The Ancient And The Awesome

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 Reddish marble carved votive relief of the Moon Goddess Selene: a female bust to the front in an arched niche, draped in a sleeved chiton, and with her hair parted in the middle and brought down over her ears, nose now missing, surrounded by a crescent on her head, seven stars in the field around and the signs of the zodiac in low relief; inscribed beneath with an unintelligible Gnostic formula


Excavated/Findspot Argos? 2ndC-3rdC
British Museum

Obviously i want to know the “unintelligible Gnostic formula” a.s.a.p.

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39 thoughts on “The Ancient And The Awesome

  1. You know how some homes (at least here in the US) have those little recessed half-dome prayer nooks built right into the walls? Yeah, I never really saw a need for those…. until RIGHT NOW! OMG, this would fit *perfectly* in a prayer nook – new life goal!


    I would *totally* stash this awesomely ancient artifact in a prayer nook, and instead of hanging a picture of The Virgin Mary or Jesus at the back, I would substitute my framed Alphonse Mucha “Zodiac Le Plume” print..! LOL, people would probably flip the fuq out at the sight of it and think it blasphemous, I’m sure, but the very thought of it fills me with glee!


    • Ha I just saw your hashtag– we really should start these up, there’s been so many 🙂 And we could all hook up to Mystic’s feed like mushroom roots.

      My house came with a 5-ft tall stone grotto/shrine with the Virgin Mary inside, in the front yard. I think it’s wonderful: She is an avatar of the Goddess (ty Birdstar 🙂 beautiful expression). She is my Venus, & I’m planting Morning Glories at her feet to rise up in huge blooms around her head. The neighborhood Catholics find me wonderfully devout. They’re right 😉

      Make the shrine!

      • Oh– natal Venus conjunct Sun in Scorpio, 8th house. So my Mother grotto is just perfect for me! Synchronicity.

        • There was a beautiful 5 foot stone Quan Yin in my grandmas front garden, with a giant clam shell in front of it. (Even though grandma was hard core catholic 🙂 )
          it was so beautiful. have been on the lookout for just the right stone goddess for a grotto in my own backyard

          • Wow! What happened to her Quan Yin grotto? Funny you mentioned grandma’s: the house I live in now was my great aunt’s, my grandma’s sister 🙂 I also found a big concrete seahorse birdbath buried in some overgrowth here– so perfect for my Neptune-NN/Neptune chart ruler! Took me an hour to get it into the garage. Going to repaint it & put it out.

            • That is so freaking cool! Do you usually find random stuff outside?

              My best friend growing up had a chaotic childhood due to her mother dying of cancer. They would leave random stuff outside and it would eventually get covered by leaves and stuff. Not a dump though. I always pictured people in the future would be finding random crockery and turtles buried in band-aid boxes and being really confused. Seahorse bird bath sounds rad.

      • If I published a string of hash tags everyday, my book would be done and every phrase would be set up for its own meme factory.

        I saw a bit on how if someone posted each chapter of infinite jest as a buzz feed article it might be the way to finish it.

        Goes back to sleep war, avatars of the goddess indeed

    • I have one of those, but it’s in the floor and I call it a bathtub. Every time I get in, I have crystals with me and u surround myself with candles.

      Jupiter venus 8H

  2. We already know the formula 😉 #collectiveunconscious

    Omg Mars into Gemini is like the biggest, fastest, steepest steel roller-coaster in the universe! (Steel, not wood: there’s a big difference.) Lightning iron rails in the sky, baby. Thrills & spills! Dark moon + Neptune have me sleeping extra deep, & I’ve been dreaming Mars in Gemini… what a ride!

    • maybe, maybe, the fish in opposite directions is really a representation of subatomic particles, quarks – currently paired under 6 names, up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top… all very piscean if you ask me 🙂 Professor Einstein would approve

  3. Off-topic: Weird……Merc retro starting? So I just logged in and the site immediately took me to the tarot page and displayed a full reading. It’s a nice reading, too, I hope it is actually meant for me because I didn’t expect this… Serendipity?

    On-topic: What a beautiful carving! Are the seven stars the Pleiaides? I’m fascinated with Pleiaidian lore. I do follow the moon, too, can feel it strongly, Kataka ascendant…

    • I love the random readings! That one seemed destined for you. The random ones I have gotten was only from doing a reading and then leaving my phone browser open. When I returned to the page, it automatically refesged and gave a new reading. It’s only happened twice and I guess not that random but I liked it anyway.

      I didn’t respond to your post the other day because sometimes when a thread gets long or I feel like I would just be repeating what others say I don’t post. But I’m rooting for you!! I know you’ve been through a lot and it seems as though you are growing stronger. You are allowed to have your moments but don’t let them overstay their welcome.

      • Thanks for your vote of confidence, Fauness! I really appreciate it! 🙂

        …and hooray for random tarot readings!

  4. Feels like the time of the goddess, it’s bluebell time in the uk, and I went for a walk in the woods yesterday. A forest of wild garlic with beautiful white blooms madly sproinging, that song ‘queen of the May’ came to mind, and the energy was all faeries and magic, yay for sunshine and goddesses

  5. What an interesting piece. I read up on Selene recently too and was interested to note that she was daughter of the Titans and was taken over by Artemis. That trendy young upstart Artemis with her sexy brother Apollo nicking off with her id like that.

    Am a bit curious what Selene meant to the Gnostics.
    From all I could gather from wiki she is related to Sophia in some sense.
    It seems in some versions, like Inanna, Sophia suffers a descent down somehow, the Greeks had the Zeus rescue Artemis, or Herakles rescue Selene..

    Also very tantalising what this goddess is doing travelling through the signs and what that meant! So little gnosis! Argh.

    • indeed! very frustrating! … so much knowledge lost … forgotten …and deliberately fragmented, disguised … only tantalising snippets here and there … waiting.

    • I think that if this is to do with the Gnostics – then she probably IS Sophia. If you go to Sophia (Gnosticism) in Wiki, you’ll see a sub heading: Book Of Proverbs.

      **The Sophia is therefore the highest ruler over the visible universe, and at the same time the mediatrix between the upper and the lower realms. She shapes this mundane universe after the heavenly prototypes, and forms the seven star-circles with their Archons under whose dominion are placed, according to the astrological conceptions of antiquity, the fates of all earthly things, and more especially of man. She is “the mother” or “the mother of the living.”

      Sorry about this long quote – but you can see the correlation between the seven stars surrounding this relieve’s head and the seven star circles, plus the mention of astrology.

      Archon (Gnosticism) also makes for interesting reading.

      • Also, the Gnostic’s belief that the Moon is the mother of Earth, then it’s likely that they would depict the moon above Sophia’s head.

        • This is great information! Well done skarab 🙂
          Makes a lot of sense.

          And as Mary is the pure material person apparently capable of channelling Sophia (according to something I read) it makes sense her person is really also a vehicle for Sophia in art. Isis was also known as ‘Star of the Sea’ etc. so, the blending of all these icons really is endless.

          I did not know gnostics thought the moon gave birth to the earth. But in some ways that is interesting as the Earth wouldn’t be very habitable without the Moon’s stabilising quality.
          Lol, I have a feeling the gnostics would be ok with the concept of a holographic universe.

          • Lol, probably!
            Anyone who was persecuted by the catholic church prob means they were more in tune or at least open to a more open debate re the cosmos.

  6. What a beautiful and tantalising image.

    The Virgin Mary is often depicted with 12 stars around her head. I wonder if that is to do with the signs of the zodiac? Since she is also referred to as the Queen of Heaven by catholics – but in earlier times this title referred to Isis, and Astarte and others … it all gets so crazy mixed up when you start to delve into origins.

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