The Language Of Queens

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Queen Of Sheba

“All women speak two languages:
the language of men
and the language of silent suffering.
Some women speak a third,
the language of queens.”
— Mohja Kahf, The Marvelous Women

Less than a week to go until Venus makes it into Leo…Until October. I am basically ignoring the teensy peek into Virgo that occurs right before she goes Retro.  The Horoscopes are going to be all over this fabulosity.  See also Venusian Vampery.

Queen Of Wands Thoth

Top Image: Bilquis – the Queen Of Sheba – from The National Museum Of Ethiopia
Bottom Image: Thoth Tarot.

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58 thoughts on “The Language Of Queens

  1. Can’t WAIIIIIIITTT. I have a fiery hair change scheduled for Wednesday. Hope I’m not premature. But I like the idea of greeting Lady Love in my Asc’s sign already looking at least *presentable*

    • Hello astro-twin!! Let us know how it turns out. I too am planning a major hair revamp to celebrate Venus in Leo. Need to lose the excess weight first, then wardrobe upgrade, then voila, I shall reveal new hair.

    • Hi bunnywhat,

      Try scrolling down a ways? It’s on the second row on my screen, but on a phone or tablet it might be even further down.

  2. To speak only the Language of Queens …. now THAT is a magical mission statement. Full Moon affirmation and Venus in Leo trajectory now locked an loaded.

    p.s. I am so grateful for posts like these, Mystic, not only the words, but the images. I think it is your incredible vision, your miraculous and intuitive instincts around the way you curate the images on your site that draws me magnetically/ I would be a subscriber even if I had zero interest in astrology,
    Thank you, Mystic.

  3. I think I am going to try to comment more, been really busy w/ schemes I am putting in to action, hope everyone is doing good. I’m doing great and things are only going to get better,been away for along time but I have been learning tons. Miss commenting more and hope everyone is doing good.

  4. I have found some books on vocational astrology, OMG THIS is what I have needed the last 5 years and it’s clear to me why I feel so lost and insignificant and pointless in the practice of art – sitting in a room alone, making a thing that 10 people in the world will see and judge? it’s a recipe for psychological disaster for a 9th house sun mercury with a moon in capricorn and a 10th-11th house emphasis. it’s helped me to clarify how I need to operate – I NEED the bigger picture, I need to connect with peers, and I need to have an effective and valued place in all of this. So armed with this information I can start to develop a way to operate in the new Pi paradigm to be more connected.
    so it’s not just a ‘nice to have’ – it’s essential if I am going to stay sane and not see my existence as so pointless that i might as well step under a bus for all the good I am doing in the world.
    harsh but yeah. it’s been that wierd ..

    • and NNode in Libra, Gemini rising, Mars in Aqua as close grand air trine, this lady needs Dialogue ! like Oxygen, lol

    • I hear you! My inner struggle also… Can’t tolerate the “suffering artist in an attic” archetype, I mean, FUQ that! ( But what to do when capitalism bulldozes over your gossamer creations?…) The bigger picture to me means: be aware of the games people play, identify what you really need and desire (that can be a DOOZIE) Eliminate the inner critic perched on the edge of your brain. Connect with like minded people who GET you… ~~ Oh, and read vocational astrology books. 🙂

      • Yeah.
        But I don’t think it’s nec about capitalism vs gossamer creations. These can coexist, imho.

        If id-ing your needs and desires and being sensitive to other people’s motives is important for you right now, then do that def.

        Like minded, like finding the network /mates/community, this one is part of my thing right now for sure. Locating a good communal space has been a part of this.

        Fwiw, what I wrote wasn’t a criticism of making in itself… It’s a criticism of *how I * was working and how I can make things work better for me, a bridge from A to B.

      • Using astro to help ID proficiencies, preferences, aptitudes, that sort of thing. Where our chart energy tends to sit. It’s less about “you could be an accountant or a solicitor” , but there is a bit of that in this ref.

            • Ok so it’s only one that I am looking at, a hand me down from an associate of my pluton friend the scorped sadge. “Planets in work, a complete guide to vocational astrology” auth Jamie Binder.
              Now as I am no astrologer, the more tech aspects escape me and I have no idea if this is a good ref or not but hey any insight helps. any decent mercury will help connect the dots I am sure 😉
              Have fun.

            • Ta. Still voraciously reading astro stuff. Plus l spent 8hrs with A Hepburn yday.

        • I found Mystic’s Vocational Voodoo good for this too. Shorter than a book obviously but some stuff I really related to. I also recently bought Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy and a lot of what they wrote resonated too – for vocational stuff.

          • not sure why this popped up here – meant for Pi’s comment further up the post about using astro to id proficiencies etc etc

            • hey pi, no, not a blog post. a pay anything you want deal. might be in the shop still? little while ago, but this year.

    • What a fab Sagg full moon epiphany, Pi! Your mojo is rising 😀 Vocation astro: love it.

      It’s like you’re an extrovert vocation-wise, you need that commeraderie stimulus to create in. Where’s your Mars & Venus?

      Mine are both in Scorpio/8th house. Rather introverted in all regards.

      • Yes this is cool Pi & Ankh!
        It makes this 2nd House Sun with a 6th House Scorp Moon realise I have quite a Yin and retiring side that relatively needs a bit of seclusion.. Plus MC in Pisces.

      • Hey, yes I need to spend some moments workshopping this a bit more but it helps.

        So I have Venus in Aries 10th house sextile mars in aqua 8th house. These make a sextile/trine with my gem asc. I think collaboration, collegiate environments, bands, share studios, ‘brethren’, all of these themes really appeal to me

        • The Pi Paradigm would be a sensational band name! I am hearing you on all fronts, can so relate, and much appreciate your thoughts and explorations on this theme. Am currently experiencing Uranus transits to my gem ascendant and Aqua Midheaven, so am seriously on the hunt for a new paradigm myself. Am relishing your comments!

      • Ankh, my venus and Mars are 8H too, in gemini. If you’re on my wavelength, I’ll talk your ear off. Otherwise…

  5. Ooowww can’t wait! This native Leonian Venus is nearly ready! Feel like I am working behind the scenes for ages and ready for my close up!

    We are gearing up for a trade show interstate and have been holed up working on designs and sample printing – retro Merc is working for me and am fine tuning the process and reworking til it’s right.

    Venus in Leo til October
    Jupes into Virgo = WOO HOO

  6. Clearly, French was my wrong 3rd language to learn. My Venus in Aries dies to speak with Power. Feel all my Pisces & Taurus dulls out my voice.

    • But…but…Taureans have THE sexiest voices. And Pisces are so eloquent and romantic.

      I’m a sextuple Taurus, believe – when we CHOOSE to speak up, we are heard. And felt like thunder and earthquakes under their feet. Go forth and wield with power ;P

    • you’re talkin my language (as in your areas of interest and natal venus sign)

      French: it was the language that held and discussed power for a long time. You’re not completely off the mark in choosing to have studied it. The foundations of discourse in western political and popular (as in civic) power, maybe.

      look at free online studies (there are some good ones) or try to access reading guides in politics business or philosophy that focus on what your V in A wants to absorb? it’s how my 9th house sun works anyway …at least.

      fish can help you access insight. Toro helps you speak w gravitas.

  7. Venus enters my fourth house tomorrow – and that fourth house includes all of Leo. Not sure what to expect!

    • Me too. Just had an in-depth discussion with someone about how to break up with my hairdresser of nearly five years. Have decided to see a few new ones first without committing to the re-book. This is totally new territory for me. I always commit early, possibly too early. I am Leo rising and my hair is Everything.

  8. LOVE Ethiopian art. Seen some fantastic exhibits over the years.

    The Queen of Wands has been claiming me since last September. I gleefully accepted the dance.

    Bring on Venusian Vampery.

    • After months of pulling cup-themed spreads, I did a reading today with at least 5 wand cards. Well alrighty then new vibe.

      • New vibe with my old name. Makes perfect sense this merc retro has me in a tech tizzy. Usually it’s a minor blip but this one is full of bizarro crap happening. The mouse on my laptop at work becomes possessed and freezes or pushes everything on the screen unless my smart board is unplugged. Then I forget and try to use it and get all pissed. I guess this was just me putting in the wrong name, but still. Weirdness abounds.

      • Since last September I have been getting abundant cards like crazy after years of ‘negative’ readings.

        Where this so-called ‘Reset/Large Love’ is though I have no clue. King of Pentacles/King of Cups/Ace of Cups/Two of Cups/Nine of Cups galore and nothing I want to taste has shown up. Though I’m seeing the hunger on others face for a slice of me, lol.

        Said with honesty, not conceit. I have to be honest, though the cards say vibe up and not be cynical but I’m starting to feel cynical about it all. I think 5.5 years of staid Australian cultural life is getting to this wild child…

        • Oh, hon, I’m sorry to hear. Not about the divine stares you receive, of course 😉 Have you tried doing a media fast? A few days off from even reading your horoscope? (*gasp*! I know) It may help to reset or just take a break from all that. I went to an event last weekend and was unplugged. It helped. I know you’re not in a position to travel, so create a retreat where you are?

          Good luck. xx

          • I have been sidetracked by my fury the past few days that I honored my instinct and pulled out my Angel Tarot Deck tonight – and it hit me why I have been so FURIOUS.

            A few months back my supervisor pulled me aside and told me to ‘tone down’ my creative expression because I am intimidating the more inexperienced members of my group. I was super excited for the mid-year break because that means a new ensemble but they decided to friggin’ keep the same energies in place. I have been moderating my creative choices to suit whatever un-named conservative energy is in my group and I didn’t realize that because the groups are not changing my soul felt like my ‘evolution’ forward wasn’t going to happen.

            So, I made a choice – fugg ’em. Artists are meant to step up to the plate. This supervisor encourages everyone to ‘break free’ but he’s always trying to reign me on. I am not ‘out of control’ in any capacity, I have confidence and range and I have felt suppressed. No wonder I have been choking in this cough for over a month – I feel like I have no voice. I am choking on silence.

            Tomorrow, I’m going in calmer and determined to do my work MY way. I am the most vivacious, creative person there and all they try to do is fit me into a conservative box. I’m done kowtowing and ‘going with the flow’ for the ‘best of the group’. NOT encouraging growth in the arts is toxic. And not changing up stagnant energies is bad for everyone. So fuck them, I’m back to making bold choices. If they don’t like it, THEY can choke on their d**ks – LMAO!


            • Oh, VenusFly, how well I understand what you are feeling! I am a creative too (with my own business) and while I have never formally been asked to tone down my creative expression so as to not intimidate the herd (and I must say I am horrified that you were… what a heinous, squelching, dastardly thing to do to a creative someone!), I had a very similar experience with a major client. Starting about three years ago, their once vibrant corporate culture became increasingly insular, increasingly conservative and increasingly sheep-like. Where once risk-taking was a badge of honour, now it seems like they have been taken over by the Heathers and normcore group-think. Again, although I was not an official employee of this particular company, I had to comply with their creative directions and felt that I had to dumb down all my ideas and concepts to the point where they became bland, meaningless and thoroughly ineffective.

              Round about November of last year, I suddenly realized how completely working with that particular client (my main client for nearly a decade) was diminishing my self-confidence and eroding my skills on every level. It was so subtle and insidious that I didn’t really notice it at first until, like you describe, I realized I was just seething with anger all the freaking time. From an astrological perspective, it’s interesting how the dawning of that realization coincided with Saturn’s entrance into Sagittarius (I am Sagittarius Sun and Mercury)

              Anyway, long story short, I ultimately decided to droop them entirely as a client, despite the fact that they provided about 80 percent of my income. It was terrifying, but I felt it was either that or allow myself to shrivel up and die creatively. And I am so bloody thankful that I finally woke up and dropped them. My spirit rebounded almost immediately and continue to do so. I feel the most incredible sense of relief and am regaining my optimism.

              And as Mystic is constantly advising, every exit is an entry. Almost as soon as I shut that door, a new international client stepped in to fill the void and the work I have been doing for them is so much more fulfilling and it is my big ideas, the more outrageous concepts that they (new client) are responding to and loving!

              So I wish you the best of luck and strongly encourage you to stand out , let shine your best, most creative self and let the herd sink under the weight of their own mediocrity. xx

          • I swear by media fast. I am doing that now to reset self. It is working. I do miss reading scopes and stuff but i know it will just feed LZ shizz right now. I need to stay in the now, grounded and practical.

      • Weird I pulled loads of wands today King, Knight and Page and I have been getting cups!

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