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Ross Ulbricht Julie Vie

WOW so you would anticipate Ross Ulbricht to have some seriously fascinating astrology going down and yes he does.

But first, some background.

Ulbricht has just been sentenced to life (life-life) for creating the illicit drugs (mostly) website Silk Road.  The one-time Eagle Scout and grade A Physics student was chariging around around acting like a yoga-loving hipster who most of his friends thought worked vaguely in i.t. but was in fact a major criminal mastermind, making millions of dollars via what was essentially a criminal e-bay. He claims to be a libertarian. Clearly the F.B.I. and some damning evidence differs. He’s appealing, so this is just the beginning.

This Forbes article has some great basics, the Rolling Stone in depth one is fantastic and Free Ross is the not exactly objective but interesting site set up by his family to try and raise awareness of what they say is his (sort of) innocence.

SO okay, his astrology. We don’t have a time of birth so good luck guessing his rising sign but I see Mercury there. Gemini Rising or Mercury in Aries.  His birthday is March 24 1984 – he is Aries with Moon in Saggo or Capricorn.  He has Sun/Mercury in Aries, Mars in Scorpio opposite Chiron in Taurus.  I’d hire that – i mean he even has Jupiter in Capricorn. Pluto was going over his Jupiter when he began Silk Road – that’s known as the Mogul Transit. He has a great astrological synergy for business.

BUT…he has a tricky little T-Square – Venus/Lilith in Pisces square North Node in Gemini and Uranus/South Node in Saggo.

AND – ta-dah – Neptune in Capricorn square his Aries Sun. So I’d guess his Moon IS in Capricorn and on Jupiter – so went TOTALLY over the top when Pluto crossed that.  So untold drive, genius and originality but when the time came to maybe moor the boat, the default position was Uranus/South Node in Sagittarius – freedom trumps all other values AND the Neptune square Sun with that strong a Mars could turn messianic/delusional.

He’s having Saturn over his Uranus/South Node till late 2016  AND he began Silk Road with not only Pluto over his Jupiter but Neptune square Neptune.


Image: Julie Vie – Rolling Stone

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For me it is his south node uranus stuff that is the deal. Fascinating. An now the aqua moon. Of course. Cry freedom. He most certainly will never tow the line. But whilst away he may just pen that book what with a north node in Gemini. I do hope he does.


Aquarius moon!! That makes total sense- Machines, the Future, Freedom, Technology.
His Sun square Neptune must be rough. But it seems like he really had some goods otherwise. Too bad he didn’t use his super powers to create something a little less destructive. I’ve been to the deep web and its kinda scary how wild west it is but at the same time could really be a force for positive change and connection.


Nice work Mystic!!! And that moon makes perfect sense.


Good sleuthing Mystic woman.
Ask his mother… hehehe.
I’m glad she helped you.


You’re a total legend 🙂
Thanks to his mum too 🙂


Dear Medusa, what is the source of the date of birth, 24 March 1984? I had searched for it a while ago, but all I found is a birth year 1985, no date.
Please let me know, by mail.
Alois (for Astrodatabank)




how many screenplays are being written right now, and who will play him?
beautiful, beautiful him
he’s right about it all.
(besides the hits, i suppose, but those were entrapment anyway)
government running scared. kinda awesome, really. though not, of course.

genius piscean brother was born 3 weeks before him and was ULTRA messianic about the same issues with that pluto-jupiter transit.


Marty Armstrong says:
“The government is after Bitcoin and focus on concerns about criminal activity to justify taking down what they see as avoiding taxes.

In August, New York regulators subpoenaed 22 companies active in the Bitcoin economy, including well-known venture-capital firms like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, seeking to uncover possible illegality”.

Drugs allow funding for operations that would otherwise be critiqued by the elected government.


Sorry I meant to say, Armstrong’s focus on the Ross Ulbricbht story is that Bitcoin is the real issue.


Monopolization of the issuance of fiat currency (fiat currency is Neptune, not Venus, not Pluto, certainly not Saturn) is the ONLY THING that keeps the federal government in power. All limbs wither without this blood of bloods. Fiat currency is not “money”; fiat currency is a mass deceit. Most currency is not physical but amorphous, existing, literally, as writing on a page. It’s usage is diffused and universal but it’s existence is ephemeral (it may be invoked with the stroke of a key or brush of a pen). It requires constant optical manipulation as all illusions do via a massive… Read more »


I’m sorry, Neptune is progressing on my ascendant, it’s all Neptune to me nowadays.


Ditto, great comment. “Fractional Reserve” banking which even mainstream economic commentators call borderline fraudulent .


No don’t be sorry, that’s great! I read somewhere once that money is ‘frozen desire’…that water theme.
Electrical currency being what polly’s want I can’t help thinking now that that idea is so delusional and Neptunian.
One good old Solar flare would put paid to that idea.. (I got Mars on my Asc!!).




It has to be something other than the actual business of Silk Road. The FBI claims it’s been able to watch Silk Road transactions for years. What a great source of information it must have been for them. It was in their interest to just sit back and feed off the data. Why now, after years of harvesting intelligence have they come down on him ? It’s a self defeating act in so many ways ? By eliminating the primary source it’s all back to square one. Maybe he was playing both sides ?. Maybe the FBI offered him a… Read more »

Lady L

He can be glad it’s the FBI onto him and not Indonesia.

12th Star

He bears a remarkable resemblance to R-Pat. Im thinking a little more moon like Cancer Rising.

Moved on

Agreed Mystic. Exhibit A:- prohibition on alcohol, now a major revenue raiser for just about every Western government.

Moved on

And think of the reduction in crime!


And less peoples in prison.


You know, that’s a similar argument to what some opinionators are using to lobby for reduced tax rates on cigarettes in Aust.

Moved on

So I’ve got a question that has been bugging my mind for some time now as I have recently had many of them. Neptune square Neptune, or when any planet squares the natal chart — does that double the impact or negate it? I had Neptune and Saturn transiting each other and wondered whether this negated each others effect as a transit?


I had Jup go sq my Jup earlier this year at the point it went Rx. Result: major complications with a specialist motor lm getn built. I hope when it goes sq this time the issues resolves. Lucky then goes to my 3 early Virg placements.

Moved on

Looking at Mystics answer below, I gather two planets squaring each other in a transit means a clash of their affect but still unsure about squaring themselves……where is your Jupiter powder finger?


Hi Moved On,

A planet squaring itself presents difficulty dealing with the energies of that planet. So Neptune trine neptune might produce excellent spiritual opportunities etc and Neptune square Neptune might see you undertake a delusional relationship with a drug dealer and be stoned all the time. Or something, maybe that was just me 😉

Crystallised future

Well that explains a lot of dramas that have just popped out of nowhere for around 7 months now.


In 4H Scorpio @22°.

With what SK wrote below l should look at my years l spent smoking MJ. That would’ve been some Neptunian thing for sure. Noone l knew, personally, outsmoked me. Might’ve been a manifestation of my Mars/Pluto synching with my Scorp Nep.


Legalisation would mean people would have to debate and craft a whole new paradigm around drugs – way beyond just going and getting the ‘legal’ ones with a doctor’s blessing. In my experience of guiding a wild young son through puberty these past few years, drugs discussions are taboo between most kids and their parents. I had dozens of these conversations with young people as the ‘cool’ mum and an earful of shizz from their frightened parents.

Legalisation and debate and compassionate actions could change the world.

Lady L

Legalising drugs will only shift the legal issues even more heavily onto the already overstretched health system.

Ask any doctor how many dimwits on drugs waste medical staff’s time in ER, mostly with self-inflicted drug-related conditions.

Anyone who uses drugs is an idiot.


Know absolutely nothing about him. He looks good in that picture, though.


Wow, interesting! This guy was caught at the library in my old neighborhood in San Francisco. I would also often run into Tim Ferriss at my local market, where I was tempted to yell at him for how boring the slow carb diet was. 😉 Interesting cross-section of people where I lived.


The sooner the world comes to terms with drugs and makes the legal the better it will be for all, those who imbibe, those who supply and those who patrol. Governments would do better as would everyone else including those who are addicted….as for costs those too would be more evenly distributed and an end to the associated stigma would benefit all.


Who was that president’s wife who said ‘just say No’, she just had No idea!
Billions spent on attempting to stop drugs instead of quality control of them.
There was a magazine in the 70’s called ‘High Times’ with a running commentary of quality and usage amount BEFORE
any were imbibed by the public.
The test pilot’s were a fun bunch 🙂

Lady L

It IS actually quite possible and very realistic to “just say no”.

— Not because it’s illegal, but because you don’t wish to go there. Because you’re high enough on life as it is. Because you actually HAVE A LIFE.

People on drugs are tediously BORING. They are everywhere — mainstream sheep thinking chemicals equal ‘cool’ (as if).


He’s definitely interesting….


Dang…he’s cute.

But Neptune mixed up with Cardinal anythings…woof. I can see the Neptune/Pisces/Scorpio in his eyes. Sweet but slippery.

Pluto crossing Jupiter in Capricorn could definitely blow up some underworld business into mogul proportions. Mars in Scorpio= he felt QUITE confident about his ability to be shady.


I, uh, like men with eyes like that. Unfortunately (slaps herself on the wrist)


Yeah, well…don’t we all, heh heh

catfish moon

I know I do!


You think so??
He has a sphenoid problem, his right eye wanders, a weak top lip and no chin for me. But hey I like the clavicles!


I will read the background notes on him but at first glance and knowing a little about IT he doesn’t strike me as a criminal mastermind with evil intent. He saw an opportunity and used his IT skills to provide a pretty damned good e-commerce service to an existing billion dollar global industry. Sure, that makes him a facilitator of crime but I don’t see the difference between him and any other telecommunications company. If I use my mobile to call a dealer and organize to buy some grass will a director of Vodafone, my service provider be facilitating a… Read more »



Great insight davidl, must read more about this


Interesting that he didn’t leave the country, Silk Road was on the FBI’s hate list for a while before he was caught. I suspect Neptune and Jupiter may have amped his self belief right out there. The worst you could say about this guy is he’s amoral. As opposed to the CIA who have been actively dealing in drugs since the 70s. The US government pays close and lethal attention to people this smart, look what they did to Aaron Swartz.

Jessica McOmish



Well, if FBI is to believe, he tried to have five people killed. Wired wrote a great article about this whole mess.


Eh, he’d still be out and making money if he’d waited for the US Government to ask him nicely.

Eris Golden-Apple

maybe late Taurus rising w/midheaven early-mid Aqua?


I’ll need some of the drugs he was expiditing to understand his chart.
I wished he was coaching the Crows.




Life in prison… No bail


and well deserved.

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