Always On My Neptune

Willie Nelson

“I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”


“My love affair with pot was, by far, the smoothest of all my marriages. Pot and I got along beautifully.  Pot…never busted my balls but got me up and took me where i needed to go….pot did the trick damn near every time i toked. ”


Willie Nelson – It’s A Long Story – My Life.


The latest in our long line of Mars Neptune men case studies.

Willie Nelson is Taurus, Capricorn Rising and Mars-Neptune-Jupiter in the 8th – that’s totally exuberant, you know, appetites BUT Capricorn Rising succeeds and endures no matter what.

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Legend; I like his attitude!
Same thing blew me away about Ben Cousins (W.A. Footballer) was that he could play top shelf football while off chops. Now THAT is an extreme sport!


The person I live has Neptune in Cap in the eighth house and is Mars Rising. Geez. That is some intimidating shit.

Nike Vk

O m g maybe that is what “4/20” is really about–beginning of sun in Taurus–have def know some Taurus super stoners–usually very functional too


There are lots of ideas on the origin of “420.” My fave: NORML had its humble beginnings many, many moons ago in Fremont, Ohio, zip code 48420; 420 sprang from this grassroot seed 🙂


i thought 4/20 was code for ‘surf’s up’. (old Aussie slang for spliff time.)


Maybe so! Surf’s up: like 🙂


Truth about (hardcore) Taurus: This is why it can sometimes prefer THINGS to PEOPLE – THINGS do not make you look at your shit, LOL! Why, Willie, why did those multiple marriage end up going south, huh? A focus on the material to the point the deeper underlying layers (Scorp polarity) are missed. Could it be possible, Willie, that maybe you sought solace in a toke vs. actually working on whatever the issue(s) was/were? Willie’s cool – nuthin’ against the dude, so don’t get me wrong. But as someone with Sun/Pluto & Venus/ Pluto, this way of looking at relationships… Read more »


yeah I agree with the plutonic approach, in terms of a slow and steady inquisition into the heart of the matter. sometimes it is not called for and you can just gloss around, people do their thing, whatever etc. other times *ping* hang on, what do you mean by that? and a very big YES to being clear on what is one’s own crap and what is someone else’s crap. ohh the liberation. At one point (ca. my uranus-jupe-sun conjunction <3) I was listening on high rotation to a meditation cd where one of the tracks was about self-protection. it… Read more »


A friend is currently reading “The Tao of Willie” (2006) & loving it. He’s written quite a few books, & also has his own brand of cannabis on sale publicly (where such things are permissible). I’ve always admired him for his pioneering, righteous spirit; see Farm Aid, for one. Go Willie!


can I just say I saw the goddess that is stevie nicks live last nite…she ROCKED!!!! gold dust woman indeed : ))))


Wow sounds amazing


So is Willie a drug pedaller or is Lance a peddler of drugs?
Is it just a viscious cycle?

So thats why he spent so much time “On the Road…….”
And no wonder he had trouble with his wives,
If he thought his best partner was (a) dope


yes, when your partner takes a bunch of drugs regularly of any sort, you’re dealing with a love triangle, there is no doubt about it! Am not against the basic idea recreationally but when it comes to reliance, then there is un problemo


The ‘third’ partner is not always a person


yes, that’s what I mean (having dated a pothead and then a chronic gambler I feel sort of familiar with the situ)

Jessica McOmish

By contrast I have Moon Square Neptune, so drugs and alcohol deplete me creatively. Mr Nelson however seems profoundly fuelled by them. Thank the power of the Trine!

cosmic fleece

Funnily enough i woke up this morning with his ”Blue Skies” song in my head, and the memory of my Pisean Grandmother and Leo Grandfather pushing the chairs back and dancing to this LP closely together in the kitchen / dinning area of their home. And then i thought, when Nan signs out of here we must play that song at her send off, she was such a floaty dancer and i should get this album to listen to while wrestling with Sydney traffic…be soothing…Much respect for Willie Nelson.

virgo rising

Got to be kidding to compare taking performance enhancing drugs when in competition with others who aren’t and giving oneself an unfair advantage to lighting up a joint…in your own time and space that affects no one but yourself. He still is on a high….and has lost his marbles to boot.


Yeah, those are two totally different reasons for drug use and two completely different types of drugs. There is no correlation at all.


There’s not. But it’s still hilarious. 😀


That’s why it’s funny yeah?


Ah, the neglected aspect of Taurus: truth-telling. See also: stubbornness. Yes, Willie, when I was on drugs not only could I not find my bike — I was 22 years old and so coked up at 8 AM moving my car into a legal parking zone that I WATCHED A HOBO STEAL MY BOYFRIEND’S ROOMMATE’S BIKE as I re-entered the building and said “Good morning” to said hobo as he walked out with $800 that I had to pay back on top of my rent the next month. Venus-Neptune-Uranus girl here. 😀 I try to work it haute style instead… Read more »


You are a magic maker




So apt…as usual. Willie Nelson has been coming up a lot this last week! Very interesting to know his chart.

Also having lunch with the natal Mars opp Neptune ex tomorrow. Our Mars are opposite, so his Neptune conjuncts my Mars. I know that all sounds very iffy but we’re artists so hanging out and being Neptunian is nice for me.

It’s no joke about Mars/Neptune, though. Potent stuff. The hallmark of the strange and the slippery, but also the glamorous and dreamy…truly intoxicating!



“I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”

That is hysterical!


the best quote

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This post is totally apt.

Cosmic Phoenix

That man is a beast on the stage. He plays virtually nonstop and gives one hell of a show. I also love his work with Farm Aid. We all need a little Cap or Saturn to aid our Neptune, right?

The Venus Fly

One of my fav Taurean mavericks – and we got many to choose from. LOVE him!

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