Ask Mystic: Are Geminis Sexually Duplicitous?

Disco Unicorn

 hey mystic!! hope you are so well!! here is a question for the astrosphere:

all this venus in leo + recent mercury retrograde has got me reflecting on my sexuality hardcore !
(in between admiring myself in the mirror with a new sense of adoration + combing my rosemary-scented mane whilst listening to songs which could refer to it,, of course)

I know they say gemini sexuality is very duplicitous: as in, always into two people at once, cheating, etc.
but I literally ALWAYS find myself ensnared as a “unicorn”: attracted to one half of a couple & then, without fail, the other. it is perfect in the sense that I love men AND women.

these are not always open/poly couples but often are. & yet there, without fail, is the back-and-forth–two want a threesome while one abandons the whole torrid idea.
(this is worse in my more neptunian spouts so I want to channel this energy consciously!)

is this a gemini trait? (I have venus & moon there.) is there a chart signifier for “unicorn” sexuality? or is bisexuality particularly gemini trait?
it has gotten to the point where it defines my eroticism.

bemused bisexual baby-unicorn

WOW i had no idea “unicorn” was a term for being attracted to couples?

Am i uniquely naive? As for it being a Gemini trait – Gemini (and Pisces for that matter) often manifest as a duality. Eg; i have  known several Geminis who seemed to have somehow wound up having relationships (okay, sex) with siblings – not that the same time but one way or another, they were intimate with – say – two sisters.

Yes, this did cause some tension.  Obviously, if you are bi, this amplifies your options.  I assume this would mostly be an issue if you had – say – Saturn opposite your Venus by transit (ie: you DO soon) and were seeking a more solid commitment, someone to grow with.  It also sounds like classic Uranian sexuality – anything goes between consenting adults so long it’s not the suburban marriage belt and bbq circuit, please god no sort of thing.

What does everyone else think?

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51 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Are Geminis Sexually Duplicitous?

  1. My Gemini Ex had more threesomes than any other person I have dated. He was also a huge play baby, huge flirt and swore it was all harmless. Part of me believes that it absolutely was but my scorpio venus would not allow for it.

    To this day he attracts all the young early twenty somethings (he’s knocking on 40) because he’s a big kid with Peter Pan syndrome. If nothing else, I can say that he was a lot of fun to be around.

    Also his three best friends were Geminis as well as his brother. That was a lot of hot air to deal with for the two years we were together.

  2. I’m a raging bisexual and a triple taurus, if that helps. Often I’m attracted to more than one person at once, but rarely ‘in love’ with more than one person at once.

    Not a trait only for the mutables.

  3. God, I feel so boring, so naff and embarrassingly suburban reading all these comments. I thought ‘pansexual’ was someone who liked a cooked breakfast the morning after a good bonk 🙂
    Joking aside: I am far from conservative and am a firm believer in consenting adults being able to do whatever they like with no interference from anyone, least of all the church or the state. (Venus in Aqua). For me this means being a one-man woman. It’s not a moral thing, it’s just the way I’m made. I need independence like oxygen but even casually can only have one sexual partner /love interest at a time (hello Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conjunction). I am an idealistic romantic who still hopes for true love with one man. That’ll be Neptune on my 7th house Pisces sun which so far, has proved completely fuqued as a transit.

  4. My first, brief, marriage was to a gemini. We were both almost twenty year old and were going to live together but his parents were disapproving dicks and considering he worked for the family empire we decided to just get married.
    I was his first and his father had said in front of me that marrying the first girl you “do” is a bad idea.
    Turns out it was a much worse idea for me because this family dynamic was at odds with my existence. After the parents divorced, the mother took over the business and husband-101 took over for the male role. Distance and hostility grew to where I fled the house, taking what I could carry and signing a quit claim deed worth a million plus dollars to get the f’ing divorce. I lived in poverty for years afterwards but it had to be done. There’s no way I would have gotten a penny if I had tried. I talked to a pro one time about all this and he said the term “emotional incest” and it hit my like a ton of bricks. Floored me. Yes, that’s exactly what it was. I was NOT his first girl. And mom knew it, knew her dominant position and used it savagely. Such a sick relationship. How much of a willing victim was he? I don’t know. Fuck him. ahahah, I don’t really have a catchy grabber to end this tale. It still scares me.

  5. gemini +1 to all of this except the duplicitous.
    total unicorn pansexual desires.
    i can and do do long-term monogamy/loyalty and have cheated only once in my life (and felt horrible and confessed within 24h)..
    but it makes my soul die a little. give me two, please, with total freedom and others coming and going. voila, gloomy gem becomes sparkly gem!

  6. I’m a unicorn as well! I enjoy group play and being poly. I generally despise the term bisexual and prefer to refer to myself as ‘queer’ or pansexual.

    Sun and Rising in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius, Venus and Mars in Leo
    nothing in Gemini….

  7. Chiming in as another Gem with Leo rising – I am also bisexual/ queer & genderfluid/ androgynous… I am capable of loyalty if I’m in love & they’re giving me what I need, it’s that simple. I say, own it! Yes, I reckon your Gemini placements are responsible for the duality. I do know a Pisces polyamorist with a strong attraction to couples who is usually dating several people at once. Guilt yourself not unicorn! Just make sure they’re treating you right, & you may find a couple whom it works with for a time…

    • Wow so are all us bi/pansexuals Gemini with Leo rising? That’s what I’m gathering from these comments hahaha. What about us makes us so fluid?

      • pansexual androgynous unicorn virgo here! with gemini ascendent and venus in leo.
        I’ve done the loyal girlfriend, but it’s hard and frustrating (or should I say castrating?) and even though I don’t cheat, I keep fantasising and flirting with other people after a while, usually from the opposite sex of the person I’m with. I’ve learned to own my fluidity, and just try not to lie or hurt anyone on the way.

  8. One of my old friends started dating my brother in law and my husband swears it is because she has a crush on us (my husband and I) simultaneously. I’ve definitely experienced traces of desire from her in one form or another over the years but nothing blatant besides the one time she tried to kiss me. She has Mars in gemini and a scorpio moon.

  9. I’ve not much exp with Gemini’s but could see they may be more prone than others to need ‘stimulation’ from more than one. Howevs, I agree with other comments that ‘duplicitous’ implies deceit – which is still kinda cheating – but in a more deliberate, sneaky way. Whereas I see the gems be more like the free loving flower gen types. 🙂

    PS thanks for the heads up on previously unknown to me definitions of unicorn and golden unicorn!

  10. Yeah, nah. I mean, my experience to Gemini partners is limited to my husband. But he is Aquarius Rising too?

    He has Sun, Merc, Venus, Saturn in Gemini stellium, most of it in the 5th House. Would seem to be ideal astro for the sexually duplicitous, no?!
    Not to mention a Mars in Pisces in Saggi’s House! But no.

    Completely ADHD tech head of course BUT hates labels, absolute clarity of purpose and vision and one of the most ethical and pragmatic people I have ever met.

    • Also, I think actively disliking others for their perceived suburb-anity would be like buying into the whole paradigm? Which would be the ultimate act of conforming.

      No judgement. Take everyone as they come. I mean I live in the suburbs but I don’t buy into the concept for myself or others.

      As I am gem rising, I like to assume others don’t buy into boxing others in, but I seem to attract those who want to do that to me.
      There is a Scorpio chick who is very charming and funny and mum of my kid’s friend, but a real box ticker.
      Scorpio Box Ticker told me she was wondering how to classify me in her taxonomy of friendships (she has a lot of friends) and was thinking of putting me under quirky. I haven’t really invited her round since.

        • Like phoebe in friends. Probably a Tanta master etc but hey, she’s the quirky one, always with the incense and flakiness, *good natured eye roll, cue laugh track*

          • Yes! You get it, lol I totally flashed to Phoebe in that moment!
            While I like this girl, I am up to my eyeballs in muggles. I am pretty non-discriminate in my tastes generally ( I prefer psytrance, but will dance to 80’s pop if there is nothing else on) so I had to artificially create this boundary, like a ‘Muggle-Free New Friend Zone’ in my mind.
            Because explaining what my part time occupation involves shouldn’t have to involve blushing and apologetic tones due to jarring another’s reality perception. It makes me miserable! I’d rather be alone and confident. 🙂

            • Growing up, have always had a handful of folks I could talk astro shorthand to…

              Was known as the moody one at high school. In the art scene there were so many individualistic people I never felt I wouldn’t be accepted for being different in that way. Had more questions in my 20’s about race/identity/gender and asserting my fragile, neptunian ideas in a more materialistic context.

              My mars pluto Uranus tight little cluster is in the 12th, so its like I’m quite comfortable hiding away the uncanny, ancient/pantheistic part of myself so only those who really know me well/have spent time in my home know about that side of me.

              Sphinxy, my partner is a muggle, but showing distinct flashes of raising his vibe 🙂
              My sympathies, also for someone like you, a dignified Lioness with Scorp moon having some twit designate you ‘quirky’ when you could blow her out of the water (spiritually and metaphorically speaking).

              • Oh my Gem is a muggle by habit but not in practice in the sense of how he relates to me. I dunno about blowing anyone out of anything, we all have our abilities in different areas – I just wish people could respect that we all have value even if the value is not immediately comprehensible! Like my ASD boy whose energy is phenomenal! As far as I am concerned we should all be grateful for his simple existence on this plane, lol. Anyways, Mars/Pluto/Uranus in the 12th is a completely MAD placement!!! Truly powerful, like driving a Ferrari in the astral!

        • Yes. And near a school. Like, the inner city is gross and the farm is super far from friends. I mean what’s left?

          • Hahaha. True 🙂 it’s not like having a family and living in a house with a back yard is a crime. Xx
            I think i have been scarred from this one time living in urban subdivision hell…

      • That’s why I hate tv!! I cannot stand how they make charactures of people. It drives me insane.

        Venus, jupiter, Mars, lilith in gemini.

      • oh my god i was switched teams recently at work and literally was matched with a particular one because i am “quirky.” i was actually called that to my face and it was not something i enjoyed.

        had a moment of “is that what my muggle stereotype is?”

        i personally identify with phoebe as we’re both solid enfp, but still…”quirky.” smh

  11. I read somewhere bi tendencies are most likely in Aqua. My Aqua stepfather, a neurotic abuser, batted for one team but bowled for the other.

    Not one of us 6 kids rate him; mainly bcos of his abuse. But having to do housework, at his ‘down the road’ flat, where his toyboys walked around with ‘tent poles’, in their towels, had us scared s***less.

  12. The Geminis I know are all genuinely devoted to their partners.

    I had a certain ex boyfriend however with a Gemini moon who could lie through his teeth, zero qualms.

  13. Golden Unicorn is the term couples use to describe the single bi female they are dreaming will be their fantasy third. Difficult to come by in nature.

    • Wow so there IS a term for what I’ve been on more than one occasion? I’ve had couples ask me if I was willing to be a third and um no. Idk what abouy me screams “threesome material.” I blame Mars in Pisces Rising.

      • Wow, I have had the same experience! I wondered what it was myself. Because I am not a threesome type of person, I have no idea why I am giving off that vibe.

        The majority of the time it has been the woman in the relationship who brings it up.

        I also have mars in Pisces. Pisces moon as well, not sure if that means anything.

  14. Hmm, the word duplicitous tends to imply deception. And simply being bi, or attracted to > 1 person at a time whatever gender, is not in itself a deceit. (Personally I might venture that is in fact a very human trait.
    Is your question do geminis cheat? Or are you asking whether geminis tend to wave the flag for gender-‘meh’ sexuality .
    I guess cheating depends on the partner. Some partners are whatever about crushes and flirtations, the poly thing is a separate discussion i guess.. others have a meltdown and ‘dont you love me anymore’/ revenge fuq madness.

    The Gemini thing, I kinda maintain that gems eschew limiting labels and classifications in general because that instantly prevents the thing-being-labelled from utility elsewhere in time or space. it sets its function, identity, allowable limits, in concrete. Just let it do its thing, says gem, stop being so controlling and pls abandon the need to label label label (disclaimer, does not apply to hazardous materials, and boxes when moving house). So Maybe that applies to sexuality too.

    Also lol mystic “anything goes between consenting adults so long it’s not the suburban marriage belt and bbq circuit, please god no ”
    Can I +1 that

    • this gemini pansexual agrees agrees agrees. i dropped out of being a psychologist because i hated the labels we were supposed to give to “normalize” conditions. any sort of limitations on infinite possibilities is crazy making. enforcing structure will always yield opposite results or sneaky petulance. from my personal gemini experience, it’s best to just let a gemini think we have 1 million options; we are too whatever to follow through most of the time.

      • Yes, yes! Saying to the Gemini “you must do THIS and you must behave like THIS because this is how I want things to be and any deviation from my known world without an approved form filled in in triplicate is a punishable offence and I must know everything about your interactions with These People …” ~because I am insecure and i only feel comfortable when I can control you ~ well of course the Gemini is going to go under the radar,’s not about necessarily fuqing other people and it is a mistake to assume that just because Gemini cbf detailing every interaction of the week that they are cheating and deceiving their partner. Gemini dies of boredom when subjected to the quotidien minutiae of someone else’s life (unless they are madly in love i guess and even then best to keep it to a minimum), so why would they want to insult someone else by assuming they care about the same. And it’s Gemini, it’s not like they are minimalist communicators. So I think i am more talking about the duplicity mis-interpretations rather than specifix of love and sex.

        • As in if the gem was going to share every interaction with all of their connections, you’d be sittting there an awfully long time lol

        • Omg yes on the minutiae. I’m always like, “get to the point. Why do I need to know this?” Tho that might be some of my Leo rising being a royal brat.

            • Ha, yes, probably. Although my Scorp Moon is more of the moody weeper variety than the ice-cold “nothing phases me” creeper. I have been reduced to actual tears at a party where everyone was legitimately boring me to, well, tears.

      • i didn’t quite respond to what you said, but I agree – Limitations on infinite possibilities is (theoreticallly at least) insane. And enforcing structure, yes it’s kind of deadening, in certain circumstances init

  15. right from the title i knew i was going to say, “yes!” but it’s not so much the real meaning of duplicitous as…what you’d think duplicitous might mean? ie way more like “double” or “all-over-the-place” than deceitful. i identify with the being-into-two-(or-more)-people-at-once thing – moon, eros, and psyche in gemini. i know a multi-gem (sun, venus, jupe) who has similar tendencies. we have different tastes – and are f/m, respectively – but definitely are inclined to be sexually ambiguous and attracted to whomever/ couples/ whatevs. i don’t feel bad about it either – it’s totally just a part of me. i know where the line should be though and wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyones’ relationship, etc. almost had a sexual thing with a pair of bros once. (saggo lilith in the 11th def amps my propensity for this kind of thing).

  16. Well…full disclosure I guess…As a pansexual Gemini sun/merc, Leo rising …I was extremely “sexually duplicitous” in my teens and 20s. Party slut super-nympho orgiastic cheater to the maxxx. (One of my emails was even “the velvet unicorn”). After my Saturn Return (in Libra), I stopped my crazy party girl ways and really channeled my Scorp moon, Venus in Midheaven/Chiron in Midheaven/Midheaven in Taurus vibez and started to do some sensual healing. My mind is still super pervy, mischievous, and hyper-sexualized, but the emotional repercussions of that kind of life really got to me after that intense Saturn Return. I think about that part of my life fondly. I really miss it sometimes, but I will never go back because I’m past the point where I want that sort of dynamic in real life. It was really fun though! I say as long as no one else is getting hurt, enjoy your crazy gembaby ways. Like tits out, champagne showers, orgasms galore. Just do it. 🙂

    • Interesting, I am not formally a gemini with leo rising, but my 3rd house (of gemini influences) is ruled by scorpio, and that is square my sun 6th, trine 7th, 1st houses (nearly all erotic flavoured, clandestine, work environments, (substances, flesh) for better or worse)…and my venus is in the 5th house (leo influences) which is being currently slowly pluto-fried, in capricorn (hence always the truly older generation who are the most unflinchingly iillicit) not too mention all the 8th house pile up, saturn northnode and transiting aries uranus…

      Always a uranian about this stuff, I have it conjunct pluto opposite mars, quincunx the sun conjunct vesta..

      I did not know unicorn existed, but this is apt throughout my life, both literally and metaphorically…except that decades ago, and even only a recent late piscean uranus cycle ago, I felt the experience was sensually blissful dressed camouflage to true expliotive intentions…

      A shrewd intellectual older capricorn wife who thought I’d be perfect to send off to her lustful established capricorn husband…both had fluidly been involved with the orange people, were highly driven successful business people…I ran operations for them, the money and energy were thrown into it, but I was siphoned of more than I initially realised. Sexually charged trysts like these can be very predatory…century old eastern esoteric mindgames with paranoia…believe me the repercussions stay in the psyche for years, one cultivates degrees of detachment…

      A pschycic even accosted me, serediptitiously warning me of my karmic lessons, (disturbingly he knew of my previous incarnation with my sister, my mother spoke of), telling me the stone I wore was because I was still learning…

  17. I have MET uber loyal Gemini’s (one they’re ensnared, that’s it) but I’ve never BEEN with one. ALL my Gemini Sun lovers (or Taurus/Capricorn lovers with Gemini Mars/Venus/Eros/Psyche) all friggin’ lied, cheated, bullshitted, denied but PLAY the ‘I love my lover’ vibe to the hilt.

    As far as Poly relationships – they are dominated by no sign IMO. It’s a state of being that goes beyond the stars, lol.

    • They probably did love you! Bad baby Geminis at certain points in our lives love fun more than commitment though. We are constantly breaking our own hearts with our impetuous decisions and then healing those breaks with more bad decisions. But that has nothing to do with being in love. One of the worst/best Gemini traits is the ability to compartmentalize sex and emotion.

      • Oh, sorry, you misunderstood. When I found out the ones I was dating were ALREADY in a relationship, I would find out the ‘I love my lover’ vibe was what they professed to the world so not to arouse the suspicions of the other. That was the time I would vamoose out of the situation as I don’t ‘share’, especially when one is oblivious ;P <3

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