Venus & Mars On Edge

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Lou Feck

Venus square Uranus – Mars square Neptune = an EDGE type feeling. Hot, shamanic, restless and in no way supportive of anything stale or even flimsy. That sort of scene – in business, enterprise, creativity, romance, whatever – is crumbling real fast, even as i type this.

Yes it is the after-zap of Uranus square Pluto in that unfinished business or previously dodged issues are BACK. But it’s also got its own sensual zing manifesting in Art, Romance and just pure reinvigorating VIBE.

Mercury is, of course, still retro and so you may need to be in Stealth Mode also. Incommunicado but self-actualizing and shifting energy around like a diva.Β Β  More in your Horoscopes obviously.


Image: Lou Feck

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62 thoughts on “Venus & Mars On Edge

  1. Oh, now the ungrateful little swain is watching the footage I’ve made with him and he’s made himself available every single time I’ve logged into Facebook today. Even if Ive logged in for less than 5 mins, he switches his chat on. Welp. Sorry bitch. Not today.

  2. Ugh, I feel for everyone here struggling with the astro and unavailable men/women. To me it honestly feels like the zap zone just started, but maybe that’s because my chart is so Venus-loaded and in problematic aspect to Neptune. Yes I know, there are no ‘problematic aspects’ as such but hell, Venus in Aries/12th house square Neptune and then Saturn in the 7th is not doing me any favours at the moment (or for several years actually). Keep plodding, keep plodding… and I guess, stay away from Libra sun/Leo rising males?? Anyone has a warning word about those?

    • Yup same here. Venus sq neptune and saturn in the 7th here as well.

      Im a Libra and i don’t particularly care for libra males as anything more than friends. The last guy i flirted with turned out to be a Libra and i just dissolved away. He was full on flirting with me, when he already had a girlfriend, like in the other room. What a mess! Needless to say they broke up..not that much later and he was all like hey i am free now to go out.…

  3. I had such an interesting weekend. Spent it at the burn I keep talking about. Had to bring my entire family because of details I don’t need to bang on about. It was fine, sometimes you just need to take a situation for what it is and not what you want it to be. Work with what you have and all that. We camped with some friends and most of the camp was locals and I met some really quality people that live just up the road from me.

    My kids were total rock stars. Seven year old stood in the walkway and “attacked” people with his plastic swords. Made a ton of friends and had his little self indulged. I think that the self-concious curse I have learned from my parents and so on has finally been broken with my gem of a child. People kept talking to him and giving him gifts. If I cannot completely heal myself, at least he has a chance to socialize in his true self without that crippling self consciousness.

    As for myself, I had a chance to delve into a new to me scene based on community, art, and pushing one’s boundaries. A friend of mine runs an art stand where you paint and you can also take paintings (no money exchange, it’s known that your painting could be taken). I was so excited to discover that someone claimed my painting before I did! That made me feel awesome, like maybe my amateur art is pretty good.

    I don’t quite think I was able to push my boundaries as much as I would have liked, but it was invigorating to be around so many people having fun and living in the moment. I also loved the gifting part, so much love being shared by random people. I also got to dance, which I love. I especially love the attention I get while I dance. I have this fun blend of raver/hippy/industrial goth/ska high energy dancing I have aquired from being open to everything that came my way in my 20’s. Now I just need to exercise more so I can sustain it for longer periods of time.

    • Oh and I think merc retro in my 8th helped with this experience. I felt very mutable, being free spirit when I felt it, being mom, letting loose when I got a moment on the dance floor, absorbing the different types of self expression going on, being sensitive to my spouse’s experiences, and connecting with people at our camp. It was truly magical. Thanks, Mercury!

  4. Not feeling this vibe at all, but i’ve been out of sync with the heavens for awhile now. Nothing feels cool or zingy. :(. I’ve been cooped up at home weaving and making mala beads while my current love hopeful has been gone on a 2 week vipassana.

    • Oh Prince, its THE WORST when your crush is on Vipasana. I know. I once needed to contact a guy I was seeing urgently and couldn’t because he was navel gazing sans cell phone. My mom was dying and I’d just found out I was pregnant, actually the DAY my mom died I found out I was pregnant and I was like…Great. This is perfect. enjoy yr fuqin bliss dude, where are you when I need you?
      I think I have a Vipasina issue since that day lol

      • How terrible for you! πŸ™ i think vipasanas are sort of de riguer for mercury rxs though. Lol.
        Maybe you should go on one to break the vipasana curse?

  5. Welp. So it happened: even though I tried to be rational and give things a shot, it ended being as I feared it would be. I was a seat filler. I walk into the show while the music is still good (Cream, MC5) and see him talking to another girl. He doesn’t look too excited to see me, the girl is laughing. I walk up to him to say hello regardless but it felt cold and distant and he didn’t have anything else to say. He gave me a peck on the cheek but I didn’t feel anything. I meet a friend from school and I can see he feels awkward about me being so edgy and trying to hide my hurt and his guitarist’s wife was also uncomfortable. I didn’t like making them feel this way.The songs were getting more emo 80’s goth and I couldn’t bear to listen to them passively while the bands were getting ready.A relative texts me to go somewhere else so I go outside and call a friend who made suggestions. I set the timer on my cell phone for 30 minutes, to see if something made it worth staying or find a loophole to escape. Or just plain old escape. I tried to make connection, the scene was lame, the music more self-pitying, I wanted to speak to him. Would he listen? My friend from school and his companions were trying to hide their pity for me. I just couldn’t stand the place. I pat his back and ask him when are the bands actually going to start and he says the opening band would start in a few minutes (I was surprised HIS group was headlining). The live music starts. I don’t connect to it.I know that I’ll never have a say. I can’t find him to talk to him even if I wanted to and no he won’t listen to me anyway. I exit before the 30 minutes are done and before his lame band starts, determined to catch the last bus home because I don’t feel like paying for a cab. I walk, run, hitchhike and catch the last bus home too efficiently. I listen to this song about 50 times, talk to my friend on the phone and take a shower. Better than dwelling in that place. I can’t say that I’m not hurt or that I won’t be hurt later but I’m not crying. I don’t like not feeling enthusiasm or passion from people I like a lot and that makes a lot easier to not have to put up with

      • What’s funny is I was reading the lyrics from the original from The Commodores that are not in this version:

        “Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be
        I’m not happy when I try to fake it, no”


        Too apposite

    • Maybe it’s time to move on from this scene and those acquaintances? I’ve grown a lot the past decade and the friends i had then don’t always resonate with current me. I don’t ditch them like some people, but i do allow a graceful,fade in or fade out as needed. Perhaps it is the same for you? Sounds so saturn what’s going on for you.

      • Yes. What makes me angry/resentful/cry is why do I always have to learn lessons? Why can’t I have some love, comfort and understanding for once? For me, my creative ideas and my needs. Why do I have to be the one to toughen up? I feel like we have it tougher and harder than men a lot, with the lengths we gave to go to show interest, create interest and all we give to consolidate. I apologize if that sounds biased but I speak from observation and I’m tired of being the loser in this thing. Or to try to be a lesser woman for this thing.

          • Request for it to be taken down & it will be. My email address is my full name and I have accideny put that in as my username so I know how you feel.

        • I totally get that. Why always the stick and never the carrot to learn something? Idk. I see other people around me more fucked up getting what they wants so easily. πŸ™ it just makes you feel like a fuck up.
          I just try to relax and disconnect and just meditate, try to change my viewpoint. We can’t change others or our circumstance directly, we can only change ourselves and our pov sometimes.

          • It’s just that it’s very painful for a number of reasons. His interaction to me felt so cold and his conversation too succinct. Even someone with no fire in their chart can tell you a cold kiss is lethal.Coming from him? Even worse. I don’t subscribe to that club of women who date men with his um career choice. To me they were always buddies and nothing but. The relationship paradigms always seemed so sexist to me even as a very young girl. But then someone comes around who is musically like-minded, who is not half-assed and then a beauty to boot and while you don’t change your mind you’re obviously attracted. All you want is the house on fire and not the cold little kiss. You flee like it’s Sodom and Gomorrah with a Mars in the ninth house transit to not die of frostbite. Suddenly you have ninja superpowers. You hitchhike in one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Anything because you can’t accept the situation. Because what you want is some damn affection. And snub the whole aspirational little scene and the awful band he’s in for economical reasons.

  6. Can someone tell me – do Aries males run hot and cold in a new romance? I’ve never dated one before. He seems really smitten with me but scared of diving in. Whilst it might be just scars from his broken marriage, I wonder if it’s typical of Aries men, or is it just the current astrology? I’m Scorpio with sagg rising.
    Any help would be appreciated because I really like this guy.

    • Same thing just happened to me… best to get on with your life while they carry on ‘deciding’ – we can’t guess what the hesitation is unless they tell us I guess! But in some way, they’re not available for the relationship.

  7. I am not strong and I admit that I am frightened of tomorrow night so much. This morning, without going into details about my job to make a living, I was in a session with a lady who was in therapy because she was frightened of getting into a relationship. She sounded so…bothered by the idea of giving up her independence, having to be accountable to someone -which are basically things that annoy me about relationships as well. Yet she was talking to a professional to try to make thing work. I’d say lady just don’t settle down. In the end it won’t make you happy but that’s not what I’m there for. I’m scared of the changes that tomorrow might bring. Am I a friend? Am I a seat-filler? Do I make him nervous? Will it be the end? Did he invite me there because he wants me? I don’t like the uncertainty. It’s a situation that has sucked the self-esteem out of me.I want to feel loved. The best art connects and lifts you from all the limitations that have afflicted your life. Righg now I feel all my limitations with a side of tension headaches. Loneliness doesn’t help. But there have Been times when I thought I Ruined my chances only to learn I didn’t. Because I’ve been left wracked with fear from my previous losses that I can’t ser clearly. But I’m afraid it will be over and I don’t want to. Beautiful things have happened when we are in the same place and I wouldn’t want to lose him. I’m so scared πŸ™

    • I could have been the patient you’re describing! Except I don’t want to change my life of independence in any way, no matter how much society frowns.

      Good luck Z. I don’t know the details, nor do I need to know β€” but I sense the apprehension in your words. May you be guided to find/follow/act on what you need most. Know that you are LOVED already β€” with or without him. x

      • The horoscopes are just saying over and over that we are going in two different directions and that my “role” will feel inauthentic as hell. I don’t want to fix either one of us in the past, only to the rush of how big, scary and beautiful meeting a person is, but he’s doing/working on something I don’t like (and I feel he doesn’t like it either because he doesn’t like to talk about it)and the quietly supportive, non-dynamic and yielding traits that seem to be the more actual personality requirements that someone in his place demands are not something that I can provide, as intoxicating as his presence might be to me. I need to feel that I’m not alone and I need to feel that I’m part of something but on my terms. I’m going to a place tomorrow because he invited me – my friend and a relative have told me to not think the worst because I have no proof that he has invited me to hurt me and that the evening can’t be so terrible if he’s there. But the thought that his interest in me may be waning -let’s be honest- scares me so much. I want love. I don’t want to feel like a resource that has been investigated for maybe some inspiration only to be discarded like a tool. Meeting him was like being presented with Pandora’s box: something so, so beautiful that I feel indebted to but with the potential of being something bigger and not close to me anymore. Meanwhile what I want is beauty that I can hold and that society doesn’t act like I’m undeserving of. So many things going on in my head.I’ve been put to trial.

    • if it’s the right person, i don’t think it has to be about giving up the things that we really love doing. the right person respects your space, doesn’t care to drag you into things you don’t want to do. and that should go both ways. if love is there, becoming involved together is itself the fun. learning about each other and each other’s interests and passions, over time. that’s what I think. X

  8. hi moonstark, with respect, admissions of past rescuing behaviour and apologies for coarseness, I think the the β€œi-can-heal-him” delusion = I can fuq myself in the arse. or is that Neptune sidling up behind you? πŸ˜‰

    • ah ya, definitely a neptunian act of a self-undoing. My natal venus/persephone conjunction is right on his neptune, so it’s ripe for deluded narratives 24/7. Must channel this current astro into a creative project, lest i fall deeper into LZ land !

  9. urghh, i’ve been in solid LZ mode for little while. All too easy for a Pisces ASC with a moon sq. neptune on the dot. Always the same ex too. I even dug up his chart again to marvel again at how crap it is (lol) and how obvi it is that we’ll never work, even in the multi-verse that is mercury retro gemini. But it only seemed to nuance the “i-can-heal-him” delusion. He’s actually in the midst of a saturn square venus transit, so certainly not optimal timing for any sort of reunion.

    Hrrmm, if i wasn’t counting every penny right now (with some brutal tarot cards showing up in the $ sectors) i’d download the LZ book.

  10. I keep dreaming about men. Exes. My old LZ crush who I had crazy chemistry with but who never sealed the deal (always dismissive and withholding in my dreams but super nice in real life – my dreams showing me what would happen if it went down I suspect). I have not a crush but a vibe for someone at my work – I am not attached but there is some form of appeal. He dodges rapport in front of others (professional attitude I suspect) but on occasion lets the guard down and connects. But EVERY time I dream of him he either hugs or last night placed his foot on my thigh (he was sitting in a chair, I was sitting on my legs).

    I suspect my soul, which desires union, is ‘feeling’ who is ‘loving’ behind closed doors though none of these men are a tangible option. Interesting subconcious times…

    • sounds like your psyche is going through your personal reference library, doing a bit of behind the scenes research and analysis! maybe you get the summary report when mercury goes direct πŸ™‚

      • LMAO! Wooh sir – that made me laugh.

        I realized a few weeks in I wasn’t into this guy on the real, it was more like a touchstone attraction so I had someone to ‘check out’ during the dry season, lol. No latching on, just someone who maybe once a month I notice they have a nice ass or we share something in common and it’s cool to experience.

        Interestingly enough yesterday I felt a twinge of jealousy over an unrelated incident. Jealousy was a huge issue for me for many years during my ‘toxic dating’ decade. I thought I had shaken it off but it still lurks. Thankfully it only took 20 minutes to process versus 8 months like it would have been 5 years ago, lol.

        A lot of psychic synchronicities. I did the Oracle and MM states ‘You dream of…’ and the word is actually this dude’s nickname. I was like, yes, I dreamt of him. But he’s not the lover for me so it’s all gravy,

        Trust, VF. Trust. My trust has eroded since I got ill over 3 weeks ago, a lot of hauntings coming up but I see it’s all necessary because the new era is coming on. Trust is the key!


  11. This astro scene is interesting! Feeling what only can be described as a love/hate thing with a co-worker I slept with earlier this year and who I was into quite a lot beforehand. I tried to pursue things after the fact and told him how I felt however I got nothing back so I let it go which was the catch cry of the time… remember?

    It actually was quite easy to carry on as normal because I made it so by FINALLY seeing what was really happening ie nothing. I’ve unplugged from wondering if anything may manifest in delayed time. But lately, one minute I care and adore him for the good time we had, the friendship we obviously keep and that we’ve maturely moved on…then I’m totally off him for doing or saying something in passing not even to do with me personally! It feels like I get to see and learn in real time a lot of lessons to do with past attractions and the fact is I rarely see 100% in the beginning who is in front of me. I, emotionally unavailable, pretty much being drawn to another with the same attribute. It also explains why I take so long to trust and let my guard down – because it’s me who has set up this mechanism on myself. Like I already know my choice of partners aren’t really what I need. I’m on the road to working myself out. I love who I am and I hate I don’t honour it enough!

  12. Love this image. Venus in cahoots with Uranus sounds like sex magic skills, Mars and Neptune sounds like a subliminal strategizing team. Although I could be wrong… Mercury retro is having a blast messing up expectations right?

  13. I’m so crazy, stupid happy right now.
    Can’t say more. For lots of reasons.
    Going to bed. But wow. Just wow.
    And Fuck Yeah.

      • Yeah fuq it.
        I had the coolest first date EVER last night.
        30 yrs old, music producer/ songwriter dude.
        Ex pro tennis player so fit fuq (yes I saw him naked, no I didn’t fuck him but we did kiss an awful lot.
        That stuff is way under rated!
        We started off on a boat, realised that yes, we click, this isn’t just “oh nice profile” it’s like “omg I LOVE THE GRINDERMAN 2 REMIXES. You saw them live? wow!” he mixes popular music but is a stones and dylan boy at heart, totally retro and drives a vintage motor cycle. We were both wearing leather pants. He has the most beautiful green eyes and a killer sense of humour, a Scottish accent so thick I had to ask him to repeat every word he said. Admittedly because I just love that accent but he speaks softly too. I wanted to go dutch when he suggested we have dinner, he was just appalled, adamant. “No you can get the next one.”
        He’s perfect.
        Coolass, sexy, smart, musical, used to work in finance but hated it and now busts his butt doing what he loves. Making music. We both have Lana Del Rey as our wake up music on our matching iphone 5s πŸ™‚
        His is Blue Jeans, mine is Money, Power, Glory but it used to be Video Games for both of us. He’s officially a song writer but he works with other artists trying to crack the top ten. He just gets me. He’s assertive but not rude, actually extremely polite and flexible but no pushover. Gets up religiously at 6am no matter what.
        We were kissing and he said, “I love that you’re so sensitive.” I said “sensitive? You mean physically?” He laughed his head off. I love that he doesn’t buy my tough girl act, sees right thru it. God he’s hot. And errr 13 years my junior but hey I’m having my Uranus opposition so thats allowed right?
        Dear cyberstalkers, read this and know your days are over!
        I left my phone at home and had tango class today, now chilling at my club. Just sauna, not working out.
        Way too relaxed. He was gone but 11.15pm but texted me to say goodnight. I just think he’s awesome.
        It might come to nothing but you know what?
        I had fun and they are OUT THERE. Cool-ass, sexy, funny, romantic boys who are SINGLE!!!
        What kind of guy has blue jeans as his wake up alarm? The romantic type <3

        • This made me grin from ear to ear. Like I lived that. No metaphor. Congrats! That’s the date. THE beginning of the movie.

        • I was so happy after he left. Just lay there blissfully on my bed thinking wow.
          When I hadn’t managed to fall asleep at 3am the anxiety hit me. And all the questions and the insecurities and the ye old basic “oh fuck!”
          This is EXACTLY what my progressed Kataka 8th house moon wants, something deep and intimate and dare I say it, monogamous?
          Crazy but true. That’s what I want. And that involves real risk, emotionally. I’ve been so walled off and alone for so long that I got really scared but then I finally fell asleep and didn’t set my alarm because I asked my dreams/ guide to help me and they did. I saw all my fears exaggerated in the dreams, so I experienced those feelings and then I met people I really admire and look up to, people I’ve never met IRL and I saw both sides of the coin, them in public and them in private and how the public persona is one thing, kind of a duty almost, it’s work and later in the dream one woman in particular was almost crying in frustration and telling me how tired she is and having a proper winge and a whine about how frazzled she gets and how tough it is to keep going. Someone who’s image is just “I’m super happy all the time” and later she sent me a text message with emojis (in the dream lol) saying she <3's me and thank you for listening and that she feels better now having got it off her chest and had some rest.
          I got the Jungian vibe of it all and let myself sleep as late as I wanted and took the time to thank my guides and didn't stress out, didn't have coffee or try to write or work out but just wrote down my dream and resolved to take it slowly with the boy. Not because I like him but because I like me. Chav as that sounds. I really do like who I am and the person I'm becoming. Tango class was so much fun and super dorky but just FUN!
          Oddly some super rich guy was there, the slick, CEO type I'd have totally gone for before for all the wrong reasons. He was totally hitting on me and invited me out but I declined politely and said I had to work out but thanks anyway. It was a lie. I had no plan to work out. I just wasn't up for a date with a rich, charming mid 40's name dropping dude who thinks he's the shit because he knows all "the right" people and has that "I'm so the MAN" vibe. I found it boring. He insisted on walking me to my club after class which I didn't mind since I'm lost without maps app anyway but I just don't want to date guys like that anymore. Not even single ones. He made it clear that HE WAS single and dropped in "I'm a Scorpio male" into the convo. lol πŸ™‚ He said he was there to meet someone too maybe and kept going on about his professional accomplishments, as a lawyer and the properties he owns in St Tropez and London and I just thought "yeah whatever man, been there, done that. No thanks."
          I want a lean and hungry, ambitious, creative, driven, romantic type of guy who rents a place because he's following his dreams. Someone like me. No more settling for less than I deserve. And no rushing into anything with new boy either. I still have my goals, my hobbies and my passions to pursue. I'm seriously going to take this thing as slow as I can with the boy because I have things that I need to achieve. But it is great to having a real weekend for a change. I deserve it.

        • He sounds amazing. Granted, I’m not into his musical tastes but the tennis body and leather pants and Scottish thing is totally hot. Good for you! <3

          • Yeah, I only mention the grinderman 2 remixes because they are so obscure most Nick Cave fans aren’t even familiar with his other band Grindjrman, so to have seen them live and have the grinder man 2 remixes is like…what?
            But like me his taste is really eclectic although he’s a lot more informed about whats popular and current than I am obvs. But without sexy smile and smooth skin- he’s like hairless from the neck down and the tennis body and er the leather pants. I mean he’s the so cool-ass. I loved kissing him and I’d love him to be my boyfriend someday. I got lots to do first tho and if not him, someone like him. Someone exactly like HIM. Then again, all beginnings are lovely. I’m keeping my cool here because actually no one is as perfect as they first appear so I’m not getting swept up in a crazy whirlwind thing. Tempting as it is!

            • Nick Cave and side projects are cool. Ditto for vintage rock. I was referencing Lana, lol.

              I was a hardcore record collector for 27 years, I am prone to funk, jazz and psychedelic rock. But this man sounds absolutely delicious. You got me with the tennis body, I love the length and under-stated tone, meaning they look fine clothed but when they take their clothes OFF and you see the DETAIL of HOW cut they are? I swoon. My LZ crush used to play and I swooned hard when I first saw him shirtless. He was beyond divine.

              Anyway, sounds like you’re dating my dream guy – glad someone is. Treat him well and knock on wood it’s reciprocal. Enjoy love, my dear! ;P


            • Yes, exactly, he had me at Scottish accent but by the time he said “ex pro tennis player I KNEW I had to get his shirt off. Not an OUNCE of body fat. He’s just ripped and lean with those cool transverse lower abdominal muscles popping out below the perfect six pack ..Don’t get me started lol.
              I love Lana but what impressed me was that a GUY would have Blue Jeans as his wake up song. It’s not exactly grinderman 2 lol. It screams “I am a hopeless romantic” which I like, especially with THAT body, THAT accent and the mix of ambition and retro cool. I mean after you’ve worked as a trader in the city for a few years you’re not exactly naive right? But walking away from that at 27 to follow his dream of making music…I mean, respect!
              It’s funny you should say “knock on wood” we had to find a piece of wood for him to knock on before he left as he’d had two beers and was worried about driving home on the bike, getting stopped etc. I found the supersticious OCD thing pretty hilarious as I suffer from form of OCD that make Howard Hughes look positively gregarious and well adjusted. Thanks though and yeah, KNOCK ON WOOD! xoxo

            • AND knocks on wood?

              Girl, CLONE HIM. Clone him and send me one. Lawd have MERCY, enjoy all that fineness for the creative lovers of the world…represent LMAO!



        • Yes! This sounds amazing! So happy for you.

          I had a thing with an ex pro baseball player. So fit. So hot. Such wonderful sex.

          • @Cosmic Phoenix for once in my life I’m actually going to WAIT for the sex part and let the tension build. From our first date I definitely got enough evidence that it would be great if it happens. Almost can’t believe I turned him down tonight in favour of boring other plans but hey. Learning from past mistakes. Besides, great sex like all the best things in life is worth waiting for. If its meant to happen and he’s for real, he won’t mind waiting….
            And thank you! xoxo

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