A Ritual For Calling Your Power Back


Wanting A Ritual For Calling Your Power Back?

This is from my friend, the highly Piscean & genius Marcella Kroll and it is SUPER APT for this Full Moon in Capricorn week. Sometimes we don’t even realize it but by obsessing and fixating on something/someone – even it is righteous rage or a sane love affair, we’re eroding our strength.

Full Moons like this one – opposite Mars and pre a Mars-Pluto smackdown mid-month, are about power.  Even things that you think have nothing to do with “power” this week are ALL about that.

We give our power away when we say yes to the things we want to say no to. As well as when we say no to things we want to say yes to. Giving our power away can wreak havoc on our self-esteem, confidence, and mojo. You may feel that you don’t have a choice in some situations, because you need the job, it’s your family or your partner, and you feel like you don’t want to rock the boat. Perhaps it’s something more intense, like a traumatic situation that you keep replaying, a fight, or feeling guilty or bad for not doing what you thought you should have. Over a prolonged amount of time, the imprint of these situations can lead to depression, unhealthy partnerships, martyrdom, and repeated patterns of breaking down your confidence. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer!

Calling Your Power Back Does Not Mean You’re Ego-Centric

You can start to make changes that invite your personal power back, so you can stop harming your well being, and start living as a healthy powerful person. If you have a negative perception of being powerful, that might cause a bit of a problem. As you may fear to be a bully, a tyrant, or egocentric. If this is the case, you might want to reacquaint yourself with what it means to be powerful and a force for good. Be inspired by leaders, artists, activists, and others that own their power and do so with grace. I’m sure they were all scared, or nervous, but at some point, they had no choice but to just be themselves.

Calling your power back can be as simple or as ceremonial as you want it to be. A simple action could be you finally giving yourself permission to do something you have always wanted to do, but have put it off repeatedly because of fear. Now is the time! Write that book, take that class, sing that song in public, tell someone your dream. The domino effect will begin to trigger energy into your life, and more situations that allow you to express your self-empowerment in healthy ways will begin to show up.

Mars-Pluto Alignments Are Always About Power

Now if you want to get more ceremonial do the following. First, find a sacred space at home or in nature, where you will not be interrupted. If you want to light sage or burn incense or palo santo then please do. The more witchy the better. Call on your Guides, the Universe, Ancestors, a Power Animal, or Spirit (you can call who or whatever benevolent forces you like to work with to join you). Ask them to be present with you and witness as you boldly state. Please feel free to ad-lib and include names or the situation if it helps. Repeat as often and as necessary as needed.

“I now call my power back from anyone, any situation, belief, or event that has held it before now. I invite my power back with ease, grace, and gratitude, right now, and so it is.”


Image: Moebius – Jean Giraud

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Timing to the max MM. Just sent a summary onto son who like me was bullied as a child. For me giving away power is an imprint but for him it does’nt have to be as he is still young. Still reeling from latest power game and needed this to refuel again ready for next stoush.. really realy need a night under the stars and full moon. will make it so


So glad the Recent Comments plugin is back! *Like*


HA. This is timely. The past week has been spent undoing all the good work of the past few months and allowing myself to slip back into bad habits and worse thought spirals.

I’m off to utilise the suitably dramatic storm going on right now to get my shit together!


I would like to call back my power by meeting my fellow Angeleno, Marcella, somewhere for a tea and a chat. 😉


Every time I think I learned a lesson about giving away my power to obsessive thoughts or to allow an abusive person to threaten me, it seems to return in new forms.
I seem to draw/magnetize men who want to dominant, control me and when I refuse they stalk, harass and threaten me.
I am going to do full moon rituals to re-gain my own power and confront these shadow stalker energy face on.
What is this darkness that keeps returning…the dweller on the threshold…the watcher.


the Pluto…(rising)?


yep, could be…just would really like to put this energy to rest.


this is a hairy moon aint it.

i’m getting pummeled over here.

my cardinal degrees have post concussive syndrome.

i’m taking on water


Juno tripped over my antivertex. But we’re ok. We’ll be ok.

Mel C

WOW! 🙂 Love this!


Love this. Just being around other people can bug me out, I recently realized that I start comparing myself to everyone I come across and it usually makes me feel bad. (Libra rising, porous Pisces boundaries).

Power leaks- Maybe this is partly why I feel like I’ve been moving slow like molasses the past few years.


Full Moon in Capricorn at 9 Degrees, right? If so, it is opposing Venus & Saturn.



I love the idea of calling back your power. As if your power isn’t ‘lost’ exactly just elsewhere, and the trick is in recognising that it will always do what you ask it to do…. that you are always in charge of it. Nobody takes it – we give it away. This astro’s intense, yes? My workplace has gone completely tits-up, everyone suddenly at each other’s throats, cracks appearing everywhere. My social circle similarly fracturing. Full moon will be in my 11th opp my Cap moon et al. Pluto is dead on my Cap stellium right now and I am… Read more »




Beautifully written and a lovely and complete affirmation!! I like it covers belief, events and people (though, I might say ‘beings’ rather than person because I encounter a lot of non-human persons in trance work). This is a really nice short hand way to deal with power issues and will probably be a relief. But if I am honest I would suggest that to really get to the core of a problem, you probably have to get into a trance state, recall the exact event in as much detail as possible, forgive and understand the situation/being then call the power… Read more »

Calli G

Day-um! I just clicked over here after googling two former friends who betrayed me in the most profound way of my entire life. That was years ago, and I’m still allowing myself to dwell on it occasionally. Clearly I need to get my power back from the tired old ruts these memories have worn in my brain.


I have Kataka ascendant 10 degrees and I think the full moon will be at 9 degrees, so right on there, on my Asc/Dsc line, and I wonder if it will illuminate something hidden? My Venus is at 6 degrees Capricorn This is perfect timing for me, as well, to be reminded of holding my personal power. This past Saturday I reunited with my Taurus lover guy from last year. We haven’t seen each other in seven months. The reconnection was amazing. Felt so good… We will keep seeing each other, but it’s so supercharged, I’ve really got to keep… Read more »


Is it possible you’re giving your power away by NOT communicating honestly about how you feel? Just a thought.


Yes, I thought of that too, and that’s probably the case, thanks! …..but I think I have to find the right way of expressing how I feel at the right time. It’s going to be too much too soon for him if I have an outpouring of my feelings to him after not having seen him for seven months and having just reunited for the first time this past weekend. I don’t feel like doing that will make me feel ‘in my power’ either. I just spent seven months trying to force myself not to love him or want to… Read more »


Pluto Rx in 7H opposite + Nep n Chiron Rx in 8H opposite 4Planet 2H. Im goin fqn nuts


Oh yes, I see what you mean. And that sure is a nice intense aspect!

Playing it close to the chest is indeed its own kind of personal power. Just make sure you are doing it from a place of trust in right timing, and not of fear.

And the Six of Cups… that seems really nice! Do you have any South Node aspects with him? Like a past life kind of thing. Can also be about childlike trust. Or feeling like you’ve known someone forever.


I think some of it is fear, but when I think about it rationally, it’s also about right timing, it just doesn’t feel like the right timing yet. He’s very open and direct and calm and doesn’t seem defensive or skittish when we discuss things, but I don’t want to overdo it. He knows I have feelings for him and he has for me, but I don’t think he’s ready to fully let go into his feelings for me yet, and I don’t want him to feel pushed. South node aspects…yes. His Saturn and Pluto flank my SN in Libra.… Read more »

L. Hoover

Hmmm, this has already been written


It’s actually a ritual that predates online Web coaches entirely. So, uh, hmmm.


Yeah, calling your energy/power back to you is a key step in shamanism/energy work. Different messengers, is all.


“Three nights were lacking before the moon’s horns met, to make their complete orb. When she was shining at her fullest, and gazed on the earth, with perfect form, Medea left the palace, dressed in unclasped robes. Her feet were bare, her unbound hair streamed down, over her shoulders, and she wandered, companionless, through midnight’s still silence. Men, beasts, and birds were freed in deep sleep. There were no murmurs in the hedgerows: the still leaves were silent, in silent, dew-filled, air. Only the flickering stars moved. Stretching her arms to them she three times turned herself about, three times… Read more »


I forgot to credit Ovid. His estate contacted me on pinterest. I’m in wicked trouble.


I LOVE the idea of the old poets and philosophers having an active estate in various dimensions that reaches out on social media etc to address plagiarism and breaches of copyright hahah… but yes of course at some point the work enters culture and we lose a sense of the author (death of the author, there’s that modern concept ) … but still, it would be lovely to have a kind of Bitcoin-esque traceability for ideas and concepts that we just take for granted “ohh I see this whole worldview actually relies on Aristotle’s argument about xyz…” (Without needing a… Read more »


Just let the charge of the goddess speak through whomever your guides are. Bloggers are conduits, not the power.

Take back your power from the copyright. Get it ON


I wish I could call power back on behalf of someone else. I know that totally seems ridiculous and..not powerful for them, but they’re not into this stuff. :p


i feel this way too. read in a mantra book that you can work on behalf of others by stating beforehand something to the effect of ‘i speak for so-so, i do not take on their karma’ or something like that…


unless you are really close to this person, like they’re your child or something (and even then, probably only when still in childhood), I think it’s better to let people tread their own paths.


Sometimes a prayer for them, in the highest possible sense, can help (us or them, I’m not sure which).


Yes, always syncing with you, MM. Yesterday, as the Moon and Saturn had a Scorp meet up, I affirmed myself in this very way. As a triple Leo with Lilith in Scorp, I had decided to celebrate each remaining Moon/Saturn Scorp meet up…feelin’ the Phoenix within.

BTW…smiled at the daily scope pic…Yes, I am Chicago!


The past few days has been the first few days I have felt “over” my agoraphobia for 9 months. Came after realising I’m not in the right relationship for me. Since we went “on a break” a few days ago, I have absolutely regained my personal power. I had no idea this relationship was affecting me like that?! This Full Moon is happening in my 12th house. As soon as I said those words above (I read them out loud straight away I just couldn’t wait to create the right environment) i said them with so much conviction and passion… Read more »


Hi J, agoraphobia and the loss of personal power are symptoms of narcissistic abuse or a relationship with a controlling, paranoid person. Please stay on a “break” and own your power.


Hello everyone! After a long road to semi-healing from heart stomping by infidel, I realized I have some rather intense feelings for my priest. I suspect it is mutual. This will be a slo-o-o-w goer, no doubt, and totally cool with that, after making the same mistake many a time of jumping into bed straight away.

Check this out: trans Merc hitting natal Gem Moon, trans Venus-Jupe making DIRECT HIT to natal Venus, trans Saturn-Moon crossing natal Juno in 7th H Saggo. Life-altering, enduring relationship in the works, per chance?

Blessings to all! XX

em price

this is fabulous. and I’m a huge fan of every single thing you produce, but this is just exceptionally awesome and so on point. love it.


Calling it back? I was unaware that it had gone walkabout, LOL. Nothing is worse than having to post “Lost Power” signs around town and waiting/hoping for someone else to find it. I should also think that if I were to misplace it, whoever picked it up would be quite disinclined to return it as they would find it far too enriching. I *have* had it stolen from me a time or two, though – mostly in instances where I gave the benefit of the doubt and was perhaps a bit too trusting. Always guard it; it is a very… Read more »


“I have worked on approaching life with more of an open hand, so if someone decides to fuq with my trust by not being transparent & above-board, at that point I see it as a reflection on them and not me…That’s how I keep my power – staying centered in my genuineness.”

Love this. I too have a lot of scar tissue left over from an abusive relationship with a narcissist and I know I’ve been keeping people at arm’s length due to having my trust broken and my self-identity fucked over by a damaged person.


I am sorry that you experienced this – my heart goes out to you! <3 I hear you…for me, it is all about being conscious of what kind of energy I want to bring to the table. If I approach a situation with fear and mistrust expecting to get fuqed over, it can easily become a case of “as ye seek, so shall ye find”, can’t it? No – I have lived the life of a survivor. I’m done with that – the name of the game now is THRIVING. It may happen in small, slow increments, but I am… Read more »


Wow. Powerful words, LV. Thank you.


Everything you said is just perfect, it’s what I need to hear now. Thriver, not survivor. I’m printing out your entire response to pin near my computer. Thanks for your empathy and wisdom Liberating Venus.

Michelle J

Oh wow. I really needed to hear those words today liberating Venus… Particularly the second paragraph… brilliant thank you!


You are very welcome – if I’ve been able to provide comfort or catharsis, the honor has been mine <3

Michelle J

Thank you


YESS! I so need this! Sharing!


I really needed to hear this today, thank you. It’s helped me to decide not to bail someone out financially.

Crystallised future

So need this information right now. Thank you Mystic. I’m gunna do that ritual when I get home. I’ve already booked alone time in a motel. I’ll find somewhere beautiful to say that statement of power out loud and I’ll mean it.


So I slapped my Scorp man crush while drunk and have been wondering and obsessing over what to do. I apologised immediately after the slap – but should I let it go and just not apologise again? He seemed super cold and mad, and I barely know him.

Been thinking long and hard about him and what I want from him – and I can only say “I just want to drown in his eyes.” That’s it.


What did you slap him about? Were you mad or playful? Context is everything. If you were mad, well, a slap is a slap is a slap. Rather inappropriate considering if a man hit a woman it would be a major issue. And we’re all about equal power, right? If it was just playful, that’s still sort of an issue, but not if he didn’t really take it the wrong way. But it sounds like he did, so it sounds like he feels disrespected and I have never met a disrespected Scorpio I wanted to hang around. I personally wouldn’t… Read more »


Never ask for your power back. Power doesn’t ask. Power is your birth rite! Demand power & accept nothing less.


(Please use Power responsibly 😉 )


I never tire of reading your witticisms, darling – they make the day brighter <3


Right? She’s good!


Guuurl. Truth.


*wandering, but wondering works too


I love the idea that personal power can be called back…I’ve lived as though once I’d given it away it was gone (lost) forever…but it’s renewable, returning, wondering around out there waiting to he called back to the source. This changes a lot!

plutonic irruption

doing This under the FUll moon.


So needed to hear this. #respect


love it


What happens when you say yes to the things you want to say to? Haha


Say*yes*to. (lm getn a computer Wed – yay)

Jessica McOmish

Am really creeped out. Just bought my first Tarot deck, and the same card jumped out twice during shuffling.

Three of wands. It describes my exact state at the moment.

Power is in da house, me thinks 0_0

Jessica McOmish

Ps. still shuffling. Three of Wands has fallen out several more times.


Gateway card. Are the ships coming or going? Do they belong to you, or someone else? What is their cargo? The figure seems to confidently own those three wands, not even considering two of them. Also note that the water is more likely a river than an ocean as you can see the other side. What’s over there? In my practice it’s one of those cards that begs questions and can benefit you just by meditating on the artwork.


Based on RW Deck at least


fab, love it!

Malcolm McLeod

Well said & shared


Amen just sounded too patriarchal…



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