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Astro Hacks

Hey guess what? Remember the DIY Astro Hacks Astrology Lesson Mp3s?

I am thinking of doing something similar but way better.  99 Astro Hacks would be a year-long astrology course, for approximately $99 and it would entail (yes) 99 Astro Hacks a.k.a. epic chart reading lessons/tips emailed out to you 2x a week.

With diagrams, funky illos and easy-to-understand instructions with Mp3s where appropriate. I have been cooking this up as a book since forever but i think this would be cooler. And there would be a 99 Astro Hacks page on the blog which would operate like a forum for questions and learning.

It would cover the Everything – from the amazing basics to awesomely simple ways to understand your chart.  So i just need to know if anyone is interested, to work out if it is worth doing it. If you are interested, please sign up here – this is not an enrollment – just an indicator that you might be (like a wink) OR mention it in the Comments!

49 thoughts on “99 Astro Hacks Online Astro Course

  1. keen, tried by sending interest by email, but I dont think I replied correctly….not handy with computers, so if your game so am I…

    • Ditto re: payment plan, or some such. Indeed, I’d be game for something that cost less and was just one email a week, or some such.


      • I get it – the problem is that it works at $1.90 a week so if i make it cheaper, it would be unfeasible. I get a lot of emails re learning astrology but it actually does take time to turn knowledge into digestible morsels that are easy to absorb, inspirational and instantly useful – not lie a textbook, of which there are many already.

        • Oh, absolutely: I know how much work this sort of thing takes and am very much in awe of how much witty, cogent writing you turn around every day between emails, ‘scopes, and the blog. The astro hacks plan is brilliant.

          I’d just advocate some kind of tiered pricing or sliding scale / payment plan for the broke, the cheap, the Saturn-slammed. 😉 But of course, do what works and keep us posted on what comes of astro hacks and all.

          xx + with admiration

  2. I hate to say this… but I’m be worried about “not getting it” 🙁 Maybe I’m just being insecure.

    I’d need A LOT of hand holding, and I’d ask a lot of questions.

    Needy Scorp is needy.

    • That’s a good idea, like a private page for discussing the topics. I am like that too. It took me a while to go from “my moon conjunct neptune is super-neato, maybe I’m psychic!” to “oh shit, I absorb everyone’s energies without realizing it and how do I form boundaries if I don’t even realize its happening.”

      Seriously though, I think it takes longer if you are learning on the side rather than it being your full time field of study.

      • I had same thought process to that. My Moon ruled Asc trines my 4H Nep in Scorp which squares my Moon in Aqua. Peeps think lm a detective/stalker/know it all. But l put no effort into it all. I feel crowded with my, as well as, Merc/Uran cjunct AND my Mars/Plut cjunct.
        Like the Paul Kelly songline, “a V8 in a car made of nails and wood”

      • Cosmic you also have Moon conjunct Neptune?!
        ‘Super neat’ ‘psychic’ ‘absorbing other’s energies’.
        YES! I know this placement at midheaven 10th house manifests strongly in my life, but rather confusing i have found (or is it other’s that are confused & i absorb it:-).
        Must find out more about this placement.

        • I have Neptune conjunct Moon 2 degrees off my Ascendant, sometimes I wish I was an actress. But it’s the constant “yes but how do you know that???” queries that cannot elicit an answer other than “I just know”. Thank god for grounding and sacred spaces and gems – picking up external energies can be draining.

        • It’s been quite the process to navigate this placement. I feel like it works as an undercurrent for me and not to sound full of myself, I think I am influential. Sextiles my pluto libra in the 11th.

          Pegs, you’re very Sagg, right? My moon neptune is in Sagg. I feel like I need to learn to just ride it out and naturally actualize the the energy rather than analyze it to death – pluto chart ruler plus a bunch of stuff in my 8H of gemini.

  3. Sounds BRILLIANT. I really want to learn more about squares and conjunctions, trines and all that stuff. I find it confusing atm.

  4. i find everything apart from the basics soooooo confusing that YESSS defo in have wanted to study this better for so long with would be perfectt!!! i think its fine the price is higher because the content is worth it – i will find a way!!!! (also paying in 2 sections or such would help without having to lower the cost perhaps)

    • I agree with ALL of this. Being confused + I’d like to pay in two sections. If I NEED to pay in only one – like if MM says “no it’s only $90” then I’ll go with it…

  5. There’s nothing I’ve been waiting for more than an Astro course with you Mystic! If I could sign up 10 times, I would!!!

  6. I would love that. Just yesterday I was searching YouTube for astro lessons. While there is a lot of good info, it is in bits and pieces from various different sources.

  7. Hey People – i am thinking this through on the weekend – make sure you are on that Mail Chimp list if you want a proper update re this BUT i am thinking that rather than a protected page on the site, i will set up a private Facebook group page so students can ask questions there, talk and share charts….

    And yes, have worked out it would be possible to offer split payments on this. Current thinking is one off payment of $99 or four of $33 – it would begin literally the moment that Jupiter went into Virgo, every trick in my book.

    • I think i’ll enroll, but as long as the group is private and is accompanied by the forum you talked about in the mailings.
      Actually very much looking forward to this course.

    • Hi Mystic,

      Just wondering if you are still doing the split payments and if so did you mean 3 of $33? I’d be keen as I’m really struggling to get that much free money together in the one payment. Btw- I’m assuming you mean $33 +GST as the $99 ends up being more like $108 at checkout.

      Also have I missed the boat on this? Has it started already? I’m so keen and so broke – a bad combo 🙂

  8. Hi Mystic – the course sounds great – but I’m a TOTAL astro novice. Knowing what my star sign is, is about as much as I know about Astrology. Would this really suit someone like me??

  9. Would it be a good idea to alert friends who are not yet subscribers to take this course?

    Or is the choice to enroll for subscribers only?

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