Now What The Fuqery?

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Mercury Retrograde

Now what the fuqery…?  Mercury Retrograde is one thing – we all know the drill. But really? On MARS? And both square Neptune. This is like our designer air bridge suddenly sinking in the middle and detouring through a treacherous swamp. Beware committing big-time resources to something that could be at best flimsy or at worst actually delusional, deceitful etc. And beware even MORE, the sending of cryptic little communiques that try to come off casual but are really exploratory – in biz or anything else. Leave the whacked out crap to the Muggles and just stay on course, eyes on the horizon.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - The Fiery Foe, 1968

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159 thoughts on “Now What The Fuqery?

  1. i literally can’t keep track of all these damn transits. my studio looks like a noir scene where the writer has pulled out page on 400 times.

    but its just scribbles of charts and schedules and maps.

    i would hang string all over and hang the individual pieces of paper
    but that reeks of a bad crime drama cliche and i’m not doing anything that radical. if i stepped out to get a coffee, someone coming to check the meter would stop in to say hi and see hundreds of charts with various markings on them and both call the authorities and take a picture to snapchat for later use with the caption “i hope i didn’t keep her from fixing the flux capacitor.”

  2. Would you believe my workplace has chosen NOW to do a massive, long overdue, wholesale upgrade of IT – this involves thousands of computers across a dozen sites??

  3. Well what happened to me on Saturday really put me off track from biking and more healthy eating. I’ve been awake at odd hours, listening to Burt Bartnarach songs and crying. Listening to songs over and over. Also behind on some of my chores. i think I will go to the doctor tomorrow for a folllow up visit and unwind a litttle bit. Was talking to my cousin about my resolve to not project sadness in social media and for her to kick my ass if she notices me doing it. I will not cause a scene. I want to appear clear-headed and someone to approach for projects. For my sake.

  4. Dudes online are tripping. I let my online dating membership expire and updated my profile to admit I don’t have time for all that. Things at work are going well, so I’m not so lonely being lonely. Maybe I’ll get blind sided. But, I’ve kind of given into that – that I’m blind.

  5. Okay, brilliant hive mind – I’m in a doozy of a Merc Retro – but it all “seems” amazing and wonderful. I don’t know where this all hits in my chart, but I feel like I’m weathering it well. I’m Libra, Leo Rising, Cancer Moon.

    Dudes from my past have turned up in loads these few weeks… but one in particular took a left turn into “He is your soulmate-ville” about 5 days ago. An innocent Facebook message flirtation has turned into uncovering such a soul connection – I mean. MIND BLOWING. He is truly an amazing person. There’s a lot of love already and talk of life long togetherness.

    The oracle and the TAROT support this – tower in the 7th house a week ago… and every time I ask the Oracle about it – it’s EEERIE.

    I’m a psychic and yoga teacher by trade and all my own readings come up “SOULMATE”.

    The killer? He’s in Copenhagen and I in LA – we are both single, but both have children in each city which makes running off into the sunset difficult.

    We want to give it a go- be creative about bridging the gap, but is this delusional? All of my muggle mind is saying -ehhhh, I don’t know… but every magical thing that could have happened, every synchronicity that’s happening says that HE’S the ONE. As simple and as complicated as that.

    I don’t feel LZ – I feel uplifted and joyful.

    FUQ. How does a super psychic not know? Circuits are slightly jammed and I can’t exactly see clearly. Any thoughts??


    • LZ’s feel uplifted and joyful as fuq. At least sometimes. Keeps them going. Toward the brick wall of reality at full speed. Sort of. Maybe. No clue. Good luck. Honestly.

    • Well I am no psychic but it sounds like you should
      “give it a go (and) be creative about bridging the gap” .

      Maybe with kidlets involved on both sides this takes some thought, care, consideration and open convo’s with all, esp re distance, but
      If you’re both open Human beings with love to share, and you feel the same way about each other, fuq it, what have you got to lose? It’s not like you have to leave the country tomorrow. Baby steps?

      • Remember Venushas been opposite Pluto and Neptune has been squaring mars opp?Saturn and merc retro so leaving things to level out just a touch could be wise, says ever cautious Cap moon. Xxx
        god this could be super fun and awesome though. Who knows? 🙂

        • YES Pi – so very true. Yes, Yes. I thank you for your kind response. So much to think on. I’ve leveled out a bit today, things seem calmer. Don’t know what the scheduler says, but it’s def. a little less full steam ahead.

  6. The only update I can fess up to is that I woke up at 4am and have had a blank mind after rip roaring awesomesauce. Just zzzzztttttt.

    This void moon right on my ascendant, blank slate?

    Maybe I’ll take a nap and prep for mars sextile Venus tonight. Libra moon, let’s get it on.

    • WoW
      I’m going to say that the Aries scopes, taking my need to talk somewhere, spot on.

      This. Day.

      I feel blood and heat and lightning at the hollow in my neck, I’m more accustomed to seeing myself as a brain floating around with a string attached.

      How enthralling to connect the body in the mirror with it.

      It finally rained. The flowerS were struggling. Not a metaphor.

  7. Ah, Home Sweet Home. Natal Mars in Pisces square Mercury in Gemini anyway. Saturn in Scorpio. Becoming sure-footed through the swamp.

  8. True to Merc retro form, I am guilty of firing off several exploratory missives to past peeps in the last 48hrs resulting in zero intel.

    I now just want to bury my head deep in the sand and bury the other head deep into something else, but that’s not happening either. Hell, I wonder why!?

    I officially hate Mercury, its apparent backward rotation and all astrologers besides Mystic.


    • Seriously. I did mine outside with my own deck and was blown away. Myst knows when to call it for sure.

  9. The world might be bumbling ahead all loosey-goosey, but I’m just sitting back zen-style watching it burn. This feels completely normal. Yes, worries exist (apartment hunting! Aah! But Jupiter will enter my 4th soon, right when I need him to.), but I am healthy again, school and money sorted, kids really good, teeny wobbly kitties the cutest things ever, abundant love (YES they know about each other now – everything on the up and up), beautiful world. Finally, a perfect spring. 🙂
    Sending abundance and love to you all!

  10. It’s opposing my Sun in the 6th house, and honestly i feel very faint, no energy, runny nose coming and going, sore throat, and i feel depressed and powerless, and exasperated because it’s been days i’ve been doing nothing, just taking it easy, smoking cigarettes, smoking weed and drinking with my neighbours too..

    I think i should be meditating, and praying, and doing yoga… but Nope.. no motivation whatsoever…

  11. Ahhhh. I’m trying really hard but am in total LZ mode. I met a dude online last week (while on vacation, staying in an airbnb stocked with champagne..), threw caution to the wind, and slept with him!

    First time in my life that I did that! It was a combination of feeling truly alive and happy on vacation, and he was uh. ridic smokin hot. The actual night was amazing, we had great chemistry, even tho thanks to merc retro my phone did not work and we had to try v hard to meet. He was hot and really wanted to get in my pants but would wake up through the night and kiss my forehead and just look at me with this huge smile and say – you’re soooo stunning. (I think he’s the better looking of us two.) I was leaving the next day and he said I could stay with him if I ever came back to the city..

    Texted to check I got home safe, said he really looked forward to seeing me.. but that’s it. and I guess I should not be expecting more since we live 7 hours by flight in two different countries.

    I shared a bottle of wine in a very lovely night with a girlfriend on Monday and perkily rung him at 2am in the morning. He seemed really happy to hear from me and asked for a photo. I asked – in winter wear? (since I only have that) and he was like Yes. And then “I want to kiss you.” I suggested we meet in bali (sort of midway for us) and he said it sounded nice…

    I’m bad at this separation of sex and love thing. How does one get out of LZ mode? i know we are pretty impossible.. and yet :/

    • woohoo! You had a hot time with a totally hot guy and at the moment you are both into each other! I don’t think its about sex vs love, stuff like this is maybe more about about not getting ahead of yourself (s). Any wo/man who is alive would be feeling like you right now 🙂 which by the way must be awesome.
      Oh and it’s Venus opposite Pluto right now too.
      And it’s not love zombie unless you’re paying a local to spy on him.

      • aww thanks. I posted on another astrology forum and totally got slut shamed!

        I’m being a LZ though, I keep hoping he’ll ring or drop a text and compulsively reading up on Leo men -which is making me feel I was a plaything of the day. Le sigh..

        • Are you serious?!?!
          for shagging a smoking hot Leo while on holiday in a champagne-packed stay. Hahaha what a bunch of assholes. Get a life, other people on other forum.
          As you were.. 🙂

          • yes i would downvote the other forum as well. i couldn’t think of a way to say it but “what a bunch of assholes” is really succinct. that, technically, IS what i would sign up to do on holiday. right? like, if i went to a travel agent, if they even have those, i would say “can you make this happen?”

            • hahaha.

              So he texted me yesterday, and asked me for a picture. He’d asked me that before, and I said I only have pictures of me in Winter and if he’d like that. He said yes – and told me a pic of me all bundled up was v beautiful.

              He doesn’t know when he’s going to see me again btw.

              But anyhows I got annoyed by the asking of pictures. I just felt like we had a connection, I wasn’t trying to badger him into monogamy since I have no idea when I’m back – and he was making me feel like an object. SO I told him I was into adventures and connections, and that it was silly of me to think that there was more between us than sex.

              And he said: “I understand, sorry for being silly.”

              So does that mean he did think it was just sex?

              🙁 He’s one hot Leo though. I would have liked to sleep with him again – How can I save this? I just don’t like it sounding/looking like JUST sex. Sending pictures for just sex? Too much work, yes?

  12. Oh GOD I am feeling Mercury retrograde hard. And this is after I said I was going to plow full steam ahead despite Mercury being retrograde. Ha, ha. I’ve been mostly processing things, reading a ton, not wanting to do much.

    Several times a day now, the internet suddenly doesn’t work for me. I am usually able to reconnect after some time and swearing. But strangely, out of the entire house this is only happening to me (the girl with 4 planets in Virgo of course). There are little things like that. Then there are big things.

    I’m job interviewing and hunting (not so much with the hunting right now). After the one interview, there was some big miscommunication. I forgot the interviewer’s name. Sent the thank you email to the wrong person. I’m humiliated by that, and have yet to hear back from the actual interviewer about the job. It’s okay though, I didn’t want it that much.

    I had another interview today. I’m really interested. They seemed really interested too. I think I botched up the salary negotiation. I’m terrible at that part. Maybe I seemed TOO interested. And I should have let them say a range first. What if I said too much and they don’t want to hire me now? What if they DO want to hire me? Do I sign a contract with Mercury in retrograde?? Luckily it’s for a contract position starting out. A trial period. Then maybe a real full time contract.

    Ugh. I’m going back to reading as worrying about this does nothing. I’ll be much happier once I have a real person job again.

    • Salary negotiation takes practice and a kind of steady Taurean confidence in what you oughta get paid. And a libran (maybe Scorpio) ability to navigate the interests 😉
      as employers it is their job to negotiate if what you are asking is ‘too high’. Likewise you can negotiate if what they are offering is too low for you.
      Dunno really. You’re right. Wait it out 🙂

  13. That AKAI 2000 is giving me life rn. I might have to get me one. Bloops and bleeps and skanks and funks feed my neo-cortex these days.

    Speaking of MIDI I am loving the concept that one of my favourite college-years bands, Tokio Hotel, are working, all trashy euro-club fare with overwrought emo whispering laid on. No sarcasm, I think it’s beautiful. Fitting for the frenetic paces Accelerated Culture is putting us all through.

    And how fitting that during this mercurial madness the two main composers of this music swirling into my life….are maximum Virgos?? They are strong solar types with a first house/Pluto Scorp. Their natal Libra Mercury is heavily squared by Jupe (and the other outers….almost as badly as my natal Libra Moon is) XD Sexy secretaries. And androgynous European twins to boot. What’s not to lust after?

    Ah, man. I’m always swearing off Virgos, then an arty, feisty, playful, self-deprecating, chatty, quick one crosses my path in a flash, like an urbane fox, and I’m captivated. They can be sat there doing a jigsaw puzzle and I’ll be enthralled….and desperate to get them to open up like a flower.
    (…or shall I just own up to being a sucker for an Venus in Libra? (no matter how frivolous and inconsiderate they can sometimes seem….)

    If anyone’s got tips to attract brown-eyed, organised, create-a-holic bilingual Libran Virgos to me, throw down 😉 also welcoming pointers on how to be more LIKE them (my creative life is outputting nada this year..)

    • Libran Fuqing Virgos

      I knew one, once.

      “career bachelor” is the longest held role on his cv

      don’t give the libran playaa planets one minute of airtime. Absolutely NO goobly eyes across the room NO. NONE.
      STOP NOW
      also be literate and no evidence of blunted intellect. A bit bitchy probably helps.

      Good fuqing luck.

      • Oh, Pi, you are so sassy these days.

        My spouse is virgo sun with moon, Mercury, and pluto conjunct in libra. The night we met I was dressed up in something black & red and kind of late 90’s exotic. I was totally enamored by how much he knew but now I say it’s how he tricked me – acting like he knew everything. I’m kinda bitchy too, haha.

      • I think I could work through some lifetimes with a libra/virgo/scorp combo. I don’t know about jigsaw puzzles, but much would get done. Metaphysically speaking.

  14. mars and mercury are on my moon today. therefore on my partner’s sun. i…wrote something about this, sort of. then deleted it and wrote something else. i just have no idea what to say about anything. maybe i’ll try again later hahah. like after 11 june

    • Oh yes – this astro is very #LettersI’llNeverSend

      Write…backspace, backspace; Re-write…backspace.

      Like it’s written in disappearing ink.

      • yes! i even seem to be thinking many things that i shan’t say out loud. i don’t want to, don’t need to, or don’t know how. definitely a lot of internal processing and trying-to-stabilise.

  15. Back from a long weekend to this – OMFG, the GOOSE!! I am *dying* right now!!

    FYI, that cartoon is a completely accurate depiction of the behavior of angry birds. At least, I’ve seen my bird do this when he’s pissed off about something, like the vacuum being out. Low head, bent half-outstretched wings, and charging right at it. He totally gets his “war face” on, LOL – it’s like he’s 20 feet tall and bulletproof, I swear to god. He is a fierce killer!

  16. Having aftershocks of the zapzone myself!! Feel like I’m facing more of the same stuff just as I felt like I was coming out of it… Obviously some more toiling away to happen…

  17. There was an earthquake here in Tokyo yesterday. I sent the Enigmatic Aquarian an email that declared my love for him. In my mind it would be more tragic for him not to know my true feelings. Entropic stuff. Beyond this I’d be entering into LZ stalkery and I will not go there!! Tarot spreads keep coming up with “love will save the day”. Gots to be like Gertrude now methinks. MERC BATZ!! Haha. Gemini Trickster. Must not take self too seriously…

  18. Having a minor mental Mecurary meltodown. An issue with some finances came up for review, it was resolved… then I decided to commit some more to the investment. Part of me is saying it will be fine, it’s an investment that already exists, it’s a revision of what you already have. The other part says fuq fuq fuq, finance and Mercury – bad combo for committing more funds.

    Ahh well, I’ve done it now. Still doesn’t make me stop thinking about it though.

  19. I recently discovered a stone called PYRITE, otherwise known as “fools gold”
    it’s super cheap to buy a small vial to wear around the neck and activates solar plexus energy, personal power, assertiveness and is like a negativity repellant. I’ve never been crystal mad but this one is rocking my Uranian world right now. I have bit on my desk, a piece near my bed and another one in the money area of my flat. It does feel like I have an ability to put a wall of fire between any Qi Vamps and me atm. Even as I write this, drama seeking employee is not able to engage with me on the level she’d like to. I’m keeping to myself and staying in my power. I really recommend a chunk of pyrite to anyone feeling the need to up their fire mojo and dispel negativity.

    • Oh gosh I Have a chunk of this set into a ring. Reminds me to locate. Thanks invicta xx Godspeed with qi suckers x

      • Pi I think we may have the same ring! Not that it’s “the same” as the artist who made it handmakes each pyrite ring.

        Aimee Sutanto — her site is under construction at the moment.

        She lets you choose a pyrite stone of your liking — then sets it in a way that maximises the stone’s raw beauty — stunning. Her jewellery is also part of a collection available from the SO:ME Designer space at Stone, Glint and Bone, located in South Melbourne Market.


    • I have a piece I’ve had since I was really young that has super powers for me, never really bothered to look into why it might be though and this makes a lot of sense.

    • oh wow, i totes have a chunk of this and i’ve never used it before. i also want it in a headpiece, purrrr. definitely could benefit from use of this lil guy right NOW. thanks! xx

    • Hi,

      Have you ever worn Hematite? It is hard, metallic and slivery – and is regarded for being highly protective, keeping strength, and self confidence. Hematite looks polished, smooth, lustrous. I have strings of of it in my jewellery collection. (Venus capricorn 5th sextile pluto 1st). Pyrite has a surface that is faceted – is otherwise known as fools gold ( I think), its interesting I agree.

      I think I loathe this current cycle. Had to quit a proposal for a grant to research new textiles as too little time to develop, with reasonable legitimacy. At least the contact was encouraging. So I bought red fleece for my daughters’s story book day, to sew her a red cape and hood, to dress as little red riding hood…I had to read her the story and then I realised the subtexts…

      The innocence of the child, the wolf who devours, the wise old grandma (who is this book survived with her wits by hiding under the bed) and of course the woodsman who kills the wolf…If ever there was an allegory for vampires, love addicts, deceit, this is it!

      Read Esther Perel’s Mating in Captivity again to deal with my husband controlling nature, jealousy, insecurity and denial…all the while he determines his strategies for the climb to the top…while I passively accept my condition? I wish he would implode with his excessive selfish wishes…

      So, I was bold and we discussed the past, affairs of the heart that cannot be …my own abyss, his coldness, emotional vacancy. What a hopeless mess it all is. Maybe its better to have sex with someone who is using you than not at all?

      What is that when you have a person that takes as much as they physically can consume of your resources – heightened state, your hope, compassion, devotion and then abandon you? I think private equity firms strip subsidiaries…a bit like this…

      I am looking forward to university next year, to enrol soon, to have space from others, to just be. To be back in art, work, textiles, fashion again. Thanks to Libra node travelling through my 2nd / 1st house…

      • aquasunbird you are being so brave.
        Hang in there.
        Have you read any Clarissa Pinkola Estes?
        I’m sure you’re familiar with her work esp Women who Run With The Wolves.
        Total life changer for me.
        Needs to be re read each decade.
        Re Hematite, funny you say that but I recently bought a hematite ring online because I felt it would compliment the Pyrite vibe. It hasn’t arrived yet but yes, I do feel drawn to that stone and actually always have but never understood why. I mean its not an obvious stone to be attracted to. It doesn’t sparkle. Maybe thats what makes it so grounding. It is dark.
        Red Riding Hood.
        I love fairy tales much wisdom when understood in Jungian context.
        Stay brave xxx

      • Ugh ASB this sounds awful darlink! 🙁
        is this Venus Pluto?
        You are not a subsidiary to be stripped. You are Aquasunbird.
        I want to stupidly ask, “what’s keeping you there” but I’m terribly facile when it comes to situations like this, and it’s always so personal, and you are at a different point in life from me..
        the new study sounds very excellent though. I look forward to hearing how you go 🙂
        Other grant opps will come up.
        God, i hope the home situ improves. X

  20. So a few weeks ago, I met a man on an online dating site. I am in the states and was surfing the international dudes in different countries, just for fun. Long story short, I met a brazilian man, and have talked to him for about 3 weeks straight. In this time frame, he has asked me not to date other men, because he has really become attached and likes me. He said he doesn’t want to date either. I’m a little shocked at this … We have never met and are 6000 miles away. but I continue to observe – he is still on tinder … adds women to his Facebook page every few days. Ok …

    Now he is thinking of coming to see me. I know he doesn’t need a visa because he’s well off and is a lawyer
    He also mentioned me coming on a cruise with him and his family in July.

    This is bizarre, right? Wtf is going on?

    • Honestly?
      He sounds as if he is manipulating you.
      The fb and tinder activity indicates that he may well be pulling the same stunt on a number of women.
      Tread carefully with this one IMO

    • I highly recommend not getting too fast with Latin guys until you learn the culture rules cause it’s a different world. All this above is sounding very this.

      All superbly due respect, I would step back and not take his requests to your actions of being available as personal flattery and just ride this one out very slowly keeping super in check what you want and only him as an option should he prove to be awesome and not collecting women online

      You are there to have your own experiences

      Good luck xx

      • Didn’t wanna go there on the racial generalisations lol but Brazilian guy I met last summer kept popping up in London claiming to be 100% single and yet was infuriatingly difficult to reach my telephone.
        The internet makes it super easy for guys to bullshit, women too but smartphones, ipads and hotmail accounts are just a cesspool of infidelity and I would know. I’ve only existed in the hotmail accounts of men who loomed way larger in my life. Now if I can’t text him on his phone (and he should never have more than one unless he is a drug dealer- and who wants to date a drug dealer anyway? But for real. The internet is great for meeting men but can also be a colossal time and energy suck. Boy I’m seeing right now gave me his phone no within the first three messages and asked me out later that day. I put him on ice for a while and was glad when he texted me to say he was leaving the site.
        I smell bullshit, be careful. Or just move on. Plenty more out there.

        • I live in a latin country, I felt it was worth mentioning given the polarity of him asking her to be exclusive whilst remaining very active online. Huge amount of south american guys trying to get down your pants here telling you all kinds of things whilst adding the entire female population to their fb/tinder/whatsapp. It’s not everyone, sure, but its really common.

          • I agree.
            I’m just usually the one here saying stuff like that and then thinking “oops who have I offended by speaking my truth today?”
            Its a cultural thing more than a racial generalisation actually. And you are correct. I found it funny because I thought it but didn’t say it out loud. I love that you did because it IS relevant. Since you understand the culture you ARE in a position to comment on it.
            It is very patriarchal.
            My first serious boyfriend was Brazilian and my brother still refers to him as “Mediterranean Sleaze”

            • Please note, am not dissing all Brazilian guys. Just the ones I’ve pulled into my orbit in the past. Law of attraction and all that ja?
              Peace out.

    • Have to agree i have the same sentiments. Plus a certain desire to say, “How about I do what I like, fuqface!”. Sheesh. He’s ‘attached’ eh ? Any consideration given to your position on the matter? But still. Interesting 🙂

      • Thanks everyone! Yeah, i think i am just bored, hence the reason I entertained this dude longer than the others. He is legit on the lawyer thing – i found info on him on the internet. Honestly, I was planning to travel there early next year, so thought it would be fun to pipeline and make some friends? Oops. Didn’t think I would catch this type of a fish. I am not going to Europe, nor am I spending a dime on this man. But I did want to make sure my instincts were correct, so I appreciate all the comments! I dont do the online thing a lot. xo!

        • thats the perfect attitude to have though, and admitting you are kind of bored. It’s good to keep people in mind around the world if you are traveling there. No love zombie for you 🙂

  21. I signed a contract today for a job, i know that’s frowned upon during mercury retro but the job feels so right, i first got interviewed in mid april and was called back and accepted april 30th so i dont if im in the clear or not, but speaking of deception my friend got hacked on facebook and another identical account was made and now the person who made it is telling him pay up or i will ruin your image…so thats super strange

    • Its also totally illegal.
      Report that person to fb immediately
      They can track the ip address.
      Cyberbullying is a major offence and the upsurge is of lawyers specialising in it reminds me of the rise of divorce lawyers after Ivana Tramp’s “don’t get mad, get even” book came out. That whole divorcing for money thing is completely repulsive to me but I digress. Cyberbullying is illegal and a criminal offence. If you have evidence that this is happening, report it to the police even. I would.

  22. Haha!! I suddenly developed celeb crushes that really distracted me. Both are mercury men.

    I checked the astro, saw this Merc / Mars pair travelling through my 12th (Neptune/illusions/silver screen) and thought at least there is an astro reason for this time waste.. 🙂

    • First thought – Aiden Turner – Poldark – Coooorrr !! xxx Had to look up chart, boys Virgo therapist and I had a ”Have you seen….” moment about him a few weeks ago..
      Hope you, and your fam coming along roses hon.

      • He’s hot! My kind of LOTR dwarf. And, not my type normally, but going through an Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead moment too! What is wrong with me? Lol, too much Mars on the brain.

        Tom Hardy does have Mars in Cancer ‘Sexual Napalm’ to my Venus in Cancer. Exact. So I think I will always swoon over him.

        And thank you Cosmic Ramette for asking, I am deep in school applications, quite disheartening sitch in Vic. I just came back from a teary moment with an SDS vice principle, he was great, but it seems little dude may be too ASD for his school. He was so upset his job is turning people away because the system demands that he was really down.
        What is a “Have you seen..”? moment? This is intriguing. I really love Virgos. For all that they are naughty people on the inside.

        • Yes we are…
          I honestly have no idea who these blokes are but I love that you get “distracting celebrity crushes” its so cool. You are honouring your inner teenage self and I think that is beautiful.
          More so because you so clearly are not a shallow person. The idea of you having “distracting celebrity crushes” makes me chuckle
          That and that you actually googled their astro 🙂
          *****belly laugh****

          • Ha! Thinking women do have cupcakes too.. 😉 I know, it’s a bit tragic, but I LOVE cinema, I am a Neptunian Leo, so it’s a given really.. I share my crushes with my long suffering Gem, who rolls his eyes at me.

            Always think of you as a Saggi! What is your astro again? Remind me, I know it’s lots of Virgo, but then your Moon is in??

            I google astro in spare minutes in my day frequently! I have an astrologer’s heart and a Gem Asc, I always watch shows and google the actors as I am watching! Doesn’t everyone? 😯

        • I hear you re the schools sitch. Many a parent has changed school within the first year, so fear not, your decision is not set in stone. We started out at a school with lush architecture, phenomenal gardens complete with pool (and at a reasonable non private school price !) we soon learnt that all that glitters is not gold ! We are now in a daggy looking little school, brimming over with constructive support (the majority of the time) .. Nowhere is perfect .. We do still have a few brain fart moments with the little fellows education and him testing the teachers out …. Last year i thought the Aquanaut had a lack lustre teacher, i felt deflated, however she got the most comprehensive work out of him ever … Great with kids, not so great with the parents … fine by me ! (maybe at the start not so fine, however i soon learnt) …All the best my lovely love. xx

          The Virgo moment was re ”Ross from Poldark!” .. xxx

          • Of course, that was it, Poldark, i misread it. Mars doesn’t make for clear thinking..

            Thank you for noting that about things not being set in stone, it’s so true we can get mired in absolutes mentally when life isn’t really like that.

            Actually I am hoping that little one will get into a giant steps program opening, lots of moola involved, but hard to tell what is what.
            Found a school for cognitively disabled kids that is really open plan and friendly, but the iq test criteria that he has to meet aren’t autism friendly. So anyway, your point that all that glisters is not gold is also appropriate right now!

            Hope your kids are doing well, lovely love to you and yours! Thx. 🙂

  23. Yes, seriously.

    I’ve been trying to time some overdue changes in tune with my astro (as you do) this whole shebang is happening in my 12th house now. I made a killer 9th transit so I’ve been working on a carry over from this. It’s a sensitive transit and I’m doing some pretty deep psyche meditative work.

    Which has me sensitive to this more than usual. Extra weird men or aggressive peeps are popping right now, esp in my phone or really inappropriate communications, like beyond the normal level of weird I get.

    A guy I rented a place off in India who lived downstairs that I saw maybe 6 times 2 months ago sends me a message telling me about how he is really fucked up from his family dynamic and tells me all this shit about his personal sexual space being invaded (why the fuck are you telling me this, I don’t even know you) I was sexually harassed at the traffic lights outside my gym by a guy on a bike, turns out to be my landlord! sends msg asking pictures for me at the gym (no), a friend I have known since 19 that I have been there for without question dumps me after a polite message to point out something that went down last year she over reacted to then disappeared for over half a year, no real apology or question, then said yeah lets just leave it (i’ve been her rock for years, this was pretty insulting but is it a bad thing to loose the imbalance friend thing even if you love someone, probably not). The air bnb guy I was staying at while my house was being renovated keeps trying to set up me visiting him at night to do a last money exchange and I am trying to make it an afternoon thing after he gave me a discount rate then told me he has a spare room that would look great filming people having sex in (in great detail). My gemini friend becoming tricky to deal with after brilliant close space last year. Random people insinuating I should have a lover and being aggressive around the fact I don’t want one right now when I am doing some really awesome moves in my personal right now and it would be the last thing I need.

    Diplomatic message queen appropriate boundary without emotional reaction space has been my muse.

    All I want to do is learn earn and set up. I’ve got saturn coming. It’s vampire city out there right now.

    • Fuq wow, strange times. Hang in there. Sorry about your old friend, that must feel weird. I guess you have to honour their wish and hold on to the fact that it’s not you, it’s them.

    • While work is hell and I feel like I’m on a burnout. Dreadingwork trip to national meeting, feel sick at work every day and paralysed most of the time.I have there for nine years, i used to be confident and empowered. Now my self esteem is fuqed and I don’t have any passion for anything that earns money, I want to be at home with my fella.

      Then again, today was first appearance on fancy schmancy board. It’s honorary and unpaid but also a bit wow. There is hope everywhere else. Meh.

      • Board sounds fun! More Influence?

        Maybe after a meeting or three when you’re there you can mention you’re looking for new opportunities.? 😉

          • Exactly – the thing that leads to the thing, yes! Funny, it is a board related to an historic residence and a gorgeous one at that (mars in cancer loves this stuff) I am so grateful for the connection. Actually the dude who engineered the appointment said he was stoked I was there at last because he thought they needed ‘my energy and enthusiasm’which is Awesome. They don’t need to know that the work thing is so toxic under the veneer of credibility. I just need to help them all feel the spark, you know, the one I totally don’t feel this minute but usually have in bucket loads. We all want the same bloody thing.

    • I hope it’s not one of the ducks that we sacrificed to the new moon last week and ate. Seriously, we got ducks and chickens this spring and the spouse thought the ducks were annoying so we ate them.

  24. In the spirit of “The Four Yorkshiremen”
    1- l’ve had a mobile contract go wrong and my credit rating go south all bcos the idiots at Telstra mixed up my first n last names.
    2- The clutch on my car suffer sudden failure and major probs getting a mechanic.
    3- Major problems sourcing parts for VW van – long term project
    4- My CD player (dont laugh- l like the pictures) get stuck.


    • Mine’s been seamless, apart from no ‘subscriber’ label here — I only just realised. Eh, not a drama.

      • Hi Buckle,

        I’m helping Mystic troubleshoot this subscriber/no subscriber thing and, well, your account is showing anomalies. If you want fix the issues, or if you have any glitch logging in, or when it comes time to renew, please email and Mystic will sort it! Thanks 🙂

  25. Ugh HELP me. Mars is on my natal Sun In the 10th house. Plus Neptune and Mercury I’m really not at all surprised that this happened today… Went for 2nd interview for awesome-sounding job and had the weirdest experience…basically this guy spends 1.5hours asking weird af q’s and outwardly musing over whether I’m too “reserved/ serious /intense ” for the job. Kept telling me to “relax” which was pretty hard given he was practically criticising my face + interrogating me. Yah I just have a resting bitch face. So now he’s asked me to come back tomorrow to “have lunch” with the girls in the office so I can be observed in a more social context.

    As an INFJ in feeling really misunderstood and pissed off that he made me doubt myself so much. He KEPT telling me I’m too serious. It was awful.

    Still want the job tho. argh.

    • Sounds like quite an ordeal but worth it if you really want the job. Probably they are just grilling you to see how you cope with the stress. If that’s not the case then do you really want to work there?
      I do think they are testing you to see how you handle the pressure though. Everyone is nervous at job interviews and the most annoying thing is being told to “relax!”

    • Ugh, that IS the worst. I’m also INFJ with a scorp rising to boot. People misjudge me all the freaking time. Sometimes it’s nicr to have that protection and other times it’s just annoying as fuq. I hope your interview went better than you thought. Best of luck to you and your bad ass self that shows authenticity in all situations.

    • Run!!! While you have the chance. That is disrespectful behaviour and you will be up for more of it if you willingly go back for more!! Do yourself a favour and walk away… It will up your self respect.

      • I have to confess that was my first instinct too.
        I thought, “they sound like a bunch of arseholes so beware signing a contract to work for them under Mercury Retrograde!”
        But then I remembered that we never know how transits are going to play out and for instance my new media company was officially opened The Day Mercury went retro, I didn’t plan it that way but actually a lot is going right for me this Merc retro and you say you really want that job. Also we don’t always have the luxury of planning around Mercury retro. If you need a job, you need a job. I didn’t want to piss on your parade but I’m sceptical about signing a contract with a boss who makes you uncomfortable and tells you to “relax” during fuqin job interview. The other stuff you mention sounds well creepy too. He sounds so patronising. Are you SURE you want that job?

        • Yes! Every interview I’ve been in they’ve talked about how they understand everyone is nervous during interviews and it’s okay…

    • Those are things bosses THINK to themselves, not state ALOUD to you. Or at least professional ones.

      This person is making you seem like you’re on trial, which means you will work like you are working on eggshells.

      Good luck.

    • There are so many ways to word and do all of the things he was interested in about you and this appears to have none of them. He sounds very creepy. Observe you having lunch with the girls so he can observe you in a social context and telling you to relax whilst openly discussing you. Sounds like a creepy ass date!

    • Would you still want the job if you had to deal with numbnutz always making you doubt yourself on the actual job? 🙁 Sounds like a terrible place if they have to come up with interview scenarios that are this yucky.

    • What a CREEP!!

      An interview IS a serious conversation, and you DO take your professional life seriously. What was he expecting — rumbunctious laughter and a “hey man” attitude??

      Tread carefully. Ask them about their company culture. Do they expect you to attend many socials/events — during/after hours? How in line is that with your industry/role? Emphasise how you are dedicated to your work, That your enjoy being a team player in a team where everyone pulls their weight.

      I am INTP — at least you have the “”F for “feeling” in your makeup to have tolerated (admirably) this guy. To me it seems he’s abusing his authority.

      Howdo you feel about “being observed over lunch”? How does this guy think it’s okay to make you a fish in a bowl?

      Stay true to yourself. You can be respectful while not taking the bait. You don’t have to explain yourself.

      Good luck! x

    • Thanks for your replies everyone. I woke up the day after that interview and it all hit me; he was using coercive persuasion on me. I know because I’ve BEEN in a cult scenario before where they used this technique on the first day (I didn’t go back). It affects you deeply, psychologically, even physically. I’ve been having nightmares for days.

      I ended up writing him a 1000 page letter telling him exactly how he crossed the line. He didn’t offer me the job haha. I didn’t want it anyway after that. The whole thing was really fuqed up. Funny this is a recruitment company and this guy is high-up in the business / leadership field. Yuck.

  26. LOL
    I have mercury conjunct my mars. No wonder last night was such a struggle.
    Post a couple of drinks- boring social event- very bad idea but only way to convince myself I was “having fun” when the boy had invited me out and I’d said I had plans. So by 7pm I was free and dangerously tipsy phone in hand ready to send that “booty call” text AND I DIDN’T.
    Can I get a standing ovation please?
    Giving myself one right now.
    If he’s really as stable, sane and single as he seems then we’ll have a proper date this weekend.
    But wow last night was intense. Grokking my patterns and learning from past mistakes.
    Still at war with apple over returns and all sorts of tech glitches but a renewed commitment to hardcore training and clean nutrition (mostly bar two glasses of champagne last night) is helping me stay grounded.
    Getting it from all sides from the muggles, one of whom works for me and is being a real drama diva. Avoiding her actually.
    Have to vanish before she arrives today.
    Check in later homies
    love ya

      • Thanks Venus Fly.
        I agree. Physical I can do with almost anyone, alone even. I want all or nothing with the boy no booty calling, sex roadkill, or so what? type of relationship will suffice. The physical feels like nothing without the other dimensions included. My progressed 8th house Kataka moon demands is of me.
        Slowly is holy and protective dating armour and full on smart chick dating strategy firmly in place. I really like him but once a LZ, always a LZ potentially so Chet Baker over here needs to wise up and approach this logically. This is WAR!
        Not against him because the truth is this has nothing to do with him. Its a war with my own lower urges and insecurities, habits and patterns entrenched so deeply after a lifetime of settling for way less than I deserve.
        I will get what I want or have nothing.
        Best part in terms of self dev and astro about this new romance is that its awoken the alpha-money-bitch in me. Pure North Node lust for success and empire building. I have a fire for being seen as cashed up and canny like never before. Also a fear of not being perceived that way or not truly acting that way.
        My past only makes sense to me seen via the current reality of being successful in my own right (write).
        I don’t have any issues with what I’ve done in the past but I do have issues with making sure I don’t self sabotage by allowing any of it to creep into my current reality. Its really not easy tbh but then nothing worthwhile ever is in my experience.
        Anyway, days of ease and so what? set and forget are just over for me. With Saturn on my Neptune in the 12th and Chiron squaring Pluto for the foreseeable future (quite a few years) and being mid Uranus Opposition – backwards just isn’t an option.
        Gotta go. Love to y’all xoxo

      • Thank you Lux Interior! I think I’m learning from past mistakes. Finally!
        The support I’ve received on this site has helped massively. I love being told when I’m being an idiot as much as being supported when I’m not. The guidance and love in this community is just beyond….
        I check in for the astro but leave with so much more.

  27. Jee, you’re right on the spot once again Mystic!

    Last night I had the strangest communications blow off with someone I do not even know personally. They friended me a while ago on fb after we’d exchanged some comments on a common friend’s post. Anyway – I don’t even know how to describe it. Not wanting to go into victimhood at all, but I felt like I was simply responding to a question he asked (about the Illuminati no less!), giving one possible viewpoint but at the same time acknowledging all viewpoints. It went from a playful exploration of possibilities (me) to an intensely aggressive, violent verbal attack (him), where he turned responses I gave to HIS questions or requests (for sources, etc) to tell me the worst things one could say to another human. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like I blasted him with acceptance and light, the more he gave me sticky anger the more I tried to reassure him that nothing was personal etc… until I simply had to go and cut him from my contacts. Never experienced such a thing. I want to completely disengage from any thoughts or emotions about the incident but it is clearly not letting me go.

    Lucky that I can at least blame Merc Retro on Mars lol!

  28. Crap…. Can’t sleep as I plan an attack on my health fitness coach who I blindly signed a contract with. Her program is fantastic but when I joined / signed that fuqn’ contract I was unemployed so the schedule worked. Well, I got a job. A job that starts at 8:00 am. My health fitness schedule is 5:30 am or 6:30 am M, W, F. That is it…. This means I had to get up at 3:00 am those days to get to her 5:30 am class 30 mins away!! It worked for awhile then my body shut down. Started getting sick. I paid for a month but couldn’t go. She became very resistant to work with me. I now notice such an inconsistency with her business model. So, I asked for my options on canceling. She told me that if I broke the contract I would have to pay $250. HA! She didn’t want to provide me ANY type of option to make it work. I put my contract on hold, she removed me from the group and just walked away! Seriously…. This girl is running a health fitness bisness and she can’t sell her business. I have my payments assigned yo a credit card. I’m screwed. I don’t trust her, I think she would charge my account just for the fuq of it and I will be ballistic.

    Zap Zone be gone…. Fuqn’ hate this crap because I become the bad guy!! Hell yeah… No one plays with my money. She has this attitude that its all her and she doesn’t really owe you anything!! HA! I will play this game!!

    Crap.. Hate this!!

    • I asked her for a copy of my contract. She sent me a picture of it… Yes a picture of it when I first signed it. I can’t find it, asked for it and she hasn’t sent me a copy. Steaming at 3:00 am right now stinks!!

        • Thanks! Sent her a Virgo sun sign message that said “don’t fuq with me”. She responded with ” I cancelled your contract with no money due”. Awful! My strict Virgo expectations ruin my Libra rising “let’s love each other” momentum! Virgo takes over… Hate it!!


            • I hope so!! Her biz is too new to fuq with someone who would take her to court for messing up on my payments!! She even said that If I wanted to come back blah, blah… She’d do this or that but she was offering the same schedule that was still impossible for me to work with. I just can’t get over her lack of motivan to offer me other options that I could work with that she is currently giving other clients!! It wasn’t meant to be. So I am happy. I will lose a couple of friends because if this. Oh well!!

    • Unacceptable.

      Sadly, some folks aren’t ‘business’ people they’re ‘stingy’ people.

      • Thanks! Sent her a Virgo sun sign message that said “don’t fuq with me”. She responded with ” I cancelled your contract with no money due”. Awful! My strict Virgo expectations ruin my Libra rising “let’s love each other” momentum! Virgo takes over… Hate it!!

        Thanks!! ( copied my message from above)

        Sincerely… Thank you!!

    • I got out of a gym contract once by having my Dr write me a note to say my back wasn’t up for the workouts… the Dr was so great I didn’t even get to he end of the sentence, “So, I have this Gym membership…” before starting to write the note. I don’t have a bad back BTW 😉

      Perhaps you could try that? Get your Dr to write a note/medical certificate, for whatever health reason, you can’t continue that fitness coach’s health regime…

  29. Thank god Iam on holidays from work. Just at home but think that’s the safest place. Work was going bats before I left. Think I might take leave on retrogrades!!

  30. I’ve been sick for three weeks exact. I am at the 90 percent mark now, minor cough with phlegm and some vertigo (Chiro appt tomorrow). But now my kid is sick – and this week is the first week OFF I’ve had all year (and the first time I’ve had a chunk of time all by myself since last November).

    Just found at that our creative ensembles will NOT be changing when we return next week and I am so disappointed as they usually switch up every few months. Over the last 2.5 years I have been slowly plugging away at my creative goals but it feels so tedious. I cannot wait to move onto the next level eventually, I feel like I have been paying serious dues. But by the same token, I do my best work with professionals in my field, who love my energy and commitment which just reinforces that is where I am MEANT to be and I have to work through these levels to get to those.

    All in all, just having to make the choice to NOT get negative but damn, it would be nice to be thrown a bone once in awhile. I am given so much domestic abundance but that’s kinda it, lol. Everywhere else in my life it’s like a ghost town. So, I keep working…and working…and working..and plugging away towards the goals.

    May life be sweet to us all.


    • Hope you and your kid feel better soon and that post Mercury retro things shift up career wise & creatively.

  31. I had to book a Big Airfare, no way around the timing, have the insurance and (a copy of the PDS) to cover hopefully most fuqery.
    Worst financial misdemeanour other than that was overspend on food and snacks.

    Big Airfare purpose feels like fluffery but it’s a new opportunity, a bit uranian out of the blue. My cap moon sees the lack of ‘professional ‘ shine about it and I hate to admit, it cringes. I Ching says “11” I.e. 100% amazing.
    I don’t know what to think between my probably unjustified personal doubts that I quash, and the fortune telling saying gurl this is IT
    So times like these I assume my radar needs calibrating, or I am so close that I can’t see the thing clearly, so I am going to just keep going.

    • Well since you do have insurance and all relevant paperwork I don’t see the problem Pi. I AM Ultra Uranian myself atm so I think your cap moon is just being a killjoy. I’m pro everything adventurous, pattern breaking and Uranian right now. Keep going Pi.

        • Yeah, if its not ‘this’, then ‘maybe this’ is the thing you have to do to get to ‘that’, you know it… Whatever it is probably started long ago some how, sounds like an adventure, yay for you! Lucky 🙂

    • Merc retro be fuqued, I’m so pleased you will be travelling again soon. Don’t worry about your Cap moon, it will find purpose enough particularly if you are happy xx

  32. and i am preparing for a circumstantially extremely well-timed most important property decision in my life so far. hahaha. which will hopefully be finalized right after Dx, but most of the preparations are to be mode before Dx.
    well, at least i haven’t scheduled dental surgery for this week. that’s some relief

  33. Weirdly, as Neptune is transiting my planets in the 8th house, it is often square for a while that same planet that it is transiting. So if we are looking at the 3 degree of influence rule, Neptune is currently squaring moon, mercury, mars, and my true node all currently sitting in my 11th house.

    So Kim Falconer is saying “thoughts turn to home life, family and symbiotic connections”. Oh Yeah! So, symbiotic refers to any diverse organisms that live together, but in this case, the relationship is not necessarily beneficial to both. Oh fuq yeah! This is unbelievably apt.

    And if the 11th house is also about friendships, I have currently withdrawn from everyone while I try and sort out my mind what I really think about my marriage and the ‘trickster’ vibe happening right now.

  34. We just got a scam letter today (and actual, paper LETTER) in the post from a Spanish fake lawyer alerting us to a $6.9m “Trunk Box of Personal Treasure” that we could claim 50-50 with him, as soon as we provide our bank details.

    Despite the Spanish sender and return address, the postage stamp and post mark are of the Netherlands!

    I’ve never received anything like this before. Hilarious! And very weird.

  35. So much Shizz going on right now, with if a damned if I do damned if I don’t work vibe that is seriously unbearable. I work in a very high end beauty environment and the mediocre management is so seriously muggle ridden it’s actually scary. Fantasy : Writing resignation email and throwing them all under the bus! This Aquarian Leo needs a serious lifeline out of Muggleville.

    • This Leonic Aquarian needs to hitch a ride on that bus too. Settling into a new land during this batshit insanity is a whole new level of crazy. My phone thinks it is tomorrow and that I am in Madagascar (in Sydney) and has changed my diary to reflect this. My laptop has teleported to another dimension leaving only a faint shell of itself behind. My dreams are waking me nauseous or in tears.
      Fuq me, are we there yet?

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