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The Woman In Red

Some say Mars is not so hot in Cancer/Kataka, as this is the opposite sign to Capricorn, where Mars is exalted. That is, crash hot, highly effective and super potent.

But this is a medieval concept and frankly, Mars in a Cardinal Sign will at least be less scattered and crazy-making than Mars in Gemini.  Also, Mercury is literally now past the square to Neptune in Pisces that has been happening again and again since early May.

SO it’s Operation Sanity Reboot.  See your Horoscopes for more of an idea where/how you can tap your Mars vibe and whatever you do, don’t gaze back. There is a time for productive nostalgia, mining of the past for insights but it’s not now. And in case you’re musing upon this, NO – Venus Retrograde in Leo is not an optimal time for Sex with the Ex.

Unless you want to time warp yourself and get a good strong delusion hit in time for Saturn square Neptune later in the year.

greta-garbo-in-queen-christina-oImage:  Thrilling Comics #8 (1940) and #30 (1942) by George Mandel via Super Dames

Bottom Image; Queen Christina – Greta Garbo

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31 thoughts on “Operation Sanity Reboot

  1. Ha! Can’t log into Facebook without a drivers license or credit card now? Bye bye Facebook & your FBI shareholders. Pity.

  2. I had a good run.

    Chiron just landed a kick to my head like kitana in mortal kombat

    My video game love zombie skeleton was just ripped through my head by a man in a wide hat

    Game over
    Play again?

    • Oh my godthis is like I’m going back through the eclipses. Zap zone, April 2014 front and center. The “its definitely totally awful and over” blood moon

      Do why isn’t it over?
      “It never really began”

      See guys? The smiths?! It’s zap bad

  3. ‘No sex with the ex’. Ha well wasn’t going to was I? Was I?
    Is there ‘revenge sex’? What would you do if there was, as in not getting mad–getting even’?
    Crazy flaky sexting for weeks then bail out at last moment for a party to attend? Saying yes to all the faintly disturbing requests then not be home at appointed time?
    Le esprit boggles as to what one COULD do if they were an imaginative bitch, or simply a norm core bitch.
    Then there are 2 more coming into play after many many moons. Huh?
    As bestie said ‘they realise how hot you were’ after gallivanting around elsewhere. I think it was a matter of accepting the unacceptable because i give too much heart to the weird, 2 Saggos and a Leo.. Fringe dweller to fringe dweller?
    Actually it’s because i DON’T care because i want that teenage crush kiss from the hottest boy at college my mother interrupted in her dressing gown, besides he is single & substantial and i haven’t been there with the ‘don’t look back’. Oops i’m looking back waaay back with this Virgo 🙂
    This is certainly ‘look at the astro’ for clarification.

  4. Yes!…i had looked it up and it said over emotional time…..thanks for straightening that one up, and teehee….did entertain SWTX…for a few seconds today….((phew!) …run…fleee

  5. Mars opposite everything in Cap-transit for me. Starting off with my Sun X Merc in the first 3 degrees of Cap? Word.
    I seriously put my foot in it with a flippant comment in an ongoing communication yesterday, actually.
    Typical of my natal Mars-opposite-Pluto-square-Asc?
    I feel my energy is something of a blunt force trauma lately and I’m really trying to work on that.
    Hopefully I’ll have an m/o by the time Mars opposes Pluto, who’s resting on my natal Venus/Neptune currently. Lol.
    So Mars in Cancer, ok! Be kind!

    • I’ve got a lotta Cap too, chick. It’s a weird time of year for us Goats. This week I’ve got Mars Opp my unaspected Cap Venus (square Moon and Sappho exact, hah), but I’m enjoying myself?…in a shaky, sparked-up, what’s-around-this-corner way. My emotions are pricked to the wind as ever (heavily squared Moon) but for once I’m Inot keeping too close an eye on it. ‘m so wired I don’t want to come off this cosmic line. I’m currently avoiding anything that could block my transmissions (caffeine, Toxic-types, bad music, worse TV). Because this is feeling insane.

      And I’m doing a lot of dancing, lately…like, contorted disco-shimmies with punchy power moves, the way they do in those ritualistic teen Idol J-Pop MVs. I feel like I’m calling down some thunder, maybe a God. Or, that I just feel lighter and sexier and more in the Flux than usual. Summer’s often like this for me, with unfamiliar but entrancing jewels of thought and feelings growing….

      Is this how Katakans feel all the time? Like they’re flowing and winding their way around the currents of the Universe? It’s amazing, sinous and sensual. I’m so used to barrelling Down/Up That Hill and crawling up Mountains to get That Mineral, this is a lovely New Way.

      It’s like looking up at light shafting through water, and being content to just scuttle and dance in it, no thought of fighting up through shark, jellyfish, oil slicks..it’s all good.

      Oddly enough, all the Kataka Mars/Venus types in my vicinity are falling prey to virus, ooky communique and feeling very sorry for themselves?? They’re all moping and stagnating. No-one to dance with me!

      This is my summer jam. Sounds like my Aqua Sun plunged underwater, or into Deep Space…or maybe the first call to connect with Earth from a Disco Ambassador of Jupiter?? (My Jupiter is trining Pluto rn, I’m loving it).
      Shura will be huge this summer, I guarantee it.

      ‘You’re different, I like it….
      You’re from another Planet, ahh…
      I’d like you to take me there,
      You could fly your alien spaceship..
      You’re different, don’t hide it.,
      That’s what made me notice you….
      …you’re a white light, but you cover it up…’


  6. I need a break from Mars. This Mars and Merc episode in Gem in my 8th H was like a twilight stroll through Bedlam. People prone to go nuts, finally went nuts, bringing other people to near madness too – which meant me doing much mopping up of splattered psycho debris … i am exhausted.

    At the same time, trans Jupe has been hitting on my Leo Mars hard for what seems months (…it HAS been months). And now i see that in mid July, Mars will be on my Sun (already opposed by Pluto and squared by Uranus) with Merc too, for good measure….yay, just great. I suppose i should be grateful for the energy/stamina it provides – tho my worry now is that it could be my turn to self combust – there’s only so much heat one can bear, no?

    I’ve read that wearing a copper bracelet can protect one from too much Mars energy – the copper cools down the Mars fire. At this point i’ll try anything … Cu soon..

        • Im just going on what was said on a daily or weekly sometime back. I get things wrong, astro-wise, then l learn by the mistake. But getting better, bit by bit. Orbs, dissociatives, no cusps for signs BUT cusps for houses all stuff lm learning in past months.

          Can’t get to Astro Hacks soon enough

    • Mars on Kataka intensely processing past- doing Kon Mari Method- yes still.

      Mars in Gem opposed my Saturn. And super Scorpi/Pluto forever low energy. Huge resentments, bitterness, cynicism. Very Un Libran. Is it the Uranian dude exactly opp my Sun? No amount of New Age stuff helped- remedies etc. just had to survive.

      Reframing/ditching expectations as in who’s got my back and who doesn’t.

      Gratitude seeped through so am focusing on THAT. Glass isn’t empty. Phew.

    • Everyone gets a turn to self-combust! And some say life isn’t fair 😉 Time to give someone else a chance to mop up the psychic debris: you get to take a cycle off.
      Waaaay off, if you feel like it!

      On my travels today I found a brass scarab pendant with a bit of abalone in it. *pretty* I thought of you 🙂 Going to make a necklace with it.

      • Aaaww, sweet re the scarab find. ….. i have a cool young Scorp Moon colleague with an ankh tattoed in the nape of her neck – and i always have to stop myself from calling her Ankh – as there can only be one Ankh, right? 😉

        And to tell truth, i wouldn’t mind self-combusting – so long as i could do it in a forest glade by a waterfall, behind which is a secret cool cave i can lay my weary body in and sleeeeeeep ….

    • Mars return is a beginning of a new energy cycle. Perhaps you feel the need for new projects, commitments, decisions which will play out during this new cycle (around 23 months).

        • Transiting Mars conjunct your natal Mars (to the degree) is your Mars return. So you should be feeling a rush of energy, and it is an excellent time for you to reflect where and how you want to take action in this new cycle. Mars will be traveling in your chart for roughly 2 years until your next Mars return in 2017. So, the plans you´re making now will be playing out during these next 2 years, further than his current transit in Cancer that will last only until August 2015.

  7. I like Mars in Kat being a 4dr Katsun with ASC and aftermarket Arien Supremacists SN. Im getting a blue/orange racing stripe over my gun metal grey paint job.

  8. Adore Mars in Cancer. There is everything right with Mars in Cancer. Mars in Cancer is sexxxy, seductive, hot, empathic, intuitive, great skin, too cool for school, abs, abs, abs.. Can you tell I have Venus in Cancer? 😀

    Makes sense recently divorced Cancerian Ex is haunting my old stomping grounds and in my Cappy girlfriend’s ear about me right now.

  9. No sex with ex. Check. And yes that’s the only thing I took from that post. Must be my natal Mars in Gemini!!!

    PS. Is there a Yes time for sex with ex? My Virgo moon wants to know for scheduling purposes.

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