Mutables Reboot

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Guy Bourdin

It’s been difficult for the Mutable signs to operate as usual of late.   But Mars into Gemini changes all that.  Prepare for a number of batty-but-brilliant schemes to be launching at multiple times, with very little explanation. When Mutables are functioning to full capacity, they seriously hate to show their working.

But they are natural-born change adept characters and the last nearly five months of Saturn in Saggo has made many a Mutable – Saggo, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini – realize the extent of the rut they are in. Even if someone else would look in and fail to see any stasis, Mutables are making ready to reboot.

It just has to be insanely practical and for real – Saturn energy (affecting all the Mutable signs heavily at the mo) can seem dull or basic but really, the Time Lord is all about the Anti-Fragile.

If you’re a Mutable, get out of your own way. If you’re not, don’t try to break their stride or kill that buzz.

Image: Guy Bourdin

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58 thoughts on “Mutables Reboot

  1. I know a damn Guy Bourdin pic anywhere. Was JUST thinking I need to pull ‘In Between’ off my shelf to revisit yesterday – in sync again 🙂

    I hear ALL about that rut-busting. Yes, I know my chart is predominately ruled by Fixed energy but I feel like ish has become a little TOO fixed for my tastes. Sagg rules my 7th House and I have def come to the end of my tether regarding these 5 years of celibacy but I also know I cannot down-date – anytime in the past someone convinced me my standards were too high and I dropped them I ended up kicking myself. It really IS all about mutuality, joy and passion these days fuelled by awesome convo and inspiring creativity.

    Gemini rules 1st house, I have quite a busy 10th ruled by Pisces and Virgo rules my 4th where I have been experiencing nothing but abundance the last 3 years. Self and home have grown exponentially but this loner is starting to miss quality company big-time.

    • 😯

      But look at the work, I mean you have your house in order! Gemini is all about fun, maybe it’s time to have lots of it! 😀
      Also Sagg in 7th, maybe you’ll meet someone on a trip 😯

      • Ever since I had my son I don’t take trips anymore. He is on the Austism spectrum so it ends up being just an expensive, stress-filled outing. The two times I tried to take a vacation I had to turn back as I had developed an illness the morning of! 🙁

        Maybe my creative life will phoenix and it will open more career opportunities which is where I will meet by Vibe Tribe. I just hope some new vibes roll through soon – I haven’t shared a great conversation in aeons!!!!


      • Saggo sun 7th, Virgo 4th, Pisces 10th. Toro asc. Some shared houses… think I’ve observed this similarity in houses before. My partner has Virgo 10th and Pisces 4th to go with his Saggo sun. We are in the midst of considering all things 4th house with some sort of loose forward structure likely during this Rx.Has the partner thing felt more prominent since Saturn Rx or since the move into Saggo?

        • It’s strange – it’s on my mind but I also understand that I have work to do and will more than likely encounter my next positive relationship through my work. As they say ‘Champions are made in the off-season’ but still, 5 years is a long-ass time to roll single. I mean, I love solo time and solo company but I am def ready for some positive, fun tribe vibes for sure!!!! ;P

          • 😯

            ‘Champions are made in the off-season’

            I’m Virgo Mars conjunct Saturn in the 6th house & this saying just lights me up every time! 🙂

          • I can relate.. had a long time on the bench myself. It was self imposed. I don’t do flimsy dating or just good times. If I don’t see some depth or potential I don’t bother.. well not for a number of years. Maybe be my Cap Moon, Venus, Mars talking there. Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to do some personal growth and expansion and if it wasn’t going to be soul relating I wasn’t feeling I was missing a thing since I’m quite happy in my own pursuits or spending time solo.
            Here’s to the fun loving tribe vibes heading your way!

  2. 😯

    I’ve totally felt the depth of rut over the last few months & conscious navigation up to a point during this time has been futile. The less I’ve tried to exert a position or steer something has been more successful. Suddenly something amazing has fallen into my lap, it’s so batty but brilliant! 😀

  3. Definitely feeling this energy mystic. Recently had a fire in the office and by the time everyone scrambled around and figured out where the temporary home base was gunna be, I had my desk all set up. That mars in the 12th did nothing for me. All admin work fell by the wayside.I didn’t ask I just did what logically needed to be done.

    2 degree Gemini here: get out of my own way indeed!

    • May I add I’ve also taken a bubble bath, exfoliated till my skin was raw, painted my nails and my toes and I’m now working on the most epic excel sheet.

      Yea… Mars baby bring it

  4. I’m really happy to hear this. I’m recovering from my final semester at school. It ended really well actually. Last week there was a portfolio review event and I won some awards for my graphic design work. And I had worked so hard all semester – having Uranus on my MC. Yet – yet. It felt forced the whole time. It was not any fun. It was like get up work work work be an anxious mess go to sleep. And even though I’ve won some awards the joy has worn off and I’m in a bit of a funk. The success has made me want to hide and do nothing.

    Oh well. Onwards and upwards. I hope that I can find a good job now. And things will work out for the best. I can move out from my parents’ and be self sufficient again and happy. Though mercury will be in retrograde soon and that always affects me strongly. Idk I just want to be happier.

    • Dear Virgo,

      Congratulations on graduating! May you get some much-needed rest during Mercury retrograde, feel refreshed, and find a rewarding job that gives you more balance than you may have had in school.

  5. Saturn, Saturn and gads Saturn. Just went in and had major dental work yesterday. Of course I am hosting Saturn in my sixth house atm. So it’s bones, structure and work for me. The teeth (whilst I knew that Saturn would hit home there) were a bit of a shock and oh so painful. So thankfully restructuring there and elsewhere, derutting too. Work is busy busy busy full of lots of responsibility, which for a Gemini can be anathema but doing ok. Hopefully Mars will help the teeth and the body and the whole outfit to be honest. I think Saturn’s on my case to get a gym membership next but it will just have to wait until Jupiter stops trining my Venus. Feeling as lazy as fuq in that regard right now. Will off-set by buying better toothpaste 😉

  6. I love love it – story of my life. Profound clarity on the rut but how mystic do we get out of our own way… You mean just let the change happen and stop killing out own buzz too? Or how do people interpret that? So intetested…

  7. Oh, yay! It’s like my scorpy leo bits are on one side of the see-saw and my gemmy saggo bits are on the other. Scorpy leo bits, prepare to MOVE. I’m pretty sure I have been brewing for this one.

  8. this is the most fun i’ve had in ages

    having it all be reflected back as me being inscrutable is like saying I finally have my invisibility cloak on right

  9. Bring it. I’ve done everything I can do on my own. through hard work and micromanagement and careful planning, and made some great career strides in the process. But it is undoubtedly a big old vibe rut. I haven’t laughed or cried properly in what feels like months. I need to be moved some, and also to move myself physically through more exercise. Jupiter is smack in the middle of my 6th, right on my north node. If ever the gym made sense, it is now.

    • Well said. Feeling almost exactly the same from work, to rut, to needing to laugh and cry and needing to move the body more. I worked Saturn in Scorp so hard, I am wondering if I have become unable to work the Jupiter all over my multiple Leo areas.

  10. Hahahaha absolutely: Reboot Commenced! I have a mutable cross in my chart, including a triple conjunction of Moon-Mars-Venus in Virgo. As soon as Saturn entered my 6th house Sag, I started making practical plans to get the fuq out of my stressful indentured servitude job and evolve upward in the workplace. Yesterday I received my formal offer for a job I’m definitely taking — more lucrative and all-around better fit. I’m so relieved to be on the road to change!

  11. Until Saturn lands into the Cap zone, I am making Saturn work for me.

    Anything/anyone unnecessary, draining is into “forget” folder with periodic checks on use of resources: time, attention and money.

    It is not that I turned into a control freak, rather I am tuned into honoring any blessing in my life by being more mindful.

    Gem IC with Sun/Merc, Pisces rising. My chart is mutable.

  12. WOW! Ping all right! I was just looking at those Moonie things on the Libray shelf at work, go to read the daily mystic and there those funny whote round things are!

  13. I had approached Cap Dragon Lady IT gal- asked her thoughts on moving from current station- and said truthfully, I cannot do my job without my computer- I am asking you before anything else happens where it can go.

    She swiftly grokked the lack of outlet access, because she cannot feed her computers without the juice!! Then I asked about who should tell the honcho about the problem. She told me I could, since I’m moving.

    The light switch blew – and the electrician had to be called. Truth- I used my staff ID card to remove screw and check for smoldering.

    Doing my Saturn in Saggo-

    Part Two: My nice desk- is now the nicest. Full timer wanted to change how it faced- upshot- I get the biggest window desk. She chose inner desk- they took out a desk- too cramped.

    I’m moving out of a shared space in our call center- to quieter realms. Very cool. Gem Mars is very happy.

    Part three- Friday- had to be some planet out of bounds- total data SNAFU- got yelled at- left work and moved eldest home from uni after terrifying white out thunderstorm. Sorry I am repeating myself from another thread. Monday- I walked into my boss’ office- told her they have cut my hours and I cannot do all the compliance on 25% less time. And I basically offered to walk.

    She told me the SNAFU wasn’t my fault- they had figured it out. And that I should have that time back. Went into a huge presentation for the grant that funds me. The lawyer for one of our clients went on about the hours we spent discussing the case she did.

    My boss, new to position told me she had no clue that I spent so much time doing that- and how important it was. Her boss- who had yelled at me, was super nice and her actions were her apology. She rarely loses her cool- super nice Toro. So for now I am manifesting positive networking but documenting.

    But the vibe? Depressed, tearful, gloomy, way negative self talk. Pluto square Mars suspects -no good deed goes unstoned. Trying to get at deepest ugliest core beliefs and release- get out of my way and let it all go.

    MM and PIABS are a life line!!


  14. Am rethinking, revising, recalibraiting reeverythining…. It’s not even Merc retro yet!

  15. Just a fuq yeah from me.. bring it! And screw this Mercury rets (is this THE retrograde for 2015? I’m not normally affected much as a Merc rets born) even though it’s already sharing the lurve my way. Paws earth, snorts, rears, flares nostrils, wants to gallop away, not that simple. Booooo!

  16. Rut busting is awesome! Today was amazing. Afternoon only, I slept in and my morning class was a yawwnnnnnn….. But then like magic the obstacles collapsed and all these things that might normally be a pain in the rear were easy! And quick! My library fines magically vanished, I ended a painful drama with my uni (with one in the bank, ie they owe me one because they admitted I was shafted – there was literally an earthquake while I was on the phone about that one haha). And I’m getting a new face, I found new specs (my others fell apart on the weekend but are dubiously ‘fixed’ for now’) so I Am literally going to see things in better new ways and look different. I have been feeling so confused lately and wondering when the effing zap zone magic is coming to my house, I said ‘I am close to burnout’ about 14 times yesterday, work is hideous and I nearly had a melt down despite three weeks off. Any who, I have 7 mutable planets so I feel like this is talking to me, and I like your advice, MM – I need to get out of my way and just let the magic happen….. I feel like today proved it. yay!

  17. Oh, boy, “getting out of [my] own way” has been the thème du jour! Or should I say thème d’année? Only I’ve just realized that that’s the problem, or the extent of the problem. Still a bit shaky and scared, but a game plan is starting to take real shape….

  18. This hardly seems like “being covert” but in relation to current astrology what’s the timing for starting litigation. Let’s say financial issues wise for mercury riding my saturn/Mc conjunction and mars beefing me up? I’m just talking stars. Seems like just talking to lawyers will be less fun, so I’ll consult the piabs first

    • Maybe scratch that, I just saw my Pluto at two libra,

      I see you mars and Saturn. Getting me all punchy when Pluto is in the house. ….

      The second are not two dudes you could go drinking with and not get arrested that night.

    • what’s happening in your 9th house? maybe also 8th if we’re talking other people’s money?

      perhaps also watch Jupiter (trine to Uranus could be good) and Libra, what aspects are applying to the NN? (eg. Venus (money) square atm but there will be a a trine from Merc? 3 times…)

      • Ahhh, too true. Venus is approaching my 12 degree 10th house South node as well. With t Uranus in my 8th house.

        Natal mars and Jupiter are early Aquarius. That trine looks pretty juicy but reeks off martyrdom. Wicked

        Twould be ironic for someone who can’t properly format Internet comments to take down an industry. Hmmmm.

        • It’s show time– but go Slowly, inch by inch, while Merc is rx. Merc rx would be a good time to prepare your case: reviewing all the past deets, editing, scheming with ur attny, etc. That’s my thinking.

  19. Speaking of mutables. Maybe thats why I am getting really impatient with people trying to fix non-specific dates for a “catch up” involving booze or time-wasting. I literally can’t- or don’t want to- spend the time. This toro, family friend but I am unsure of his intentions, still?! plus too old for me (I’m not an older-man kind of person) sends sms written in txt speak (psyche in Virgo CRINGE) with vague invite involving wine, and it’s only because of years of ‘experience’ with nonspecific invitations from male connections amazingly (not) aiming for the conversion that I am instantly on the alert for “oh god not this again” fend fend etc
    anyway. If it’s not relevant to my work right now, or not a true Friend in Need, or with at least eye candy, I can’t deal. Soz. Maybe this bloke is fair Dinkum just thinking wine and chitchat but I just can’t.

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