Multiple Gemini Genius

Margaret Bourke White

 “The woman who had been torpedoed in the Mediterranean, strafed by the Luftwaffe, stranded on an Arctic island, bombarded in Moscow, and pulled out of the Chesapeake when her chopper crashed, was known to the Life staff as ‘Maggie the Indestructible.'”

Margaret Bourke White was a photo-journalism pioneer, a trail blazer for females in the media (she was the first female war correspondent, for example) and self improvement addict.

Astrologically, she was a multiple conjunct Gemini and super-Uranian.

She had Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto,  the Sun and Moon ALL in Gemini.  Uranus opposed her Sun/Pluto/Moon.

I feel this quote from her below, aptly illustrates that.


She also had Pluto AND Uranus square her Node – so kind of a permanent Zap Zone going on there, Taurus Rising & Chiron on her Capricorn Midheaven, signifying her enduring legacy.


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what a bodacious BAMF.


Damn straight- Geminis are amazing!!!


what is that thing she is standing in above the city ? and hi from home

bull with sting in tail

Its the Chrysler Building, Art Deco masterpiece


I watched a documentary on her in high school photography class. She was my (awesome, huge hearted hippie) teacher’s hero.


Wow, totally inspirational, and I relate strongly to the quote.
First pic is TERRIFYING.
Maggie the Indestructible has Jupes in the 12th, of course. 🙂
Also, just speculation, but I bet without her Toro rising she woulda been batshit looney tunes. Her chart is so intense!


Omg I LOVE her!! What a woman. She is rather beautiful too. Her astro is fascinating. And I love the needing new things and experiences when it is accomplished with steely determination and neatly framed. My sun/Merc/Venus/Saturn in gem guy with Aqua rising is similar. Otherwise life would be a crazy mess and putting yourself in the middle of carnage and death as she did, well, you need way to hold it together with some sense of purpose… I can’t help wondering about how her Parkinson’s manifested, her life almost having a pendulum quality being so sadly physically inhibited by… Read more »


Ah, damn, I had a comment about my 5 planet uranian Gemini mother but the WiFi ate it… They are very very interesting people. At least two careers in parallel, very low threshold for intellectual boredom, frame of reference for operating in the world intersects only partially with most of society’s. They are driven / enlivened by proper, big ideas , could not give two shits about ‘accepted norms’ if it does not make sense to them. Ok so my sample size is 1 bit with ms white here, that makes two, consider this verified! Ha.

The Venus Fly

That Taurus rising will give you incomporable tenacity, I tell you…


i love taurus rising.


And people think Gemini is just a gossip girl, LOL….! Nope, stick an Outer Planet or two in there and watch what happens!


Great article! Fatastic pics! I enjoyed reading it.

Typo alert: You have listed Mercury in Gemini twice…. I’m sure one is meant to be the Sun.)


“Margaret White added her mother’s surname, “Bourke” to her name in 1927 and hyphenated it.”…. So ahead of her time. What a broad. I will add her to my “board of directors” on the wall of my study. She is a most worthy addition. Thanks Mystic!


I’m curious…who are the other ‘board of directors’ on your wall?


Oh, currently I have David Lynch, Marie Colvin (badass war correspondent who got hurt and lost the sight in her eye while reporting on the Sri Lankan Civil War and *still* managed to submit her story by deadline), Sufjan Stevens (encourages me to feel all of the feelings), Jack London, Ernest Shackleton and a friend of mine who isn’t famous, but passed away and automatically became the chairman of the board!


This is the best idea EVER, I’m going to steal this and use it right away if you don’t mind. An inspiration “board of directors” is JUST the thing for someone who works out of home, alone! You are brilliant!


Awesome! I too work from home and have found it to be a great source of inspiration. I sometimes rotate board members based on mood or need or current vibe, but it’s a great mood booster to see their faces as I work. By all means, take the idea and run with it – it’s fun! Go forth and create x


On my board: chair is Mary Seacole, then Candace Pert, Sandra Ingerman, Teal Scott and Ted Andrews. Looks like they have a new addition to their team, though.

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