reeaaaallly need this job. Two of the three people on the interviewing panel already know me and I have been working under them for the last 3 months. I’m up against 3 candidates. I am actually quite good at interviews – Venus in Leo charm comes out. This time around it is quite serious stuff so I really need to be all Saturnine.
    So close now so close…

    Love – oh my goodness found out stuff from friends that have reduced the Love Zombiness to 5%. Saturn in scorp back in the days helped me work through self-esteem issues that finally made me let go of things that were not for my higher good and I’m sure this retrograde will do the same no doubt. Ah the cheek of the Leo ex to criticize others but try to get away with the same behavior.

  5. Void moon in Pisces, Merc stationing, Neptune stationing, I’m a multi-Piscean with Neptune on my stellium – the perfect time for a Tarot reading.

    Holy fuq, it was scarily spot on to the point of using the metaphor of a butterfly /chrysalis.

    Perhaps it’s because I’ve had some enforced downtime but it really does feel like the whole cosmos is about to change direction and some stuff will be forever left behind. Like the end frames of 1960s Star Trek when the Enterprise whizzes off and disappears into blackness.

  6. This sextuple Taurus has had ENOUGH of the Saturn energy.

    My plans this week involved epic creative work and epic cleansing/organizing – word UP^^

    • God I never would have guessed you’re a sextuple Taurus. Not as if you don’t start every single post with that “ish”.

  7. My north node is at 29* Scorpio. Saturn almost there, but not. Just plodding along, tired, driving too much, end of school year crazy, plus having to drive 5 hours away twice in the next few weeks.

  8. Odd realisation this morning while listening to sia’s elastic heart.
    Definately channeling the anti fragile.

    Organised. At work superstar level organised.
    At home. Chaos.

      • That post “Sia is Uranian” switched me on to her work and I’m really glad. Also the post on Tilda Swindon is one I remember vividly. I saw a movie recently called I am Love and she was / it was so totally Uranian in every way.

        There is a lot of fear around Uranian energy, or anxiety. I speak for myself as I’m experiencing so much Uranian energy and the anxiety of freedom it brings. I’m trying to trust it and enjoy the tension of doing things now rather than later. Its like this electric dance between Saturn and Uranus going on. Duelling with light sabres. Its beautiful and a bit crazy, scary, liberating, freaky. Nothing is comfortable except going forward. Slow progress is fine but I have to see progress. Embracing that feels like the only way to stay sane. Almost as if I have gills like a fish or sharky-creature and stagnation feels poisonous.
        Have no idea whats ahead but can’t stay here type vibe.
        Um – yeah, don’t mind Mz Fahrenheit, she’s just having her Uranus opposition Muriel.

        Did I actually refer to myself as sane?
        Thats crazy.

  9. 😯

    I had such a Saturn dream yesterday where I was standing in front of a huge mechanical gold clock, it was completely open & you could see all of the mechanics of how a clocks works, everything was gold. The clock was surrounded by glass & it was pretty spectacular.

    I always feel watches/timekeepers are Saturn.

  10. So marrying the written with the graphic, what you are really saying is that things are working on different planes?

    • I’m organically shifting gears into a savagely organized framework. It’s raining down upon me. Riding the wave.

      • Ditto – multiple examples of time warping, things happening more quickly than anticipated but…..great! Waving from top of wave!

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