Why Ouija Boards Are Non Us…

La Demonita

Blame the Full Moon in Scorpio and/or Pluto operating without the jangling input of Uranus but dialogue this weekend is fraught.

Interesting for sure, deep and relevant…but full ON.

Royal births – (the new British Princess has the same rising degree as her grandmother’s Sun/Mercury), taxidermy, death penalties, how the next big deal in government is not so much fancy statements but big-time back to basics…infrastructure – who gives a fuq about your tax rebate if the bridge you drive over to work crumbles?

What if the animal most likely to kill you is on the Protected Species list? What if the structure most likely to fall over on your hot arse one day out of the blue is considered  “heritage.”? Does the same architecture that gave us hits like the Boer War and Victorian/Edwardian attitudes toward human relationships still even make sense enough to be automatically protected?

The Zap Zone intensity dies away and we are all in our new era now but the issues are still in play.  We’ve got the future more or less in bed and now we have to fuq it. Every assumption is still up for assessment – its just that after the Zap Zone we SEE IT.

Everyone onto the Zeitgeist is getting the fresh vibe, obviously. But i was amazed to hear Muggles mentioning Ouijia. It’s like when Joseph Kennedy heard his shoeshine boy going on about buying stocks and decided it was time to get out of the market – it felt like that. Maybe we pull out of the whole “anyone can access the universal matrix of Awesome, kindly dead spirits vibe.” I always thought it was naff and, at times dangerous,

It’s like this. If are working your own vibe – you get the guidance you need. Astrology and Tarot are an aid to this. They augment your own Awesome. If you are literally going to see a channeller person or doing the Ouijia Board, you may as well stand in the biggest town square of your city/village and ask any old passer-by for advice.

Someone or thing being in a different dimension does not make them smart.

A person being dead or an entity being in another dimension does not give them automatic genius insight, wisdom and/or any power whatsover over YOUR domain, your life, your time.   Even if someone says they channel an archangel or a King of Atlantis, whatever – sorry – if those people were THAT powerful they would have taken over Fox or the BBC by now…they would run the planet.

Astrology, Tarot and the I-Ching are the most sensational aids toward personal WOW type enlightenment – i love helping people feel that. Magic is real. The old Gods and Goddesses exist. I legitimately know it.

Never ever email me for my opinion on what some random dead person or conjured up minor deity said to you via some consult at a mall or a fairground.  YOU are your own best conduit to occult knowledge. You are one good sleep away from WOW type esoteric input.  Astrology is epic for timing and i think my horoscopes are always NOW, and relevant,  but for personal, real time forever guidance from a deity who loves you no matter WHAT, do your dreams – keep a dream diary.


Image: La Demonita

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I just noticed that the sabian symbol for 18 Virgo is “a ouija board”


“the glamour of it may subtly pervert the mind of the aspirant; but in some cases, this can be the first manifestation of INNER GUIDANCE. The difficulty is to correctly evaluate what or who does the guiding ”

Lilith being on deck I’ve noticed that my conventional shadow is wondering if our house guest is going to set up a method lab. I’m excited she’s here though.


Nailed it MM ….. NAILED IT!!!!!!!


oh my gosh this is the best!

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I think the board is probably a bit insulting to spirits….I mean they’re SPIRITS, they’ll have their own way of communicating, right? Isn’t it a bit like shouting at someone who speaks a foreign language and expecting the communication to work?

Tarot, astro and reading omens/synchronicity works for me. Particularly certain birds.

Maria padhila

Thank you! I just read this aloud to my daughter. One of my favorite “prayers” is: “If you’re here to help, please get to work; if not, kindly fuq off.”

Sparkling Leo

Hey Mystic………..Super post, “Someone or thing being in a different dimension does not make them smart.” LOL It seems that people are pretty gullible. Think for yourself! I’d say. I’m going to dust off my dream journal pronto. Been bit lazy and then wow, look out. Thanks Mystic Mystic.


the way mm worded the dream journal bit is so totally what i need to push me to actually do it. brilliant!


We’ve got the future more or less in bed and now we have to fuq it. Yes. I was so serene and in a way I still am but also very NOT. I feel like a snake shedding it’s skin. It is uncomfortable but a friend reminded me of something so important that at first I didn’t understand so they sent me a Nick Cave song and a Wikipedia link. My friend said to me, all this rushing about looking at flats is distracting you. The changes you need to and are making, preparing to make, attempting to make, making… Read more »

Moved on

“but dialogue this weekend is fraught. Interesting for sure, deep and relevant…but full ON.” Hmmmm. So I thought my husband was having an affair for a couple of months and even suspected with a friend of mine who waxes lyrical about his fabulosity any time we are together. From about early Feb onwards any time I came near him on an electronic device the page he was on was quickly deleted. I also got up in the middle of the night a few times to find him watching pornos – which was a bit disconcerting. I’m all for pornos but… Read more »


Moved On what is your astro signature again? You sound really balanced about this situation which is pretty stressful sounding for your relationship. B. H. Clow says that the half Uranus return (or midlife crisis) is the peak time for the Kundalini awakening to come about. It may be that hubby is not able to process this energy in the right way? I think the Chiron return can also be involved in this too, she talks about in Liquid Light of Sex. In any case, I think he may need to look at his anima, the inner young woman to… Read more »


I agree as I have uranus in 8th at present, last few years, post uranus return, same for my partner. There are also matters of exploitation, sexism in porn. It is political. My husband thinks many of the people in porn appear far from natural – hairless, artificial, with implants etc. There are erotic films for adults produced that intended to be sexy for men and women. Aside from managing energy, there is the issue of inclusiveness. Anger can ruin any chance of sex. Addiction makes people irrational too. Tough situation as men are really designed to be turned on… Read more »

moved on

HI Sphinx. Astro is triple pisces (Sun, Venus, Saturn), triple Virgo (Mars, Pluto, Uranus), double Cancer (moon & Ascendant), Mercury in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus. I asked him to get back to me tonight about what he’s going to do about his issue if I’m going to fix mine. He looked startle – like, what issue? Aquasun – my husband has seemed to be totally irrational on and off for about 3 years. I’d mentioned it once before about Gemini here ages ago. I’d even thought it might be early dementia, he has been THAT distracted… Read more »


Similar to you I have unexpected change to get through. Our marriage is going through a very accelerated intense transition. Over 20 years we have had undertones of mortality – terminal illness, loss. It has not ever really dissipated. Always the sex was binding, pulling – sometimes exhausting. My husband’s sun venus and mercury are all aries 8th. Strange we had tensions in recent years, when I was ill, difficulty with recovery. There were disagreements about healing, alternative medicine. I moved past it, and my partner was as supportive as possible for the person he is. I am also re-reading… Read more »


My sister has medium skills, definitely and has been working ontraining mostly to contain the flow

We noted long ago that anyone who hasn’t made it to the next leg and is still hanging out to talk to us is really not making the best use of their lives.

We might go psychopomp and help them over, but hanging out with ghosts can be like that guy who graduated a few years ago but still hangs out with the kids in the woods. Like matthew mcconaughey in dazed and confused.


Yes picking up ghosts is wasn’t what I meant btw! Psychopomping is lots of work and I think it is so cruel to play with the dead. They are people too, usually people who have suffered and are traumatised to the point of fracturing their consciousness.


Yes. Yes yes.

It’s so sacred I don’t mean to be flip about the psychopomp studies at all. It’s definitely part of their work I’m studying.

I wasn’t making a direct reference. I think when Iread this Page I actually just want to be in a study group.

I’m just in their stacks here.




Lol so true!


Another epic post – on point – LOVE IT x


My sis’s BF set up a Ouija Board when I was late teens. I was scared but I trusted him. When the glass we used as an indicator flew light speed from letter to letter in a way our pinkies on the glass couldn’t possibly attempt I felt quite ill and quit it. The BF just smiled. He later developed anxiety, depression and schizophrenia as he was a sensitive man. I think his dabbling did not help him at all. Having said that, I don’t see why if approached properly this couldn’t be a great tool! Ouija Boards are just… Read more »


I never could rectify how it’s sold as a toy.

Like, you have to study most paths for years beforeyou can access an oracle. WhEther its formal training or the sweatnblood school, you take a degree of discipline into the questions you ask or you DO get schooled. By life, your reflective friends and enemies, your shadow.

I just think it’s bizarre to tap into the collective unconscious or sneak between the veil at slumber parties or keggers.

But, I’m a rare bird round my parts.


Yes, I think it is a serious mistake to market it as a ‘toy’ or use it in the way you describe.
You are very nice and normal bird on this forum as far as I see it! It’s nice to be normal somewhere birdstar, lol.

But I don’t see that spiritual searchers shouldn’t use it?
Too much fear about accessing our friends in other dimensions isn’t healthy either.
There is a lot of wonderful and beneficial help we can receive if we know what we are doing and ask the right questions.


well said


Anything is a tool, or a weapon, or a piano falling on wile e coyote.

Curtain number 3 might be a new car but it could be the repressed karmic burdens of generations of sinners abandoned daughters…
On a burrow

Jungian game shows brought to you by hasbro

And sphinx I know I’m in the wrong aviary, I’m busting out of here any day now 🙂

Venusian Liaison

SO true Mystic!

My one experience with the O board was a few years back at a family gathering. The younger cousins thought it would be fun to break it out and the rest of us said, NO! Them being teenagers, they brought it in the house anyways and the moment they sat it on the coffee table, the clock flew across the room! They got the point….we didn’t play!

They scare me and I very much believe that it will open doors you have no business opening!


Brava! I already have enough trouble dealing with people on this side to go looking after entities from the other side. Not very keen on blurred lines either. Your post reminded me of Laurie Anderson´s “The Ouija Board”: you play with that, you end up finding yourself looking over your shoulder a lot!


Im really glad this post was made. Dont fuq with the Ouija.

But I had a question: how can you tell the difference between who comes through your tarot cards, and who comes through the Ouija? I mean, as humans, how can we *really* tell whos behind the Tarot too?

If the message is delivered in a high-qi way, does that make the kernel of the message high-qi too?

This leads me to wonder if there are such things as spiritual good-cop/bad-cop being played.. bad reps created on certain things to make the “good” things seem better? Just some thoughts.

Mel C

This is your best post ever Mystic! Yes! Self empowerment to the MAX!!! Woop! ???????????????? (in case these emojis display as alien heads just know, they’re actually the raise the roof hands)

Mel C

Aw great. They display as question marks and I ain’t questioning anythang here!


Yes! A million times yes! This resonates with every single cell of my composition. You are poetic magic, Mystic.


“We’ve got the future more or less in bed and now we have to fuq it.”

Hey future. We’re both know why we’re here. Let’s get it on. 😀


Yes! I loved that line too. It’s sexy time, people.

The Venus Fly 2.0

It’s work and trust self mode for moi. Which the Goddess/angels state will LEAD to more SHARED sexier times.

Bring ’em on!


‘work and trust self’ I can’t agree more !! X


I listened to a live version of that (Marvin Gaye) , god, so amazing to watch him and that voice, aaaahhh… 25million+ YouTube views can’t be wrong. <3
I think that was also playing in my head after meeting another total babe this eve, gaaah I could have eaten him alive but his girlfriend may have objected, Scorpio moon on my Uranus 5th house is mischief making, why can't I have this natally? It's so much more fun 😀


Pi, the moon will pass over my scorp Uranus ascendant and a few degrees later it will be full. Sounds like fun 😉


Oh misery, my leo husband with dour saturn mars conjunction in taurus and jupiter scorpio opposition is reluctant and sceptical to play…No to seduction of the slivery tongued healer and no seducing on my terms for a change within the marital confines…Eclipse required to shit mindsets


LOL Shift midsets…please!


love a good typo ..xx
that is a lot of fixed energy there ASB… you cant lead the horse to water when he doesn’t even want to walk out of the stable. Sounds like he’s happy with his heels dug in right now. Let him wallow for a while in his (ahem) shit mindset? my pisces, sadge and gemini things feel for you. I don’t know how to shift a fixed sign except for throwing my hands in the air and leaving them to it, which isn’t much use here. hmm. XXOX PS you’re still amazing.


Too funny, just bought this book from brilliant bookshop after buying “You can understand your dreams” (Professor David Fontana, deceased) which is about building upon dreams, making a dream diary. Plenty on archetypes, subconscious desires… http://www.harpercollins.com.au/9780007554126/moody-bitches-the-truth-about-the-drugs-youre-taking-the-sex-yourenot-having-the-sleep-youre-missing-and-whats-really-making-you-crazy There is a chapter on perimenopause, (and hormone excess before decline) which is so tragically true, ridiculously humorous…Surges around mid to late thirties to forty, (prior to uranus return)… A whole chapter on sex, sexuality (positive body image / visualisation) its wonderfully sensible and liberating. Just what a capricorn venus requires with transiting pluto sitting there in the 5th (with an almost exact square… Read more »

The Venus Fly 2.0

The greatest male vocalist of all time IMO. The deluxe versions of his 70’s albums are essential. Most of my fav vocalists are Aries, lol

Lucy the Leo

so, so funny!

Alejandro Sifuentes

Well said Mystic !


I NEVER use a Ouija board. It opens a door that is next to impossible to shut. I live out in the middle of nowhere for a few reasons, but chief among them is needing to be away from the cacophony of people’s sounds & feels & thoughts– so Loud. Spirits are just more of the same, & my place is not some human metaphysical flop house. Needs my space & quiet, no ghosty on-call 24/7, you can crash at my place, shiz. Oh no. Boundaries.


So yes: there’s nothing inherently wise or altruistic among spirits on the other side. They’re just People. People on the other side. Many people on this side are terribly naive is this regard, I think.


YES. Yes. Yes. My mother (who is fiercely spiritual with mars conjunct pluto in the 8th) taught me from a young age NEVER to use the Ouija board- that you don’t know what you’re opening yourself to and that it’s very chaotic and risky. My mom is a brilliant Tarot reader, and for all her insanity a deeply profound person who has had many, many other-dimension experiences. When she was a teenager she used the Ouija board and things got very scary- she said she felt as if she herself were haunted- she randomly heard screaming in her head and… Read more »

12th house virgo

When I was around 14, friends played with the Ouji board over the summer and some being that called itself Asmodeous kept insisting it wanted to talk to me. I stopped playing, feigned bored and just acted like people do with so many real things in life – as if they don’t exist. But I will never, ever open myself up to be inhabited by whatever passes through. We each get a life to live. Or not.


I’ve never found that Librans were pushovers, ever…

I find that usually, they’ll agree with you – then go off and do whatever they were going to do anyway.



Haha true in many respects…maybe a better word is “amiable”, “agreeable”, etc. I generally never put up a stink about anything unless it really meant something to me…


It’s a lot of energy to manage, those who can see/hear. Good advice from Mom 😉 Boundaries boundaries boundaries


Same. I have to be very, very careful where I am and who I am around at all times (Moon-Netune is my closest aspect), I’m constantly tuned in to other frequencies and requires a lot of control to stay clear. Of course I did Ouija boards as a young teenager and I never got spooked, it was just too much of a boundary invasion, I feel it all there all the time anyway, I don’t need it amplified.


Charley, Moon Neptune is my closest aspect too. So, hey.


Yes, some of us are rather porous. Or super conductors 😉 As you know, awareness & mindfulness are key. I remember your Scorpio-ness, Charley, but forget the details. What’s your sun, moon, asc etc, if you would please?


I kind of feel like I know there;s a party going on behind a door, you sense the activity and sometimes overhear something, but i know that to open or knock on the door means involving myself in something way bigger than I know how to handle, like driving a Formula 1 racing car, or cliff jumping in a wingsuit, or hanging out with a bikie gang lol. in for a penny, in for a pound right. Once, I was doing an art experiment which involved the Chinese practice of burning paper representations of domestic items to send to our… Read more »


Wow! Yes. So Pisces. Water conduit fluid juju. Party on the other side of the door, love that.


YES! YES! YES!!!! Mystic!

I LOVE it when your’e on FIRE and all over EVERYTHING! xx


scuse the caps. But when someone’s talking my dialect i get a bit excited, y’know?


Skarab, totally all caps excitement.
“We’ve got the future more or less in bed and now we have to fuq it.”


The Venus Fly 2.0

I hear that. I’ve been using the Tarot a lot the last 8 months after a 12 year sabbatical. I’ve needed the visual signs to realign with the positive aspects of my personae. Truth be told very little has manifested as foretold by the cards but it’s helped me cultivate my faith to create the life I want versus feeling cynical about past disappointments. I always get a little defeated when I move back to O-Z because I don’t feel as aligned with life abd the Tarot has helped me to trust the process versus wallow in disappointment. Astrology rarely… Read more »


Thanks so much for this, exactly what I needed to hear. I had an epic dream Thursday night (Samhain Eve) of being bitten multiple times by a snake. The final time it bit me in the throat and wouldn’t let go. It was terrifying, which surprised me when I woke up and thought about it- snake is my spirit/power animal and I often dream about being bitten but it doesn’t usually scare me. Going through huge change/ transformation right now, (my husband has advanced cancer) dealing with healing crises, power issues, and I felt guided to research Goddesses who have… Read more »


Which grandmother – Diana or Carol?


Yes, I read the daughter is 11th House Sun in Taurus, Cancer Rising, Moon in Libra. Neptune on the MC?
Projection of the masses etc.


Preach!! And Amen!! I have enough trouble with the uninvited invisible guests- never mind the others! LOL!!

Also, my dearly departed have their own work to do, non?

I once dreamed that Harry Chapin came back to do a three song concert for Earth Day. When peeps were peeved at its brevity, I said, “Don’t you know how much energy it takes to manifest if you’re dead?!”

Letting my ancestors do their thing- wherever they are!


“Someone or thing being in a different dimension does not make them smart.”

100% this.


Neither smart, nor benign. There are a LOT of ‘energies’ out there that ARE out to get you. Trust me.

12th house virgo

“Someone or thing being in a different dimension does not make them smart.” YES, YES, YES!!! Perhaps the most disenchanting part of my spiritual journey has been in realizing people – and this includes beings from other dimensions or whatnot – are no more reliable than any person you may meet. In fact, they can be so much more dangerous, because when you start tinkering with that stuff, you can’t control your borders properly. Its like letting the homeless from the street person move in and take over the master suite. And that may be nice. But, in the case… Read more »

Na na na


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